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ed to me, that 
ite informatioiit 
lilies, maniien, 
ts r^arding the 
1 by the partial 
iDts which have 
fessed historiao 
tich I refer, are 
e acts aud ordi- 
nances oi ueir respeciive town uounciis, as well as the 

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jndicial procedure of their Burgal Courts, are preserrecL In these 
we frequently find various minute details of the passii^ occurrences 
of the day, presenting us with a complete and very livdy picture 
of the civic economy and polity of these early and important com- 
munities. Lawyers and historians have alike complained of the 
doubt and obscurity which rest over the history and constitutions of 
our Boyal Bui^hs, and that so tittle is comparatively known of the 
original privil^es and burdens accompanying each erection. From 
the delapidation which has taken place of the more ancient docu- 
ments, which could alone shed a strong and steady light upon such 
investigation, it is, perhaps, vun to hope that this subject can ever be 
thoroughly elucidated ; but it is a matter of some gratulation, that in 
the more recent records, there are occasional allusions made to ante- 
cedent events, and the contents of ancient writings, no longer extant* 
viiich, when combined, help the inquirer wonderfully out in forming 
something like accurate notions respecting the leading features in the 
early history of these munidpal bodies. 

In the opinion now expressed, I have been confirmed by a some- 
what laborious examination of the earliest Town Council Reocods of 
this City. The fruit of this examination has been the selections given 
in the following sheets, cranprising all that I deemed valuable, or of 
general interest, which is contained in the lai^ manuscript volume 
to be afterwards described. If these eelec^ons should Bore no other 

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porpoae than m»«ly Erecting the attention of othera to this unbeaten 
field of inquuy, and, peiiiaps, of encooraging them to prosecute it 
with more Buccess, and npon a more enlai^ed scale than my limited 
leienre can now enable me to do, my utmost ambition will be grati- 
4ed. For I am satisfied, that a alight inspection of the contents of 
these sheets, amply justifies the importance which I am inclined to 
attadi to this n^lected branch of our national antiquities ; and, were 
similar selections made, with due discrimination and judgment, from 
the records <^ the other Royal Bui^hs, and Burghs of Regality, scat- 
tered over Scotland, a fiind of curious and recondite matter would be 
amassed, the value of which every person imbued with a taate for 
ardiaiol<^caI porsnits can easily appreciate. Such a collection made 
on a scale of adequate extent, would form no unfitting supplement to 
the labours <^ the Parliamentary Commissioners npon the ancient 
pnblto records of the kingdom ; while in various minute and intereet- 
mg particulars they wonld mutaally illustrate each other. 

It is not saying too mnch for these Records, that they contain a 
tareasnry of antique information, most instructive, novel, and amusing, 
and which cannot &il, in this age of inquiry, to be big^y interesting. 
As illuBtrative of tiie general history of the country, they supply notices 
of many isolated and curious &ots ; and, with r^ard to our ancient 
towns and bni^hs, they afford a fiuthfiil and connected narrative of 
the causes which led to dieir progressive ina«aseor decay, while they 

d by Google 


exhibit a highly fiDished picture of national character in the mannen 
of the day. Although not previoaely adopted as the suliject of publi- 
cation, and, indeed, too' much disr^orded by modeni inquirers, their 
importance to the historian, the lawyer, philologist, and antiquary, 
cannot, consistently with joetice, be overlooked. To the historian, they 
acquire importance, inasmuch as they sometimes detail, or allude to, 
valuable facts, connected with the general affairs of the kingdom, either 
indifferently understood by, or entirely unknown to, our most indus- 
trious and pains-taking writers. 

In the eyes of the lawyer they ought also to be of much value, for 
we^know not any source fi^m which he could obtain so clear an 
insight into the civic government of our ancient towns, as from tlieee 
striking delineations of the despotic and patriarchal rule wbii^ ob- 
tained in these communities. Their modes of administering jastiioe, 
and punishing minor offiences, are fully detiuled in these records ; 
while, as illustrative of uncertain and disputed rights of corporations 
and individuals, they are often of great use ; nor are they of less value 
in settling points of right and practice, in some cases, where oibe^ 
evidence has &iled. 

Preserving, as they do, the colloqiual language of the time in 
which they were written, they are likewise of considerable advantage 
in facilitating the labours of the philologist Some singular words 

d by Google 


oocur in the following Bheete vhidi we have seen nowhere else, and 
the exact meaning of which it has baffled as to discover. In the foot- 
notes a few of these are explained ; but the dil^nt reader will per- 
ceive that many have been left onnoUced, simply because their signi- 
ficaticHi was dubious, and their etymon could not be traced. 

To the antiquary, if a genealogist, they afford many important 
hintSi in framing the histoiy of fomilies and individuals : and to those 
curious in local history, or who have pleasure in tradng the domestic 
habits and manners, and surveying the aspect of sodety as known to 
their forefathers, they present a more accurate and minute portrmt of 
what our fathers truly were, than any species of history or tradition 
has conveyed, and bring us, as it were, into a doser, and, if we may 
be allowed the expresBtoo, into a sort of living contact with the men, 
manners, and opinions of bypast centuries. 

Tliat this is no eoca^erated view of the importance of preserving 
and pnblishii^ excerpts from those bui^ mtmiments, the selections 
now sulMOoitted to the Maitlanu Club, embracing but a very limited 
period of time, will, it is believed, establish the fact, that tiiose of 
Glaf^w are not without interest of a very peculiar character ; and 
the same may be stated with regard to those of other towns, were 
they diligently sought out and transcribed. 

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It may be neceeeary no7 to mention, that the materiale of the present 
volame are fiuthAil and authentic tranacripta from an immense fi^o 
manoBcript, oonBisting of five hundred and sixty pages, preserved in tlie 
archives of the City of Glasgow. lliiB manuscript contains the vfaole 
transactions of the Hf^strates and Town Council of &e City : the 
Elections of their Ma^strates and other office-bearers, from the Lord 
Provost down to the c(Hnnion Menstral, the Cowherd, and ihe Pindar } 
the Inquisitions held by the Ontlandemers at the Courts o( Peram- 
bulation, for fixing the mardies and boundfuries of the Burgh ; the 
Chaise and Discbai^ and Exoneration, of the lYeaaurer ; and 
the Judicial proceedings of the Barg|) Court of Gla^ow, from the 
year IS'^S till 1581. The manuscript is in excellent preservatiMi, 
and has been transcribed, with much care, upon strong Lombardy 
paper, probably a portion of the stationery whidi belonged to the 
Church and Chapter of Glasgow at the R^nnation. 

Eariier volumes were, aboot the middle of tiie last oentnry, in 
existence, and though these have disappeared, it is not impn^iable that 
some p<n7tion of them may yet he recovered. Gibson, in his history 
of Glasgow, appears to have had access to some not now known, for 
he quotes entries as early as the year 1566, a period so pr^nant 
widi momentous changes in Church and State, that their loss now 
cannot be too much deplored. Prior to the Reformation of BeligioD, 

d by Google 


the muniments of thia description are, from all that I can learn, 
exoeedin^y scanty in any part of Scotland, and even subsequent to 
that period* in some Burghs, they hare not been preserved with that 
care wfaidi would hare been deurable. So &r as r^ards this City, it 
is not improbaUe that, from the dose connexion between the Bui^ 
and the Archbishop of Gla^ow, as its feudal superior, the earlier 
Tolomes of its municipal records were deposited along with those of 
the See, and when the latter were conveyed by Archbidiop Beaton to 
France, those of the dty may have shared the saine iaSe. 

With the exoeptii<m of a few chaans aAairards indicated, there is, 
from the date of this volume till the present day, a r^^ular series of 
tlteee curious mem(nials of early times extant, and the care with which 
they have been prea^ved, certainly honouraUy distinguishes this City 
amoi^ the Royal Burg^ of Sootland. 

Hie following is a statement of the jnvsent state of these Records : 
As already observed, the first volnme commences in 1573, and termi- 
nates in 1581. The next b^ins in 1588, and ends in 1596» thus 
leaving a space of seven years nnacconnted for. Another space occurs 
frtMU the hitter date till 1609 ; snbsequently from l6l4 till 16S3 ; and 
e^ain from 1630 till 1636. With the exception of the volume con- 
taining Uie Minutes of 16^ till 1654, which, it is believed, will be 

d by Google 


recovered, tile Reowds are cfMDplete from 1636 till Uie preset time, 
and form fifty-two rolames foolscap folio. 

In maldng the following tranBcripts from the earliest rolume above- 
mentioned, I have been jnindpally guided l^ the wish, to present to 
the readw, as nearly as possible, a correct view oi the molti&rioas 
matters it contains ; while, on the other hand, the intrinsic impor- 
tance of some of the articles, as peculiarly oalcolated to illustrate 
points <tf general and local history, graphic pictures of andeot man- 
ners, and sketches of the mode in which jnatioe was administered 
by om* ancestors, it is hoped, has not been oreriooked. To a nibch 
greater balk tiie volume might have been swelled ; but in that case a 
redmidancy <^ identical incidents, and similar acts, would have been 
accumulated, which, while it detracted from the interest of the work, 
would not, in any shape, have added to its value. A simple ref<»«Dce 
to the varied contents of the volume, and a comparison between these 
and the manuscript from which they have been selected, will not only 
sanction the opinion now ex|n-essed, but establish the fld^ty with 
whidi, both in substance and form, these extracts have been made. 

It would be almost endless, as it would be next to an act of super- 
erogation, were I to particularise the numerous interestii^ facts and 
allusions which occur in the fi^owing sheets. Of one thing all most 

d by Google 


be awBre, that in them many matters connected with the early history 
of this City are detuled, which could not have been obtained fivm 
any other source. Some of tlie rights and privil^s of its Corpora- 
tions, the modes of electing the FroTost, Magistrates, and Town 
Council, and several not unimportant dianges in the coustitulion oi 
the Bui^, are also explained. 

In the reign of James the Third, anno 1469, the Act was passed, 
abolishing Uie popular election of Provost and Ma^strates in the dif- 
ferent Bmghs, and vesting the power in the Old Council to choose 
the New, and these two, combined, to appoint the Magistrates and 
other officers. The necessity of this Act being passed, is explained 
by the Act itself; and, although Pinkerton may designate it "the 
first germ of despotism, ill understood," * no person, except he be 
ttnotured with his superabundant partizansfaip, can. under a consid- 
eration of all the circumstances of society at that period, maint^n 
that it was uncalled for, or that in its operation it was injurious to 
the general interest of the communities, for whose better government 
it was passed. 

Waiving, however, this question, whidi I have only alluded to for 
the purpose of mentioning, that in these transcripts we may still 
descry some traces of the more popular mode of election at the An- 
nual Head Cour^ bi the case of the Town's " Menstrales," At page 14, 

* Hirtory of Scotland, VoL I, p. 271. 

DigitizDd by vjOOQIC 


we find the following «atry: "Tlie Menstralei oontinewit qahill 
the Symeiiiill, quhen the haiB communitie sal be present to geve Aair 
voti* thairanent" and* accordin^j, on the 20th of June, l^T^i ^t is re- 
ceded that Archibald Bordland and Bobert Doncane are " admittit 
to be Menstrales to the Towne fen' this instant yeire, and to half fira ilk 
fbeman allenerlie, bat meyt, twa sdiiUings money at the leist, w*- the 
mair at the gerai's pleaso'." 

^nce the Burgh has discontinued the services of its Hinstrales, the 
shadow of popular election has also disappeared. That the remem* 
Ivanoe, however, of their andent privil^es had not entirely gone, we 
think is obrious from the formal, and somewhat pathetic, supplicaUon 
made by the ccnnmuntty against the ** deling" forth of the common 
muir, " to the great dammage of ns, the haill towne, and our eftir 
cumeris," inasmuch as the same document sets ftHlh, that these c(Hn* 
mon lands were required for the ** pasturing of gnddis for the nstan* 
ing of <^- babies." * The deliveranoe also upim thu supplication and 
protest, w rather statute, passed in cMiseqnence of it, after " digest 
advisement," is by " the siudis provest, baillies, oomiBale, deakonis <A 
the haill craftis, and maist part of the comunitie." While the Bur- 
gesses are bewailing the spoliation, or misappropriation of their alleged 
common property, we find that a friend of Archbishop Beaton, in the 
following letter to that distinguidied ecclesiastic* {wesents us with a 
striking view of the rapacity for which the prevailing factions of that 

d by Google 


period were notorioas, in the uuiTersal scramble for the poesesuon of 
Church lamda : 

" As fw noTeUis," says the himert ODrrespondent of the expatriated 
Prelate, " I dar no*- Tiyte to youre L., be resoun I was bw» eviM 
handlit be the Qnenis M^ and hir coonsall for the tellin of the treuth, 
the q*^ u cum to pas everie word sen the deceis of the Kingis H^ 
of the q'^ I man beirw*- In lyk maner. youre L. may understand, 
albeit it he Johne Dt^nris teddeos, my Lord of Glencame, gat fra 
my Lord It^;ent yoore L, escheit. Quhaitfinre yonre L. Oiahnerime 
hes oomponit w*- my Lwd of Glencame and payit the selfe sownw, 
Confonne to thfur agriance. In lyk maner yonre L. hes till understand, 
in cais it be no*- yitt cum to yonre L. eiris, al the borrow mnir of Gtesg*- 
on the southe syde of the towne, and als Gamgad hill on the north 
part of the towne, ar distribuit be provest, bailies, and commounitie of 
the towne, to ibtt inhabitaris thairof, everie ane hea awin portioun, con- 
forme to hes degrie, and hes revin it onte and manuris it this yeir in- 
stantlie ; hot I wald haif na parte thairof^ q"^ it plels God uid yoore 
L. to make my parte, be reeoun 1 knew thai bade na powar to d«]l 
youre L. landis, w'oute sum coosente of yonre L^ or sum utlieris in 
youre L. name." * 

* FnMn a oolleetica of inqwrtant hisMrical dooomentB in the poueieion of Andraw 
M«cG«org;e, E«q., & Member of the Maitland Cldb. 

d by Google 


It tbtu (^pean, that the " commnnitie ** of the Cit7, who wen so 
anxious for the intereBts of their aAercomers, and Uie sustootation of 
their own babes, were, in fact, quarrelling among fliemselTes about 
the ^propriation of proper^ to vindi they had no titie, or certamlj 
one of a very questionable diaracto*. 

Reverting to the proceedings of the Annual Court, or meeting of 
the inhabitants and freemen at the Symerhill, it is to be obserred 
that the enactments then and there passed by the " haill commnnitie,** 
f^ipear to have required the consent of the FlVToet before they became 
valid. This is established by the entry, page 57, where it is added, 
after some regulations are agreed to, that " tfair to be resonit befoir the 
Prorest, and gif he consentia thurto, to be condudit and endit nther- 
wayis nocht.** 

In the proceedings of the Bnigh Court for the trial of dvil and 
criminal causes, there are points «^ch must interest not merely the 
professional man, bat the general reader. Some li^t is thrown on 
the trial by Jury ; and, it is believed, that distinct traces of the ap- 
proximation to the system of England, even in civil causes, can be 
discerned. In the number of those who passed upon the inquest, 
there seems to have been a great latitude exercised, althou^ it would 
appear from the earUest notice extant upon this subject, in r^erence 

d by Google 


to GIb^ow, the precise number was twelve,* agreeing, as that does, 
with the practice of almost all the Teutonic nations. 

In the example, however, eJTorded to us in the manuscript from 
which the present volume is compiled, there does not appear to have 
been an^ fixed rule followed, and, from our inspection of other records 
of a similar kind in other Bm^fas, so far as the number of the inqnest 
is concerned, the same laxity and capriciouaness has apparently 
obtmned. The criminal causes tried in the Courts of the Burgh, 
resonble, in their general features, tbat class of minor offences 
whidi, in the present times, are discussed before the Police Magis- 
trate. And an idea o( the Police of these times, and of the firequent 
breacbes of the peace in the streets at fiurg or markets, when every 
citizen was a soldier, and wore a whingar, or sword, at bis thigh, may 
be formed from perusing the Statute, page 18, which ordains Uiat 
every boodiholder shall have in readiness within his booth, *'ane hal- 
bert, Jak, and steilbonnet* for eschewing," as the same ordinance 
observes, " sick inconvenients that may hi^in." No wonder that, 
with such a turbulent populace, the Scottish Parliament found it 
neoessaty to abridge the freedom of the denizens of these Royal 

* CorU Roberti de Mythyiigby Vcnditione terre sum Magiitro Raginaldo de 
Trewyn AnJiideMono GtMg* Cart. Ghvutnnt,p. 244. 

d by Google 


Several of the offences rise to sometlung like lese majesty, «Bpe- 
cially where the " gceit and haynous crime" is committed, of offering 
Ti(deQce, by word or deed, to the sacred character or person of ** ane 
Bulie," or other municipal dignitary. In these cases we find the 
laws against such *' crying iniqiuties " are uniformly moat rigDroosly 
enfiiroed, and the delinquent, besides having his freedom cried down, 
lumself mulcted in pecuniary damages, and being su^ected to inoar- 
ceration, and forced to make a palinode on his bended knees, and 
thereafter banidied the town, is compelled, in order to avert a severw 
punishment by " his awin confessioun," to consent, should he ever 
venture, without permission of the insulted Mag^tracy, to appear 
within the limits and liberties of the Burgh, to lose hU " rycht hand," 
or even his '* life but dome." 

An instance of the assumption of the powers t^ a Judge Ordlnaty 
by the Deacon of the Smiths, we hare at ya^e 19, for the reprewifw 
of which illegal assumpticm on the part of the crafts, it required, we 
believe, an Act of Parliament. 

A }deaung picture of the taste and pie^ of our uioeetor^ and a 
beautiful contrast to the stem and unrelenting desire of the early 
Reformers to efiace every vestige of the ecclesiastictd edifices then 
erected, are exhibited to us in the zeal shown by the Magistrates, 
Deac(His of the craft, and divers other men of repute of the town. 

d by Google 


for that ** grrit ornament,** the High Church, which, as the record 
describee it, " had cum to greit delraye and ruj^e, thro*- taking awaye of 
the leid, sklait, and wtiier gray*- thairof, in this tniblus tyme bygane," 
in the volantary imposition of a tax for its reparation. Such men 
oouJd never, as has been alleged, have consented to gratify the icoba- 
dastic spleen of Melville, or the rapacity of the lay lords, to whom the 
work of desecration and spoliation was committed, and who, with 
their excited mobs and feudal retainers, brought su<^ unhallowed 
destmotion upofl the ecdeeiastical mtHiuments of Scotland. * 

While upon ^is subject, I may mention, that the intimate con- 
nexion betwixt the See and the City, induced me to procure casts of 
as many of the Seals which belonged to either one or other, of an early 
date, as are now extant, sets of which I shall be happy to present to 
mch Members of the Club as may deem them of value. A Lut of 
those Seals, with the des<aH[pti<His given of them in the Oiartulaiy 

* Four View», UlaBtratiTe of the Cathedral, are inaerted in this Volume. Ist. The 
Interior of the Choir, previooB to the Reformation. 3d. The Crypt) — of wblcli, lee 
Rickman's Styles of English Architecture, and, when occupied a> a Church, Sir Walter 
Bcott'a Novel of Rob Roy. 3d. From the Boathweat, in perspective, of the exterior 
of thtt Archiepiaoopal Palaee t and, 4th, Fima the northirart, exhibiting the interior 
of the Castle and Palace, as destroyed at the abolition of Episcopacy in Scotland, and 
now the site of the Infirmary. It affords me much pleasure to add, that my friend, 
Andiibald HaoLelliD, Et^, Conrener of the Trades' House of this City, has in the 
Press a dissertation on the peculiar style of the Gothic architecture of the Cathedral, 
iti ^vsent conditioD, and a prospective plan for its improvement and renovation, widi 
very important nottoes relative to the amelioration of the ancient ecclesiastical district 
of Criasgov. 

d by Google 


of Gla^ow, and a liUu^^phic sketch, exhibiting the size of eadi, and 
l^;end and date, precedes the Appendix. 

Connected too, as the City has been, not merely with the Arch- 
bi^opric» but also with the UniTeraity, it has been deemed no inap- 
propriate addition to the Volmne, to give, in the Sapplement, die 
gruit made to the CoU^e of the property which fell to the share of 
the City at the orerthrow of the Popish Church, and wfaicA was con- 
firmed by an Act of the Parliament of Scotland, dated Janoaiy 26, 
ISJi, in the following terms : 

" The thre estaits, and haill bodte of this present Parliament, for 
the incress and help of gud letters, and the instruction of the youth, 
qohfurthrow thay may be able !« serve in the Kiric of Ciod, and com- 
moQuweill of this realme in tyme cuming, be the tenor of this present 
act. Ratifies, appreivis, and for his Hieness and his successors, per- 
petoallie confirms the Charter, Foundatioun, and infeftment, and all 
poiutis, articles, conditioonis, olauses> and drcomstanoes thiurof, maid 
and gevin be the provost, baUlies, oounsall, and communitie of the 
Citie and Burgh of Glaagw, to the College or Pedagog of Gla^w, 
r^nts and students resident thairin, nominat in the said foundatioun, 
to thair honest and commodious sustentation ; Of all and sindrie, the 
landis, tenementis, howsis, biggingis, kirkis, chapels, yards, orchardis, 
croftis, annuel-rentis, fruetes, dewties, pro£Feitis, and emoluments, 

d by Google 


maileB, obite-silTer, and amuTersaritis quhatsomeTer ; quhilkis be onie 
manner of way perteinit, or are knawn to pertene to quhatsomever 
chappelia, alten^es, prebendaries, foundit in quhatsomeTer kir^ or 
coU^e, within the Mud Citie of Gla«gw, or of the places of all the 
Freiris of Uie same Citie : Tt^dder with all and sindrie landis, bowses, 
tenements, and annuellrentis of quhatsomeTer landis, bowses, and 
tenementiB within the said Citie of Glasgw, or mthout the samyne 
pertaining and befamging to the saidis, ProTeet, Baillies, Counsall, and 
comnnuiitie, or nsit to be upliMt and payit, Efter the fonn and tenor 
of Uie infeftment maid and geTin to tham thairupon be the Qneea 
Moder to our soTereane Lord in hir reigne, and conforme to the said 

The CSiancellor and Professors of the UniTersity had been dispersed, . 
and' its funds alienated at the Reformation ; this endowment, there- 
fore, is the more honourable to the City, that, at such a period, it de- 
Toted its TOTenues for the noble purpose of renovating an institution 
destined to foeteo* and protect letters, and to fiicilitate the instruction 
of yonth. In reference to education, there will also be found, in the 
Tolume, some notices regarding the " Grammar Scale," and the estab- 
lishment of a " SaDg Scale," which those who feel an interest in tracing 
the history of pablic education in Scotland can amply appreciate. 

Not a few of the entries of petty titigatimis and executories before 

d by Google 


the Courts of the Borgb, throw light on the dresses, weapons, fur- 
niture, and domestic habits of the times; the prices of proTisions, and 
the home trade and commerce of the country, such as they then were. 
Not a few of them exhibit choice specimens of colloquial abuse, and 
the Magistrates seem to have held no sinecure in their laudable at- 
■ tempts to control the turbulent tongues of the gentler sex. 

Respecting the cleanliness of the City, and the state of public health, 
at that period, the contents of the present volume afford no very invit- 
ing new. L^rosy appears to hare been so common, that at the head 
courts a regular list of those afflicted with this loathsome disease was 
delivered to the Magistrates, who ordered the sick to an hospital spe- 
cially set apart for their reception. When butchers slew cattle on the 
streets, and the proprietors or tenants of houses had a dungstead at 
their very thresholds, the prevalence of pest and of other diseases is 
not to he wondered at. In framing the statutes and ordinances for 
the better government of their own community, and for the enforcement 
of general cleanliness, the Provost, Baillies, and Coundl, seem to have 
shown no little legislative sagacity. Of these civic ordinances rarious 
specimens are given ; but among the most important, peiiiaps, may be 
ranked the r^ulations which were framed at the visitation of the Plague, 
in 1^74. Our Boards of Health, at the present day, under the afflict- 
ing dispensation of Cholera, have not, it is believed, ever drawn up a 
more judicious, prease, and ccmprehensive body of instructions and 

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orders, thaa was done to avert, or mitigate, a similar calamity nearly 
three hundred years ago. 

la the Treasm%r*8 accounts, fiwm which copious excerpts are 
t^en, it may be remarked, that the fiill revenue of the Community is 
stated, without any concealment or reservation, and with equal can- 
dour the various items of its expenditure are detfuled. It is true, the 
Magistrates, and " divers honest men," occasionally treat themselvra 
to a dejeune ; but this is after the completion of some public business, 
tending to the honour or profit of the commonweal. Indeed, the 
class of disbursements which, strictly speaking, are the least l^al, the 
most rigid corrector of abuses could not well object to. I allude to 
the numerous benevolencies bestowed upon poor scholars to buy them 
a suit of clothes, or books, to enable them to prosecute their studies ; 
the sums voted to shipwredced mariners, — to ruined merchants, who 
had lost their horses by some untoward accident, or to the widows and 
chUdren of those Burgesses whom unforeseen calamities had plunged 
into abject want. Not a little of the public funds is sometimes 
devoted to ransom unfortunate Bui^esses from captinty among the 
Turks, while considerable sums are expended in providing medical 
assistance for those afflicted with physical infirmities, or who have met 
with severe bodily injuries. This exhibits a kind and paternal sympathy 
with the sufferings of the poorer or unfortunate classes of the com- 
munity, exceedingly grateful, to every liberal and humane mind, and 

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leads one to r^ard, with something more than respect, Uiat social 
iabric of municipal goTcrnment which the msdom of our ancestors 
reared and consolidated with so much care. 

In the accounts of the Treasurer also much curious matter may be 
elicited regarding the pastimes and sports of the people ; the divers dis- 
borsementfl for " futballis " are not unworthy of notice. We also meet 
with payment made to a piper, called " Ryall Dayis," and to " a fule 
witii a treyn swerd," as well as to " certane yonge men of the tonn to 
thfur playing" — probably bearing a part in some masque or public 
pageant The care bestowed on the decorement of the Town's " Men- 
strales " is evinced in the entry of the purchase of bine doth to make 
two coats for them, with as much "cramosie" as would serve for 
conttuning the' town's arms thereon. Nevertheless, though this care 
was shown for tiie recognized Minstrales of the Bui^h, the profession 
had thus eariy follen into disrepute ; for in ihs ordinance anent the 
Pest, " pyparis, fidleris, and minstrales " are unceremoniously classed 
together as vagabonds, and threatened with severe penalties, ^ould 
they venture to enter the City, in contravention of the Act. 

Many other curious notices occur, illustrative of social manners, 
and national peculiarities ; but I must content myself with directing 
attention to one, namely, the " propynes " given by Uie Magistrates 
to their friends and illustrious visitors. It will excite astonishment. 

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the enormons quantity of wine " propyned " to my Lord Provost, to 
the Earl of Argyle and his Lady, the Lords Lennox, Lyndsay, Rothes, 
Angus, Arbroath, Boyd, Glamis, and other distinguished Noble Lords 
and Ladies, for their good offices, patronage, or protection. 

These cursory remarks I must now bring to a close ; and, in doing 
so, I feel myself particularly called upon to notice the beneficial assist- 
ance I derived, in the pn^ress of the sheets of this volume through 
the Press, from William Motherwell, and James Hill, Esqtiires, 
Members of the M&itland Club. 

To the ingenuity of James Hardie, Esquire, I am indebted for 
Casts from the impressions of the Seals formeriy referred to. 

I have also to adaiowledge the ready access a£Forded me for refer- 
ence to Uie manuscripts, by my hi^y esteemed friend, James Reddie, 
Esquire, Advocate, Principal Clerk of the City of Glasgow, and Cus- 
todier of its Records, and for the polite attention with which that 
gentleman, on all occasions, furthered my inquiries. 


GlaSOOW, SErTENBER, 1632. 

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DigitizDd by vjOOQIC 

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HE Heid Court, eftir Zule, of )>e burcbt and dtie of 
Gla%w, haldin ia )>e tolbnithe putof, be ane noble 
and michtie I<ord, Robert Lord Boyde proaeft, Geo^ 
ElphinftouD, Archibald Lyoao, and James Flemyng, 
bullies of }>e famyn, ]>e xix day of Janoare, J>e jeir 
of God, JCD V<- U threttene jeira. The Sutds callit 
The Court confermit, Dempstare, James ^eir. 


[^SaA.'] James Anderfbne millare kes thre Icabbit horis ; John Gamyll hes 
ane ; Thomas Scott hes ane ; and Thomas Will hes ane fcabbit horis; Qnhilkis 
peribnes ar ordanit to be warnit to ]>e nizt Court, to heir ]>ame decemit to be 
handilUt, coforme to ]ie aold Statuts made anent fcab and fiiiify, and to be 
fiehtit be Arch->- M'- and Thomas Watterfton. 

ILejrir,'] Marionn Gardiner, dodter to Steyne Gardiner, 

Jonet Grhame, 

Jonet Steward, 

Robert ,• flefcho'- 

Quhilkis petibnnes ar dilatit as Lepir, and ordanit to be viieit, and gif )ni be 
fund fna, to be fedudit of j>e town to ^ hofpital at Jie brigend. 

* Bhnk lnoriflD«L 

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ITaU^oure.'} The qoltilk da)re Margaret Andro, fpoiu to Johne Aoderfboe 
CfHxliDer, is tani in }ie wrang and amerchiament of conr^ for trobUnce done be 
hir to Jonet Tailgo^ dochtir to James Tailso'-, in ftryldng of her and nigging 
fur*- of her hair> npone pe hie gut of Gla%w, npon Sondaye ]>e vi^ of Jannare 
inftant, wHn ye tjme callit of aidd J>e pclanUf^ of Zole girtht, * and now of 
abftinece, and dwme gevia ]>nip(Hie and yfor, is decemit to mak J>e &id Jonet 
ane amends, be J>e ficht of tra ny^bors; and William Anderfbne nmltnifln ia 
becnm cautioner for making of ye laid amends. 

iBoiil—SpretilL] The quhiUt daye Patrik Sprenll, being perfeoit be Johne 
Bfull chepmS, for tmblance done be him, npon J)e zi of Januare inftant, within 
J>e tyme of ye pGlama°n of feriat tyme * and abftinece, * in invadyng of him, 
and ftryking of him w*- ane qnhinger, and Ichntyng him on the waUis, thro*- 
the qohiik ye iaid Ji^es neib wes vonndit to the effufioQ of his binde : Gnuitit 
J>e ^oils, and becnm in ye ^uest and baillies Willis ]>'fbr. 

iJo&n^finmJ} S2 January. The qnhilk daye eMuperit Felane Johnelbnn, and 
maid ta.y*- J>at he dred Johne Campbell, bui^^ of Gla%w of bodely barme, and 
defyrit Lawibnartie ; and quhom for David Hove litfter become cantionn, {tat ^e 
laid Felane fuld be {ka'les of bodely harme of J>e find Johne, and all ^t he 
may lett, ander ye pains contenit in acts of Farliamet And fikltke ye Jaid 
Johne maid fay*- Jiat he drad yeMd Felane of bodely harme, defyriDg fbuertie 
in likmanert quha &nd Williame Anderibun coi^ Lawfonertie, ysX ye laid 
Johne £ild be lkay4es of bodelle hanne of bim and all y»t he may lett, snder 
^ Aid panes. 

X.Ca&mder.'] The qnkHk daye Jonet Ooggy is deaerni^ of hir Mm oon&ffioo, 
to content and paye to Robert Callander sooager of Ballinee'- and flis«D 
Lynd&ye, Iponfi^ J>e sowme of twety ane merks, for ye pSe of four ma&s 
malt, coft and relaait, «4n xr dayis niilocM. 

ZSobtfotoL} The qnhilk daye Johne Crawford ttdlsonre, is deaeniit ye alle- 
ga'nes of pteis being hard, to cotent and paye to Ilabel Robafbun xri*- reftand, 
£» ye foAeiiag of ane bame, is*in zr dayis, w*- viij*- of ezpens. 

' Vnh glnh— brUI Uma— abMiiXM*— ■ priillip putod I* pri«um Mbont ChrbtoiM. 

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i'jpimg.2 30 Janimiy. The quhilk daye Alexander Scott boztare, ia fiind in 
Jw VTtaig and amchiamet of court, for ftopping of George ^oung dokyn, fm 
eatering in liis bay'' to exerce ]>e ftatate anets }>e veying of liia breid. And ah 
William NeiUbun b iimd in pe wnng, in likmaner, for injuryi^ of )>e fidd George 
his dekyn. And pe Gad Greorge is fnnd in ])e wnuig, for ftrykii^ (tf )>e fitd 
Williame NeiUbnn. And ala 'WiUiame Ander&ne & Thomas Glen ar fiind in 
^ Tiang, (<a balking and hareing infnffiment breid, cotrar )ie ftatnts of ]>e 
towne, and dwma gerin heimpon. 

{SfM^f.'} S9 January, The quhilk days Alexander Scott baxtare ia fimd in 
^ vraog and afichiamet vf court, for trublance done be him to George joong 
baxtaie in l«ttyi^ of )>e qnheit m^ne thryfi, and not fufiering pt laid Qeoige 
to giynd, he haveand his ftoff Jt'on & licence )>'to, and dwme gevin ]>'on. 

USjpitfoim.'] The qnhilk daye William Browne is fund in ])e wroi^ and 
amchiamet of conrt, for tniblaoe done be him to Bartalmo Symfone in manaflyng 
him, and invading him w*- ane drawin quhyng'- * tipone ]re lue gai^ npone 
fondaye laft, and dwme gerln Ji'upon. 

l^xtng.^ 13 February. The quhilk daye, in prefou of ye bailliea, Robert 
Flemyng ia decemit and ordanit, be pe ay*- of ptie refiBrrit be him pairto, to 
content and paye to William Spang fe fowme of zzviij^ and vi^ for certain 
droits fnmeift to ^e iaid Robert w'm xr dayi^ and is aUUnit &a xxix* 
cravit fra him by }>e &id Robert for ane dowbletyng of kenrefi pronift, 
becaus he denyit pe iamyn be his ayth. 

iPoUok.'] 96 February. The quhilk daye Geoige Pollok cowpar is maid bn^^ 
and fiemi of ]>e bnrdit and citie of Glafgw, and hes gevin his aith of fideli^ to 
J>e toun ; quhaia fyntt wes gevin to Thtnnas Downy, be vertew of ane rolment 
for making of ane comone drwme geren to pe comone menftrale to playe w*- 

[Steward.'} The quhilk daye, Criftiane Boyde, fpous to Johne Neryn is fimd 
in pe wrang and amchiament of court, for pe wrangus taking at hir awin hand, 
by wdo'-ofanebayrdandane form &a EUz'' Steward, and is ordanit to redelyner 
pe fiunyn to hir ineotineL 

* QnUDfir— Haiger or twori. 

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iCoSHme proetiratef-2 Anent }« mater morit be IGchaelBuda esmonefcunto'- 
agftinB Mrgt Griume, reliA of umqu*^ Matho Heri«t, for no delyneryng of )>« 
hew*- Ime cheDjeu had in kepyng of pe toon, be bir and ber laid fpont, tbe fiiid 
m^ allegit John Fowlar bir varrand, and defyrit ane terme to call him, quhilk 
wes grantit and affignit )>airto, J>e V of mche nixt, ptibw dtat^ 

ZParkJ] The quhilk daye, anent fe mater morit be Criftene pk, reUA of 
umqn**- James Hall, againa Williame Anderfomi cowpar, for non payement 
makyng to J>e Mi Criftian«, as reli& to Jie &id nmq*^ James, and her bamis, of 
be fee promift be J« find Williame to {>e iaid omq*^ James, for his feiriee in ane 
Tiage to ye bawii,' in )>e quhilk )>e laid nrnq*^ James inlaikit be deceifi: Thx 
baillies, w*- J>e avyi& of ^e cooniell, berand, leand and ODderftandand J>e riditk, 
ralbnea and all^ationis of baytb ]>e fiudis parteis, togidder w*- ye laid Williames 
confeflioun, decemit and ordanit }ie laid Williame to content and paye to ]>e laid 
Chriftiane, for hirlelf and in name and behalf of bir laid bsmis, ]>e sowme of aucht 
Ichillingis money onklie, be ]>e Ipace of nyn oulkis dnriag ^e tyme of bis l&ice 
maid in be laid viage befoir bis deceis, within xr dayis nixtooom, w*- twa 
ftbillingis of ezpenfis. 

. [ Aetd— Cbnu.] 6 Mardi. Tbe qnbilk daye ]>ir plbnis ooderwritten, vis., Jdine 
Reid, James Frebame, Jobne Clwne, Andro CBrmytell, James Bar, Niniane 
Syare, Thomas Syar ^oungar, and Michael Gurlaw, ar fund in pe wrang and 
amcbiamet of court, for cotravenyng of }>e ftatnts of J>e toun and dilbbeying of fe 
Vatter btullie, in p force at y- awin hands taking of killyng f iur*- of y% boyti, 
and dwme gevin p'on. 

ILegat — Malptig.'] The quhilk daye Ma^aret Alderlbnn, fpons to James 
Anderlbne is fnnd in J>e wrang and amchiamet of court, for trublance done be 
bir to Jonet Legat and mgt Mwling, in ftryking of )>ame vr*- une ftaffand her neift, 
upone be ferd of &cbe inftant, and cbalyng of ])ame dinerfi tymes, and dwme 
gerin ])'upone. 

lltoger — StmJtitu, fv.] 16 March. The quhilk daye Jobne R<^^ fifilior is 
fitnd in pe wrang and amcbiamet of court, for contravening of ))e ftatnts, in no 
prelentyng of his lalmond to ]>e meat and fellyng of pe lamyn, in boufi not.beyi^ 

■ Bmid, rlTO- ia Irduid 7 f KUllng—Syawti. 

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^tet to )>e meat : And aU Alex'' Raakine & Fftt*^ Giayng^r ar fond in )>e wrang 
for foirftallittg of f>e meat in byingof iaImontw*iD konfiin greit,*or ]»iwerpntit 
to pe meat, and dvme gering beirupone. 

[BlnAtoodL] lie qahilk daye Johne BlakwodiBfundm]>e wrangandu 
of court, for delryng doan of [)e erd befyde Stenewis Woll^f qobilk is comoan, 
pnrpdyng to ap{>^t pe £unyn to himlel^ and dwme gevin heirnpon. 

[Gr(^ — Anderpme.'] 23 Marcli. The quhilk daye William Anderfone soungar, 
maltma, is fund in J>e wrang and amchiamet of court, for ftryking of Mf^one 
Oraye, and J>e ^d mione i« lykvyfi fiind in pe wiang, for injuring and blafphem- 
ing ]ie said WiUiame be woidis, and dwme gevin ]>'on. 


i UHtLK daye, Willil Glen, sone to Johne Glen, is fund in 
^ wrang, for cafting of one ftane at Bob^ Rank, and hit- 
ting him jMurwith abone ]>e ey to ]>e effitfion of hb blude: 
And als Johne Glen jonng*-, and Jobne Glen, bre]>ir to pe 
laid Willia, ar fund in pe wrang, for ftryking of pe laid 
Robert, and cafting him doun violentlie to ]>e erd; And als 
Laurece Hoge for tmblans done to Johne Glen ^oung*-, in 
thrawing of his neil^ and hitting him on his heid w** ane Ime fyle: And pe laid 
Johne Glen for invadyng of pe laid Laurece w*- ane drawin quhing'-, efter pe lirft 
tnronlt cefyng: And als George Layng for invadyng of Johne Glen w*- ane 
drawin fuord, and dwme gevin ]i'on rx'"^ 

The qnhilk daye pe Baillies and Counfell ordanis Thomas Craig to be callit for 
removyng of be gallows fur'' of pe Loyne, fett be him at his awin hand : And 
ordains and deputs |>ir plbnes underwritten to vilie pe lonys, J)at pe Amyn be no'' 
diminifit; viz. pe baillies, WilUl Conyghame, Johne Willbu, William Watt, 
Johne Flemyng, and Michel Barde: Andals ordanit])e inhabitants of]}e baronie to 
be vamit to bryng in ptji fnrlots and mefo^ to be Juftit and selit 

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iJmderKme — Steytie,2 2 April The qabilk daye Mtrione Jamefone, Jooet 
Masuell, mione MaxoeUai)dJonetMaxaeIIbirdochteris,ar{aiid injwwnng and 
amchianiet of court, for tmblace done be yune to mione Stene, ^oa to Jamea 
Anderlbne, carter, in ftryking of hir, fiautyng of hir, and dynging liir to ]>e erd, 
npone ]>e laft daye of mche : And pe iaid mione is fund in ]>e wrang, for ftryking 
of Jonet Ik&Lxuell, joung^, andals }>e fiiid James Ander&ne is fund in ]>e wrang for 
ftryking of Jonet Mazaell, fpaas to George Wilfonn, and licEke, ^e laid George is 
fund in pe vrang, for inradyng <^ J>e laid James, w*- ane dravin quhyng'-, and 
dwme gevin Jiairapon. 

[CaMeruod — Gtiwm.] The qnhilk daye, Jonet Gibfbn is fund in pe wnn^ for 
trublance done be hir to Jonet Caldemod Ipons to Johne Willbne, in fckutyng ot}dr 
Tiolentlie upone ]>e watterfide: Ala pe laid Jonet Caldernod in pe vrang, fot 
ftryking of pe laid Jonet Giblbne w*- hir handis and feit, on ]>e penult of m^e 
inftan^ & dwme gerin ^'upone. 

iCraiff,'] The qnhilk daye, lliomas Craig, cordiner, itfnndin{»eimngf<n-i>d- 
eonpance: and als for ]»e tranlportyng of ]» gallowftat his awin hand, forth of }ie 
aold accuftonat place, sa neb hands J>e toon ; and is ordanit to repone pe &iDf 


6 April. The qukilk daye, the Bullies and Conn&Ie depute for modifieatlra of 
pe entre Gluer of pe baythi% undlr pe tolbny% all in aoe roce declarit, moddirit» 
and decemit ilk buy'- to paye of entrea filuer for ane liferent tak, to pe The'- xx 
lib, quhilk sal be beftowit npone pe mendyng and repairing of pe tolbuy*-, and to 
na nther nie. 

{Couxme — Haaj/Uom — Browne.'] 7ApriL The qnhilk day, Margaret Hamilton is 
fund in pe wrang, for cafttng of ftanea at Jonet Cowane^ and chafyng and niana%ng 
of hir on be ferd of Ap*^ inftant, and als pe fiud mgt, and Robert Browne and 
Jonet Broun hir bamy^ in pe wrang, in ftryking and rugging of pe laid Joaet 
Cowanea hair, and cbftyng hir to pe erd : And liclike, pe laid n^ Hamylton in J>e 
wrang, for invadyng of Jonet Moresone, fpous to Johne Browne, and caftii^ ftanea 
at hir, and als for blafpheming be injurioua wordU and fclander, pe liudis Ipoula 
and dwme gerin ]>'on. 

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[Amtov — Cbrry.] 9-ApriL The qahilk daye, Alex'' Cmry and mione Smy'- 
Ipouffi «r fund in Jie wiang for tnibUnce donn be ptaae to mgaret Huntare, in 
csftyng doun of ij pair fchets, tnunpyng of Jiame in ps gutter, aod ftryking of ]ie 
Gad Ma^; and dwme gevin ypoa : And Vat^ Graye, cautiouner for Alex'- and 
his (poiis, and Rob'- Huchelbn for )>e fiiid mg^ ]>at ]>u &1 abftene fra ftryking of 
utheris in tyme coming, under p6 pane of z lib. and gif Jw 6yte to be brankiL* 



James Boyde, Chancellare, Johne Flemyng, mchand, 
Maifter Adame Walles, Robert Mure, mchand, 

WiUiam Maxuell, Johne Arbuckill, 

Robert Steward, Robert Flemyng, 

Andro Baillie, Johne Wilfone, 

Nicol Andri^ 
James Braidvod, 
Peter Lymbnmer. 

S3 April. The qnbilk daye, William Wilfon is fnnd be ^e inqueift in ]>e wrang, 
for bladyng of Ricbart Woddrop on ^e heid, on Cropnesto" : And ye laid Richart 
Woddrop, and Andro Woddrop his bro{>'-, ar fund in ]>e wtang, for occaeione and 
blodryte J>'^of : And also Johne Woddrop, cowper, and Andro Woddrop his bro])'^ ar 
iiind in ^ wrang be ]>e inqueift, for hurting and wondyng of ye iaid William 
Vilfbn to ye greit effuOonne of his blade, io ye Gallowgait, on ye mome Ji'efter : 
And ficlik ye laids RJdiart and Johne Woddropis ar fund in ye wrang, for oniet- 
tyng and invadyng of ye fiiid William w*- drawin fuerds and piftolats in ye mcate, 
on SkyrfiirilSayet laft, and dwme gevin beiron. 

IPark,'] The quhilk day mione Alderftone, ^ns to George Elphinftonn, is 
fnnd in ye wiang for caftyng downe of wefche, and patting fur*- of mgt pk 
fur*- of hir boos, and dwme gerin J>'on, and J>e amends referrit to ]>e rounsale. 

ZBtavU—Barrj/,'} The qululk daye George Burell iadler, and John Barry 
finy*- and i^'- of ya, fond in J>e wrang, for trublance done be ather of J>ame to 

■ BiwlnwmAUDdofpilkt;. t Skyr, tr 8UiriiAirMd«]r— The llMndBr bdon GMd Friday. 

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wjwris, in John WitTone's hons, and J>e laid Geo^e for ftekyng wp of )w laid 
Johne's bny*- wyndt^ and dwm« gevin p'on. 


April 24. The quhilk daye it if ftatate, tho*- gude, and ordauit, be ]>e ^neft, 
baillies, and coonfide, y&t }ie weftir ruinous gavill of )»e Blackfreir kirk, and ]>e 
ftanes }>'of be lane donn, and be J>e Ikellat * ^pcedjmg, rowpit and ikuld to J>e maift 
ava]e, and J>e ^ce J>'of conuertit and applyit to )>e mendyng of J>e ryndois and 
mintfters &it in ^e &id kirk; and to )>*- effect appointit for pformyng yot ^ 
pfones, Tiz. Johne Wilibne, William Watt, William Stm]>ers, w*- ane baillie. 

Als ]>ai ordanis )>e comoun ^u'alor to perlew for J>e filuer iroric of )>e new 
kirk mget Rankyn. 

[Goeone.] 27 ApriL The quhilk daye Duncane Finlaye is fund in pe wrang 
and amcbianiet of conr^ for tmblas done be him to mione Govane and mione 
WiUialbn, in bicking f of )>'■ twa tnbbis w*- his quhyng*' and hands, Ikalyng and 
cafting awaye of )>e clay"- {>'into, on Setturday laft, and dwme gevin yoa. 

IFiniayeJ] 30 ApriL The quhilk daye mione Gorane and mione WiUbnn ar 
fimd in ]>e wiang, for ]>e wiangns cuming throw Duncane Finlayit sard, and 
trampyng dovne of J»e geris, makand oppin pa£age, but hia licence ; and dwme 
gevin J)'upon. And ak Johne Fawtone's wyf is in lykmaner deSnit, and for J>e 
injuring of him. 

lChrj(/^/'on,'] The quhilk daye Katherine Fiemyng is decemit to deliner to 
Katherine Cbryftefonn, ane gold ryng laid in wod be }>e Had Katherine, wHn xr 
dayis niztocu. 

IG-e^Ua Omtmt^.] 1 May. The qnhilk daye comperit William Hazuell 
merchand, in name of pe mchandis, and iax dekynis of craftis, is name of )« haill 
craftis and haill coite, and dilaflentit fra )>e geving fur*' or delyng of ony pt of Jw 
comone m^^ to James Boyde, or to ony atheris mail nor is ellis delt, and ^teftit Jiat 
)»e ptis ]>'of ellis delt and gevin finlbt, by % y- confentis in tymes bigane, fuld no' 

• aUOit, T«in<«rt«r^ hMid-taU. f BkMof, Bmlat m elMppia«> t WItkni, «r ifainM. 

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^nge J>3, bot ])at ]>ai may bare ty and place fur recaltyng and reined 

(^SagiB—Pater/outL} 4 May. The quhilk daye J>e baillies ordanis ane celt of 
mailze and ane hatt^ laid in wod be Jonet Patteribun, Ipons to Gilbert Seherilav, 
to filarione Heawell, ipous to Thomas Bt^U, npone |>e ibwme of zxxviij*- iiij'' 
money, to be rowiut be J»e offi"- and pame to paye ]>6 faid Ibwme to hir, and pe reft 
to p6 iaid Jonet; and.)>at becaua ]>e fiud Jonet being Uiryfi wamit to compein 
and lowfi ^e iamyn, be payment of }ie iaid ibwme, or ellis to heir it rowpit, copit 
noeht^ nor fthew na caua in the osntrar, w*- uj*- of expenfis. 

ZJf'yn'stt,'] The quhilh daye Petir Lymbumare ia beoumin aAit of his awin 
}woper confeffienn, as cauliouir for EC- Johne Ma&iin, for uphaldiog of ane 
tenement at J>e graye freir wynd, ptening heritablie to Johne Wynzet^ in lyk 
eftait as is now, at ]>e deceis of Jooet Maioiin, mod'' to )>e laid Johne, conform to 
)>e fiditing ]>'o^ maid be Jie Lynarsof]>e town; and Johne Steward of Bowhoids is 
decemit to relief and kap ikaithles }« Sad Peter of ]>e ^iffis. 

[CrrAonw,] The qahilk daye James Anderibne mdiand is fund in Jre mnng 
and amchiamet of court, for trubUnce done be him to Jonet Orhame, in caftyng 
daun vlolenUie on fett purpose ane tnbfiil of &lt^ and {calyng and Ipilling ])'of, and 
is ordanit to repair )>e ikay*'. 

ZLawtethL} The qnhilk daye Bartilmo I^wtetht is tand in pe wrang and 

amehiam*- of court, for trublas maid be him to ane pure wyf callit * ^ for 

ftryking of hir to the effufione of hir blude, and is ordanit to paye to hir iiij*- ft^ 
amends, and dwme gevin ])'upone. 

ZBItMfHme — Stegne.2 7 May. Anent ye mater movit be Archibald Stene, as 
&£toar and commiffioner for James Blahbum, ^anis Jt^e (Steyne)oordiner,for 
BO delyueianoe of ane pair walker fcheris t being in his hands, pertonyng to 
umq*^ Arch^ Blakbnme, and now to )>e laid James as ane pt of his movable 
aii&hip gnddis, contenit in Bill ; )>e laid Johne coperand, no*- gratand ]>e ^ifls, 
dlegjt yst f>e Jcheris can no*- be airfchip, as no*- nfit be )>e deid, bot ar ane pt of 
Us mov^le goddis: yto anTit }>e laid Ar'-, ]>at in sa fer as ^ wer sett in hyrii^ 

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pal aucfat to be airfchip ^^uddis; and to arile heirw*- ]>e bailUes aff^ f>e ziiij daye of 
iSaje ioftont, ptibus dtatf-. 

iBaatare.'} The quIuDc daye William Kyle is fund in }>e wrang, for {>e taking 
and intrometting w'- at his awtn hand, but ordonr, ane kow, gevin be him at 
Alhallovmes laft to Jonet Baxtare, as tyde * fin- Jis first calf and milk, and being in 
hir poffeffione fenfyne; and ^'fore is decernit to delyuer to bir ane tyde kow, and 
to iatille hir for ]>e proffett of calf and milk )>'of incontinet, and dwme gerin fwiron. 

IFtemyng."] The qnhilk daye William Conynghame and Elizabe'- Colqnhoun 
l^Kmffi, ar decernit, be j>e aitbt of ptie referrit be Jwme ]>airto, to deliuer to 
Katherine Flemyng ane gold ryng V- ane ftane, laid in wod of zh ; and als to 
deliuer tua powder flacat»f-, and thre pewd*^ playta, laid in wod of zxx*. Scho 
payand to )>a )>e Aid money incontinent. 

iWa^imiu} The quhilk daye James Anderfone mchand is fund in ^e wrang, 
for taking awaye of twa ftanes ptening to Aliibne Watfoun, lyand at David 
Orhamea foir buy*- ; and als for difobeying of ]>e bailliea comand, and dwme gerin 


[PofloA.] 14 May, The qnhilk daye Edward Pollok ftynner is maid burges 
and freman of ]>e bur*- and citie of 0]a%v, and hes gerin bis aitht of fidelitie 
to ]>e town ; Quhau fynes wes gevin be ^e bailliea and coon&le be y- rolment to 
Johne Morefonn, in iatii&ctione of his hors tane fia him ])e ty of ^e truble, and 
f<a releving of travello's hods tane be him f'fot, lowiit be him at ]>e townea 

ZLegate,"} The quhilk daye Archibald L^^ate cordiner is maid bniges and 
freman of )>e bur*- and dtie of Glaigw, and hes gevin his aidi of fidelitie to pe 
towne ; Quluus jynes wes gevin be ^e baillies, counlale and dekynis to George 
Burell mchand for his fupport, to releve his eztreme ponStie in tyneyng of his 
pak be pe iey. 

{_Martet/ne — Dik^'} 18 May. The qnhilk daye Jonet Dulop is fund in pe 
wrang, for tmUanoe draie be hir to Agnes mtene, in caftyng of dirt at hir vyndo, 

• A lyd* BMr b m cnw with aJt. t Or Aaketu— iMkaU. Fr. FluqtMt. 

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and fyling hir ftuff fett pnt, viz., breid, cheis and bnttir : And aU pe laid Agnts 
is fund in )>e vraag, tot caftyng fui*- of weicbe at pe find Jooet, and dwme 
geriD yon. 

[ Waffbiu.'] The quUlk daye James AnderiiHie millare is fund in Jie wiang, 
be trablance maid be him to mgaret Watfone, in caftyng of ane cop at hir fyee, 
and inradyng of hir w*- ane ftoip, and manafiyng bir wHn hir awin hons, and 
dwme gevin Ji'^pon. 

iCauiduelL} Q5 May. The quhilk daye mgt Mur^ Ipons to Johne Rankene, 
it fiindin])e vrangof lurconfeffioim,for trnblans done be liir to Jobne Cauldnell, 
in caftyng of ftanes at his duris and wyndois, chaiGmd ane honeft man in his 
hoiu, and dwme gevin Ji'npon. 

{^Chaimertayne Boyde — Troytie.'} 28 May. The qnhilk daye comperit James 
Boyde chabnertane of Glaigw, and Matho Boyde takjgman to my Lord 
ArchbKchop of Glaigw, of ]>e troyne,* and requirit ])e baillies to cans John 
Cauldueil, j^o''' pn^ to deliner to him ]je metts, meib's, and wechds of ]>e trone. 
Com{)it}>e faid Johne, and defyTit]>e copie qf Jie clame: Allegit J>e pfewars, ]>at 
he an*- to have na c(^ie, becaos ]>e a£Uonn is coinone and an*' not to hare delaye. 
Tliairef& )ie iaid Johne wes content to delyuer la mony wedits, weyta, balks, 
and meflb'B, as he reflauit fra Robert Millar bis ^eceffo'- . The Cbalmlane and 
takisma accepts ^e confeffionn, and defyrs )>e baillies decreit, accordyng to J>e 
confeffioun. The bullies continuit ]>e ^nudation to ]>e xzix of Maye infianl^ 
ptib^ dtat^. 

[Park.'} The quhilk daye Jamee Ridie cowper b decemit to content and 
paye to Chriftiane Park, fw fowme of fonre lib^ money, of )>e firft upJett y- fiallis 
to |>e cowpcraf)^ or ellis to delyuer to hir })e box w*- ye enidets quhilk he re&uit 
fra hir, 

{Crawfurd — Coi^ngbame.'} 91 May. The quhilk day the thre Baillies and 
ane parte of {)e counlale paft to vifie and decyde J>e queftione of Lyneyng and 
nyibourheid betniz Thomas Crawfurd of Jurdanhill, fewer of pe perlbne oi 
OlaJgwis mans, on ]>at ane part, and maifter Dauid Conyngluune, fewar of ]>e 

• TU bnm am wUeh the paUie taim of th« town w«m vrnfmiMA. 

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fabdeynes matu, on ^t wj>er pwt; and eftir the fichting }>airof^ w*- conAnt of 
hey*- ye iudis pteis, Ordanu fe iaid Thomas to big ap )>e pece mantale wall 
upono ]>e laid maifter Dauid's ground; and ye ikmyn wall v*- ^e ground to 
^pertfloe to ]>e £ud maifter Dauid in tyme cumyng, ye laid maifter Dauid 
JyBdand ftaneA ]>airto ; and ])at fe laid Thomas ftank to be maid, lyb na hicbtar 
nor pe laid maifter Dauidis feller flurei qubairthro'- ye laid maifter Dauidis 
tenement and houftis be nocht damnefeit be ye watter or wy^wj& in tymis 
cuming, and ye droppis and eilinentis Jiat ye laid maifter Dauidis hoos bad 
of before, to be relerwit and kepit in tymis cnming ; and als ordainis ye comone 
lynk to have fre paflage, for ye comon wele of ye hull towne, as paffit of befour ; 
ami oidanis ye itud M'- Dauid to tak awaye ye erd abone ye mantle walL 
And als ytX fynd the caftjmg of the ftank be ye lud Thomas, on na wyi6 to be 
hurtfuU to be doun&llyng of J>e laid M'' Dauidis turnepyk. 


The Court of Ferambulationn of ye merchls of ye 
bu^ht and citie of Glalgw, haldyn at ye mylnedam, 
be ane noble and pot«it Lord, Robert Lord Boyde 
proaeft, George Elphinftoon, Archibald Lyoun, and 
Junes Flemyng, baillies ytatot, npone Vitlbne tydaye 
the firft daye of Janii, ye jeir of God JCD V'- Lz 
foortene jeun, J>e futs eallit, ye conrt cofermit Dempftare, James ^eir. 

The names of ye Owt landemeiis.' 
Andro Baillie, Mathow Willbun, 

Dauid Hall, David Cottis, 

Johne Stark, Johne Otaye, 

Johoe Steyne, James Gilhagy, 

Johne Anderfoun, cordiner, James Anderfoun, offi'-. 

Fallis gevin wp be ^e ouUandemeris. 
Item, Cduard Louthianis wyf hes ditninift ye comone Loyne at ye querrell hoill 
<tf -Bemishome. 

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Item, ye passage yat paffis to ye querrell and m'- and ]>e eomoae paftaris, 
ar Sua J>at na cart or paffiige maye be liad ]>airto, without Jiai be fillet 

Item, certun Toms cafUn upon ye Symerhill, be qnhom we milknaa. 

Item, ane mclie ftaoe tane awaye of ye lymerliill, and brocht doun ane greit 
space inwith ye comone. 

Item, ane march ftane tane awaye at ye bnme, under ye hird's hous of wodfyde, 
snrntyoie ane haw'home grew yair. Item ane wder march ftane tane away at 
fe nuik of cayttis dyik, betuiz and Sanct Mungois tre. Item twa lous mche 
ftanes beand betnix ye reid mofi and hird boos of the keppo''. Item ane mtkt 
ftane tane awaye at ye naifc of ye keppo*- wpone ye north fyde. Item ane 
lous ftane lyand upone ye hicht of ^e hill foiment ye keppo''. Item ane mche 
ftane up at ye eift end otye Balgray medo and caftinin ]>e mo& in 0*- awne comone, 
hid under ye erd. 

Item, lliomas Glen baxtare, hes dyminitit ye comone Lone pafland fra Gaddis 
brig, and bes iett furtht bis dyik and fawin npone ye comone thre or fo''- ellis or 

Item, the faaill paffiige of Jie Deynfyde well is ftoppit throw oure cafting of ye erd 
and ftanes of ye sairdis nizt adjacent ]>airto. Item ye eomone well callit Gleg- 
home's well besyd Andro Sympleis hous under Robert Bereb hous, is fiUit up 
w*- ftanes contrar ye comone weiU. 

Item, ye brwme ward occup^t be Jeyne Cooygbame, ye dyikis at hir heid landis 
is caflin down. The mdie ftanes undermynit ^rthrow at ye eift nwik of ye 
myldame; at J>e heid of ye landis betuix ye landis of Stewin, Glalgw, and 
Archibald Stewin ye mche ftane tane awaye. 

Item, Eduard Loutbiane's wyf, hit dykia fellin down, and hes lawin inwitht ye 
comone, at ye 1yd of ye myldame; we underftand ane mche ftane to be tane 
awaye fi-a ye fyd of ye fimyn. 

Item, ye gudman of Schelis hes brokin |ie myldame, and bes nuud yai dyik 

Item, Johoe Scott, duelhmd in eomone Inche caftis jeirlie in oure coiuone nyn or 
ten daye work of tnrvis, and hatdis daylie upon oure comone twentie heidis of 
nolt, fcheip and horls. 

Iton, Johne Crawlnrd, vufreman, hes caftin fo'- dayework tnnris and &z daye 
work peittis, and fyndry wfer fremen and unfre, by I>e ftatuts of J>e towne flais* 

* Sklna the Common, • SfaraliTa cxpRnim for taking up >I1 tbc aurfocc Tnif. 

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up fe hail) m'- by ordo'-,* sua ]>at na beftiall maye have na paftnrall J»air 

adill. The qubitk daye, ]>e cafualUea of J>e roercat callit 
J>e Ladill is fett to Robert Millare, melema, qohill Wit- 
fone tyfday nixtocum, for ^e fewme of nyne {coir mkis 
money, to be payit at Jie termes vfit and wont, Soneitie 
for paymet Jjairof, Johne WiUonn, mchand. Jie termes are 
third in hand, third at myde tenne, and ]>e reft at beltane. 

{Gijl of&t Brig.'} The qohilk daye, pe new gift gevin to ]>e brig, and fmall 
cafualteis gratit yto, ar fett to Nicol Snodgere, for J>e fowme of four fcoir mks 
money, to be payit at thre termes vfit*- and wont, vizmicbaelmes, candilmes and 

lHirdia.'\ The qnhiUc daye, John WiUban is maid netlur towne bird for ]>iB pnt 
^eir: and Thomas Arftoun is maid orertoim bird, in lykmaner, to be eqnall in 
proffet. Sonertie for )>e laid Johne WiUban, Johne Wil&nn, pewdenre, and 
Michael Barde, souerUe for ]>e laid Tbomas, David Lyoun, for ]>''gude ftruice, 

[Pijjffu/n-.] The quhilk daye, James Spelr is creat poynder, for J>is pnt seir, 
Sonertie for gude rewle and feruice in bis office. 

The menftrales cotinewit quhill )>e iymerbill, qnhen {>e haill commnnitie sal be 
present to geve ^air votis ]>airanenL 

[_Atu^/oim^JPolIok—SUward.'} 4 June. The quhilk daye, Johne PoUiJc of ]«t 
ilk being perfewit be James Anderlbnn, offi'', for tmblance done be him upone 
monondaye ]>elaftdaye of Maye laftwes, in prefentyng and offering to have Ichot 
him w^ ane piftolet manaflyng, and doyng y- in him laye tohave shme and fchot him: 
And als Andro Steward being accufit for trablance done be him to pe haill toun- 
fchip, puest, bullies, and coite, ])ai exerceing y- office in brynging ^e ^d Johne to 
])e bons of Jnftice, ichutand, ftrykand, and tnibland all manner of plbnes, being in 
y cumpany to y effect The finds Johne and Andro hay j^oalie pnt becun in 

* Witbool ordtr or taOtritr. 

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peiaid prouest and bullies willis for {le flmtffis, and Johne WiUbun, pewderar is 
becnm cautaoner for pe {aid Johne, and Gauin Orahame cautioner for Jie iiiid Andro 
Steward, ^st ])U re^ectiue fill fulfill and underlie J>e laid proueft and baiUies witlia, 
and the Ikidg Johne and Andro ar becum actit to relere jNiir Ikidis fecuritiea respec- 
tive of J>e ftaniffis. 

[..^ndRr/bKii.] The qnhilk daye James Anderfoun offi'-, maid hy^ "pat he dred 
Johne PoUok of )>at ilk of bodely harme, and dei^t Lawfonertie of him quha land 
Johne Wilibun, pewderar, Ibatie and lawborrowistjtttjie laid James Ikl be harmles 
and Ikay'les of ])e laid Johne Pollok,and all Jiat he maylett, of bodely harme in tyme 
coming, under pe pane of twa hundre'- libs. And ]>e find Johne Pollok is decernit 
to relere fe laid Johne Wilfonn of ]>e f)miflis. 

[de&md.] The qohilk daye Geoif^ Kneland being acculit for trublis done 
be him to Robert Miller, Ladleman, for cuttyng his polks, becum in Jie proueft 
and baillies willis Ji'fore: And William Hegate is becumin cautioner for fulfilling 
of Jnir willis. 

iBrajfduodJ} 1 1 June. The quhilk daye Johne Campbell is fund in )>e wrang, 
foF tmblance done be him to James Braiduod, in ftryking of him violentlie npone 
]>e &ce w*- ane pair of glufis, be his awin confeffioun, and dwme gevin ]>airupone. , 

IMtqfneJ} The quhilk daye Ma^ret Andro Jpous to Thonus Downy is fnnd 
in )>e wrang, for manaflyng and boiftyng of Katherine Mayne, and inradyng hir 
w^ ane trej and dwme gerin ]>'on. 


The qnhilk daye, Ji^e PoUok, cowpar, Eduard PoU(^> Ikynner, and He^or 
Dulop, wryS bnrgeffis of Glalgw, ar fund be pbatioun of fomous witnes in ]>e 
wrang, for cumlng in armes contrar )>e ^nelt, baillies, and hull townefchip, usand 
fe executionn of frair office, coand agains ])air aitbis maid be pa ]>e tyme bai 
wer maid bnrgeffis, concurrand w'- Johne Pollok* of fiat ilk, rebelland contrar be 
town, doand y- in )»ime lay (q'^ wes nathing to be rekny*- ) to ftop him fra cum- 

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iiigorbryDgu)ghiiDto)>etolbay*'fortxubIanceof]>etoi]n: And yairfan ]}e bullies 
and counsale, ordains ]>e &ids peifones fredomes to be cryit doun be ane officiat 
upone ane mcate daye on pe con: And als ar ordanit to be retenit in firmanoe in 
be bey'' tolbuyS aye and quhill |>ai find cauUoun to tnak amendi, and repentance 
to be kirk for brekyng of )>'- aithta, and to fulfill fie injonitionea as J>e Idrfc will 
devyfi for }>e famyn. 

VRIA. iSymerkm.-} 

' The court of punbulatioun of mchia of ]ie bu^t Md 
atie of Gla%T, baldin at ]>e SymeibiU, be bonoan^le 
men, George Elpbinftoun, Arcbibald Lyone, and James 
Flemyng, baillies, upone Sondaye J>e xx day of Junii q*^ 

^ fold have been }ie xiij of Junii, ]>e ^^ir of God, JCD. 
V*^ Lzsiiij sere. 

ZFlache."] The quhilk daye anent ^e complaynt toeching ])e deid flesche of 
^e mwrehill ^ndt to ^e mcate, and lauld be Dauid Pady and Johns MiUare 
fleJcho's. The baillies, counule, and culte, ordains ye laid flefche to be tane and 
erdit, and ]>e laida fletcho's Jmt bocht Jie fiunyn, and JJiitit it to {>e mcate to be 
punift according to ye auld ftatuts. 

[7W/{s.] Anent ye complaynt maid be ye cSite, y*- certane Indaellaris atye 
toun caftis ]>e m'- and flayis up ye ikmyn as J>ai pleis, and als mekle as y»x think, 
no*- regardand J>e iucomodite J>at fall cum y'to in tyme cuming, gif remeid be 
no'- ^uidit: Thairfore it is ftatute and ordanit be ye baillies, counfale, and haill 
coite pnt^ ]>*- it fall no*- be leifum to ony freman to odt in ye geir, mair nor tva daye 
work of turfis, and ilk unfre pJbne ane daye werk, und'- ^e pane of xl*- ilk < 
and yat unfre folk, fervandis nor ntberia caft turis or peytis on ye comone, w*- ont 
|iube conducit ofbefoir be fremen undir ye pane of zz*- ye firil &lt,and]>6 nizt 
bantfinent; and ordains fie contraveners of yia haill ftatute to be callit J>airfor, 

. Item, it is flatate and ordaiuit be J>e bailltes, conn&le, and coite, for eradyng 
eyting and deftruction of comes, yet gif ony horls or vyer beftiall beit fund all 
ny*- fui*- of faouffis in ony pfones Ikay*- on y- &uS, and beis ap^hendit ik befoir 
ye sone ryfiag, tlie awnare of ye beift, fall paye of unlaw xx*- by ye fkay*- 

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foftenitbe ]>e pteis. And]>atnawyfe, bufly, norw])'- p&ne gaog amanjif growand 
fta^ to fchetr ony* or geHs amang ftuff; for ye firft fall^ ]>e contravenar lalbe 
lialdin in ^e thevis hoill viij dayis, and J>e fecund &1t to be baneift ]>e towDe, 
during pe ^ueft, bailliea, and coun&les willis. 

Item, it b ftatnte and ordanit be )>e baillies, counfale, dekynis and haill coite 
pot, ]«t forlamekle as ]>ai, confiderand ]>e g^eit ioconrenientdone to }>e towne, throw 
{>e multitude offtrangers cumand to be bni^effe8,and fiim be fie requeiftsaamay 
no^ gudelie be denyit, and fum thro*- ]>e finall fynes, geving far lefi nor utber 
tounis takis for y- fredome: That ilk pfi>ne J>at beia bui^^ or defyrs to be bur- 
ges and freman of ])is gude toon, fill paye for ^tur fynes to ]>e theiknrer of J>e 
toun to }>e comone weal ]>'o^ ^e Ibwme of ten punds money in tyme cuming, 

[Afen/hvi/M.] The qubtik daye, Archibald Bordland and Robert Duncane ar 
admittit to be menftrales to pe towne for yis inftant jeir, and to haif fra ilk freman 
allanlie, but mey^ twa fchitlings money at ye leift, w*- ye mair at ye gevnrs 

[G/ien.] 22 June. The quhilk daye, Thomas Olen, baxtare, is fund in ye 
wrang and amchiamet of court, for contravening oiye ftatuts maid anenta be balding 
fiiH- of hoT^ in ye ny*- in wyer menia ftuff{ and dwme gevin y'on. 

IBab^om — -Gkru^ The quhilk daye, JobneRobefbun, trarello', and Johne Glen 
butterman, and atfair of y& ar fund in ye wrang and amchiament of court, for 
trublas done be atliir of yame to wjiera, viz., ye iaid Johne Robefbne for rugging, 
and pforce takyng awaye of pe fiid Johne Olenis cloyk, and J)an, athir for invad- 
yng w]>'i8 ane greit {pace ])'eftir, w*- drawin quhyngers; and dvme gevin 

iGihntf-.'] 25 Jane. The quhilk daye, Johne Gilmo% cordiner, is fundin j>e 
wrang and amchiamet of court, in brekyng of ye ftatuts miud anents ye pete bog 
of anld, in holyng wp of J>e fimyn, and dwme gevin ]>'iipon, and Johne Allan 
Jbnertie for his unlaw, conforme to ye auld ftatuts. 

* So In original — > word Menu to be omitted. 

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URIA. Thecourt of Jtebarchtanddtieof Glaigv, haldin 
at Craig mak upone pe fiiyr ewin, be honourable men 
Oeoi^ ElpLinftone, Archibald Lyone, and James Flem- 
yng, baiUies, ]>e fait daye of Julii, ]>e geir of Ood, 
JGD. V*^ Lxziiij. jeirs. The futds callit, ^e court 
cofermit, Demftare, Thomaa Cami]>ers. 

The quhilk daye, )>e baillieg, conn&le, and coite pnt, ordains eaerilk buy*- 
halder, to have in reddinei within ^e bnytht, aoe halbert, Jak, and fteilbonet, 
ioT elchewiog of fick inconvenients ]>at may happin; conforme to ]»e auld ftatute 
maid bairanet, under }>e panes contenit in ])e famyn. 

[MnUy.] 16 July. The quhilk daye, James NeiUbn, tailjo'' , is decemit in 
be wnmg and amerchiament of court, for trubUnce done be him to Johne 
Monky, in dninpyng of him on ]>e breift, and invadyng ]>'eflir him w^ ane diawin 
qubynger; and dwme gerin ])'upon. 

iBiche.'] 20 July. The quhilk daye, Elizabeth Gilbagy is fund in ^ wiang and 
amerchiament of court, for trublance done be hir to Katherine Riche, fpous to 
Johne Crawfurde, w*- hir ney&, and caftyng hir doun to J>e erd, and dupyng of hir 
upone J>e zvi of Julii, inftant; and dwme gevin ^'upone. 

iLaw."] S3 July. The quhilk daye, Valter Steward of Oallowhill, and 
Andro Steward, his &]>'- hioy-, ar fund in ye wrang and amerchiamet of court, 
for trublance done be yame to John Law, fuddert,* in moadyng and manafiing 
of him w*in his hous, and houOyngf of him in his chalmer w*- drawin v^pinis; 
and dwme gerin yon, 

[Crawfurd — Egitfchak.'] The qnhilk daye, Johne Barry, menftrale, of his 

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awio confeffioD, is decernit and ordanit to content and paye to Mr. Archibald 
Crawford, perfbne of Eglefchcm, ))e Ibwme of five lib. money, viz., fo'* tnlu in 
hand, and pe reft betniz and mtymes nixtocu. 

ZPater/oUH,'] 3 Augpaft. The quhilk daye, Johne Hanay, finy*-, is fund in ^e 
wiang and amchiam^ of conrl^ for troUance done be him to Jonet Paterfoun, for 
ftryking hir w*- his nei& on hir haffet, and ata mione Henry his fpons, for caftyng 
ftanes at ]ie iaid Jonet; and dwme gevin )>'upon. 

iComme proatrattf- ."y Anent ]ie a^on pfewit be ])e comone pcnrato'' aganis 
Oeoi|;e Bnrrel, dekyn of ]}e fmey'^," for ufnrpyng of ye pueft and baillies 
aatho*^ and office, in cogno^cyng of caofis betoiz pteie, inhabitants of ya toun, 
geving of his decrete, and letting fur*' of }>e &myn as ane rolment of court, as he 
bad bene Jodge ordinar. The lud George alUt ane tme to anf- pmptS"*- qlk 
wes grantit, and aff*- ]>'to Jie vi of aog*- inftS ptibua off-. 

{Craig.'] 13 Angnft. The quhilk daye, mgt Browne is fund in J>e wrang and 
amduam'- of court, for tmblance done be hir to Marg*- Ci^g, in Ichutyng and 
dyoging of hir, and fcartyng of hir mouth and neis, to )ie effufione of hir blade; 
and dwme gevin J^'upon, 

\_Fortht.'] The quhilk daye, James Angus, and Alane Angus his Ion, ar fond 
in J)e wrang, for tmblance done be ]nme to Befle Fortbt, in ftryking of hir 
w^ Y" neifi, and als w*' ane rung and quhip fchaft, upon ]>e iz of Aug*- inflant; 
.and dwme gerio ]>'on. 

[Conynghame — KyiiJtf- .1 The quhilk daye, mgt Kinlo% fervand to James 
Boyd, and Florenoe Conynghame, fpous to Johne Stirling, ar bay^-^ fund io J>e 
wrang and amchiament of court, viz., )>e laid Mg*- for J>e injuring of )>e ^d 
Florence, calland hir preifts hnyr, befoir VitlbnOaye laft; and Jte laid Florence, 
for ]ie ftryking of J>e laid mgt on )>e bak w*- hir neris, ]>e z of Auguft inftant; 
and dwme gevin yaa. 

[J^^oun.1 20 Angnft. The qnhilk daye, Thomas Syare, elder, is fund in 
)« wrang and amtdiiam^ of court, for tmblance done be him to Jonet Vilfbne, 

• DcMW of the Smitfa*. 

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fpous, to Andro Steward, in fttyking of hir, treddyng of hir in ane gutter, and 
cuttyng of hir clay"- w^ ane litle knyfe, on ]>e zvi of Auguft, inftant; abd dwme 
gen'n f'on. ! 

IStirljftiff.'i The quhilk daye, Criflehe Stirlyng is decernit and ordanit to de-. 
lyuer to Johne Stirling hir brother, ane blak latene dowblett lynit w*- buckafy,* 
ptenyng to him, and being In hir keping, and y*- becau§ fcho Julzeit in previog 
of hir allegeance, y*- "pe lamyn fidd have bene geyin hir in wod of filuei; w*in xt 
dayis nixt w'' xij*- of expenfis, 

[^Anderjbne — Miliare.'} The quhilk daye, James Anderfone, udUar^ is becum 
a£tit of his awip pper confeffion and confent, ]>at in cais he be fund to blaipheme 
pe magiftradB or offi"- of ]>e towne, in ony forte unhoneftly, or v])'wyre ]jan 
becunris in tyme cnming, and beyng conuict ])'of, J>et he &lbe banifit Jie toun 
dwryng {>air willis. ■ 

IKj/nlocAt.'] The qahilk daye, Johne Stirling is becumin cautioner and foQtie, 
bat Florence C^n^ghame his Ipons lall nocht mak trubkoice to mgaret Kynlodil^ 
be weye of deid or tulzie, w}>'wyfe nor be lav in tyme cuming, under J>e pane of 
fourty pounds money. : 



The quhilk daye, ^e proueft, baillies, and coaniale, w^ 

Jie dekynifl of Jie craftes, and diuerls vy'm boneftmen of )>e 

toun, convenand in pe counfidhous, and havand respeA 

and confideration to ^e greit dekaye and ruyne Jwt Jie hie 

kirk of Olaigw is cu to, thro*- taking awaye of ])e leid, 

fclait, and wjier gray^f ]>'of, in ]>is trublus tyme bygaoe, foa^*- fiok ane groit 

monument will alluterlie &11 doun and dekay, w*but it be remedeit: And becaifB 

pe helping ]>'of is la greit, and will extend to nuur nor ]w may Spair; And ]>Ht 

)»ai ar not addettit to ]>e uphaldyng and repairing ])'of be pe law, zit of ]>air awin 

fre wiUis uncompellit, and for ])e zele ]>ai beir to pe kirk, of meir almous and lib- 

eralide fua {>at induce na practik nor pparatire in tymea cuming, conforme to ane 

■ A kind of Boekmn. Fr. Bo««Mio— JuiiMga. f Oiba Matariat. 

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fpons, to Andco Stevard, in ftryking of hir, treddyng of hir in ane' gutter, aadt 
cuUyng of hir clay*^ w^ ane litl& knyfe, on J)e zvi of Auguft, inftant; and dwmd 
gcTin Jj'on. I 

' {^Stirli/ng,2 The quhilk daye, Criftene Stirling is decemit and ordanif to de-. 
lyuer to Johne Stirling- hir brother, ane blak latene dowblett lynit w*- buckafy,* 
ptenyng to him, and being in fair keping, and y*- beeaus fiiho failzeit in preving 
of hir allegeance, y** ]>o (amyn fuld have bene gevin hir in wod of filuer; w'in st 
dayis nijtt w*- xij*- of expenfis. 

lAnderJime — Mitlare.'] The quhilk daye, James Anderfone, miUare^ isbecuin 
a£lit of his awin pper confeffion and coiifent, ]>at in cais he be fund to blafpheme 
]>e magiftratis or offi"- of ]>e towne, in ony ibrte uuhoneftly, or w^'wyfe pan 
becumis in tyme cnming, and beyng conuict ]>'o^ }«t he lalbe banifit ])e toun 
dwryng fair willis.. 

l^Kynlocht] Tbe quhilk daye, Johne Stirling is becumin cautioner and foiitie, 
bat Florence Cdn^ghiune his Ipous &11 hocht tnak trubhince to mgaret Kynloc^t^ 
be waye of d^id or tulzie, w)>'wyfe nor be law in tyme coming, under J>e pane of 
fburty pounds money. : 


JOD. V":^ LXXniJ'-^ ' 

The quhilk daye, pe proueft, baillies, and couniale, w^ 

]>e dekynis ofpe craftes, and lUuerJs wji'ris honeftmen of {>e 

toun, convenand in pe counlalhous, and havand respeA 

and confideratton to j>e greit dekaye and ruyne ];at .p% hie 

kirk of 01a%w is cii to, thro*- taking awaye of fie leid^ 

fclut, and w]>er gTay*-f p'oi, in fiis trublus tyme bygane, fuaj)*- lick ane gr^t 

monument will alluterlie &1I doun and dekay^ w*out it be remedeit: And becads 

pe helping fi'of is fk greit, and will extend to mur nor ]>ai nuy fyait-: And ])at 

ptd ar not addetUt to pe uphaldyng and repuring ft'of be pe law, zit of ]>air awin 

ire willis uncompellit^ and for pe zele ]>ai beir to pe kirk, of meir almons and lib- 

eralitie fua Jiat induce na practik nor Pponttire in tymes cnming, conforme to ane 

* A kind •! Backnm. F^. Boeewln— JamitMa. f Olber Haterlal. 

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Digitized by vjOOQIC 


DigitizDcl by vjOOQIC 


Tiitting to be maid ])*aDent: All in ane voce lies conlentit to ane taxt and impo- 
fitioim of twa hundreth puDds money, to be taxt and payit be ^e townfcliip and 
fremen ]nirof, for helping to repair ]>e iaid kirk, and haldyng of it watttrfitft : 
And for caftyng and making ^airof, hes appoyntit J)ir pfones following, vis., The 
dekya of ilk craft, Jofane Arbuckili, Thomas Normont, Matho VatToun, fleicho'-, 
Patrik Howe, litfter, Robert Mure, mchand, William Mazuell, David Lyndlaye, 
eld'-, Andro Baillie, Robert Stewart, roaifter Adame Wallis, Oeorge Herbertfone, 
Johne Flemyng, William Hegait, Robert Fleroyng, Thomas Spang, and Johne 
Lynd&ye, and to convene on tyfdaye nixt for endyng yof. 

Item, pe proneft, baillies, and conn&le, at my I.ord of Glafgwa requeift, hes 
fupledit ]>e finall cuftum of pe brig, and diichargit pe lamyn to be tane Ira be 
baronie men of GtaJgw beyond pe brig, qubill ]>ai be fetpet advyfit 

Item, for kepyng of ^e Sondaye, it ia ftatute and ordanit, |>at ilk Sondaye befoir 
none ane of pe baillies, w*- ane offi'-, and fum w))'- honeft men pafi, thro*- pe toon, 
to vife (avemis uid fleich meat, and in caia ony flefclie be fund felland eftir nyne 
ho"', pe (amyn to be efchetit and difponit to ]>e pure; and ]>e kepars oftavemis diA 
chai^t: and gif]>aicontempne,tobepuniftatJ>elicht of j>epueft, baillies andcouniale. 

[Zaw.] 21 Augnft. The quhilk daye, Margaret Browne, fpoas to Michal 
Ourlaw, ia fund in pe wrang for tmblance done be hir to Jonet Law, fpom to 
Michal Mair, in ftryking of hir, nig^ng fur*- of hir hair caftyng of hir to pe erd, 
and ryving of hir clay'^; and dwme gevin ]>'on. 

ZPa-rp — fVaiAare.'] The qufailk daye, pe proneft, baillies, and counlale, 
haveaud confideration and relpeft, to ^e greit and haynous cryme comitdt be 
Robert I^rry, buljonre, in dilperfoning, and cruell invadyng of George Elphin- 
flouD ane of ]>e baillies of pis toun, w*- ane drawin quhyng*- within pe tolbuithe, 
ftryking him and bludyng him ]>airwith, and ftryking of the officiars, and con- 
temptions, nocht only difobeying pame in execation of ]>air office, bot als injur- 
yng Jiame in manner foirfidd, ]>airfoir pai have ordanit pe laid Roberts fredome 
to be cryit down, and him to be repnt unfre in tyme cuntyng, and als to be 
banift pe toun induryng pe proueft, baillies and counlalis willis, and pals awaye 
betuix and Sondaye at ewin nixt, and in cais he repair within J;e toun without 
^ir liceriJe obtenit, is content of his awin confeffion to want his rycht hand. 

db, Google 


Ab ^e proneft, baillies, and couu&le, in refpeA of ]>e oft and fyndry difobedi- 
eDtJB done be Jobne Walksre 9efi:bour, in diibbeying J>e offidaru in ezecntioun 
of jMur office, and als in manaflyng and boiAyng of ptane w*- ane knyfe, Jayand 
be fuld ftryk Jiame ])airwitbt; ordanis his fiedome to be cryit doon, and he to be 
repul unfre in tymes cuming, during pe {lueft, bailliet and counlalis willia. 

[Z^Jle.] 3 September. The quhilk daye, Petir Paterfbon and Alane Craw- 
furde ar iiind in ^e wrang and amchiainent of courts for tniblis done be pame to 
Jonet Lyle, in David CotliB borne, upon ]>e fecund of Sept'- inftant, vis., ]>e &id 
Pe^r, for ftryking and caftyng of hir doun : And Jie faid Alane, for barlyng of hir 
be ])e feit, and caftyng wp hir taill, and ]>'eftir ftryking of hir w^ ane flaill on ]>e 
anne, makand )>e famyn blaye; and dwme gerin p'upone. 

[ScoO.] 7 September. The quliilk daye, Robert Scott travello'-, i8 maiii burges 
and irema of fe bui*- and citie of Gla%w, qnhais fines wes remitdt and gevin 
him gratis be ]>e baillies and couniale, at )ie requeift of Robert Scott fcrybe to ]>e 
lords of Seffioun. 

lAfider/omL} 17 September. The quhilk daye, in pns of ]>e tbre bailUes 
fittandin jugement, Johne Mlieid joung*', als, Hucbefbnis fund in }ie wrang and 
amercbiament of court, for trublas done be him to William Anderfoun, fen to 
James And'fen millare, in cowmyng of him w*- finiddy cowme,* in Johne 
Hanayia iinydde ; and dwme gerin {)'on. 


The Court of pe Bu^ht and citie of GIa%w, for 
creationn and pnting of l3rtis, for )>e baillies and proueft, be 
ane noble Lord, Robert Lord Boyd, Geoi^e Glphinftoun, 
Archibald Lyone, and James Flemyng, auld bullies, 
haldio in pe tolbuy'' Jtairof, pe fyft daye of October, J>e 
seir of God, JCD. V- Ix fonrtene jers. 

* ArttMOTdriMiof •tm)(li'i/iirg«. Fr. Ecddi*. 

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ROUEST. The qnhilk daye }>e auld bullies and 

counlale ordanit aiie comi£ioun to be maid and felit^ to 

ane noble Ix)rd, Robert Lord Boyd, of ]>e otBce of 

proveftrie of )ie fiid burght and dde, for pia seir to 

cum quliili michaelmes nixtocu, conforme to uie and wont, 

and bat according to my Lord Archbifcbop of Glalgwis 

' nomtione of bim contenit in ane writting fubfcriuit be bis 

band, qululk ]>e Gad Lord Boyd pntit, and defyrit to be re^t in ]>ir buikis; 

Of ye qnhilk letter ])e teno'- followis: We, Janes, be pe menue of God 

Archbifcbop of Gla%T, underftandyng j>e babilite and qualificatioun of ane noble 

L«rd, Robert "Lord Boyd, baillie of core barone of GlaJgr, in miniftrilone of 

juflice wrychtlie to all peribnis, and }>at fe ofiSce of proveftrie of f>e bnrcht and 

dde of Gkdgw, hes newir or feyndill bene feparatit in findry peribunes bands, fra 

)>e blullierie of oure barone foirJaid: lludrfoT, and for findry confiderations 

moving wb, we have nominat and prefentit as be ]>e teno'- heirof nominatis and 

prelentis {>e find noble Ixirde, Robert Lorde Boyd, proueft of our laid burght 

and citie of Glaigw for ]>b inftant ^eir to cum ; And ficlyk jeirlie in all Cymis 

eumyng heireftir foUowyng, in c^ it plefe him to accept ]>e lamyn on him during 

all ye dayis of onre lyfetyme, wiffing and defyring ye bullies, counfale, and 

commuite of our ^d citie, pnt and to cum, to give, feill, and to delyuer to him 

thair comiffioun of }>e laid office of proveftrie, conforme to ufe and wont, for this 

inftaot seir^ and ficlik jeirlie at Michaelmes in tymes cuming, duryng oure 

lyvetyme, gif he will accept ]>e lamyn as fiud is. And pis onre pnt noinatioun, 

irrevocablie to be oblervit be ws, to all and liadry qubome effeirs, we mak knawne 

be fir pnts, fubfcrywit with owr hand, at Gla%w, ye lyft daye of Octobre, Jje 

jeir of God JCD. V*^ threlcoir fourtene jeiris, before thir witnes : Maifter Andro 

Haye perlbon of Renfrew, Maifter William Scott, and Maifter Henry Giblbne, 

&C. The proneft bes relauit ye ori^nal heirof in pns of ^e baillies and haill 


tCVq/Hu.] The quhilk daye, my lord proueft reqneiftit ye auld baillies and 
counlale, to fuffer certane Dekynis of crafUs to be admittit to cu in |>e counlalhous, 
to ftand and heir ye lyds of ye baillies choGn and notat yia jeir, but preiudtce 
of ye privil^^ liberteis, or vie in votyng, owtber of crafds or mcbandis in ony 
self ]>'eftir. At quhals requeift, ye laid baillies and auld counlale hes pmittit 
thre Dekynis of crafds to be pnt in the counlalhous, to ftand by, heir, and fee ^e 
laidis lytis nominat yis ^eir onelie, sua y&t induce ua practik in tymis }>''eftir. 

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Lytis \ytit be ]>e proueft, baillies, and aold counlale to be padt to my Lord 
Arcbbifchop of G]a%w for nemyag of twa or three of J>8ine baillies for ]>iB ioftant 
geir to cum requeifting all wayes my lord to Domioat llire in relpefl of pe mnlti> 
tod of )ie peple and troubles in office. 

Geoige Elphinftoun, Archibald Lyoon, James Flemyng, auld baillies. 
Maifter Adame Wallace, William Conyghame, Johne Ftemyng, merchand, 

Johne WilfouD, pewderar, James Braidwod, cordiner. 
Quhilkis lytis being piiUt )>at famyn inftant daye to my L«rd Archtrifdic^ of 
Olaigv, and ]>e requeift foiHkid maid to him be nominal 
Baiiliea for pin inftant seir, 
George Elphinftoun, Archibald Lyoun, Maifter Adame Wallace. 


STEM, it is flatnte and ordaoit be pe beillies and conniale 
f of Glaigw, ]>at ]>air be na derare aill lauld, nor lax pennies 
1) pe pynt, and ]iat pe &myn be kingis aill and werraye gnid 
n vnder pe pane of viij*' for ^e firft &lt : The fecund fiilt 
K delying of J;e brewing: The third fal^ breking of pe 
^ Iwmes; and pa.t nane brer except fremen, or the relidis 
3 of firemen, vnder pe pane of delyng of J>iur brewing and 
breking of ^e Iwrnes. 

Item, it is ftatute and ordanit pat pe foure penoie lai^ wey ziiij vnce, guid 
and fufficient ftufe, weill baikin breid, and J>at ilk baxter bare ane prent on pm 
breid, fua Jmt J>e iamyn maye be knawn vnder pe pane of viij*'. And J>at pe 
deikin of pe craft vifie pe breid, and ezecut }>is ftatote fcberplie, and gif he be 
funden negligent, he to be pvneift be pe baillies and cooniale as repugnant to pe 
comoun wealth. 

Item, it u ftatut and ordanit pat )Hur be na myddynis laid vpone pe fbitgaitt, 
nor jit in be greyn, and fat na flelchouris teyme Jwir vfchawis vpone pe foirgate, 
vnder be pane of vuij*- ilk bit vnfoi^win and ^t na ftanes nor tymer ly on ]re 
gate laiigir nor jeir and daye, vnder pe pane of elcheting of pSu 

Item, it is ftatuto and ordanit )>at pm be na blawn muttoun, nor breding of 
flefche vnder pe pane of viij*-; that na tallowne be Jauld of greit quantitie to 
pais of pe toun quhill Fauftrenis ewin vnder pe pane of efchetyng )>airof ; and 
bat na flefchouris by talloun nor deid flelche to fell agane, vnder pe pane of 

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efi^etyng of ])e iamyn ; and )>at na fle(chouri§, or lilcheriB pnt ]>air hull flefthe 
and fiiche, }Hit pai bring to ^e towne all at anis to pe meat, vnder ]>e pane of 
efchetyng of &in«kle as beis fnnd hid in hooffis, and ficlik all kynd of fifcheis be 
pitlit to ^e mercat togidder. 

Item, it is ftatnte and ordanit J>at ]>air be na tallonne derare lauld, nor XTij*-)>e 
ftane, and )>at nane be lauld to outtintownes men, vnder ]>e pane of efchetydg of 
pe Jamy, and fat na flerchouris by tallonne preindice of pe towne vnder pe pane 
of viij*- ilk &lt 

Item, it is ftatute yat ye pond of candill be Jauld for tuelf pefieis pe pnnd, and 
}iat pe &myn be finall wickeit and weill tallownit, vnder ]>e pane of viij*- ; and 
])at na vnfre perlbnes mak candillig to fell agane vnder pe pane foiriaid. 

Item, it is ftatute and ordanit pot na hnkftaris by haye, ftraye, nor come to 
top or fell qahidder fmi be fire or vnfre, without Jiai have ftabillyng vnder pe pane 
of viij*- ; and pax na come remane in J>e merest quhill z houris of pe daye vnder 
pe laid pane, to be tane of pe byar, and alfmekle of ^e feller. 

Item, it is ftatute and ordanit, {>at gif cmy maltman, fellis his malt to vnfre 
pfoanes w*in pe bui^^ht, he fidl nocht have to perler pe Jamyn befoir no w{>er 
proveft nor baillies. 

Item, it is ftatute and ordanit }>at na maltman by beir in ]>e merest, and fend 
awaye pe malt )>airof to w]>er places dovne pe watter of Clyde, but ])at he pnt 
pe iamyn to pe meat of Glalgw, ilk fait viij*- vnforgewin. 

Item, the proveft, baillies, and counfide, vnderflaadand Jie name of God to be 
blai^hemit, and pe comand thairanent to be maift oppinlie broken but pwniichmeDt 
in {lis toun, ])airfoir it is ftatnte and ordanit, Jiat na maner of pfoun or pfounee 
bla^heme Goddis name, ow]>'- be bonyng or fuering, in tymes cumyng, vnder 
J>e pane of mlawis contenit in pe adis of ptiament; and ptai officiares to pais 
throw ^e towne daylie, and tak tryall and pvneils pe famy, conforme to pe aftis 
of pliunent. 

Item, it is ftatute and ordanit, ]>at ]»ur be na muttoun Icoirit on pe bak, nor na 
pt Jiairo^ nor jit lattin doun befiwe, bot ane fcoir owder befoir or behynd, vnder 
^e pane of viij*- ilk &lt : And ]>at na martes be bow bredit nor lattin doun, vnder 
pe iaid pane ; and }>at |>e hydis and Ikynis, w*- talloune not tarladen, be brocht 
with pe bouikia t<^;idder to pe Acat, vnder pe Jaid pane. 

Item, anent pe vileyng of pe newe mercat, Ordanis ane of pe conn&le, with ane 
oS'- awayland on him, ilk Monondaye and Frydaye ouklie about, awayit and 
attend on pe iaid mercat, vnder pe pane of viij*- incaifi of refule. And )>at pe 
baillies viiie J>e reft of ))e n 

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^ T ia ftatute and ordanit Jiat ]>ir perfimes itndervriHeii, 

ieuery uie w^in ^e gayti qohair yai daell, pafi ouklie 
thro'- Jie lamyn, and taift ]>e aill browin wHn p« bonndia 
limatit to ]»un, to ie ^f ^e &myn be fnfficient, aceordyDg 
to ]>e price taxt punipon, and quha brewis J«t are nnfre, 
and to report ]>e fiunyn ouldie to ])e baillies. 
^ For ^e Rattonnw and Drygate, 
Joline Dalmmpill, Jobne SprenlL 

Fra pe Wyndbeid to ]>e BlakirgrB, 
Cnthbert Herbertfoim, WiUiame Rowat 

Fra )»e Blakfrgrs to }>e Croce, 
Arcbibald More, Johne Tail^o^. 

For )>e Gallogate and Troyngate, 
Johne Woddrop, Johne BeU. 

Fra ]>e Crofi to ]>e Nether Barafjett, 
Mathov Wilfonn, James Craig. 

Fra ]>e Barafsett to ^e brig and Stokuell, 
Johne Arbuckill, Johne Giluo^-, 

CHlbert Newlandf. 

Item, it is ftatnte fat all owtintownes bui^effis, no^ dwelland w*in j>e towne, 
fill pay cnftomea vfit and wont of aold in })e towne, except in tyme of &yrii. 

Item, ]>e baillies, cooniale, and dekynis, confentis to ane ftatnte to be maid 
be ]>e minifter and kirk, for ]>e downepattyng and diichargyng of ryatus bancatyng 
at brydallis, b^tifyng of bames, or npfitting, as ]>ai lall deviie }>airaneBt. 

[Jlficmigw.] 123 October. The quhilk daye Johne Htmill tailsor, ia fund in 
}>e wrang and a&duam'- of coott, for trublance done be him to Willkme Mnmye, 
in blnyding trf' him in ]>e fbtrheid w*- ane eUyng, ^is inftant daye; and dwme 
gevin yoo. 

{_Broia».2 26 October. The qohilk daye ]>e baillies decemit and ordanit ^ 
acqnande pot, led in wad be Jonet Cl^y fpoos to Johne Morefone, to Mic h a ell 
Bnikas, wpooe the finrme of iaz merk and ane bal^ abont pafi^ laft, wea to be 
rowpit be the officiaris, and ]ie pryce )>airof deliuerit to fe laid Michaell afferand 
to )>e laid fowme, and J>e reft to be gewin to ]>e laid Jonet, or at }ie leift, )>e 

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pryee as it cuis to, to be delinerit to ye &id Michaell, for payment of ]>e laid, 
and that, becans )>e fiud Jonet beyng th.Ty& warnit to compeir or loufi Jm iamyti, 
comperit pocht, nor fehew na canis in pe contrar. 

HE Court of ye bnif^t and ciede of Gla%w, balden in 
])« tolbuytht of ]>e lamyn, be ane noble and potent Lord, 
Robert Itotd Boyd proneft, Geo^ Elpbinftoun, maifter 
Adane Wallace and Archibald Lione bullies Jmirof, 
ye twenty-nioe daye of October, ^e geir of Ood 
JCO. V^ Izziiij seiris. The iattia caUit, ye covrt eon- 
fiennit. Dempflare, James %)eir. 

The qohilk daye ye proneft, baillies, and connfile, underftandand ye 
ootagions feikaes, callit ye peft, to be newlie riffin within this realme; and 
for awaye baldyng and preleruation of yis god town jKorfra, hes with ane 
COD&n^ dioifit and maid Jiir flatates and ordinances efiirwritten. 

%'S ye firft it is ftatute and expreiHy inhibit and forbidden 
yet na manor of peribnes, induellars or yet cnmis fui*- c£ 
I Ley**, Kiriualdy, Dy&rt, Brwntoland, qobilkis ar eBis 
I infedit and fufpeA of ye laid peft, nor jit of ony i^er 
mes or places yat heireftir iall be ftdpeft or fylit, 
V prefome to reibrt and ttanell to yn town, or ufe trafficque 
> witfat ye inhabitantis yan^: And yet nane of ye inhar- 
bitantis of yis town tnnell towart ony of ^e laidis placis, or u£e ony kynd trafficque 
witbt Jiame, ander ye pain of deid. 

Item, Beoans yet Edinburght, as ^it, is no^ fufpe£l of ye lud peft, except 
Bellis wynd, Thidrfbr it is ftatute and ordanit, ^at na perfime inhabitant of yh 
town to pais to {^inbnr^t without ane teftimonial, and )iat yu report ane fi> 
J>e baiUies of Ediobnrght, yet yei have no*- hantit nor trafficque with fn^A 
perfonee ; and yet nane be re&nit fiirtht of Edinburght, or wther nnfuipeA places 
bnt ane fiifficient teftimonial! fpecifeand qnhair&a yei cu* under ye pane of ten 
pundis. And gif ony inhabitants of this toun trawellis to ony fii:Q>eA place, and 
bringis bame ony obchandis or wairis, quliairthrow ony iofe£Uoun &) hi^in to 

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cum in Uiis town, thai no'- reportand ane fuffident teftunoniall w fiud is; ye 
fiudis peribnea briogand ye fidd infe&ioim to fuffer ye deid, and y- guddis to &11 
in elchete alfua. 

Item, It is ftatute and otdantt yat na maner of perfonea, indueUaria in this 
towne, refiait in their boula ony rnaiier ftranger reparand yairto, except J«t yai 
cam iirft to ye proneft and baillies, or ^air deputtis, and pnt J>ur teftimooiales, 
y%t it may be knawin quhairfra yai cum. And Jiat nane w*in Jtis towne reflaae 
ony perfone ]>at cumiB about ye towne, or at ]wir backsaidia ; and yt na induellar 
of ^ia towne entir, bot at ye portia and fwipite, under ye pain of x"^ ilk &lt, 
and yat ilk pfone cloifi his awne jard end, as he will anf^- on his lyf. And gif 
ony beis apprehendit cumand about ye towne, pe lamyn to be taoe and prefoni^ 
and liandilit as fuipe£t peribnes. 

Item, j>at na perlbne dnelland outwitht ye portis refave ony perTone ftrangerin 
lugeing, bat licenfe of ye proueft and baillies, ander ye pane of x^, nor na guddia 
debarrit at |>e portis. 

Iteoi, It is ftatute ytt na traTelloure be rcflaait in yia Utvme &a unfoiped. placis, 
' but ane fnflkient tefttmoniall' of J>e bui^ht quhair he doellis ; and gif he dueUis in 
landwert, out «f bo^ht, ye teftimoniall to be fuMcryuit be ye princqtall minifter 
of ]>e perrohio qohair he dnellis at ; ])at all teftimoniallia beir ye names of, 
number of ye phones, quhairfra Jiai cum, quhat tyme, to quhat purpofs, quhat 
ladinnyng ym bring, how mony horifi : And gif ony reflaues teftimonialles of ^ia 
town, {>at gif ewir he happinis to cum heir agane, to report ane teftimoniall 
fu£Scient on ye bade of oaris, berand quben and quhair he lauld his ladionyng, 
wjierwyfi nocbt to be reflauit; and ^t nane be re£lauit at ye brig to mak 
mchandise without yti cum firft throw ye town in at aoe of ye kepit portis, 
and fchaw ]>air teftimoniales to ye proneft or bullies, and ye fimyn rect^- 
nofcit as laid is. 

Item, )>e proueft, baillies, and connlale, hes depute yir perfones to vife ^e br^ 
and Yatter daylie at twa tymes, viz., Daaid Lyone, Williame Watt, Johne 
Oilmo'-, with Archibald Lyone beillie. And na perfimes to reflait hering, nor 
Bufferit to mak mercbandice jMural^ qubilkis ar owtintownes men, bot as ]>ai 
comand and promittis allanerlie : And gif ony gentiU men duelland in landwert 
is defyrut of hering, yta to cam Jnmelelfis; bot in caifi gentill men of hiear d^re, 
fide as erle, lord, barrown, defyris, ]»i to fend ane of yair 4>eciaU rect^ofint 
faoufhald iieruands, with ]>air hand writtis, and fide perfones to be re£buit and 
eonwoyit be ye portaris and ferfitris. 

Item, It is ftatute and ordanit, ]>at na pyparis, fidleris, menftrales, or ony wther 

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TBgsbnnd, remuifl in ]>u (own fra ])u tyme fiirtltt, during ye tyme of ]>e peft, bnt 
^MciaU leif of ^e proueft, or onder Jie pane of fcuigeyng and baniJmeot; aod 
alfua ]>at na pure comon beg^^aris remain in pis towne fra )>is furthl^ except ])ai 
pit hes bene borne within bnrght and pochin, or bes bene lang w*tD ]>at fiimyn, 
and yat )>ai depart for*- of ]>i8 town within xsiiij ho"- nizt, under ]>e pane of 
burning on pe cbeik : And ordania pame pat is pennittit to remane, to cum to pe 
tolbuy^ and re6iiue }>fur mks the mom, and gif in pair names ; and gif it Gd be 
fond Jiat ony of )>e beggaiia re&ueris of ye mks trauell furtht of pe burght or 
pochin, and com in again pairinto, y- mks lal be tane fra Jmme, and ]>ai baoift 
for ewir. 

Item, It is ftatate and ordanit, pat gif ony perfone or peribnes, induellaris in pis 
town, bi^pins fra this tyme furtht to fall feik, pat pe miufter of pe bous inconti- 
nent com to pe vifitOTs and fercbaris of pe gait, or ony of pame, and fchaw pe 
famyn, p*- pat may be (ichtit; and gif ony perfones h^ppinis to deceis. in ooy 
hous within pis toun, pat pe maifter of pe hous fa)i cum to pe rifitooris appoyntit 
for fichting p'of or pw be wjmdit, under pe pane of boniihment: And for ferper 
pfenning of pis ftatate, pai hare made and depute pir perlbnes undennitten to 
be ieifiris of pe toun, ilk ane in pe gaittig quhair pai duell, quba fiUl pais twyfs 
on pe daye throcht pe gay t appoyntit to pa, viz., in pe momyng and euenyng, and 
vifie and inqnyre of ilk hous pat may be feik, bot it be {cbawin to pame be pe 
iwdis inhabitantis, and to begyn pairto pe ilk twa p'- xv dayis aboot 

Sercbaris for pe Rattonraw and Drygate, and about pe Wyndbeid, 
Johne Spreull, John Fultonn, 

Cuthbert Herbertfone, David Wylie. 

■ Fra pe Wyndheid to pe Blakfreris, 
Jobne Danin^iU, Gilbert Hall, William Rowatt 

Fra pe Blakfrein to pe Crols, 
Johne Flemyng, Andro Heriot, 

Ardi'- Muir, Johne Wys. 

TVoyngate and Galli^te, 
David Lynd&ye, Johne WiUbun, 

Jobne AVoddrop, William Maxuell, 

Qninteoe Kay, Thomas N«ino'- 

Fra pe Cots to pe BartaijeU, 
Mathow Wilibun, James Bnuduod, soang'-, 

Geoige soung, Peter Lymbumer. 

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Fra ye Bvnfsett to ^e Brig, 
I^ttrik Howe, Johne Arbacldll, 

Johne JjaS, Nioiane Syue. 

Stockuell and about, 
Dauid Morefoun, Johne Jolmlbne. 

Vifitonria deput to ficht all deid peribnii or )«1 be wyndi^ 
JohDe Watfitne, eldar, Bcfle Wry*-. 

Item, It is ftatnte and oidatiit, ]>at all pe inhabitants of ]>a town obey )m 
Jercharis fbirikidis in ezecudon of fair office, and in cais )»u be difobedient to 
]mme, ^ir difbbedienco to be panift at yu had difobeyit pe proneft or baiUies. 

Item, ]>e proueft, baillies, and counikle twdains )>ir fiinr portis to be kepit daylie 
continewallie, and at ewin pe portaris to delyner ^e keyis to sne of ^e boilliet. 
Item, pe ftabillgrene port to be kepit be Johne Fouler. The Gallogate port, be 
Archibald Lettrik. The Troyngate port, be James Rob. The souihe port, callit 
]ie nethir Barrafsett, be John Andro. 

Item, Ordanis )ie Rattonraw, Drygate, and Greyfrier )>ortis to be mud fnre 
and lokit, and ftand lokit, and ^e keyis ^airof delioerit to ye baillies, and naoe to 
repair Jnirthro'- without fpecial licenfe of ye proneft and baillies, and yai to 
anf*- Jtairfor. 

Item, Ordanis ^e fimlehonis wynd and all ye wennallis to b« fimpl'- oondampnit, 
and ftekit wp. 

CamoM procttratonr. 2 Noreiidier. 

|NENT ye mater mowit be Michael Barde, comone 

f procorato'', for ye towne of Glalgw for ye tyme, aganis 

r Sir James Flemyng conteint in bill, beryng in effect, 

I ]>at quhidr be ye Qtace of thre seiris laft bipaft, y* 

S &id Syr James &yfnllie promift, yxt qnhat tyme or 

' how fone he obtenit ye gift and pofleffione of Sanct 

if Chriftt^heris Chapelanrie, efter ye deeeifi of Tmquhile 

Syr Andro Valkar laft chapUne {tairof, yet he fuld demitt 

and onregewe ye chaphmrie yet he had of befoir, callit 8. Mugois du^lanrie 

in ye handis of ye proneft, baillies, and oounlale, as patronnes {>atrof, to be gewin 

and diQwnit be ^ame to fum wtheiis at ]>air pleafoure; and albeit it be of reritie, 

Jnt ye laid Syr James hes obtenit fra ye town, ye gift of ye Gai Sanct Chrifto- 

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pberis chaplaorie be ^e iaidii miqiihiU Syr AdamU deceifi, witht fall poffeffione 
])airof, nochtbeleB, he will no'' o'gere nor demit f% ikid vy- displarie of Sanet 
Mugo, in ]>e &id proaeft, bsilUes, and coun&lea handis, patronnes Jjairof, to be 
gewin be titame to fum vther at }>ur pleafonre, without he be copelUt, as at mair 
lengtht u contenit in bill, in ]>e termes afBgnit be one warnyng maid be Johne 
Stobo officiar, to J>e fiud Syr James, to heir deraee pn«iouncit in pe ikld mater : 
Comperit James Flemyng, now comone procnrato'-, and delyrit proces ; and ^ 
fiudis Syr James Flemyng beyng Isuchfiillie wamit ofttymes callit tmd no** com- 
|Mnd, pe baillies, ]>e a})''^ rafiines and allegaciounes of baytht ^e fiud parteis 
harde fene and confident and Jt'witht ryplie avyfit, decemit and ordanit )>e fiud 
Syr James Flemyng to ooregeue, and demit ^e fiud chaplanrifl of S. Mug<H% 
in the handis of pe &id proueft, baillies, and conniall, as patronnes )Kurof, to be 
grnrin and di^Mtfit be yune at pait plefiture, to fum wtheris, within zt dayis niz- 
toenm ; And ^t» becaua J>e fidd comooe ^ bill beyng admittit to his probaUonn, 
he prewit ^ ikmy litEBdentlie, as wes deirlie ynderftand to pe laid baillies, quha 
ordanit ezecutoriales to pais thurrpone, in fbrme as effnia. 

[^Kxrf.] 3 November. The qnhilk daye, Johne Micoll and Marione Muir* 
head, ^tdes, are decemit of Jiair awin confeffion, to abftene fra all rayliog and 
ewill Q>eiking agmis )>e proneft, baillies, and eoonlkle, or ony of )>a in tyme cum- 
lug, under pe pone of xl"*^. 

l^Lowrie.'} 13 November. The quhilk daye, pe proneft, baillies, and coun- 
fide, gave and difponit to Johne Xxiwrie, fe almoos bed* laft p<^efll be Tmqohill 
Jobne OiMbun, racand in pair handis be his deceis, to be brakit be pe iud Johqe 
Lowrte, with all annuellis dewiteis pertenyug ]>airto, daring all pe dayia of his 

\iSmde^/bn.'} The quhilk daye, William Parii is fund in ^e wrang and anoi 
chianSt of cour^ for trublans done be him to Alefoon Henderibn, in ftreking of 
Ur on )>e held and fiice with aoe knt^ng mell, makand hir blaye and bluidy, 
npone ]>e penolt daye of 03x>ber laft ; and dwme gevin Ji'upon. 

[Zioift] The quhilk daye, Alifoun Henderfimn and her doc^tir ar fund in )»e 
wiaogaBdamercliiameiitof eoort, for tmblwioe donebejiameto Elisabeth Loke, 

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fpous to Willis Fk, in rug^ng of hir hair, and oonrtfchav,* }« did dayis; and 
dwme gevin Ji'upon. 

[Campbea.2 Aaeat J>e mater mowit be Robert Canpbell in Fallaae, aganis 
Archibald M% for no delynering of thre platt glnifit, oi ellis twenty lib. for pe 

• price yaiiot, conforme to his ^ meis, as at laair lenth i» contenit in bill ; pe fitid At^ 
chibald grantit pe ret&it of ]>e fiud gluifis, and denyit ]>e promeis of ^ twenty lib. : 
^e proneft and baillies ordanis ]>e fiud Robert to preif )>fl promeis of ]re zz lib^ or 

' ellia ]>e awfuU of J>e gluifis, and afBgoet }rairto ane daye of new wamyng of pteia : 
And ala c^itaue Andro Symple is decemit, of his awin confeffion to releve and 
keep Ika'lefi }>e Cud Archibald of )>e premifiea, at ]>e fiud Roberts haodis. 

[^flMocAt] 16 Norember. The quhilk daye, anent ]>e mater novit be Alex- 
ander Nemoch^ aganis Johne Drew, mchand, contenit in bill makand meotioun 
that qahair zz dayis befbir pafthe, in anno JCD V'- Lzzij, he coft fra }>e &id Johne 
ane blak hoTS of four jeir auld, and ]>an tuke delyuerance of him; qaha wes infeddt 
w*- }>e fiiriy, w'in vi dayis ntxt efttr ^e bying, as wes planelie Ichawin on paiche 
tyldaye p'efdt, lang w*in zl dayis^ J>at fold rarrandit pe fiunyn ; for j^e quhilk he 
payit to ]>e iaid Johne, and w)>'is in his name twenty merks money, and albeit ]ist 

- )>e Aid hors deit of pe fiud fcid> and faify, and Jnt be ]>e ctHmone ptactik of )>e 
realme, Icab and fiuTy fiild varrand pe felf zl dayis, and ]>'thro'-, the fiiid Johne 
aucht to refound and'paye agane to |>e laid Alez'-, pe fiud Ibwme of twenty merks 
money, quhilk he will not paye w*out he be oompellil, as atmair lenth is contenit 
in biU. In Jte terme affignit be ane wamyng maid to Michael Barde, procurator 
to ]>e &id Johne Drew, and alTua to Gauin Orhame, caudoner for pe Jaid Johnee 
entre, to heir and fe ientence and decrete ^ nuncit in pe Cad mater : llie fiud 

, Alexander comperand perfonallie, and pe laid Johne . Drew and his pcurato'- and 
cautioner foirfiiid, being lauchfullie ramit to pia daye ofttymes callit and not 
comperand. The baillies foirikids, the richtis, rafi>unis, and Bllega°nes of pteis 
hard, fene, and confiderat, and ]>'with being ryplie aryfil^ decemit and ordanit pe 
fiuds Johne Drew and Gawane Grhame his cautioner for his entre, conjunctlie and 
leueralie, to content and paye to pe MA Alezander, pe fiud fi>wme of twenty 
merks money, and delyuit for pe pze of pe laid hors, w'in zr dayis niztocum ; and 
yt- becaus ]>e laid Alez**- bill being admittit to his ^ba°ne, he previt ]>e fiunyn 
fufficientlie ; and als pe laid Johnes pempto*- defencu admittit to his pba^ne 

* KaAM, Fr. CoaTnehrf. 

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quhairinto, be allegit ^ laid hors to Lave been infeckit in )>e fitid Alex"- boos 
and company, and ]>*- pe laid Alez'^ hous wes foull and infedut of ]>e laid farfy, 
and y^ he bruftit him be dowbiU cbarge of ladinyng to Dnmbertoan, and diverfi 
tymes afl^ for previog ]Kof, be fitilzeit yintOf as wes cleirlie nnderftand to Jie fiud 
bullies and connlkle, qnba ordanit y- offi'^ to pas and poynd for ye laid Ibwme, 
w*- xiij*- iiij^ of ezpenfis of ]>e pleyj w*in zv dayis nixtocum. 

ZStei/He.} 19 November. The quhilk daye, Oeoi^ Tenand, meleman, is 
fond in pt wtsng and amchiam'- of coor^ for tniblana done be him to Johne 
Steyne, in ftreking of ]iim apone the ha&t w^ bis neris ; and dwme gevin 

IWriekL} 26 November. The quhilk daye, Johne WatTon is liind in ^ 
wiang and amerchiament of oonrt, for tmblans done be him to Beatrix Wricbt, 
Ipous to Nicbol Snodgerls, in cafting of bir to ^e erd, and dowping of hir ; and 
dwme gevin ]>'on. 

[TAosi/ow.] 30 November. The quhilk daye, Robert Thomfone is fund in 
pe wrang and amerchiament of court, for )>e lifting of pe myd tre of ]>e port, 
belyde pe cafteljett, it beyng locfcit, and pe portar at his dener, at bis awin hand, 
and entering Jjairat, it beand lockit, and dwme gerin p'oa. Souertie for bis entre 
quhen he beis requyri^ Johne Mure, flefcho'-. 

[ZTerAer^bn.] 17 December. Anent ^e libellit precept lafit at J>e inftance 
of maifter Robert Herbertfoun, plbne of Aire, and ezecutoure dative to umq"- 
mgaret Crug bis moder, and Helene Craig hir lifter, eiris to umquhile, Rob'- 
Baxter burges of GUlgw, agaiiis Elizi- Miller, relict of pe laid nmq*- Robert, 
ittmondyng }>e laid EUz*- to heir and fe ane decrete obtenit be pe lai<U8 Margaret 
and Helene, aganis ^e laid Eliz*', in ane court of )>e tonn of GIa%w, halden be 
James Hamiltoun of Torrens, proueft of Glalgw for pe tyme, maifter Johne Hall, 
Johne M'-, and Andro Mure, baillies of }>e lamyn, of ]>e dait pe xi daye of Marche 
^e jeir of God, JOO. V<^ xUz ^eiris, to be tranlTerret in pe fiud maifter Robert, 
execato'- dative to }>e ludis Margaret and umq*^ Helene, active, and in pe laid 
Eliz*-, reli& of pe laid umq"- Robert, paffiue, and pe laid Eliz'- to be decemit and 
adjugitbeonredecreitofcourt, torefound and delyuer to ^e laid maifter Robert ^e 
Mrlcbip gnddis eftir following, contenit in pe fiud rolmont and decreit of court of the 
dait foirlaid : That is to laye Ane Goune of blak, vatit w^ veluot and lynit with blak 

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buge;* Item, ane lettgant bed Airneift witht flandreis werdo'-,-|- blancattifl^ 
fcheittts, and coddis, witht all manner of wtheris oecefla'^, pryce, zx "*: Item, 
ane Aanderb comptir of }>e great bynd,^ witht lok, key, and bandis, pryoe 
]>urof ten pundis. Item, fidt lang&ddill § of carrit woric, pryee thic lib. 
money. Item, ane chyre, price ]>airof, ziiij ■-. Item, ane greit fchryne, pryee 
iij '^. Item, ane aiffing, price x *: Item, ane brod, payntit upon ]>e iam3m ye 
Image of our Lady, pryce ]>airof zvi^. Item, ane meit almery of cairit work, 
price jMiirof, zvi ^. Item, ane iang meit burd witht fnnnea effeiring ]>airto, price 
Jiairof, foure pund. Item, anebaidcIay'-ofdomererk,|| witbt touellic, pryce ]>airo( 
zxx '. Item, ane pewder plait pryce Jtairof, vi *-, callit commonelie ane compter fate. 
Item, ane greit pewdir chargeo'-, price }>airof, ziiij \ Item, ane luggit difi^e, 
price ^rof,tbre*'. Item, aiiebraOyn garde, price )>urof, v\ Item, ane pewdir 
truafcheoure, price {»airo^ xl**-. Item, ane pewdir ialfer, price J>airo^ zl*-. Item, 
ane filoer ipwne of ane vnce recht, price ]Murof, zriiij '■, Item, ane ^n ialtbtt, 
price futot, iijS Item, ane greit nuder,t doubilL our^t witht gold, -veyand zr 
vnce recht, price of ]>e Tnce zz\ Item, ane iiluer pece veyand zvi vnoe, pryce 
of ])e vnce zz^. Item, anebralTyn chandiUer, pryce ]>airo^ zvi*-. Item, ane tyn 
quart, pr]'ce Jtiurof, zvi*-. Item, ane tyn pynt, pryce ^airof, viij*-. Item, ane 
gret meflewing bafyng, witht J>e lawar effering ^airto. Item, ane brailyn 
chawfer, pryce Jiairof, ziiij *-. Item, ane irne chimnaye witht razia,, weyand ancbt 
ftane wecht, pryce of J>e ftane wecht, zij •-. Item, ane fpeit, ane croifc, ane tangit, 
ane ladyll of irne, veyand ane ftane wecht, pryce ytitoi, xij •: Item, ane greit 
pott of fowr gallownes, price Jtairof, tlire ''^. Item, ane meldll pan, pryce )>airof, 
iij"', ane brewin caldrowne of zvi gallownes, price Jiairo^ viij"-. Item, ane 
malking &tt, ane wirt troeht, price of baytht liij *- iiij ^, Item, aoe levand trocht ■{■ 
price ziiij *-. Item, ane boudng tvne, 4+ price Jiairof, ziiij *-. Item, ane hf^^teid, 
ane burell, pryce of baytht , Item, ane baking burde, pryce }>urof, zzz\ 
Item, ane harthorne, pryce ^airof, xxz*-. Item, ane pair kardis, price vS Item, 

* Bd(>— I^mb't for. 
f Wcrdoar or Vordonr TkpMtry, reprcMntiDf rani tetatrj. \ Bind — Plamntnn 

J Ijuignddla, or laogNtllt, > loncwaDdcm uat. In the orlglnBl, > word icinn to bt omltwd b«ftr« " wIl" 
y DanuTrgrk, or Domtwik, or Domlqne, ai it li flreqaentlf written. " Domlck, ■ ipeclm itt llocs 
elolh DHd Id ScDtlud ft* Ilia table.' — Jokiumt ■■ proparlf, IlDen sloth harliif ll|iun niliad In th» i m il B f, 
dUper. Tboof h triginallj nana&ctand M Tonnwj, It wm biporl^ fraa Halhad, whtn Tonmj b 
callad Domlck, wheoc* the nunc of the cloth, 

5 Muar — Drinking cop I thef were originallf nude of nuplc^tree. 

, Rtile Irani, fto. for iplta. -I- Lenuid trocfat — LcsTen or iLaMiiof iroBgb. 

■H- BooktBg ttiii— WhUds tun. JameMo'i Sdpplement, Beak. 

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ane paire of woll kamys, piyce Ji'o^ xiiij '. , Item, one Ucht az, pryce J>airof, vi ' 
riij'-. Siclik pe iaid Elizabeth of befoir wee deceroit and ordanit, be pe &idu 
pneft and bullies to refound and delyuer )ie foiHaid arfchip guddis and geir to 
pe fiudis nmq'* Abi^aret and Helene airis foiriaid, confomte to ]>air iaid decreit, 
or ellis to allege ane raflbnaUe cans quhy pe fiunyn fuld nocht be done, as at 
mair lentht is contenit in pe &id libellit precept. The laid maifter Kobert 
comperand be Johne HerbertTone hja pcuraio''; and pe faid Elizabeth being 
peribnalie pnC The baillies decernit and ordaoit pe iaid aft of pe dait foiHaid to 
be tranlTerrit, as J>ai be J>aii decreit tranfieiris, &c., &c. 


\ UHILK daye Johne Streuiling and Florent Con^ghame 
ar bay*- fund in pe wrang and amerchiament of court, for 
trublaos done be ]>ame to Eliz*- ChaJtnem, for pe wnutgiu 
entering in hir hone, upone pe xij daye of Janoare, at ix 
bonris at ewin, within pe tyme of proclamadonn, and 
jMirintiU J>e faid Johne, for pe ftreking o( hir with ]>« 
hilds of ane fworde, making hir blaye Ji'witht ; and ficlik 
pe iaid Flwens Conyngham, for ^e ftreking of hir vitht ane piitolett ftok, and 
moling hir be }>e hals, and taking of hir curtlchav and wtthalding ]>airof, and 
ficUk in ftreking of hir in maifter Adame Wallea bona : and conforme to pe bill 
in all poyntis ; and dwme gevin ^nipone. 

[^Bailiie,'] 1 February. The quhilk daye Johne M'- flefcho'- is becum cau- 
tioner and fonertie for pe entre of ane graye bora, beyng in pe hands of William 
Fofter, and awnit be Matho Baillie feruito'- to S'- James Hamiltoun, and to 
anf*- Fridaye nixt, vis. pe ferd daye of Februare inftant peirlim, as law wilL 

iGihfoun.'] The qnhilk daye David Landes is decernit and ordani^ to content 
and pay to Maifter Henry OibCme, as executo*; to umq'*' Johne Gibibne, J>e 
£>wme of fire mka iiij'- viij'- money reftandawandbehim4o pe iaid umq>^ Jt^ne, 
for pe annuel ptenyng to his almouibed, of pe tiEtes of Vitfondaye and Mertimes, 
in ^e seir of Ood JCD. V*- Lxuiij jeir, and zvi*' reftand of ane corapt maid 
betuix pe laidis umqu*"' Jc^e and Danid, in Katlierine Syares hous, and J»at 

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becaus Jte &id Daoid fiulseit in preryng of ]>e Jamyn payit, it beyng referrit to 
hir preif, and dioen teimea aff*- ]»irto ; and J>at w*in xv dayis nixt 

ILaw—HairfUme] 4 Febrnary. The qiihilk daye Jamea Law, be hk 
ay*- Teferrit to him be ]>e pty, ia abfoluit fra Jie fowmes follow*, cravit fra bim be 
Johne Hurftone bazf-; viz, lax*- allegit lent to Ioob his capadofy,* fitz*- lent to 
geve in rewards, xiiij"- geaen to by kenaes, xi^ for flo*-, iij*' ti^ for battir and 
borm and ^yce, and xxx*- money allegit deliuerit at Ja*- command to Ad Hamiltotitt, 
becauie ]» &id James denyit Cuuyn fimpl''. 

lSmjf^2 ^ February. The quhilk daye in pns of ArchUiald Lyone baillte, 
Johne Snodgers maltml is decemit and ordanit, of his awin proper confeffion and 
confent, to content and paye to James Smytht, in Weftir Kers within perrochin 
of Falkirk, ]>e fowme of tua hondreth and fiftie merkis money, for borrowit nHiney 
and wtbir penny worthis, within xr dayis nixtociun. 

IBrvume.-} 8 February. The quhilk daye EliKa*- Bofuell, fpoue to Johne 
Law, is fund in J>e wrang and amercliiament of conrt^ for trublans done be hir to 
Eliz*- Browne, in ftryking of hir, and rugging of hir hair of hir foirheld in ane 
greit quanlitie, upone ]>e pennlt of Janoare laft ; and dwne gevin Ji'upone. 

^Swatt.] The quhilk daye Peter Symfoun fleicbo'- is fund in )>e wrang and 
amerchiament of court, for trublance done be him to Niniane Swan, in ftryking 
of him w*- ane Irland knyfef in throw {>e cloik and in J>e thie, upon J>e xxix of 
Januare hift ! and dwme gevine ])'^apane. 

[Jam^/bne.'] The quhilk daye Dauid Anderfoon is decemit and ordanit, be 
his awinconfeffion, to deliuer to Criftiane Jamefbne, ipoos to maift'- Dauid 
Wemya, ane thre pund pece of gold, laid in wod be hir to him, w*in xr dayb 
nizt. And pe laid Dauid be his ay*- is abfoMt fra ]>e delyoerance of thre 
h<^heidB crayit fira him be hir. 

IBoff.'] 4 March. The quhilk daye Jonet Fary, fpons to James Anderfomit 
is fund in )>e wrang, for ]>e wtangus brekiog of "pe ftaple of ane byngand ItAt, 

* CmpBds*7, B (tnlftd hmi ; Ejippa, a bood ; DomIh, ts itiUr. 
t lTUndkiirfc,*>kdD«rEmhkiiU<^«dlrib 

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ptenyng to Darid Bog, being upone Jie malto'' kift in )>« towne mylne, and 
taking far'- y<tf of V malto's and thre knaiflchips * of malt ; and dvme geven 
yon, and is ordanit to repair and mend |>e fiunyn to J>e fiiid Dauid, and latifTe 
hun, ft feraa ptenis bim )>'of. 

[fZemyf^.] Tlie qubilk daye, anent pe fapplioadon gevin in be Matho 
Flemyng, bering ]iat he hes bene baldin in J>e hie*- tolbuy*- in varde, be J>e Ipace 
of fo'- wlks bipaft, for nofiilfiUing of ane rolmont, at J>e inftance of Alex'- Rjmd, 
for ane hogbeid hering, ^ xtj merkis^ and hes naything to foilene him upon, 
nor liad bot fe almous in ^e toun fen his inputting, and ofierit to fueir him bair, 
p*- he hes na kyad of gndds wor*- y*-, nor may get ony to paye pe dett, and J>'fore 
defyrit reliefl The baillieB, efdr {>e hering of ^e iaid complay% caufit pe ftid 
delyre to be pnblift be Johne VatTone offi'-, publiclie npone ]>e mcate croce, 
vamand all and fondry haveand entree J>''to ; and becaus nane compit to gane&y 
Jie fiunyn, and])*- pe iiud Matho iniiantlie gatf his ay*-, luerand bim bayr, as ftid 
is, and nane would foftene him in vard, leit him ftand in pe tolbuy*-, 

IPater/om.'] 8 March. The qubilk daye Walter Landes bazter is decemit, (tf 
hia awin confeffion, to deliuer to James Paterfi>an ane pair of lang hois of blew* 
ane kirdll of blew clay*-, ftz tninfcho™ and thre pewdir playtta of tyn, laid in wod 
to pe iud Valf- be Jie ftid James, upone fo^ mks and iiij*- money, als gud as )>ai 
wer pe tyme of pQ reffiut yof, and to refiane ]>e laid filuer agane. 

lCoehrane,2 H March. The qubilk daye WiUiame Loutheane is fiind in be 
wrang and amerchiament of court, for trublans done be him to Johne Cochrane, 
in dowping of him in ^e brieft and fpitling in his ftce, upon pe x of mche inilant ; 
and dwme gevin )>'on. 

iBar.'] IS March. The quhilk daye Patrik Bar maltman is maid bu^^ 
and fi-eman of pe bui*- and citie of Glaigw, and hes gevin his ay*' of fidelide to 
pe toun ; qohms fynes wes gevin to William Wilfbn, William Michel, and 
Andro Gilleis, to fupport Jiame, quha hes thair thre hors ane ftollin and pe reft 
deid, conforme to ane rolmont gevin to ])a be }ie pneft, baillies, and couniiLle, 

iWaBaceJ] 22 March. The quhilk daye Niniane Swan is decernit and 

* MDltpre md KniTfdiip, wen certain qiuuitidc* of tbi gnin padd u data for (riading, &c. 

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ordanit to content aod paye to Jooet AVallei xlvi* riij''- , for ]>e price of thre 
rynga, and x^ for aae iark, witbio xv dayiB oizt; and he abfoluit fra thre pece 
of euidente, ane ]ajig curiay, ane Ihort cnriay, and ane woddTcheip, becsus he 
denyit (»e lamyn be his ay*-. 


HE quhilk daye Michael Onrlav ia fund in )>e wrang and 
amerchiatnent of court, for trublans done be him to Jame* 
Anno'-, in ftreking of him w'' ane drawin quhin^r wpone 
pe tbowme to ]>e effufioun of his blude, and bat on be 
xviij daye of April inftant; and dwme gevin ^airupone : 
and ^e iaid Michael &nd James lindiaye merchaod, 
' cautioner and fbuerde for his entre to an laucbful ceur^ 

and to ane Justice Court, to be anf'abell to ye lawis, under J>e pane of ane 

hundre*- merks, upone ane zv dayis warning. 

[Browne.] 22 April. The quhilk daye, lliomafl Nomo^ and his wyfe ar 
fond in ]>e wrang and aiachiament of courts for trublans done be ])ame to Johne 
Broun ; firft, ]>e iaid Thomas in ftreking of liim witht ane cabir,* and liclik, hia 
wyfe for fcardog of ]>e laid Johne; and dwme gevin (t'upone. 

[Ganfifier.] 26 April. The quhilk daye, William Gardiner is decernit of 
his awin confeffion, to abftene fra hokyng and kolyng of iand upon w{>er mennia 
pper landis and heritage in tymes cuming, nndir J>e pane of baniiinent )>e town. 

lCauiiiuelL2 3d May. The quhilk daye, Robert Steward and Dauid Ander- 
fon, ar decernit and ordanit of y- awin confeffioos, to content and paye to Johne 
Caulduell, Aimtyme cuftumare, ane penny for Jte weying of ilk ftane of zxTiij*^ 
ftanes of Ime, wHn xv dayis nixt 

[_Murehad,'} 6 May. The quhilk daye, Alexander Scott and George Robe- 
ibun ar decernit be fmi awin coofeffioun, to clenge and mak red, to ElizaW- 
Murefacid in Bradeifholme, ]>e pece Brwme grnnd lett be hir to Jtame, and mak 

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iamyn arable gnind, J)*- it may be telit w*- culter and fok, betuix and miduielines 

IPolgavy.'] The quhilk daye, Jonet Nafinyth*- and Ro*- XAng, fpoufles, ar 
decernit to paye to mione Polgavy, xr*- reftand of fie ; quba allowit to ^ame xviij'-, 
for certaoe clay*- ftoUin fra fiame. 

iGiiayybm—IngUs.^ . 10 May. The quhilk daye, Ritrik Gilcriftfoun is 
fund in )>e wrang for cod traaenyng of )>e ftatuts of Jie touo, in no puting his t fekfiill 
of beir to }>e mcate fted, bot fellyng )ie iamyn, or ]ie pntyng ))'of : And als 
WtUiam Inglis, malhnan, is lykirys fund in Jte vrang, for huirding and re£ait of 
beir in his kill diners tymes }>is jeir laft, abftractand fie Iamyn £ra ^e mcate ; and 
in cais ony beis fund faeirefUr in his kill, to be eicheldt upone y& &id Williams 
chu^e onlie, and not of }>ame, quhom to it Jail t^ptene; and dwme gevin 

ZBryfe — Gibntf- — Craurfvrd.'} The quhilk daye, Johne GUm'-, cordiner, is 
fund in ])e wrang for trubhi*' done be faim to William Brys, in ftreking of him 
on ye haffet w*- his neife on )>6 hie gait, upone ))e viij of May, inftant; and }»e 
iaid William is decernit in ya wrang, for inradyng of ^e laid Johne w*- ane drawin 
quhynger, npone J>e brig of OlaJgv lang ^'eiitir, Jie fiiid daye: And als Rob^ 
Crawfurd is fund in )>e wrang, for trubia*- done be )>e iud Ro^- to ye fud Williame, 
in taking of him be }>e thropill and wefand, and caftyng of him to ye erd, and 
dupyng him w^ his feit cniellie, ye laid daye ; and dwme gevin )>'upoae. 

[JBroktu.'] 15 July, llie quhilk daye, Johne Wilfone, tailjo'-, is fund in Jte 
wrang and amerchiament of court, for trublans done be him to Elizabe*- Brokas, in 
caftyng of hir donne to ye erd, and dunpiiig hir w*- his kneis, and ficailing of hir 
fyboig, upone ye ri daye of July inftant, at ye mercatt croce w4n ye tyme of pro- 
dama"n; and dwme gevin ]>airupone. - 

[^XooL] 17 July. Tlie quhilk daye, Maiione Flemyng is decernit of hir awn 
confeflioun, to delyuer to Jonet Lok, ane aqua vite po^ laid in wod of xliiij'', three 
pewder plats, and ane pan in wod of zzx^, and twa ellis of holand clay*-, and ane 
pur of lang llevis of woriett, upone T^; all wHnxv dayis nixt^ fcbo deluerandto hir 
ye fiud ibwmes of money. 

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iWUt.} 29 July. The qi^k daye, Daaid Heriot is decenit and ordani^ be 
]>e ay*- of ptie tane, to content and paye to Tfaomaa Will zvi' viij^ for ane Ikdill, 
and vi*- viij'- for ane Jpeir, w4a zv days niztocum. 

IBeid^TiaiochL'i IS Aognft. Anent ]>e actioon of troobloa betoix Geoi^ 
Reid, and Thomas Tono*-, pfewit for trublyng^ of Jie towne : The Bullies be refime 
be fiud lliomas is lyand leik and fiur* and may nocht gang nor com to Jugeme^, 
continewit J>e laid actioun in ]ie fiimyn fonne, force, and effect^ as is nov, but pre- 
judice of ptie, to ]>e xi daye of October niztocum, Jolme WiUbne, cautioner, for 
)>e laid Thomas entre as of befoir, and Andro Baillie, cautioner for J>e laid 

HE Court of ^e bur'- and cilie of Glalgw, in ]>e tolbny*- 
of pe &my be George Elphinfton, and At'- Lione, 
baillies, ye penult of Auguft. Dempftar, Johne Andro. 

IFifcAer.^ SO Augnft. The qnhilk daye, Danid 
Syare, fone to Niniane Syar, is fund in ye wrasg, for 
trubla*- done be him to Alefter FUcher, inftrykingofhim 
on ye mouth t*' his &uldit neif, upone ]>e zzvij of Aug*- inftant : And ata Niniane 
Syare is in f>e lykmanner fund in ye Trang, for troubla*' dme to ye laid Aleft'- 
be Lim, in caftyng of him to J>e erd, and ftryhing of him )>e fiud daye; and dwme 
gevin j)'upone : And J>e fiid Aleft'- ablbluit tm ye lud Ninianes complaynt, for 
drawing fur*- of his quhinger, becans it wes jirin y*- ye laid Niniane vea abone 
him liand y*- tyme, &c. 

lAndafone.'} The quhllk daye, Dauid Calderaod is fund in ye wrang and 
a&cbiament of court, for trabla^ done be him to James Anderfone, Miller, for 
ftryking of him on ye arme w*- ]>e heofiU of ane eiche, and als J>'eftir invadyng of 
him w*- ane az ; and dwme gevin ]>''on, and ye laitt Da^ orda*- to mak am^ds, and 
to delyuer, ane p*^ aitts Ichom be him to ye laid James, w'' ij^ of expenfis in- 
continent, &c. 

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TEM, pe prooeft, baiUies, and counikle, ordanie be new 
oam(«e well in ye Gallogate, to be oppinit daylie in be 
momyng, and lockit at ewin, and deputis Michael Pad- 
Sane, ot fun wther to attend yto, and keip ]>e laid well 
and key {Murof, and to faaif zl"- of feall ]>'foir, for be ipace 
of ane jeir nixtocum. 

Item, )>ai have ftatnte and ordanit ]>at na hukften, eopam of fidt, fre or unfre, 
nor ^it ftrengeria dueUand owtw*- pe toon, or unfre folks, by ony Mt, nor nane be 
fiuld to ^ame in pe tj^me of ladj^ing, qnhill iz ho^ of Jie'daye, and b*- be haill lalt be 
preleotit and bro'- to ye mercat fted, and mett ^r, under ye pane of viij*- be firft 
&lt, xvi^ ye iecund, and efcheting for ye thiid fait. 

Item, ]>at ye bouie of felling hering at ye brig, contenit in auld ftatutes be 
kepit^ and ye contraTenaris pnnift conforme to ye auld ftatuta. 

Item, as anSta ye Supplication of ye barge§ fonoys defyring, Jiair fynes to be 
mitigat, and J>ai no*- handlit as ftrangers, ye ^ oeft, bullies, and cooniale, ordanis 
ye praAik of wjiir townes, as Ed'- Stirlyng, pth, Air, or a^is be brocht in vritt, 
to fk quhat buo*^ is ichawin Jwir ; and ^eftir Jwi lall condilcend, aod deceme 

[ilicAnf.] 27 September. The quhilk daye, Robert Bume, Walter Johne- 
foun, Johne Rankene, and Williame Dunlop, mafbnes, ar fiind in ye wrang and 
amerdiiament of court, for tmblens done be ytaae to Johne and William Bicbeis, 
in brekyng of aoe worklnaie pertenyng to Jiame, and taking away ye reft of jiair 
worklnmeg and ftopping J>ame to laub"-, be waye of deid, yai workand at ane chop 
pertenyng to Johne Gilmo'-, cordiner, bot ony ordoure or officiare of pe toun, 
and dwme gevin |Hiimpone ; and ordanit to be cbargit to remane in warde, quhill 
]>ai amend for ye wrang done to ye partie. 

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HE qnhilk daye, ane noble and potent Lord, Rx>ber^ 
Lord Boyde, be rertu of my lord ArcbbUchopis of 
Olaigwia noination, regiftrat in ]>ir bniln ])e laft ^eir, 
acceptit ])e office, and bis comiffion ordanit to be maid 
and gerin to bim for y\» ^eir to com. 

Lytia Lytit be J>e prooeft, baiOies, and anld cotmikie, to be pntit to my lord 
Archbilchop of Gla%v, for nemyng of twa or tbre of jAme in baUliea fw )>i8 geir 
to cum, reqneiftaod almyis my lord to noiat tJire> in refpeA of ]>e muldtude of 
]>e peple and tnible*- in office. 

George Elphinftonn, 
Maifter Adame Walles, 
Archibald Lioan, 
James Flemyng, 
William Conyngbame, 
Andro Baillie, 
Johne Wilfone, pevderar, 
James Braidnod, cordiner. 

UHILKIS lytis being prefentit to my Lord Arcbbifchc^ 
of Glaigw* upone yt x day of O&ober foiriaidt and )« 
requeift maid to my toide, he wald bot name twa perfonet 

J>'of, TO. 

Baillies for Jiis inftant ;^eir. 
William Cony^iame, 
Andro Baillie. 

Comone jtctitato*- for ym jeir. 
My Lorde Proaeft. 

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Item, it is ftatnt and onboit be ]>e pnroeft, baillies, and coun&Ie, p*- gif ony 
peHbne of }ie coon&le happiiiis to rerele ooy ]itng spoken or tretit in connfiile, as 
coonfile, bllbe remont of ^ coaoikle, and neuir in tymes cnmiiig, to be admittit 
vpon y- connfile agane, bot lialdin Infiune, and ]>air fivdomes callit doon. 

[iZtnAeiM.] 11 O&ober. The quhillE daye, Jamea Rankene is fund in ))e 
wnmg and amerdament of court, for ]>e taking dovne at his awin hand, of ane 
greit croce liand in ratttmnw, pertenyng to {>e toon, and [wirfore is becumin in 
]>e proneft and baiilies will ; and dwme gevin ]»inipone. 

IWtifimt—AnderJbm.^ The qnhilk daye, Johne Wilfone, and James Anders 
ibne, flelcio^, bnigeffis of Ghdgw, ar fiind in ^e amchiame*- and onUwis, for tb- 
fentyng }>ame fra ]>e generall wapynlchawing, haldin on J>e grein, on {>e x daye of 
O^ber, inilant: Thai being v4n ]>e towne J>e iaid daye, and c6l«ptallie 
abydand Jmr^; and dwme gerin ]>'apone. 

[Scoft] 21 0£tober. The quhilk daye, Johne Benyng Meflinger, is fund in 
ye wiang, for trubla*- done be ium to Maiione Scott, fpous to Archibald Homill, 
in ftryking of hir on J>e &ce, and w]>er jf^ of hir bodie, upone ]ie xri day <^ 
September laft, and for amends, is ordanit to cum to pe meat croce, on munon- 
daye nizt, and J>air upon hia kneis, alk Ood and hir foigireneis ]>'fore. 

ll^fUf/ime — Stoat.'} 25 October. The qnhilk daye, Niniane Swan is fund in 
p« wrang, for tmbkns done be him to Marione Symfone, in ftryking of hir w*- 
ane tangs, and caftyng hir doun to ye erd, npon ye xxii day of O^ber inftont, 
and ficlik, ye iaid mione decernit for fpitting upone ye laid Ninianes fiice ye find 
daye ; and dwme gerin j>'upone. 

CMiTf/^wi.] 8 November. The qnhilk daye, Andro Heriot is fund in pe 
wiang and amdiiament of court, for tmblans done to Dauid Morefbun, in ftrek- 
ing of him w^ his nel^ in Maifter Henry Gibfonet vritdng chalmer, on ye 
halffett, and als for })« hitdng of him on bis face w^ his neif upone ye hie gait, 
and makand him bay% blaye and bludie yw*- ; and J>at upon ^e of ]>is in- 
ftant, and dwme gevin : and J>'efdr, ye adioun and amends making, referrit to 

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James Boyde, Williame Conynghame, George Elphinftoun, and Colene Camp- 
bell; and to convene )ie moroe, and to decreit w^in viij dayia. 

ZKyncaid.'} 29 Norember. The qnhilk daye, Befle Flemyng, l^iu to Johne 
Thomfoun, is fund in ye wnng and amcliiament of court, for trublans done be 
hit to EuAime Kycaid, Ipous to James Neilfon, in ichatyng of hir doun in hir 
awin fyre, and caftjrng of of Mr curlaye to Jie erd, upone Jie zsvi daye of )iig in> 
itant; and dwme gerin )»'upone. 

IMakHt/lare — ^/are.'] The quhilk daye, in piis of 'William Conyngbame, ane 
of ye baitlies of Olaigw, comperit ]ie parties underwritten, witht ^air cautjouera 
eftir fpecifeit^ and producit pis contra^ underwrittin, maid betuix Jiame, fub- 
fcriuit witht {>air handis, as foUowis, and defyrit ye Jamyn to be inlert in the burro 
court buikis of Gla%w, to baif ye ftrentbt of ane decreit of ye proueft and baillies 
thairof, thalr andioritie to be interponit ]>urinto, witht execntoriales to pafi )«ir- 
upon in forme as effe'^ : Quhilk delyre pe bullie tho*- leflbnable, and relauit ye 
laid contrail, and ordanit pe famyn to be regiftrat in ye fiud buikis, and decemit 
pe lamyn to have pe ftrentbt of ane decreit of pe &id court, &c., &c. Of ye 
quhilk contra£l, ye teno'' foUowis : 

T Gla%w, the penult daye of Nonember, the jeir of God 

JCD. V'=- L.ZZV s^eiris, it is appoyntit, aggreit, and linallie 

endit, betuix thir pties undervritten, ]>ai ar to isye, 

Margaret Camys, reli£t of umquhile Niniane M'^Litfter, 

bulges of Glalgw, and William M°Litfter his fone and 

' ure, for tbame lelfis, and takand pe burding on thame for 

' the remanent bameis, kyn, freynds, and allya of pe laid* 

umquhile Niniane M<=Litfter, on that ane part, and Dauid 

Syare, fone and appeiand aire to Niniane Syare, ficlik burgea of Glaigw, takand 

be burding on him for pe laid Niniane his &ther, on yni w)ier parte, in maner, 

forme, aiid effe£t as efUr foUowis: That b to laye, for lamekle as ye laid 

Margaret Camys, and Williame M'litfter hir fone, for tbaimielfts, as nerreft of 

kyn to the laid umquhile Niniane, and takand the burding on thame for the liiid 

umquhile Ninianes remanent bameis, and ntheris, his kyn, freyndis, and allya, 

and partakerris qubatfumenir, hes remittet and forgevin, as be the teoO'- heirof 

remittjs, and fbrgevis, pe laid Niniane Syare ye malice and hantrent of ]>air 

hartis for pe Qauchter of pe laid umquhile Niniane M'Litfter, comittet and done 

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be the ^d Niniane Syare, w*- quLatfumeuir a6Uouii crimiiial or wtherwys ]»t ]>ai 
bad) heSf or may haif thaiifor, agains {>e laid Niniane SyarS) or ony vjjer his kyn, 
freynda, allya, aflifteris, or partakaris, and lall bald thame as freyadiibut ranco'^ of 
myndis, ficUk as thai wer befoir the comitting of ])e fiud flanchtet, likas the Jamyn 
had neuir bene done or committet, to be put itirtht of thair myndifi and memories 
in all tymes cuming ; and &11 continew in &eyndfcbip and amite witht the Cud 
Niniane Syare, Dauid his ione, thidr liyn, freyndis, allya, aflifteris and partakeris 
GcSk in tyme cumiog. And farther, the faidis Margaret and Williame to that 
effeA and pformance Jtairof, &I1 ieill, fubfcrive, and deliaer to the laid Niniane 
Syare ane fufficient Lettir of Slayanes>* in dew and competent forme, for the £ud 
umqnbile' Ninianes flanehter of his brancheis, conforme to vie in lick calls, betuiz 
and the firft daye of Februare nixt, and immediatlie following the daye and dait 
heiiof. For the quhiUus premils, to be done and done in maner foirlaid relpeflire, 
the laid Dauid, takand the burdiog on him for his father, Ikll cans ye &id ^^iane 
his &})er to compere in the hie kirk of Gla%w, ^e xi daye of December nixtociun, 
and thair mak the homage and repentance for the (aid llauchter, witht fick 
circumftances and cerymoneis as fall be ordanit and derylit be Colene Campbell 
and Robert iSteward, burgeffis of Glafgw, cbofin and admlttit be baytht fe parteis 
to that eSedt, And ferther, the laid Dauid, takand J>e burding as laid is, as 
priocipallt and Johne Schaklbhaw, Dauid Hall, and James Willbne, merchand 
bargefiis of Glalgv, ilk ane of thre for the thrid part <^ the laid fowme underwritten, 
diriflm oblift thame, thair airis, executo's, and affignayis, to content and paye to the 
laid Margaret and William M<=Litfter, for thamefellis and in thair name of pe laid 
umquhile Kiniane M^Litlter's remanent bames, the (bwme of thre hundreth 
merkis money, in name of kynbute,-)- for the laid flauditer, at the termes following, 
viz. the equal htdf thairof at Vitfondaye nixt eAdr the dait hetrof, and the reftand 
remanent pf {>e laid haill Ibwme at Vitlbndaye thaireftir, in ^e Lx leuintene 
jeiris : And Geoige Elphinftoun of Bly'iliiod, oblils him, his airis, and affig^, to 
relere the laid James Wilfoun and his fotrlaidiB of his part of the laid fowme and 
cautionn foirlaid ; and Johne Stewarde of Bowhous oblils him, bis airs, and 
affig*-, to relere the laid Johne ScbaklchaW and Dauid HalJ, and thair foirlaidis, 
of thair partis of the :faid ibwme and caudoun cumyng abovewrittin, at the fiid 
Margaret and Williams handis. And the ludis Kiniane, and Dauid Syare his 
fime, oblils thame, thair airis, executes, and affignayis, to releif and kelp akay'les, 

* Lstten of Slalai — ackngwlcdglDg MtJabcUrai to baie been (ircD for the nurder of ■ rdaliTC. 
f R^tnlloa for •uddco lUtmbter. 

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all the caationeris afoir writtin of the laid liaiU Ibwme, at the laid Mai^aret and 
Williams handis. Aod for fhlfilling heirof, the iaidis parteis foirfiudi ar content 
that this pnt contn£t be infert in the buno court buiks <hF Gla%w, to have the 
flrentht of ane decreit of ]>air conrt of )>e proaeft and bailUea ]>uro^ witht 
execntoriales to pafi ]>airupone in forme ai effein. In witnes heirof &e. 

[^EbicAin/bim — JHortfouH.'] 6 December. He qnhilk daye, anent the mater 
movit be Thomas Hutchinfoun agains Danid Morefbun in Stokoell, for non 
payment making to Mm of ane aiiuelrent of five merkis money geiriie, to be 
upliftet of J»e fiiid Da^ tenement in Stoknelgait, vodfett be him to ]ie laid 
Thomas, and reftand awing geirlie be fie fpace of fire geiris laft bipeft, extending 
in pe haill to taenty-fire merkis money, as at mair lentht is contenit in bill : 
Baytht ]>e parteis pfonalie pnt, Comperit alfua Robert XJndlaye of Dunrod, as 
bullie to my Lord Sanct Johne, of pe haill tempillanda, pdnceand his comiffion 
jtaiiupone, and be reffoo fe fiud aAionn concemis his jurifdiAion, and cnveand 
ailuel of tempillands, and }>e iaid Daoid, ane tenent of my lord Sanct Johnus : 
Thairfore defyrit ]>e laid Danid to be replegit to his conrt and bailliarie of 
tempillands, and offerit cantioun of colray^ * to yat effed. The baillia fbirlaid 
admittit ^e laid Dauid to be replegit to )>e laid bullie of tempillands coor^ tbair 
j,e laid a£lioun to be decydit; and to ^t «fk&, ]>e fiid tempill baillie appoyntit 
]>e XX daye of December inftant, for ane court to be haddln in be laid Dauids 
hoas in Stoknell, and Danid Lindlaye eldare is becomin cautionn of M^y*-, for 
adminiftia*^ of jnfUce })airinto. 


[From the] Charge. 

Item, J)e dewitieg of &■ Rda chaplanrie, xxrij*- xvij*. 

Item, witht fru&is of Sii Robert Watfimnia clu^laineris 

the &id seir, xUij*- xiij*- Tiij*. 

Item, with ane perdonn of auld, xxrj' Tiij'-. 

Item, San^ Johneb licht ane lib.walx iiij'-and iiij'- annuel fnmma, viij^. 

* CdtonlOt— SoKt^ (Iran laa Court for adMloiMrMlMivfJiutict, In cHMllkiUMpKMnt. 

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[From the] Difcb&ige. 
Item, fv zzij daye of Julii 1573, to Sibell liddell, forpeoutlandemerbdifiones, 

m f>e rolmont beru, xUj*-. 

Item, 4 Jalii 1573, to Be£Be Dooglat, for )>e proaeft, bullies, and connlaleH 

denoaris, on VitfbntyUBaye, as J>e rolmont beiris, xiij"*^ vi*- vuj^. 

Iten, J)e xzi daye of Jolii, to Eu&me Campbell, for ane galloim of wyne, pntit 

to my Lord of Argile, as J>e rolmont beiis, xx^. 

Item, zzij daye of Julii 1573, gevin to Marione Campbell, for zrij gallownes 

wyne, propynit to my lord erle of A^e at findry times, as ]>e rolmont 

beris, zvij""'. 

Item, ])e penult daye of Julii 1573, for twa gallownea wyn, propynit to ]>e fiid 

arle of Argile, at command of )>e proueft and bailliea, » si*-. 

-Iton, ye third daye of Angnft 1673, to Maifter Henry Gibfbne, for his expenfis 

in ryding to Edinbtught, and remunyog ^r to )>e Allemblie of Jie Kirk, 

haldin 'pe vj daye of Auguit, ))e towne being chargit to geve wp Jiair rentallis 

be J>e regents grace ]>airto, vi"*- xyj*- iiij*-. 

Item, ya tent daye of Anguft, to ane boye to gang to Edinbntght witht ane 

vryting to }>e Comiffionar, at J>e baillies command, x^. 

Item, pe zi daye of Auguft, for "pe copie of ane proclamatioun of ]>e raid wpone 

])e theifis, at ]>e baillies command, ii*-. 

Item, fe xvi daye of Auguft, to ane boye to pafi to Edinburcht to pe 

commiftionaris, at }« btuUiea command, to get lidens to remane at hame, x*-. 
Item, J)e xriij daye of Auguft, to Dauid Hall, for wyne propynit to my lord erle 

of Argile, at ])e bullies command, iiij^. 

Item, xxii Au"-, geven to James Anderfbun, feimaiare of pe towne mylne, doun 

of his ferme, be reflbnn of ye greit droucht, at pe command of Jie proueft, 

baillies, counlel, and deakynis of J»e nafUa* as pe rolmont beris, xxi"^. 

Item, 2°- Septembris, gevin to Robert Duncane, tabroner, at ]>e command of ]>e 

proneft, baillies, and coan&le, as ]>e rolmont beris to by him clay**-, v"^. 

Item, 4*- Septembris, gerin at ^e baillies command, for ane half gallowne wyn to 
' my lord, as J>e rolmo^ beris, xs 

Item, 25<^ Septembris, gerin for tua quartos wyne, to ]>e pfone of GlaJgw, at pe 

baillies commaod, as ye rolmo*- beris, x*'. 

Item, 13 0£tobris, gevin at ]>e command of )>e baillie, for tua quarts wyne, to my 

lord Boyd, x\ 

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46 BUR6H RECORDS OF OLA800W. 1675 

Item, 17°- OAobris, gevia to fe lord ArgUe, at ]>e command of ])e baillies, for 

ane gallowne wyne, xx*-. 

Item, 19*- Oftobris, gevio at |>e buUies command for tua quartet wyne, pattt to 

my lord, as fe rolmo*- beris, x*-. 

Item, 26 O&obris, gevin for twa quartis wyne, pntit to my lord of Cai^i, 

and ane gallowne pnUt to my lord of GUlgw, at "pe bailliea coBunaad, m J>e 

rolmo*- beris, xxx*. 

Item, Jo- O^briB, gevin and pntit to my lord of Caithnis, ane gallowne wyne, 

at pe command of ]>e baillies, zz'. 

Item, secundo Nonembris, gevin to Malcum Hammiltoun, for fcnrgeing of ane 

woman throw ]>e town, ij^. 

Item, zij Konembris, gevin and pntit to my lord of Glaigw, qnhen he wes 

admittit bifchop, for ane gallowne of wyne, xP. 

Item, T^ Septembris, gevin to Dauid Liooo, for ane pece of trie to ^ km^ iij*-. 
Item, ]>e fyift daye of Janusre, gevin to William ' Reid, for making i^ ane daflc 

in )>e hie Kirk, zxxviij*-. 

Item, ye fevint daye of Jannare, gevin to Cuthbert Herbertfoon, at pe command 

of J>e baillies, to gett ane robo'- * wyne and wf>ir gray*-, as ]>e rolmmt 

beris, vi"'^ vi' viij*-. 

Item, 22°- Januarii, gevin to Cuthbert Herbertlbun, to fend to Edinbnr*- for wyne, 

and wjier gray'- as fe rolmont beris, vii"*- xiiij*- iiij'-. 

Item, 13 Februarii, gevin to &■ Ardiibald IMckie, for thre fiiddom <tf tow, at pe 

command of Arduly'- Liotm, baillie, ii*- vi*^. 

Item, 23 Februarii, gevin to Johne Andro, for fiite baUis, at )>e coounand of pe 

baillies and counftle, as ]>e rolmo'- beris, uj*-. 

Item, SO Martii, gevin to Geoi^ Elphinfloun, baillie, for pe reft oi his ezpen- 

fis maid be him for fa langtary as J>e rolmont beris, viij"^. 

Item, 8 Aprilis, 157^ gevin for ane difione in Andro Baillies, to oertane honeft 

men of J>e towne, yst mett Aim land on Oamgadhill. xv^. 

Item, to Thomas Cleddifdale, for )ie mettmg yoi, ii^. 

Item, 6 Aprilis, gevin to Katterine Stewarde and Quintene Kaye for pe bancatt 

of ]>e feiliog of })e prouefts commiffion, as ]>e robnont beris, xvliij"'*'. 

Item, 6 Julii, gevin to Robert Lettrik, offi'-, for aqua ritie fiimefit to J»e 

* Robor, rnbor, ronbbour— qoutitr- 

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Item, zzviij Julii, to Malcome Hamiltonn, for fcurgeing of ane theif throa ]>e 
toun, ii"-. 

Item, xxij Junii, 1675. To Patrik M<=qD]iirrie, and William Anderfbun, for 
tna iM^heids wyne, g«vio and piilit to my lord Boyd, pueft, at ]>e haill towne« 
command, xxxiij'- ri*- riii''. 

Item, xij*^ AngQfti, 1575. To Marioun Scott, Ipoos to George Elphinftoun, for 
wyne, ppynit to Robert Scott, icrybe in Edinburt, )ie tyme of his being in ]>ts 
towne, vi '"'. 

Item, Z7 Aug**-, 1575, to William Anderfoun for liz quarts wyne, jtpynit at lin- 
dry tymes to my lord ^ueft, xl*'. 

Item, di&hai^es him 'of Sanct Johnes licbt contenit in chaise, and not in 
ufe, iiij*-. 

Item, 8"' NovembL,1575, gevio be the proaeftis letter, at the command ofWilliame 
Conj^hame, btullie, to certane cairtaris for careing of aucht hogheids wyne, 
ptenyng' to my lord Regentis G., fend to him be J>e toune of Aire, to my lord 
Angus' Manage, and for taking of pame to the Quenis fory, out of ]>is toun; in 
all, XX "^. 

Item, defidkit and allowit to the comptare, be the proaeft, baillies, and counfale, 
as tane wp and reflanit fra him be the Lard of Mynto, allegeand for his fie im- 
mediadie befoir the Michaelmes, ]iat he paft fur*- of his ofBce of proueftrie, 

xiij*- vi^viii''-. 



[From the] Discharge. 
.Item, the comptaris difcharges ])ame in the firft, for the 
outlandemeris dilione on Vitfbnetyifdaye, as the rolmont 
beris, xliiij'-. 

Item, the fiunyn daye for the proueft, baillies, and counikles dennaris in James 
Boyds houTe, conforme to ane rolment J)airanent, x*"*-. 

Item, for twa quartis of wyn feck to fe denare, ixvi*- ■riij''-. 

Item, to Macolme Hamilton, for icui^eing of ane thief callit M'Kenze, ij'-. 

Item, 18^ Junii, 1575. To William Stewarde of Boltreis, in pt of payment 

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of his ouregeving and kyndaee of ])e denyB bous, to Jw proa^ and towns, 

Item, viij OAobria, to Ckriftiane Buchquhanane, for ane q*- of aqoavite xziuj*- 

and to Robert M'- for n hm&s of fiaotcherts and confets q*^ wea pntit to 

my Lord Doke of Ckitellerault in ]>is town, JJ^. 

Item, )»e laid daye, be vertu of ane rolment at ]>'■ commands gerin to f>e tovne 

meftcales, iamekle blew clay'-fas to by tua cwtts, and for crimofy* to be ]>e townes 

annes to be put ]>'on, and for making p'of, extending in haill to^ iiij "^ xt*-. 
Item, to Jobne Gib at command of &.e proueft and bailUes, to fapport Us pooertie, 

balf ane bni^a fynes, viz., Jie fovme of, T '^. 

Item, {>e zxii Februarii, to George Elpbinitoun, for his expenfis io ryding to 

Ed**", to keep the Srft law daye, betniz ws and Ruglyn. [Fw the hidilL]) 

vi ■*■ liij* iiij'-. 
Item, the ferd daye of Marche, to Alex'- LindJaye, for rynniog to Ed'- to my 

lord proneft, about the hardheidis,f x*-. 

Item, to Johne Scherare, meiliDger, for {>e copeb of the a£U and pclamations of 

beggaris, Vapinfchawingis, and dilbhargeing of daggis, vi*- viij''-. 

Item, {>e xx°- Maii, for twa quartes wyne piitit to my lady AjgSe, as the rolmont 

beris, xiij'- iiij*. 

Item, for ane Ime chimnaye to the counlalehous, iiij "^ ti'-. 

Item, to James Law, for ye tbre lintall ftanes to )>e boi& windois, xij^. 

Item, for wyre to Jje bois wyndois, xr^ Ti**-, 

Item, at ]>e bailliea command to Thomas Downy, for inputting of ]>e Icbolche- 

heid,}: . y^. 

Item, for ane pchement (Icyn to Ro*- M'' to corer J>e fcoiche, iij^ vi'-. 

Item, quinto Novembris, for j q*^ aill, ane laif, and tua greit candle to }>e 

tolbuy*- , ij*- iiij*. 

Item, to ]>e offi"- at pe baillies command, for dowking of Jonet Fawfide, xl**-. 
Item, for ane pund of Lattonn§ to be merks tojie pure folk, ye tyme of {>e peft, vijs 
Item, to James Speir, for erdyng of ane boye y- deit in ]>e Lonyng, at pe baillies 

command, ^* 

* Frrnsli— CnmaUt— from K*n>e% u Arabic word, draotitis thi worm brad In tb« Caeca* tna lb* 
Juice of which tha df« for dath b nmdt. 

f A uull copper coin.— Sm Kdox'* HiMorjr uid TiiikatMi't EaHf on madali. 

) SchoKha, or Swnche, the Taini'i Drum (not ■ Trumpet u lUtcd Id JimienMl'* Dtethmkrj).— Sm 
PiUalrn'i Crimlul Trlali, voL II. p. 80, not^ 
' § A mind kind of metil. 

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Item, for an coill riddill to y« tolbuy'-, ziiij'-. 

Item, to Martene Petdgrew, for hynging of ]ie pallioun* in )>e counfiUious at be 

bailliM conumuad, zx^ 

Item, cm bftriab ewin at AH-. Liooes command to ane fiile w*- )>e treyn fwerd, 

Item, pe iaid daye, to fe pyper callit Ryall Dayis for playing, xviij*. 

Item, to Johne Andro for &x futballia, xij^. 

Item, for \>e copie of ane a£t publift anete ]>« pULs and hardbeids, xij**-. 

Item, to Alex'- Lindiaye, at A*^ Liones comand, to ryn to fe how neir mjr lord 
Ergyles pece wes, xviij*-. 

Item, ibr making irp of ])e haill portis of ^e town, ]>e tyme ]>'- ^ peft wee eift, 
and for keeping of pe portis to ^e portars ane greit fpace, and for )>e making 
of pe cal&ye of pe fculehons vynd, as )>e pticnlar copt ezaminat be ]>e audito'^B 
buyr, livi ^ xv*. 

Item, allowit to tbe comptare for tinfell and inlaik be relate of hardbeids cryit 
doun, IJij*- iiij*. 

[AretoAoiw.] 11 January. The qubilk daye, in pns of ^e proueft, Archibald 
Brewhous, Smy*- , is decemit and ordanit of his awin confellion, and con&nt to 
abient himielf fur*- of bur*- and baronie of GlaJgw, and to be baaift tbairiia in 
tyme coming, for ]>e crymes conunittit be him induyng the proueftia will, and 
is content, incais he be fundin and ^pbendit within the lame in tymes cuming, 
but lieience of the proueft, that he be han^t to the deid, but affife or git dwme ; 
and is licenfit to remane xlriij ho*^, to mak red of Ms geir, &c. 

(_Boj/A.'} 9 January. The quhilk daye^ in pns of WiUiame Conj'ghame, 
baillie, Williame Hegalt, and Johne Grhame, bnrgefi of Glaigw, ar decemit and 
onbtuit of tbair awin ^er confieffions, coniiuAlie and leueralie aa cautioners, and 
Ibaertiea fat Elii*- Ibmiitone, lady Trehome, to omtent and paye to Margaret 
Boyde, dochtir to ane noble and potent lord Robert^ X^rd Boyde, the fowme of 
ane hundreth punds money, betuix and the feift of Vitfondaye nixtocum, in the 
hie iaxk of OtaJgv, prouidiog that gif the faids cautioners, or ony of thame con- 
tends and payis to the fitid Margaret, the fowme of ane hundreth merkis money, 
aucbt dayis befoir pe laid feift and tenne of Vitfondaye, it lall ftand and be luf- 
fident payment for the laid hundreth punds, and this a& to be na forder extendit, 
bot to be null in all tymes coming tbairefter, (payment) being maid of die laid hun- 

• PkUlUnui PsTUiofi— JwnhaM. 

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dreth merks in the hie kirk of Gla%w« aucht dayu befoir the fiud feift, and pay- 
ment nocht being maid quhill the laid feift, the ^d faaill hondreth punds to be 
payit, and this a£t to bare full execn*^ in Vitnea of the qnhilk thing, the laid 
caodoneris hes fubicrinit {>ia »&, v*- thair hands, daye, jeir, and place foiiiaid ; 
followis the fubfcriptionnes, Williame Hegait witht my hand ; Johne Grhame witht 
my hand, 

HE Held Court efUr jule, Laldin in )>e tolbuy*- of 
the fkmya, be ane noble and potent Lord, Robert Lord 
Boyde, proueft of Gla%w, and Williame Conynghame, 
ane of the bullies of the iamyn, the zrij daye of Januare, 
pe S^i' of God J*^* V"* Lx fyftene seiris. The futtia 
callit; the Court oonfermit. Demftare, James Speir, 

Abfentes of {>e Counlale. 
Johne Clerk, 
Cuthbert Herbertfbun. 
ILepir."} Matho Sellare, 
Petit Tybir. 
[iScoi.] Williame Hegait hes four fcabbit hors, Robert Stewarde hea ane 
fcabbit hors. 

[jSKjme.} The oocnpearis of J>e town mylne lands haldis aucht fuyne on the 
oomone. Johne Browne in Drygaitt, hes ane fuine gangand on the gait 

lPaterfiiat.2 37 January. The quhilk daye Margaret Glen, fpons to Willi! 
Crawfurd, is decemit and ordanit to deliuer to Johne Fbteifbon and his fpons, 
ane maft fait, ane troche ftane, ane fonre gallonn, and ane tre }>at ]>e 

caldroun hingis on, intromittit w*- be hir pertenyng to ]>ame, incontinent 
w*- of expenlis. 

iStirij/ng—Normof- J] HFelniiary. The qnhilk daye Johne Stirlyng buttirman, 
and Utomas Nomu/', ar fund in ]>e wrang, for contravening |>e ftatuta of ]>e 
towne, ]>e laid Johne in hyding of his bnttir in houfis, lelUnd ]>e lamyn in 
grit quantitie, no'' pntand )>e Ikmyn to ]>e mcate; and ye &iA Thomas for 
huyrding of fowles in grit quandte in his hous, not pntit to ]>e mcate : and dwme 
gevin ]>'upon. 

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iCoc&raae.'} 2 March. The qahitk daye Margaret Blakbume, fpous to 
Ardii'- Stene, is fiind in pe wraog and amerchiament of court, for trublSs done 
b« hir to Joline CkKihrane, in ftopping, at hir awin hand, but ordo'-, of him to 
Ichule his fiilse, and taking doun of ane litle dyk of his in ye middlgfted ; and he 
abibluit fia ony trublas allegit be hir. 

T is condefcendit be ]>e proueft, baillie, and connfiile, for 
ob&niing of ^e Saboth daye, that na falmo*- be tane, nor 
lalmond cobles be lauborit nor vfit for taking ^'of, upone 
j)e Sondayis in tyme comyng, within ]>e fredome of Jie 
towne, or be ]ie inhalHtanUfi ]>'oF; providing ])at ))e haill 
cobles on ]>e watt'- of Clyde, bur*- and land, do pe lyk and 
kelp pe fitmyn, els no. 

iLayngJ} 9 March. The quhilk'daye Robert Layng Jadler b abfoluit fia 
thre pair fcbels,^ vi lynyng ferriets, twa of domik, Jax codvers, ane drefling 
knyfe, ane cover^ of ane bed, ane bowft'-, ane tags, ane ladle, twa budgalis, ane 
dache hames barrel!,* ane half berrall, and vie treyn plait, crarit fra him be 
Matbo Lag, becaus pe &iA Matho failjeit in |iving ^of ; and als )>e find Rob'- 
deponit he re0auit not ^e lamyn, nor nellit ^'w*-; and Ro*- is decemit, of his 
confeffioun, to delyner to pe laid Matho aoe frying pan. 

lGrej/nJhhelis—TetHiatid.2 27 IV&rch. The quhilk daye Dauid Greynfchelis 
and Thomas Gilchirfoun his ibuertie, Johne Symloun, Geoif e Tennand his 
fbuertie, Johne ThomJban and Andro Thomefoun his fouertie, ar fund in the 
wrang, and ilk ane of thame, and amerchiament of court, for felling of thair 
meiU in houses, and nocht prefentyng of the iamyn to the mercatt on Sondaye 
kft, and y- cautioneris unlawit for no prelentyng thame to this day, as thai p^ wer - 
cautioun to that ^Se€t ; and dwme gevin thairupone. 

[^Paw/ide — Aitkifi.'] The quhilk daye Jidine Fawfyde and Alhin Aikin ar 
fund in pe wrang and amerchiament of court ilk ane of Jiame, for foirftalling of 
the mercatt, in fnffering meill to be mett in thair houffis on Sondaye laft ; and 
dwme gerin |>'upone. 

* A bwrel thu hu ■ lid. 

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iScAawJ] 30 March. The quhUk daye Petir Lymburoer is (tecernit be his 
ay'', referrit bairto be S'- George Brownfyde p^ for pe pty, to pnye and deliuer 
to Jofane Sch&w younger of Haly, ane igalt of geld of tm crownes, and ane 
quart'' crouoe, wecht of untcorne gold,* or }>e avale ]>'0& v'iii xr dayis sixt. 

iMayne.'] April 3. The qahilk daye Margaret Mayae, be Mr aitht refenit 
bHo, is abfoluit fia ane ftane we*-, ane balf ftane wecht, ane quart'- ftane wecht, 
all of teld, ane braffin half puiid, w^ ane pair of weyia balkis w'- brodda, ane ^ir, 
and ane taffiUf burde, cravit fra hir be Gabriel Bakyn, as allegit reftand of his 
airichip guddis uodeliuerlt, and pmift to delyuir fame at ]>e difcharge making, be 
reffoue fcho denyit ]« lamyn be liir ayS 

IPoj/nder.'} 13 April. The quhilk daye James Speir is maid Poynder for 
bis inftant jeir, and hes gevin bis ay*- for ufing ]i'of, and Les fund Dauid 
Lyndiaye elder ioQtie for him ^'fore, and is content, gif he Utta ye beifts yat he 
poyndis awaye, but latifbction of pty, to ly in ye itokki xxir bo's. 

[Hirdit.'} The quhilk day Pe6r Aikin is maid overtown bird, aaA Thomas 
Tempiltoun hes tane ye nethir toun ky, for yia piit ^eir, and George Herbertibun 
is becumin cautioner for }ie iud Petir, and James Flemyng is com cantjoan lite 
be laid Thomas, y- ]wi iall lelelie and treulie ezeroe y- office. And ]iai hare 
difcliargit ye feall y^ ]>ai had fiir*- of ye oomone purs for Jtis jeir^ 

lQidder—E0oitn—Jami^/bm.Z &0 April. The quhilk daye James Cadder in 
Edinbur^, Florens Eiftoun and George Jamelbun in Lyly^ow, being accufit for 
regrating and foirftolling of ye mercatt, in bying of (kynnis and hydis, ru. ye 
laid James for bying of twa hydis and ane ftirk hyde in Govane, and the fiid 
Vlotene for bying of tod (kynnis in the tonne, and the laid George for bying of 
ftynis in the toon, cum in will J>'fDre ; and Jmu decemit ilk ane ia aa« unlaw of riiJS 

[Goffiriiy'-.] 4 May. The quhilk daye Robert Galbray*- in Ed'-, being accufit 
for conttsrening ye ftatuU of ye tOun, in fbirftalling and regrating of ye mercat^ 
pafland to Govane, and metand ane holand bwt cu&and to ye toun, uid byand 
fre ba, being unfremen, v^ daker hyds^f staple guddis, come in y« baiilies will 
yfoie, and Rob^ M'- mchand, is becumin cautionn for fulfilling y'oL 

* A daunniiuUoii of gokt coin, ttniek In Sootland Id JtdMS III.'i ntfii. 
t TaffllarT»U«,kTabl*— Sii.0. TafwtiUb«rd,kDIciMabta. t Iklnr— ■ dcokK >. (. tn hydM. 

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iBq/i.'] 17 May. The quhilk day*, in pns of fe baillies and connfele, 
WiUJam Rfi& bein^ accofit as ane vagabond and idle beggar, cooforme to be 
a& of lecreit coun&le, and atto'-, in bis &myng, for earning to Maifter Andro 
Hayis houB, on Mooondaye at ewin laft, and thair, naae beand in bot his wife and 
noreiBi for ftriking of ])e nureis under pe palp w*- ane knyfe, confeffit the Mt and 
become in the baillies will J>airfore, and b decemit to ableot him for*- of bur'- and 
baronie of GIa%ir, and gif be be faad thair bat licenfo of the proueft or baillies, 
to be hangit bst dwme ; and als ordanit to be fimgit throT the toun, the mome 
at ix bora. 


HE proneft, baillies, and connikle, npone ))e zxrij daye 
of April, 1575, gaif, grantit, and lubftriuit to Robert 
Stitlyng, fone to Johne Stirlyng of Lettir, ane gift of }>e 
annuellis and prebendary in Newldrk, laft pofleft by 
omquhile Niniane Lyon, for his fuftentation at ]>e fcholes, 
during J»e Ipaoe of five jeira nizt following at ])e requeift 
of ray lord ArchlHlchop of Glafgw. 

lAdame — ^)ang.2 16 June. The qnhilk daye, Johne Adame burges of Edin- 
bnr*-, is decernit be probatioun of &inons witnea, to reSkve fra Margaret Spang^ 
ane of hir bamis of Willlame Adamea, and wphald and fuftene ]>e lam bairne, in 
meit^ claithe, and wther necelT^ on his expenis, conforme to his promeb quhill 
the lawfull and perfyt aige Ihairof, and mak hir cumirles* of ]>e iam. 

NE conventioun, haldin in the blakfreir kirk of Glalgw, the 
xxi day of Junii, the jeir of God, JO). V"- Lx laitene 
geires, be ane noble and potent Lord, Robert I^rd 
Boyde, proneft of Glalgw, WUliame Conyng^hame, and 
Andro Baiilie, bail^eia, baill counfiile deakynis of craftis, 
and nuuft part of the haill communitie tbairof : Thiur wes 
prefenUt ane bill and fupplica<^ of the teno'' following : 

* CuntmirlM — Ctunbcrlm. ■■ t. &«« of the bardsn. 

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i Y Lord proueft, bMllies, and coim&le of this gad towne, 
wnto your L. and wilHomes ry*- humelie menie and fchawis, 
Ve the haill deaoonis and coite of Una ^d toun : That 
quhair be the {pace of aucht jeiris laft bipaft, or thairby 
the hull coitie of the towne, wes efdr lang adwyfement, 
condifcendit be thair comone conient to fet ane pairt of oure 
£ comoun muris amangia ourfelfis, ilk ane proportionalie, half 
ane aker, and of file grund that weg unprofitable for pafturing of our gadis; quhilk 
was not attemptat, nor tane on hand, but the confent of the haill loune at the 
Symerhill, conwenand as wes the gud ordo'- tane thainipone ; Bot fenfyne allace 
we lament that findrye feverall peces of oure coite, quhilk wes no*- to be Iparit 
for balding of our gudds, and the pare of the towne, ar gerio and fet furtht to fum 
particularis be your L. proneft and baillies, and certane of couniale, but foir adryie- 
ment, or jit conlent of the cSide and deaconis, qnha hes thair wotlis to the great 
damnage of ws, the haill tonne, and or efUrcumaris : And ^it daylie mair and mair 
throw particulare futds of fyndre, perTwadand ^o'- L. wyfedomea, we fe the famyn 
to conttnew: And je anis condifcendand that oure deaconis wotis ar focht 
fewerallie in private houfiis, quhair tbe haill fuld be callit to geve o'- confentis to- 
gidder: And fum throw ignorance or perfwatioun may conleot by oure myndis, 
quhilk is-fiir by the ordo'- or mynd of o'' townfchip that hes £e to the comone 
weiU ; and jit, in lykmaner, fearig that the lyk be focht be fyndry particulais of 
fum pairts of o'- coitie : Quhilk we altogidder di&fiientis fra, and proteftis befoir 
God, pat gyve gowr L. and wildomes will not ftay nor haald abak ^our hand fra 
lettyng ony forder, that it be in ^o'- wyte, ])at we and o'- aDtcefTo", that we 
want the pafturing of guddis, for the fuftening of o'- babies : Thairfore we defyre 
ws, that is deaconis, to be amendit to, for nocht awayfing" withe wa, and fuffer- 
ing OUT coun&le, and rellbnyng in tymes bigane : And prayis for ]>e luf ^e beir 
to God, and J>e comone weill of our tonne, and o'- fuccefib^, that yo*- L. haif 
better attendance tliairto, and no'- for ewery licht fate or requeift 
or grant tliairto, and fuffer no'- o'- haill coitie to becum proper, and be tane fra 
UB, bot to mak (ic fufficient a£les thairfore, aa jour L. and wyldomes lall think 
maift expedient for the keiping of gud ordoure in tymes cuming : And jour h, 
and wifilomes anf^- ry*- humelie we befetk, &c. 

Eftir the reding quhair of and reflbnyng wpone the contentia thairof, bedigeft, 
avylement, and mature deliberatioun, it wes condifcendil^ aggreit, and ftatute, and 

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ordsnit be the fiddis proyeft, bullies, conn&le, deakonis of the baill craflis, and 
matft pairt of the ooniDnitte of the laid towne being prefent: in reipeA that 
thair comoon mnriB ^it left- wndeilt and fett ftirthe, will fcarcelie ferae the 
tonnefdiip for balding of thur gaddia, and furnefing few&U necefl''-, and that ane 
gret pairt thain^ is ellis fet furthe in particolar : That na nuur pairt nor portionn 
of thfdr laid comonn muris &1 be in na ^mes cuming let nor gerin in few, to 
ony perfbun or perfintia, bot to ly fttll in comunilie to the weitl of the haill 
touttlchip, leclndand and ftifpendand thame and thair fbcci.flb"- fra contrawening 
heiro^ and of diis ftatut broking, in tymei cnming : declarand in cais the lamy 
beireftirbenochtoblerui^ thattbefewing, lettiDg, and doing incontrare this ftatute, 
to be of naoe awaill, ftrenthe, nor efibd, bot null in die felf for ewer. 


^ TEM, it is ftatute be the baillies, counlall, and commountie, 

that thair be ane calf bird, condncit to heip the calfis 

wpone the grein, furthe of fcaythe; wtherwayia gif ]>ai be 

I fiindin in fcaythe, to be pandit; and als ordanis J>ame 

bat hes ^e freir land in )>e bromilav, to bige ]ie weir for 

I balding furthe of Jie beiftis. 

Item, it is delyrit and condHcendit on be the comovnde, 
bat ilk ftranger Jntt cnniis, and defyris to be bnrgea in ^ntes cuming, &1I paye of 
barges fynes, twenty merks money. 

Item, ])at all burges fones of the toane, thair &ther8 being on lyf, or ony tyme 
thwreflir, to paye of fynes, ilk perlbn, fyre pond only; but preiudice to the eld- 
eft as burges tur, to be handelit, conforme to nfe and wont. 

Item, ])at ilk perfoun )>at &11 happin to mary burges dochteria, being madenis, 
and no*- marat of befob, to paye of boi^^ fynes, lyre pundis money only. 

And thir to be refonit befoir the proueft : And gif be confentis tbairto, to be 
oondadit, and endit wtber wayis nocht 

ISHO^ert.'} 31 July. The quhilk daye, Adame Steinlbnn is fund in }>e wrang 
and amchiament of court, for trublans done be him to Nicol Snodgera, in hitdng 
of him with his feit on be wamb, in pns of pe aS."- chai^eand him to anlwer to 
ye laid Micol ; and dvme gevin ]>airupone. 

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iGibfimn.'] S Augaft. The quhilk daye, Johoe Shakfchaw being pfewit, m 
ur and execute- to umquhill Willituii Scbokiehav, be Marione Oibfimn, for ielj*- 
aerance of ^ir guddis under Vrittin, viz., ane kift woH- xxz^, aoe ipinayng quheiU^ 
ane Ime croik, ane kettiU of viij pyntis, ane braffin pot^ ane ipoufiog ring, twa 
peudir plaits wor*- vi mk xiij^> all^t delyoerit and fett in keiping be bir, in ]m 
laid Williames bonfi, and fair pofleffiona, and ft fiunyn being referrit to ))e laid 
Jbhnes ay*- quia, denyit Jie Ikinyn, and thairfoir is abfoluit finpl'-, tuc 

\_Watfam — Leiehe.'] 1 Auguft. The quhilk daye, Akfooa Watfonn, Ipous 
to Arch^ Crawfnrd, is fund in {>e wrang and amiAiamcnt of court, for trubla^ 
done be hir to Marioun Leiche, ^us to William WiUbon, in cafting dirt at hirj 
and fyling of hir thairwithe : And lykwys {»e iaid Marioun is fund in the wrang 
for doing the lyk to hir ; and dwme gerin thairupone. 

CQnAjiffWi.] Tlie quhilk daye, Archibald Quhytfiird, is fund in ane wiang, 
for difobeying of ]>e watt'- offidar, in no*- ferving )>e toun w*- his herring, maifter- 
follie ; voA. dwme gerin jiairapone. 

^BnHm.'\ lie quhilk daye, Johne Broun is fund in the wrang and amcbia- 
Bent of cour^ C»r {>e wiangoos entering in Archibald Grayis hons, but liis licience, 
and kenlyng fyr thurinto at bis awin hand, but ])e laid Archibaldes licenfe ; and 
dwme gevin thfumpon. 

\Kerfu^'\ 21 Auguft. The quhilk daye, John Lek^vik, i§ fund in ]>e wrang 
^and amchiament of court, for trublans done be him to Allane Kerfuell, in ftryk- 
ing of him w*- ane fting,* and bludy^g of him on ]>« held ; and dwme gevin ]>air- 
i^ne, and ab is abfoluit fra pe Jud Johnis bill : And ]>e mendis referrit be con- 
fent of ptie, to Johne Wys, afid Johne Hamilton, finy'-, Johne Blakuod, and 
J4hne Wilfoon, and to cowein in ]>e tolbuithe ^is daye viij dayis, to y- effefl, 
,Johne Blakuod, cautioun for Johne Lek^vik, Johne Wys, cautioun for Allane 

* A pol^ b«( via*!]; i^liMl to an loMnuBait M>d in ilwtdiiB(> 

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YEAR, 1575. 

ITAe Di/charge and Extmeratume.'] 

Item, the compter ezonflris bim firft for )>e ODtlandemeris 

dilFjone, on Vitfbntyifilaye, in pe morning;, 24 May, 1575, 

u ye rolmont beris, zlvi*-. 

Item, for ]>e prooeft, bailUes, coaniaU, and wther lioneft menis denai in James 

Boydis Itoiu, on WitfaDtyifilaye,'as pe rolmont beri% zvi"'^. 

Item, zzvij of Maij, 1574,for row lattonn,* to be &kfl to {>e pure folk, iij*' iij^. 

Item, the viij" Junii, 1575, gerin to Johne Gib, be verta of aue rdmMit, for ))e 

maiU of ]>e bona, quhair pe comoue tymber lyi>, for ye geir to cam, xl*-. 

Item, xi Junii, 1575, to Quentyne Kaye, for fe tHullies, couniide, and wtheris 

diQone, fiat pia daye paft to vifee ]>e &ltis done in J)e cefione, about {>e haiil 

partis, confbrme to pe rolmont, iiij*"*. 

Item, qninto Julii, to Macolm Hamiltoun, for {curgeing of ane tbeif callit Blak- 

uo^ at pe bfuUies comand, ij^ 

Item, to ane lawde, to kepe pe ileynfyde well, and j fchen2fl,f viij|>-. 

Item, XT Jnlii foirftid, be ane rolmont to ]>« offi~, for certane wyne ppynit t« 

the proneft in Bedlaye and Gla%w, iij*"^ ziij*- iiij^. 

Item, penultimo Jalii, 1575, to Laurens Contan, be ane rolment to fupport bim, 

for Jw hurtyng of his hand at pe well in Gfdlowgait, v"^. 

Item, T Augufti, be ane rolment to Robert Otdrbume, meffinger, for ane byble, 

conforme to bia cha^^, as ^e cuhtray doas, t"*^.. 

Item, vii) Septembris, to Malcolme I^imiltoun, be ane rolmont for fishurgeing: of 

ane wod hufly tbrou Jie towne, v*-. 

Item, XT daye Jiairof, to Johne Wilfonn, be vertue of ane rolmont, toi his laubo^. 

and expenlis maid be him in awating on pe vellis, and als in compleit payment 

of his expends maid in Air, awating att pe bifi^pts command for pe kidt 

mending, vi"*^ xiij*- iiij*-. 

Item, xviij daye Jmiio^ to Geoige Elphinftones vyfe for thre pyntis wyne fek 

pr<qiynit to be bilchop, and thre pyntis to my lord proneft, be ane rolmont. 

Item, zxij daye J>airof, be Tertu of ane rolmont to James Anderibne, offi'-, for tlire 

* A kind of mlzsd nwud. t Oim Chlin. 

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pyntis of wyne fek, and tua qoartis Burdious wyne, fend to Jamet Bof ds hons, 
to )>e proueft fundry tymes, xxxiij*- iuj'-. 

Item, xiij OAober, to Alexander Lind&ye, be ane ndmont, to gang to Stirling 
iritht ane bill, to lee ]>e wecht of Jiair breid, y-. 

Item, ])e ferd daye Juurof (Novem'- ), be vertu of ane rolmoot to lliomaa Craige 
of }ie nevkirk Icule, fi>T flraye to }>e mending |»airof, aaA for onputting of pe 
lamyn, zxiij**. 

Item, qninto Decembrie, to Danid Anderlbnn, to ryde to Dtunbartaoe, to by lalt 
and wyn fra Jobne Neill in Air, now in ^e raid of Dnmbartane, ziiij*-. 

Item, ])e zij daye ])airof, to Alexander Lind&ye, at ye proueft and baiUiea 
comand, to rya to EdinbmgLt withe pe fimdatioun bnik of }>e new Idrk, in 

' S*- Johne Whirfpwnes cans, x^. 

Item, for ane fkyn to beir it In to bald it dry, iiij*'. 

Item, vi"- Decembris, to Bauid Anderlbun, James Anderibun, Maifter Henry 
Oibfiine, for ryding to Dubartane, and anting ]>air iij dayie, for calUi^f of 
Johne Neill and his fourdes, for copping of lalt in ^ ryrer and wtheria, as }>e 
rolmont be~, vi'*. 

Item, on ])e xri daye {tairof, to ane boye of Dumbartane, for turling of ane bill, 
and ])e anf '- doun again, at Jw baiUies comand, ii*-. 

Item, to Alexander I^dlaye, for his pofting in ]>e ny*- to Edinbnrclit at pe 
baiUies comand,' becans of his furfett trawell, x^. 

Item, pe xx daye of December, to Oeoige Elphinftone, for half ane twn wyne 
propynit to my lord proueft, be vertue of ane rolmont, zzziij"^ vi*- viij*-. 

Item, xxi daye J>UTof, for carying of ye half twn to ye proueft, it)*'. 

, Item, J>e xxiiij daye of December, to ]>e baillies and cupany pat paft donn in ye 
ny*- to Johne Netllia Icfaip, for iiij"*^ polder xl*-, for iij"^ leid iij*-, twa burdene of 
ftrae iiij^, for byre of J>e boit^ and for rolling hir and brin^g wp J>e ialis, 
xxx^, for bringing ye lalis fra J>e waiter to )>e tolbuy*- iij*-, extending in haill, 
as ye rolmont beris, to, iiij*^. 

. Item, for ye barell y&t ye pulder wes in, Xf^. 

Item, xxvi daye of December, to Oeoige Elphinftoun, for his expenfi, in ryding 
to my lord R^entia grace, anet Johne Melis ft^ip, as ye rolmont beiis, v^. 

Item, ye taft of December, to Johne Charto'^ banift man, att ye proueft, baiiUes, 
and counfklea comand, to help to Ions his fuerd, zxz^. 

Item, ye firft daye of Jannare, 1575-6, to ane boy to ryn to Dumbartane to caus 
ye baiUiee thairof to cnm wp, ii*-. 

Item, for candill tane doun in ye boit be ye baiUies to ye fobip, ii^. 

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Item, to ane boy to ryn in ^e oy*- to Dubartan, to cans ye bailUes and }>air derk 

to cam on the morne, at ]>e baillies comand, iij^. 

Item, ))e xz daye of Janua'-, to Geo^ Elplunftotin, as debiirfit be him for 

vyne druDkin in Johne Nelis fchip, quhen ye bullies sed doun, as J>e rolmont 

bens, Lv*-. 

Item, Ucwya to William Anderfoun, for aill, aquavide, and qnheit breid> fumeift 

be him at }>e lamya tyme, as ]>e rolmont beris, Lrij*- iiij^. 

Item, yat iunyn daye, be Tertue of ane rolmont^ aiid coiuand of ]>e proueft, baillies, 

and oounlale, to Maifter Adame Walles, for bis laubo^ gretumlie done and 

fiiftenit in ]>e townes necefl^, as ye rolmont beris, zx**^. 

Item, £i>r mendyng of ye lok of ye Coun&lhons dur, quhen Niniane Syare wes 

wardit, at pe Maifter of Works command, zzz*''. 

Item, for ye mendyng of ye lok of pe hey*- hoiiB, ]>at wes brokin be ane thief, at 

ye Maifter of Works command, zzx*-. 

Item, for ye making of ye bandis to ye tolbuy*- dur, ii*'. 

Item, for zij lib. danfkyn Irne, yet wes ye bandis, xi*- iz*-. 

Item, tor Ime work to ye quhelis of ye comone well, to ftope pe contis to cum 

fiirtbe v£ye quhelis, at ye Maifter of Works comand, xir^. 

Item, to Johne Stobo, for ane laid of colis brynt in ye counialhous, at ye firft 

hering of Andro Richeis compt, to^. 

Item, for ane wther laid colis biint before Loukis mes,* xx^. 

Item mair, for v laid colis at findry w]>er twa tymes, fpendit in J>e connlalhous 

about Lukiffines,* riij*- viij''-. 

Item, for iij laids of peittis, ii*-. 

Item, to ane boy |Kit Md Itave nrn to E^dinbnrche, at William Conygliame baillies 

comand, ii*-. 

Item* ye xvdaye }>'of (March) to ye barrow men at ^ Maifter of Works comand, 

for bering of J>e ftanes ]>at fell i^ )>e Blakfreii- Idrk, xiiij^. 

Item, ye ferd of April 1576, to William Con^hame and Maifter Adame Waltes, 

as deburfit be ymae for making fupplicalis to hare been go^n, for abyding fra 

radisjf xiij*- iiij*'-. 

Item, at comand of Andro Baillie, for fcuigeing of Babay,^ zl*'-. 

Item, for fcorgeing of Rofs, yai hurt ye pfone of Renfrewis muris, as 

vagabond, zl'-. 

nIiiTHl«aM'ineiinloa, bntbareoMdiaaiUiDitBm Ptr H i» t or CoavtBtlM. 
TU« (MB! t9 b* an " bIIm " of MKue " notour " ofltaidtr of tin tlmi. 

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Item, for ane oobd to bind him, xii^. 

Item, to ane boye to ryn to Edinburglie, at )»e baillies commiud, to ye proaeft, 

to fee qnhat fuld be done aneut ye babeoD, xij^. 

Item, }>e zzviiij daye )>airof (May) be rertue of ane robnoat, to Eobme Campbell 

for vij q**^ wyne ^ynit to my lord proaeft, as }>e rolmont beris, xlijS 

Item, prune Junii, 1576, be ane rolmon^ to Eufiune Campbell, for tva qaartb 

ryne, propynit to my lord Glenoime, and twa qts pndt to ft laird of 

"Pminqiili affl 1 1 , Sua. zsilj*'. 

Item, iz*^ einiSem, to Enfimie Campbell, be ane rofano^ for xuij quaitis ryne 
prt^ynit to my lord proaeft befinr ^K^t£mdaye laft, iiij'"' iiij*-. 

Item, to hir for j gallown prefeotit to my lord bifidu^ of Ola^T, xxiiij*-. 

Item, for vi pyntis prefendt to my Iwd [woiieft, to Bedlaye upon Witfimday^ to 
Eu&me Campbell, as ]>e n^ont be^, xriij*-. 

Item, to ye quareo^, at pe mufter of works comand, for wynning of fo^ hondtetbe 
dra*- of quhynts to fe caUaye, ix*- Ti* toj*. 

Item, to Matho Miller and Janes Conyngbame, for leding yaini to )>e Drygai^ 
qahair Jku git ly in came, viiji^. 

Item, be rertu of ane rolmont, gerin be }>e baillies and coan&le to Euftme 
Campbdl, for ane bank&t mud to ]>e proneft, baillies, and cooniale, and 
wtberis dekynis and hoaeft men, at comand of be baillies, X dayis befour 
Witfondaye laft in the Lxzri ;eir, xxiij'^. 

Item, to J>e proneft, for his fie, xx*"^. 

Item, to WiUiame Conyngbame, baillie, x^. 

Item, to Andro Baillie, baillie, for his fie, ^. 

Item, to pe Cle^ for his fie, x^. 

Item, to pe Maifter of work, for his fie, x*"^. 

Item, to pe thelaurer coaster, for his fie, x"*^. 
Item, to Maifter Richert Stmng, our advocat in Gdinbui*-, his fie, v9^ xiii'-iiij^. 

Item to Johne Oovane, his Puitor, of drynk filuer, xx^. 

Item, to pe kirdis, for pm fie% v*^. 

Item, to pe poynder for kis fie, xxri*- viij^. 

Item, to S'- Archibald Dickie, for keping of pe knok, Liij^ iiij*. 

Item, to S'- Robert Watfoim, for his tak, ixvii^. 
Item, to Johne Foular, colleSo'' of pe uniuerfitie, for pe thrid of &■ Robert 

Watfouns ok^lanreis, n^ xiij^-iiij*-* 

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Item, to &■ Robert Herbertfoon, fw bis annnell of ]>« tolbuitb« Jxe &id 

jw, Liij"- iiij*. 

Item, to S^' James Hamiltoun, for bii adnnell )>airof, U*-. 


^TEM, it ir coodeTcendit to and ftatute, be ^e balU-' 
dekyois of craftis, Jiat ]Are be na.aoaadones, bandis, nor- 
w]>ei!^ contra^ maid amoDg Jiame, bot la fer as is oontenit. 
in )f • 1™- of dekynbeids gevin to ]ra be Jie toun^ in tym£s , 
cnmibg, vnder pe pane of it yat }>ai nay tyne be law 
)>'throfr, and als of piurii,* becaus pai have pntlie ^vin 
y- futhis in pe cootrar. 

17 0£lober. The qubilk daye, in pns of John Wilfoon, ane of pe baillies of 
01a%T, comperit Daoid Kay in Canaill, and of his awin conient and ctmfeflionn, 
reaunceand all wy- jnrii3i£U<His, and fubmittand ptaat (him) to pe jun£liAion 
of pe proneft and baillies of Olaigw, how fone he be reqayrit be pe proueft, 
baillies, and counlale ^rof, upone pe ezpenfi of pe laid tounefchq> of Gla%w, 
and {>air to fett wp and repur or mend ]>e twa knoklc^ pe ane maid be bimlelf, 
and pe w]>er auld knok mendit be him, how oft he beis requyrit ]>airto, be ]>ame 
or ony in tbayr name, and Jtat wpone )>e tounes ra°nable ezpenls to be payit and 
done be him thairfoir. 

[^Scott.'] 80 06iol>er. The quhilk daye Robert Oemill is decemit and ordanit, 
be allega**- of paitte, to content and paye to Robert Scott trauello'-, ye £>wm^ of 
fonrtie fcbillingis money, for pe turfing of twa hors, hud to Diidey, within xr 
dayis, witht of expenfi. 

[Broun.] 8 November. The qubilk daye Johne Barrie finj^ is decemit and 
ordanil^ be pe aithe of partie tane, becaufe he comperit nocht, to content and paye 
to Jooet Broon pe fowme of threttene fchillings iiijS and ^e fiud Johne to refiif 
fra hir ane ctitlar quheil, quhilk fcho is redy to delyner to Imn, within xr dayis 
nixt, witht twa Icbillings for ezpenfi. 

lLantka.2 IS November. The qnhilk dsye Walter Landes baxtare, is 

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decernit in pe wnin^ and unerchiameDt of Court, cMifonne to )« Letdr of 
dekynbeid, for disobeying of pe dekynis offi'' Johne Heriot, and non snfi&ring 
him to poynd for pe bache penny ; and dwme gerin ]Mumpone ; and yat be 
J>e production of ]>e decreis of )>ur crafL 

iWaUaee — MKr.J 18 January. Anent the a^oun perfewit be Maifter Adame 
Walles, as comoun procurato'', aganis Maif;aret Bankene, 'vniT«Hale intrmmflb'^ 
witht pe guddis of umquhile Johne M'- , for non delyneriog <tf ane prooeffionatl 
corfs, twa chalices, witht twa patenia of filuer, extending to ancht pnnda vecht, 
pryce of }>e vnce threttie TchiUtngs money, reffiiuit be Um to )« Vtilitie of ]>e 
townefcliip, be being baillie, as at inair lentbt is contenit in bill : The ikid M'- 
Adame peribnalie pnt : The lud Mai^are^ comperaod be James Flemyng hir 
procurator-, qoha ali^t William Hegate to hare reflauit J>e fiunjn from ]»e fiud 
wmquhile Johne and hir, and be his obUgadoon, oblift him to wanand, relei^ and 
keep Ikaithles, pe fiud vmqnhile Johne and hir ]>airo^ at ]>e hands of ]>e proueft, 
baillies, and coun&le of Olaigw, and wtheris haveand entres, and prducit the iud 
obligatioan of the dai^ the fecund daye of Junii, pe jeir of Qod, JQD. V*- La ane 
tenne, for calling of pe &id William hir warrand, qnhilk pe bailiies grantit, and 
afBgnit thairto tyiiclayenixtocam,paTtieandprocttrato'-vanutapuda^; andinjre 
mentyme continewit }>e prineipall cans, pe Same forme as is now. 

[AfiOor.] Ilie quhilk daye, Johnet Orhame is fiind in pt wrang and amchia- 
ment of court, for ftreking of Jonet &miare wpone J>e mowthe withe hir &uldit 
ncif, and gewin of hir ane packy;* and dwme gewin thairwpone, 

ILauff — GrjtajNc] 22 January. The qnhilk daye, Gawane Oihame is fund 
in pe wrang and amchiament of court, for trubla*- done be him to Jonet Lang, 
ferwand to Mai^^aret Smy*- , in Icutiog of hir wiolentlie our ane bray to pe erd, 
ane full bornnrfidl of fiilze being into hir hand, wpone pe zxvi daye of Decem- 
ber laft Upaft, w*in ^e dayia of pe proclania<^m ; and dwme gerin thaimpone : 
And als pe &id Gawane is abfoluit fra pe fdlze acdamit fra him be the laid Mar- 
garet Smy% Jtat wes maid abont pe kill, fet to him be hir ^us. 

Idemy—Den^flom—MiUare,'} 25 January. The quhilk daye, Patrik Clemy, 
Archibald Deneftoun, and James Millar, tula"', ar fimd in pe wrang and amdiia- 

• Pttkj, m Fhekf— q7. palk. 

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ment of court, for trablas done be {Mtme, ilk ane to wtheris, in ftreking of wthem 
w*- barris t^ wmdoia, fonne feit, and wtber ftai£s ; and dome ^vin Jnirupone. 

ZBiffffart2 5 February. Tke quhilk daye, Johne Biggart^ draper is maid 
bui^^ and ireman of the burght and citie of Gla%w, and hes gevin his futht of 
fidelitie to the towne, and als for oblemng )>e aA maid anentis "pe mylne : Qnhais 
fynes wes gerin and afBgnit to James Scol^ paynto'-, for his bounteiht and lan- 
bo~ done be liim, in cnlloring of ^ knok, moyne,* and orlage, and vther corn- 
moon worlt of ^e towne, oonforme to ane rolmont gevin to him be the ptoueft» 
baillies, and couniale, thainrpone ; foaerde for iattif feing of }>e fiudis fynes, Dauid 
Donald ; and dome gevin ^airwpMie. 

[Sn^fib — Barde.'] IS February. Anent the mater mowit t>e Margaret 
&Dy&t, relift of omqnhile, Michael Barde, contrar Jonet Barde, contenit in bill, 
bering ^at the laid umq'*', Midiael confeflit a litill befoir his deceis, he haid liand 
in ane hie*- chalmer, oceupeit be him, threttene pnndis money: At the quhilk 
tyue, the iud Ma^aret being deidiie ieik, ]>e fiiid Jonet wes fene gang up in 
aad cum fortht of the iiiid dialmer, and eftir hig deceis being reqwyrit be the &id 
Margaret, for delynering ])8irof fdio anfwerand, quhen ^e paye t^e Cwa hundreth 
merkis, I &11 gif yon the threttene pnnd, and la it maye manifeftlie appeir ^at the 
laid Jonet intrometlit thairwitht^ and thwfoir fuld be compellit to paye the lamyn 
to tbe laid Margaret, as executrix to "pe lud wmq*^ Michael to help to paye 
his debtda as at mair lengtht, is cmiteiut to bilL Baitht }>e pardes perlbnalie 
prel^t, the proneft and baillies, witht avyfe of pe couniale, pe richtiB, reflbnes and 
all^iationes of the fiiid parteis, hard, fene, and confidderit, and J^airwitht ryplie 
avyfi^ deoemit and otdanit pe laid Jonet Barde, to content and paye to pe laid 
Ma^aret Snytfat, pe fitid fowme of threttene pundis money within xr dayis nixt 
witht of expenfi; and Jtat becaus pe laid Margarets bill being admittit to 

hir preif, Icho prwfit, pe fiunyn fufficientlie, and J>e laid Jonet grantit pat na per- 
Ibon paft into Jie chalmer, but fcho; as wes deirlie Vnderftand to pe laid proueft 
and baillies, quha ordanit execntoriales to pafs thairwpone as efieirs, &c.t 

lAUanfinm.'} 36 February. The quhilk daye Williame Allanfonn is decemit 

* DM fUta or tact of the «kick— Tbti ontrr explains oaa ia TrNeurer^ >Moant of 1677, ^na In 
I4tb October, 1678. 
t SeetheKniltof tUtMet^on IMi KfMcb, 1576-7. 

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66 BUROH RBCORDB OF 6LAS60W. 1576-7 

in ye wrang and amercUament of court, for tmUans done be kim to Spens, 

pyper, in breking^ of lus pypis, and ala for nooeomperanee, aa le quka being 
peribnalie wamit be officiare, to }iis daye ; and dome gevin Ji^pone. 

[Jtf^CT^tare— Da/:~&i^.] 1 March. TbeqiiUlkdayeWiUimeM*ClitAare, 
Bartie Daff, Daaid Sayer, Robert Oreinleis, Jobat Walker, Jofane M*, 'V^lffiam 
Synuner, and Margaret Honmill, ar fond in ye waag and amerdiiament of 
court, for oontntTening (^ ]ie ftatntia of ye towne, aneatia ye killing,* m taking 
et cobill htAtiM into ye killing boit, and vadmg in ^airto, and taking of ^ame 
fiirtht, ccmtrar ye ftatotiB nudd }Murattent; and dtmie geno thaimpone. 

[Jafn^/om.] 5 March. The quhilk daye Thomas Hamiltoon is deoemit and 
ordanit, be the aitht of partie tane, becaufe he eomperit ninety to content and 
paye to Jonet Jauelban, the fowme o( fourtene fiiillingis MOBey, rdland i£ ane 
kjrtill, and fyre fehUlii^fis fo? the pryce of ane Vly barrell, vitbin xv dayis ntxt, 

witht xvi^ of expenfis. 

IBarde.'} 15 March, The quhilk daye ye boUlies^ in refpeA y»t Jonet Barde 
bes gevin hir aitht, yat fcho hes nagnddia nor geir, ibr payatnt otye fowme obtenit 
on hir in decreit, oontenand ye fi>wine of thretteae pimdis money, at ye inftanee 
c^ Mai^aret Smytht^ in ye ftid Margaret^s preftnt in jadgmeot, fuperftdee ye 
ezecutionn <^ye Cud decreit, Vfqne ad meliorem fntanam, yei u quUli ye ikid 
Jonet baif fnm guddis, ']«t payment maj be gottb. 

IViffimiL} 3S March. Tie qnhilk daye Jobne TnmAill is deeemit aad 
ordanit, <^ his awin confeffionn, to content and paye to Mango Viliban the finme 
of allewin IbhiUingis xi'- money, for eertane pdldary^f willuB xv dayia nixt, vhkt 

of expenfis. 

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HE quhilk daye Archibald Herbertfban, (one to Johne 
Hnbertlbtui, u beoome in ]>e pfbne of Renfrew, )>e 
baillies, Maifter Datdd Wemyfii, and pe remanent 
feffionn of "pe kirkis willia, for pe complaynt and injuria 
done be him to )>e &id Maifter Daoid minifier, in 
tovking of him, and wtheris injuria done be him, and 
to be dedarit in pe feffionn on Frydaye niztocum. Geoi^ 

Herbertfbon ioBtie for fulfilling of ysai willis, under ]>6 pane of ane hundreth 

pundis money. 

ICoioperit,'} 38 Mard). The qnbilk daye Thomas Gamea is fond in pe 
wrang and amerchiament of court, for )>e violent fchnting and towking of Dauid 
Fleming, officiar to the Cowparia, on &ydaye laft. And aU for halying of ane 
ftranger to work to him in pe cowper craft, ]>e dekyn of oowperis and hia bretbir 
of craft ofierand to ferve Iiim aJs eafilie, pe itud Thomas being mfre bimfelf ; 
And ficlyk for ]>e wrangoua withalding of ye iaid ftranger, and loking of him in 
ane hons, and no*- fufifering liim to entir to ]>e hous of Joftice, he being chargit 
}iwrto be Jamea Anderibnn officiar ; and dwme gevin thairwpone. 

lLaimumt.2 Q April. The qnhilk daye Johne I.anm<»it, being un&eman, 
and accufit for fbirftalling of the towne, and breking of the ilatutes of the towne, 
in felling of Irland hydts in grit qoantitie to Dnmbartane men, or the ouming of 
his bwk to pt fott, being Hand at pe fery itowp," and purpofit to cum to yi» 
towne* come in j>e bulUea will thairfoir ; and Colene Campbell is becom cautioner 
fijr him, ]>at he fall nerir do pe lyk of it agane, wnder pe pane of aoe hnndrethe 
pnndia money anfoigerin. 

ZOrhame.'] 8 ApriL The qnhilk daye, in prefens of George Mpbinftoun* 
bullie, Johne Grhame becnm cantion for the entre of Oawane Orhame, his 
brother, in the tolbnithe of Gla%w, in pe burro court, to anfw'- for trublis of be 
towne, and bind betoiz lum and Johne Miller of MylneheuchL And lylnryfe 

■ Tb P«n7 Stoop— th« Mattmi wh«r« nuh boiU war* (htMrnd. 

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Johne Steward of Bowhona, and Daaid liodiaye joni^r, coniunSlie and 
feueralie, ar becnm cantioneris for }>e eDtre i4 {« fidd Johne Myller }>e laid daye, 
to anf'- for trnblia foiriud, ilk pfi>D mder ]>e pane of vnlaw and bind; and ala 
are becum eaation rz*^ }>at ptis lall be na trublas betnix Jwme in ]>e meynetyme, 
ilk pibn mder ]>e pane of twa hnndretbe pnndia money. And the fiud Johne 
Miller is decemit to relief his fidd cauttoneru heiroC 

lIVatfiMM.2 35 April. The quhilk daye, in pna of the proueft and baillies 
fittand in jugement, James Watfonn, officiar, flefchonr, is maid bargee and 
freman of )>e burghe and dtie of Olaigw, and hea gevin his aitht i^ fidelitie to 
the towne, and als for obferuing ]>e ftatat anentis ]>e coming to ^ townea myluei . 
SouerUe for bis fynes, Johne Watfitun witht ^e bairde, flefcho''. 

[_M'Quhirrpe—SoJi.2 36 April The qnhilk daye, Fatrik M'Qohirrye 
ikipper, is fond in ]>e wrang and amerchiament of court, for ye wrangoos raifing 
ye ftaini fiirthe of pe ct^owne hie ftreit, in ye marcat place of hering, at ye brig, 
pertenyng to ye haill townelchip : And als for ^ wrangmis ftteldag of Andro 
Thomfenn, fifcher on ]>e grene, J«t &myn daye at four ho^ eftiznon, beeuis he 
repremt him Jnirof. And als ye God Patrik, and Ma^^et Rofi his wyff, are 
lykvyle fnnd in ye wrang, for inrading of him witht ane drawin quhinger, and 
hb wy^ on ^e hie gait, flreking of him at lax ho^ eftimMi, eftir ye laid firft 
ftreking, eftir ]>at he had fund cautioun for ye doing of ye laid iecnnd wrang and 
firft ftreking ; and dwme gevin thairwpone. 

ISmjftAf] 3 May. The quhilk daye, Robert Smytht in Enne^ is limd in 
ye wrang and amerchiament of courts for trablas done be him to Dauid Flemyng, 
cowper, bu^es of GUlgw, in ftreking of him witht ane fuorde and battoun, to 
ye effufioun of his blude, in ye nycht, at San£l Lowrance borne, and dtHne gerin 
Jiairupone. And als vpone ye mome ]iaireftir, for ye doing of ]>e lyktohim; 
and dome gevin ^'vpone. Th^efdr ye amendis, be conient of bay^ ye laidis 
parteis, referrit to Dauid Lindlkye, elder, James Flemyng, and James Richie, 
cowper, to be decydit be ya ye mome, viz., ye ferd daye of Mail inftant. 

C<7aM{/<wii.3 7 May. The quhilk daye, Agnes Jamefoun is fund in ye wrang 
and amthiament of court, for pronoking and calling of Dauid Grhame, elder, 
Iniurious wordis, and als for ye ftreking of him witht ane rwng wpone ye held and 

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band to pe efinfioon of his blnid ; and dwme gerin Jrairupone, and )>« fiiid Dauid 
and bu dochtaris ar abfbluit fra Jm (iaid) Agnes dame. 

[ANme.] The qohitk daye, Walter Bowie, merchand, is food in pe wrong 
and amchianieDt of court, for cafting downe of Gawane Ranffis fluk,* fall of mer- 
chand geir downe in )>e dirt ; and dwme gevin Jtainipone, and is ordanit to recom- 
panoe Uln of his Ikaitht foftenit ]>airto, &c, 

[fiai(/lixm.|] 14 May. The q^ daye, Johne Haoftoun, baztet, is fund in {>e 
wrang and amchiament of conr^ for ]>e wrangons taking of Andro Fanes hand* 
iyue ellia of dowbill qnhy*- playdin^^ and als is decemit to delyuer him the 
famyn agane, he payand fonr &hiUing^ iiij^ for every ell thairof; and aU is fiind 
in the wrang for non entering of ane hieland man, as he quha wes fbaertie for 
the entre of him to this daye ; and dwme gevin thairwpone. 

[ff^&KK.] The qnhilk daye, Robert Wilfoon, meffinger, is fimd in Jie wran^ 
and amchiament of courts for pe flreking of James Cnik witht his fit vpone pe 
bah on the tolboidit ftair, in pus of ]>e offidaris ; and. dwme gerio thairopone. 

iPoUoHJ The qnhilk daye, AUezander FoUok is at^lwit fra allewin merkis, 
promdft be him to Robert Cranfarde, fior the price of ane graye hoi^, and p9A becaus 
pe Jamyn had Icab and fiiriy, quhilk apperit within fyne dayis eftir |>e felling; 
and he brocht pe horis agane to pe SaA Robert, quhilk wet ordanit be the baillies, 
to be gevin (in) pe poyndars hands to be fellit 

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'STEM, it is ftatnte and omdifcetKlit, be ye prorcft and 

ibaillies, togidder witht |>e conniUe wndervritten in pe 
couD&lhons : Be reflbae p*- Jre comone towne mylne is 
aliaterlie rninoiu, and gif na remeid be maid huftlie, will 
not fiiilje to fell and dekaye : Thairfore, ]>at all neceff'- 
materiales, tjrmer, ilanes, and vj>t9 for bigging }i'of, be 
3 preparit «*- diligence, and bra*- to pe mylne, and craflei^ 
men ooadndt for pforming J>'of, and pat pe muftei (of) work be diligent^ and 
arate Ji'apone^ and ordanis tike tbe^ to be eleftit at Vidbndaje niz^ to debnn pe 
expenfi to be maid on pe lonyn. 

Item, becans in re^A of pe ftatuts maid, coneemyi^ pe coming to J>e oomone 
towne mylnes, ]>at altho*- pe laid mylnes war reparit, jit wald no'- lerre, nor be 
fiifiBcient for grynding of pe ftuff ptA will com ]>to, and to ftiulc* pe baill towne : 
Tliairfoir, w*- ane confent, tho*- gode to blokf witfat Arch^ Lione for bia myln, 
wi(iitquhonie]>a),eftirlang arylement, aggreitandappointitw*- him for Jie lamyn, 
conforme to pe contract to be maid ]>airopoDe ; and )>ai inftantlie commouit and 
conTentit to pe beids ]>aIrof. 

Item, pe proneft, baiUies, and coanfkle, giandt to Jamee Fleroyng, nudfter of 
work, for his ezpenfia maid be him, in arating on pe workmen ]>ir twa jeiris 
bigane, ane bniges fynes, and ordanis him to name ony to be bni^^ quha lal be 
admittet and re&vit at hi§ requeift. 

iSeott—Brtan.'] 17 May. The qohllk daye, Alexander Soott^ baxtare, and 
Johne Brom, flefcho'-, referrit thair a£tioun of trublans, toWilliam TVnmbill, Johne 
Scott, Johne Oilmo'*, Johne Hamilton, Steill bonet maker, and in cais of wari- 
ance, Maifter Adame Wattaoe, as odman and oarmen, and to convene pe moroe 
at ikx or fewin bora in pe momyng, to be decydit be Jiame, betnix and pe xu 
daye of Jnnii, inftanL 

ITemtmd — Weir — GilMageis.'] The qohilk daye, George Tennand, and War 
rioon Weir, fpoafe^ ar fimd in pe wiang and amchiament of coor^ for tmbling 
of William Snthirlandis bons, inwitht pe cind of nycbt : And ab EUzabet OU- 

* Stalk^la acoonunodalc or npply. f Bkck — U pkn or derlMj 

d by Google 


bagy, and hir fuftir lykvys, ar fund in pe wrang, for Cniblans done be fiane to |ie 
fiud MariouDj in ftrekiog of hir; and dwme g«rin Jiairupon : Tliairefdr referrit 
)>e ftmyn to JtAme Wilibun, bfullie, and Maifter Adame Wallace, to be decydit 
be boM. 

kUPPLICA^N gevia in be Alexander flay, cbimrgiane: 
The qnhilk daye, tJie proueft, baillies, and couafide, wn- 
derftandand quburby he is myndit to remane in J>e 
towne, being in redynes for ferwing of the towoe in big 
craft and art : Thairfoir fw bis fuppor^ thai have granti^ 
as be ]>ir prefentis, grantis ane jeirlie penfionn to him, of 
ten merluB noney, ^adie, t» be payit be the the&nrare 
ni ye towne for pe tyme, in tymes coming, during thair willia^ and his gnd ierwice 
and bering, beg^nand pe firft payment fra pe tbelaurar, in pe thre fcoir fewen- 
tene jeiria : And atto*^ ye iaid AUexaader for ferwioe bigane, is maid burgee 
and freman of pe buidrt aad citie of Gb%w, asd hea gevin his lutht of fidelilie to 
the towne, and for obferring of pe ftatutis ptitof, and fall pay na maner of tazt in 
tyme coming, confonne to the preoil^e haid be wmquhile James Abimethy, his 

ZMicAel — Pettigreuig.'] 21 May. The quhilk daye, James Michel is fund in 
pe wrang and amduament of court, for tmhlaoce done be likn to Tboroaa Petti- 
grew, ia invB£ng him w*- ane drawin qohyng'-, jefterdaye, at twa hef*- cftuvone: 
AndalflJohne Pettigrew in )>e wrang* for thsinvadyngaijw iaid Jamei^ fiklyk w** 
ane drawin qobylngr : AaA fidik haitht pe laidei Tkoraas and Johne Pettigrewis, 
ar baitht fund in |ie wiang, for invading of the laid Jame% ilk ane of Jiame vitht 
ane diawia qohyi^-, and Gsfting of bim in ane dub : And alfwa ^e fmdis Thomas 
and Johne, ar fund in pe wrang, for diibbeyiog of Jaaua Anderfouo, <^Si»ar, to pac 
ID wsrde for pi fbirfaid trabknee ; and dwne gevin thairupone. 

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{ TEM, it is ftatut and ordanit, be ]>e baillies and.coun&le 
' ]>at na maner of peilbne be lund in wther rneunis AaS, 
I powand tbirfiUis, or ooy wther wedi§, bat Jwir lei^ vnder 
I }>e pane of laying of du in ]ie ft<Ai8, oppinly, at the imr- 
j catt croce, and to ly thairinto twenty-four bo^, and ordains 
( James Speir to pas throw the towoe, and proctame the 
! fiunyn. 


The names of thame ^ hes brdun )>e oomowne, and ]>e 

ftltu gevin wp be {>e ontlandemeris. 

Item, Johne Wyddrois, ]>e ftynnaiiB wennal, is fa hmkit }>at na perfiMin 
may pes. 

Item, ]>e freir mndo is biggit w*- ]re oomone. 

Item^ Midtaell Litiljohne hes dehrit ane grit quaudtie of {>e c<naon% and maid 
ane new deyih, in tarring ]>e grand iaz ellis about 

Item, James Anderfoon, fnmtyme millare, hea broldn ])e codowbc^ and faud 
Tpone his land. 

Archibald Lione hes tane awaye ane greit quantitie of jerd^ of ]>e myledame 
held, and hud Jie &myn wpon his land. 

Item, Archilmld Lione hes delwit money tcrfis, ane grit qoantide &a hia deyh 
in Daffie greyne, and hes maid l^s deyk thairwitht 

Item, J)e wennall ^t paflis be Ckilene Campbellis bonis, is Jiir gens bigane, and 
git remanes ^eirlie and daylie deftroyit, in laying of myddines, and hoiking Jmuto^ 
to pe haill confiifion thairo^ as may be fene and per&wit 

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ROUEST, baillies, and counlale, confiderand J>e multi- 
tnde of ftreogeris cuming to Jiis town, deQrrand to be 
fretDen thairo^ tbroT ])e quhilk thetowneichipkabiU* to 
be oppreft : Thairfoir, )>ai foirfeand ]>e iamyn, hes ftatut, 
and ordiaiiit, Jiat gif ony ftningeris, no*- being barges barnes 
of the towne, in tyme cnnuDg, requyris to be mud fre- 
men thairof, ilk ane of fKune fall paye, for pait barges 
fynea, to )>e the&mare Jmirof for ]>e weill of ]>e towne, ])e fbwme of tuenty puodis 

Item, ]}8 proueft, bailties, and conniate, regardand, and baring Eie to tlie bur- 
gee bamig of the laid town^ and to fchav tbame fero'- anentis thair fynee, 
quhUks in tymes bipaft wea eqnall w^ ]}e ftrengerg, beg ftatut, and ordanit, put 
ane boi^es apperand aire, his Either being on lyf, fra this daye furtht, &11 pay 
only for his bnrges fynes, pe fbwme of fjve pvindis money : And ilk ane of Jie 
iaid bni^^ fecond, and remanent fbnes, during ]>air fatheris tyme, or efdr, to pay 
for ])air fyiies, ten merkis money alUnerlie : And als ilk perfone mariand ane bnr- 
ges dochtir, beand pe bni^^ only aire, lall pay^for his bni^es fynes, pe sowme 
of fyve pundis only, and quha mareis ony of )>e reft of ony burgea dochteris, 
aitber after ptar fetheris deceis, or befoir, fiill pay, ilk perfoun for J>air burgea 
fynes ten pundis money allanerlie. 

Item, pe proueft, baillies, and connfale, undirftandand ]>at fyndry perfbnis, 
futds reqaeiftes, of grit men, and wtheris, and is maid bui^efi gratis, bat ony 
payment to pe towne, and for remeid heirof, thai haif ftatut, ]>at gif ony happynis 
to be maid bulges in tymes cuming, be requeift grat^, without ane reftboabilt 
cans of ferwice, or guid deid done to pe towne be ]>ame ptdrfmr : That fie bui^efis 
uris &I1 not haif, bruik, nor jois, ^e benefeit and previlege of ane barges lure, nor 
be re&wit freman, as ane burges aire, bot to be rekny t as ftrenger, and paye fynes 
asjMU do. 

Item, pe proueft, bailljes, and connfale, ordanis aU perfones, hai&nd pe new 
rewin ont,f comowne landis, to be chargit to fumeis ^air day works, conformc to 
pm infeftmehtes, to pe coniowue work of pe towne, and gif ony refuis, to paye 
for ilk daye work, iax fchillings aucht peneis money, and ordanis pe offidaris to 
poynd tftairfoir. 

* LliUe. .f Ncwlf porttoned, or dirlded. 

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IStewart — IVvmhUL'] 4 June. ' Tlie qnhilk daye, Jonet Stewart, ferw&nd to 
Katterine Stewart, is fund in ^e wrang and a&chiament of court, foi trublans 
done be bb to Jonet Tmiobill, in coming in hb bous, and rugg;ing of btr hair, 
and alfua be &id Jonet Trnmbill Is fnnd in ]>e wrang, for ]ie ftrekii^ of tbe find 
Jonet Stewart witbt ane rung ; and dome gerin tbaimpone, 

[ Jfoxtf ,] The qubilk daye, Daocane Maxis, ferwand to John Barry, lorymer, 
is, be his awin confeffion, fiiod in |>e wrang and amchiament of conrt, for tru- 
blance done be him to Simone Barde, in ftreking of him w^ ane windok bar rpone 
be beid, to ]>£ effafion of his blnid, rpone f>e ferde daye of Janii inilant; and 
dome gewin pairupone, and thairfoir is cum in tbe baiUies will. 

^Kirkwod — Lowry.'} Tbe qobilk day, James Kirkwod, and Barbara Lowry, 
reliA of wmquhile Uauid Heriot, ar fiind in J>e wrang and a&chiament of court, 
for trublans done be Uiame, ilk ane of ]>& to wtheris, in cafting of ull in wtfaeris 
feces ; and dome gevin thairapone. 

^Kirktood.'} Tbe qnhilk daye, Barbara Lowry, relict of umqnhile Danid 
Heriot, is deoemit and ordanit of hir awin confeffion, to delyner to James Kirk- 
wod, twlsor, tine fcbort pecis, and ane lang geift of aik, and fa mony pecis of 
ftanes as fcho hes within hir hons, hewin, or nnbewin, be hir (utht incontinent. 

[^Laj/nff.'] 7 June. The quhilk daye, Robert Layng, ladillare, is fund in tbe 
wrang and amchiament of court, for trublance done be him to B^e Anderfbnn* 
fpous to James Graye, tail^or, in ftreking of hir Tpone tJie face witbt his neif, 
rpone monoondaye preceding ritfondaye kft: And als Williame Codirane, 
fkynner, is fund in the wrang in lykmaner, in tmbling of }>e did James in his 
awin bous, in putting and cafting in of ane langlkdiil bed in J>e famyn, he not 
being remowit fiirtbt ]>airof : And als pe laid Robert and William ar baithe fimd 
in Jie wrang, for "pe invading of the laid James in his awin bous, ilk ane of jMune 
w*- ane drewne quhynger ; and dome gerin thaimpone. 

Z Wil/otttL} 3 July. Ilie quhilk daye Robert WiUbun, meffinger, is fiind ia the 
wrang and amchiament of court, for trublance done be him to Jaaes Johaefbnn, 
ferwand to Johne M'- , flefcko*- , in cafting of him to }>e erde, and pc^ng him w*- 
his feit ; and dome gerin tbaimpone. 

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IBankMe.'} The qatalk daye Ma^aret Rankene, fpooa to Jofane Ott^ wiycht, 
is fond ID pt wnuig and amchiameiit of eoait, for trabUnce done be Ut to iiap- 
goiet &nytht, in ftreldng of lur and hir banie, aod ragging of her haii, and caft* 
ing of ftanes in at hir dur ; and dome gerin thainqpone. 

[JlftUer.^ The quhilk daye Johne Paterfoun, Ikynner, is decemit and ordanit, 
of hia awin proper confeffion, to delyuer to Matho Miller, carter, ane wortt 
trodit fUi^ iett in hyre foe J>e ipaoe of ane jeir, qnhill Vitfoidaye nizt, tncm- 

IComulL] The qnhilk daye Jonet Scott, fpoiu to Samfoun \^Ubuv ia de- 
cemit and ordanit, be hir confeffion, to delyner to Ifabel Connell, ri^ of fie, w*- 
ane Lynyng coUer, and ane hardin aperone, promdft in fie, price iij*- iucondnent, 
vitht of«q>enfia. 

ZMiitar.2 Tlie qohilk daye Thomas Spang, mercliand, is decemit and or- 
danit to delyuer to Thomas Miller, ane grit tow, and twenty ane lib. ziij*- iiij''- 
money, for ane wther tow, intromettit w*- be him, ptenyg to the laid Thomas 
Miller, he payand to the laid Hiomas Spang, the carrege thairof, vis. : 
And ordanis Thomaa Miller to mak ire ]>e find Thomas Spengis twa towia^ J>at he 
may bring ]>ame hame on his awin expenfis. 

The conrt of the burght and citie of Olalgw, haldin at 
Ciaigmdi, be George Elphinftoon, and Johne WiUbun, 
bailKea thairof p9 fiat day of Julii, being ]>e &ir ewin, 
tlic ^eit of God, &&, Lxxrij jeir; the court coafermit : 
Denqiftar, Robert Lettrik. 
Item, becans the &ir daye of Glalgw, approcbeand, &llia Tpone Sondaye nixt, 
vpone the quhilk na mercat aucht to be kepit : Tliairfor it is ftatute be )>e baillies 
and oouni^e, Jtat na merchandis crame* on ]>e gait, nor jit of^in ^air buithes for 
felling of merchaodice, vpone the liudfondaye nixt,.Tader ]>epanooffywepttBdk 
ilk pfone, and t^danis yis fiafait to be publift be oppin proehuiia''B, at the mercat 
croce, incontinent. 

• T*k>wk|oo4*— Btlii Krauwii, W cKpon te Mte. 

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{Widdafpmt—Biggar'-Flemjfng.l 10 July. TTie quhilk daye James Wither- 
fpwne, James Biggart, John Flemysg, I^trik Oraye, Midiaell Dalgleis, and StAokB 
Speir, tfulsots, ar fund in the vrrang and amerchiametit of coort, for difbbeying 
)>air dekyne, and )>e townes off'-, for no*- entering Juunelelfis armeit, to haif kepit 
}>e tolbaithe ftur, }>ai being chaigit thairto. 

[^o&OMore.] Id July. The quhilk daye Ilibtbo Falconare, fone to Johne FalciHi- 
are, tailjor, is fond in the wiang and amchiameat of court, for cafting of ane ftane 
at Beffie Cochrane, fpons to James Witherfpwne, hitting hir, and hir bame in hir 
anne ])urwitlit, and bludit the bame, vpone Weddiofdaye the tent day of Julii 
inftant, vithio the cry of the fair, and is fiind in ])e bindwyte;* and dome gevin 

[GoArailAf.] The quhilk daye Johne Ker is decemit and ordanit, }ie alle- 
ga'^es of partie being harde, and ale be }ie Eutbt of partie, to delyuer to Alex- 
ander Oalbraitht, certane woll extendand to pnnd vecht, and ane pair of 
breikis, vithin xr dayis nixt, with of expenGs. 

\_ArbukU.'\ The quhilk daye James Arbukle is fund in ye wrang and amchia- 
ment of court, for trabhins done be him to Dauid Allan, in flreking of him, and 
cafting doun his peittis, of his hors bak in ane myr ; and dome gevin tbair- 

[M.ufAy.1 30 July. The qnhilk daye, Johne Munky, qnarionr, is liind in ye 
wrang and amchiament of court, for tmblans done be him to Jonet Anderibun, 
^ns to Johne Anderfonn, minifter, in ftreking of hir witht Lis neif rpone ye 
lace, and dining of hir curchaye of hir lace ; and dome gevin thaimpon, and for 
amendis of J>e laid ftreking, is ordanit to flt downe vpone his kneis, and aft hit 
fo^fnes, quhilk he inftantlie did referwand to J)e laid Johne, a^ioun, to perlev 
(or Ininris. 

IBemyng,'] 6 Anguft. The quhilk daye, Oeoi^ Burrall, ladillare, is de- 
cemit and ordanit, be ]re aitht of partie referrit be him y^to, to content and pay6 to 
"William Flemyng, in rudry, }ie Ibwme of laxtene fchiUingis money, for y% price 

* " An unlaw for wraiit or lujurfi iIc |i Waui."—Slaat dt nrb. lig. 

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of thre Rabuck {kynnis, and ane brok ikyn, within zr dayis next, with 
«f ezpenfis. 

iBarrie — Galbraitht.2 The qobilk daye, Johne Barrie, Lorymer,* aud Um- 
phray Galbraitbt, cutlare, ar fund in )>e wning and amchiament of court, for trub- 
lance done be ^ame, ilkane to wtheria, in invading and hurtiog ilk ane of wtheris 
witht drawin quhingeris, to )>e effufion of ilk ane of jHur bludes ; and dome gevin 
^urupone : Thaireftir, }>e baillies witht awyfe of )>e couniall confidderand )>e 
mony fituld tuljeis committit and done betuix ]>e &idis pairteis in tymes bigane, 
and for ewading Jiiurof in tymes cuming, and quieting of )>e towne ^airfra, hes 
ordanit )>e fiudis pairteis to abftene fra talkie} or invading ather of wtheris in 
tymes coming, be waye of detd, wtberwyfe not be law, ilk ane of )>ame vndir ye 
pane of fourUe pundis, ])at happinig to be covi^l Jiairinto, to be payit to ]>e proa- 
eft, bailliei, and comowne work of ye towne. 

[_Seri>er(/bim.} The quhilk daye, Johne Herbertfoun is ablbluit fra ye kow 
hyde, acclamit fra him, be George Tennand, and is decemit to delyuer to ye laid 
Oeoige, ane feoreit donblatf lent be him to &id Johne, incontinent. 

^Pateifiim.2 1 3 Anguft, The quhilk daye, Robert I^rfi>an is fund in the 
wraog and amchiament of court, for the taking and cafting of Johne Anderfbnes 
hydis, furtht of his awin bark hoill ; and dome gevin thunipone. 

[^Hogifyarde.'] 16 Auguft. The quhilk daye, Johne Hc^:if5arde, is fund in 
ye wrang and amchiament of court, for balding of ane kow by the hirde, contrare 
ye ftatutis of ye towne : Qnbilk kow wes fund and gotUn in James Flemingis 
ooroe, and is ordanit to redovn ye fkaitht to ye fud James fuftenit be him ; and 
dome gerin tbairopone. 

ZGrkame—Steuxtrtia.'] ^OAngufU The quhilk daye, the a£lioim of tniblana per- 
fewitbe Gawane Grhame,contrare,RobertandArchiba]dStewBrtiB, brether,iscon- 
tinewit be conient of partie, in hoip of greance, to ye zxyj daye of Auguft, inftant, 
and yat na trublans be done in ye meyne tyme : Soaertie }>aiifoir, and for J>e entrie 

■ Lorimer-k MUkw ol bit* lor bridW— Lsrariiu, TU. LKIUtoa'i Dlot Sm iIm p. 74^ 

t Sacnl donblgt — » doaUet af ch»in mail, wam nndcr part of lb* nniil dn>> U purd ^ilnit mmc 

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of )>e fiid Gawaiie> )>e €ai daye, Mongo WUfbon, and for "pe Aid Arokibald, 
Dauid Lyndlkye, eldir, and als for ]>e laid Robert, under Jie pane of ane hwid- 
rethe pandis money ilk ptie. 

IMuAeO.'] The qobib daye, Johne Midiell in NeJ)'- Poffill, is fund in ^ wnag 

and amchiament of court, for taking ane hora of William Wattirftoones of ye 

feildis, and putting of bim in harrowis^ laubqT' and fair twa ko"- ; and dmne gevin 

thairupone : And peatfmx a deceroit to gif ^ for his lonbo'' incontinent, witbt 

of expenfis. 

ZBaihiU.'] 27 Auguft, The qofailk daye, Jonet Moreibiui, Qions to WilUam 
Jack, is fund in ^e wrang and amchiament of court, for injuring of Aidiibald 
Hakhill, IB calUng of him ane menfuome theif, upoae the zxij daye of Aagtdt, 
inftant, and aU vpone Jie fiud daye, immediatlle J)tureftir, is lykryie ia ]>e naag, 
for the cafting of ane pynt ftoip fiiU of aill at him, and hitting and hurting of 
him abone his left eie punr*; to the grit efiiifionn of his bluid; and dome gevin 
thairupone, and the liiid Ardiibald is abfUuit fra ]>e faid Jonetis ctame : Thair- 
eftir ]>e amendii to be maid to )>e &id Archibald, be confent of partie, is referrit 
to Peter Lymbumare, Patrik Cktlquhonn, and to )>e laid Williame, to be decemlt 
be Jiame incontinent. 

[,Armif:'] 30 Ai^ft. The quhitk daye, Ridtert Armo'- tuik not, ^ John* 
Reid awnit Jie meir acclamit £ra Lim as wanderit, and no*- as theif ftoUin. 


^NE noble and potent lorde, Robert, Lord Boyd, pi«lenttt 

7 ane writting maid to turn, be James, Archbilchop of 

' GlaigiTj eonoeming the proneftrie tliairof vnderwtitten, 

and defyrit Jw iamyn to be infert and regfat in )»ir bulks, 

' for fulfilling and obf«rTE*n diairo^ and put pe townefehqk 

I fukl ^tend na ignorance of the iamyn, quhilk Jie bailliea 

^ refawit and ordanit pe Ikmyn to be regrat in ])ir bulks, of 

fie quhilk )>e teno'- foUowis: We, James, Aichbi&hop of Ohi%w, be pe teno'- 

heirof, bindis and oblifi we, to onr cheif kynnilinan, Robert, Lord Boyd, faaillie 

principall of our baronie, and regalide of OU%w', quhom we, by our fpedall 

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powar asd oommiffionn, hud chofen proaeft of the &id ritie, duncg; all the dayis 
of o" lyftyme, aod his gewin nndir out hand writis, and r^rat in ]>e conrt balks o f 
j>e laid ciUe at nuur lengthe bein ; noSv4tanding )>e laid Lorde, for lyndr y cauGus, 
mowing him thairto, hes dimittit the laid office in o*;, hand for ])i8 jeir, qnhairby 
we maf aSiat ■Ga ane pei&an as ve tiiink beft at this nizt miehaelmea court, and 
fidike in tyme cnining geirly to be pneft of the laid cietie : Froryding alwayis 
^t ve fall nominat na proneft ]>n jeir, nor in ony tyme cuming, by ]>e laid 
Lordis aryfe and ccmlent, during all ]>e dayis of his lyftyme, nor jit fall retene 
ony proneft, fat lall be nominat I>e us to )>e laid aetie, langer nor ane jeir, bot fall 
change )>e ^ueft at )>e ^e^ end, at J>e dbfyre and ptefor of ))e laid Lorde; and gif 
we wald do )>e contrare, (as God forbid we fuld,) we, be ye tem/- heirof, ordanis 
and comandis ]>e baiUies and counliill of }»e liiid cietie, ])at J>ai pas, nor gif na 
comtffioun to na perfoun nor perfonis, to )>e office of puellrie <rf]>e laid cietie, by 
^e confent and adnife of ])e laid lorde haid thairto : And ala we be ]>e teno'-, 
heirof, grantis and conlentaB )nt it lall be lefhm to the laid lorde, to entir to }»e fiiid 
office of proueftiie (^ Glalgw agane, quhenewer it plefia him, at the tyme of 
Midiaelmea, quhen baillles and pronefteis are ele£Ut, ficlyk, and als frelie as he 
haid newir dendttit |>e Ikmyn ia onr handis, and yak fe commiffioun be gcantit 
him quhen his L. pleils to accept pi lam, and als, we conlent and comand pat. Jiis 
o'- writting be regFat mpe court buiks of oar cietie of Olalgw, andremaneasonre 
fuffident warrand to ye laid lorde, and ficlyk to ye bailUeg and counlale of ]>e laid 
cdetie, piit and to cum, during all ye dayis of )>e lud Lordis lyftyme, but ony reao- 
catioun or agane calling : And n omtent |>at pe &myn be extendit in the maift 
fnir forme, fmt can be dinifil^ keipand the fnbftance abone writtin : In witnes of 
the q*^, we baif fnblmwit ye lamyn witfat oure hand, at Gla%w, the lext daye of 
Sept«nber, the geir of God, JQD. V*- Lxxrij ^eiris, befbir Jiir vitocffis, James Boyd 
of Kippis, Thomas Crawfiirde of Jordanhill, Fargns Kennedy, and Archib^d 
Lorymeir, meffinger, w*- wtheria diners, &c. 

Ute qnhilk daye comperit Fargns Kennedy, lowito'- , and in name and be- 
half of ane maift reuercnd fiMiher, James, Archbilchop of Glalgv, modeme, and 
|M«f«Btit anewrittyng, fablcrynit be him, namand and prefentand Thomas Craw- 
ford, of Jordfmhill, to be proaeft of }e bntgfat and cietie of Gta%w, for this s^ir to 
cum: Qahilk writdng the auld baillies and counlale relawit, and ordanit and 
giantit d»ir coSiffionn to be mud and gerin, to ye lud Thomas to yai effeA, 
oonEonne to vie and wont, and ordanit die samyn t* be leillet <»i thurfilaye the 

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thrid day of O^ber iDftanti and Jwt w^ the confeDt of Robert, Lorde Boyd 
Confonne to the writdng befoir regiftrat 


t TEM, it ia ftatut and ordanit be >e proueft, baillies, and 
cSlale of Gla%w, that Uiair be na dairer aill fiiald, nor 
vij*- )>e pynt, and y&t pe fiunyn be kin^ aill, and wery 
gnid, vndir ]>e jAne of ancht {chillings ])« firft talt, the 
fecund &lt deling of ])e brewing, pe thrid &lt breking of 
I J>air Iwmes, delyng of Jie brewing, and forbering to brew 
' ^eit and daye ])aiTeflir, and ])at nane brew except fremen, 
or relJds of pe fremen, vndir ]>e pane of delyng of pe brewing, and breking 
of ]>air Iwmes, and }>at ye browftaris make ]>air aill patent to ]>e taiftaris, iat^aa 
j>ai cum thairto, vndir the pane of aucht fchillings iik perfbon. 

Item, it is ftatnt and ordanit ^at pe fbure peny laif wey tuelf nice vecht, guid 
and fufiGcient ftuf, weill baiken breid, and ^at ilk baxtare half ane prent on Jiair 
breid, fna paX fie iamyn may be knawin, ondir ye pane of aucht fcbillingt ye firft 
£alt^ )>e fecund &It deling of yait breid, and ye thrid, difchargeing of baiking for 
ane jeir : And ^at ye dekyn of ye craft vifie ye famyn breid, and exerce yi» 
ftatut fcharplie, and gif he be fnndin n^ligent, to be puneift be the proueft, bail- 
lies, and coun&le, as repugnant to the comowne wellbt 

Item, it is ftatut and ordanit, )>at Jiair be na middynis laid vpone ]>e fotrgait, 
on ye greyne, nor jit on meill nor fifche mercats, nor yai na fleicho^ teyme ynr 
rfchawis vpone ye foirgate, mdir ^e pane of aocht Ichillinga ilk fait vnforgerin, 
and ]>at na ftanes nor tymmer ly on ye hie gait, langar nor jeir and daye, vndir 
ye pane of efcheting yairot 

Item, it is ftatut }>at ]>air be na blawin muttoun, nor breding of flefche, vndir 
the pane of ancht fchillingis, and ^at na tallonn be lanld of grit qoantitie, to pas 
of the towne, qnhill faftrenis ewin, vndir ye pane of e&heting }>ain>f, and ]»t na 
fleftho"- by tallowne nor deid fleiche : And ]>at all flefche or filche )>at beia brocht 
to ye towne, to be brocht at anes to ^e mercat, vndir the pane of efcheting of fit 
mekitl as beis fiind hid in ^air honls. 

Item, it is ftatut and ordanit ]«t pair be na mnttooD fi»rit on ye bak, nor na 
purte ]>airof, nor jit lattin doun befoir, bot ane icoir ather befoir or beliind, vn- 

, Google 


dir ye pane of aacht fchillingia ilk iait, atid |>at na martis be bowbredit, nor latUa 
down, mdir ye laid pane; and yeA all ye hydis and Ikynnis be baill, nodit dimi- 
nifit nor carledderit, togidder w*- the tatlowne, be bro*' w*- the boulks, tt^dder 
to )>e mercatt, vndir ye &id pane, ye fecund ialt, e&heUng of yait guddis, and del- 
ing to ye pur, and ye thrid vndir ]>e pane of efcheting, and diichargeing fra viing 
fie merchandice in tymes cuming. 

Item, it is ftatut and ordanit, ]>at na hukllarU by bay, ftray, nor come to cop 
nor fell, quUdder yai be fre or vnfre, without yai hawe ftabeling, vndir ye pane 
of aacht fchillingiB, and yet the come remane in the marcat, quhill ten ho"- of be 
daye, vndir ye &id pane, to be tane of ye byar, and fiunekill of ye fellare. 

Item, it ia ftatut and ordanit yat J}air be na tallowne darrer &ald, nor zviij*- be 
ftane, and yat nane be lauld to outtintownefinen, vndir ye pane of efcheting ye 
iamyn, and yet na mchandis, nor wther fremen, nor fletcho"-, by tallowne, or 
hy£8, in preiudice of ye towne, or by tallowne, hydis, or Ikynnia, witht ftrengeris 
money, or pennyworthis vndir cullo'-, nor ^it pak nor peill witlit vnfremen, vndir 
the pane of efcheting of all lie guddis (and ]>at na ky be hochit on ye hie gait, 
and blude y^upaa, vndir ye pane of viij*- ]>e firft fiilt, and y'eftir, vndir ye pane of 


Item, it 18 ftatut and wdanit, )>at ye pund of candill be (auld for zv^ ye pund, 
and}iat]reiamynbelinaU wekitand weill tallownit, vndir ye pane of aucht tbhillingis, 
and Jiat na vn&e peribois mak candelis to fell agane, vndir ye pane of efcheting of 
the iamyn ; and ye caodiU makaris Jal fell to fie as defyris, in pund or half pund 
vechtes, or wthervyfe be wecbta, vndir ye laid pane. 

Item, it is flatnt and ordanit, y&t gif ony maltman iellis his malt (to) vufre per- 
fiints, bronftaris within ye bmghe, be ikll nocht be harde to periew the &myn 
owthir befoir proueft or baillies. 

Item, it is ftatut and ordanit, )>at na nultman by beir in ye mercat, and fend 
awaye the malt thairof down ye waiter of clyde, bot J>at he put ye Jamyn to ye 
marcatt of Glafgw, ilk &ult, audit fcbillingis vnfw^vin. 

Item, ye prouefl:, baillies, and counlale, vnderftandand ye name of Ood to be 
bla^hemit, be bannyng and fuering, and }>e command Jwiranent to be maift oppinlie 
brokin, but puniiinent, in ya toon : Tbairfoir it is ftatut and ordanit, ]>at na 
naoer of perfoun or perfbunes blafpheme Goddia name, owther in bannyng or 
fuering in tymes cuming, vndir ye pane of vnlawis contenit in ye a£Us of parlia^ 
ment, and ordanis pair officials to pas throw the towne, and tak tryall, and puneis 
ye fiimyn, conforme to ye a£tia of parliament ; And als y^x inhibit yat pair be na 

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mercatt kepU on ^ Ibndaye, &a ]>is daye furtht, ntdir ]>e pane of efi^eting of })« 
guddb prefentit and fauld. 

Item, it is ftatut anil ordanit, ]>at na ueill be Ikuld, nor fek* oppinit thairto, 
qdiill teu bo^ of ])e daye, and ]>at nane fwrftall )>e mercat^ in byiog of meill 
cnmand to )>e mercatt, to fell and cop agane, and ilk fellar and avsare of )>e meill, 
mett be lamyn )>ameftlfiB, according to ^e auld fUtutis, vndir )te pane of aucbt 
ichillingis ilk bit, and pat )>air be na meill hid in honfi, bot all pr^ieadt in })e 
mercatt fted, nor Jauld out witbt }>e fiunyn, vodir the faid pane. 

Item, it is ilatut and ordanit ]>at all names witht wolne daitht, ftandabooe the 
croce, and crames witht lynnyng cbutht iland benetht the croce, vndir ]>e pane <rf 
audit fchillingis ilk fait, prouidiog ]mt it fiJl be leifiun to fyndrie fremen sa hes 
bnithii benetht the croce, to ftand with ]>Bir merchandice befoir ]»ir awin buitkis. 

Item, it u ftatut and ordanit be ]ie proaeft, baillies, and connlale, ]>at gif ony 
perfbne of pe eounfide happeois to revele ooy thing fpoking or tretit in p« oounfale, 
aa oounfale, fall be remowit of pe counfale, and newir in tynet cnming to be ad- 
mittit vpone ye counfale agane, bot haldin in&me, and )>air fredtunes callit 

Item, it is ftatut anentis the officiaris, conforme to ]>e flatutea maid of befoir, 
yht in cais ]>ai be no'' ferwiaUe, bot comittis hlia Jiairinlo, wordy depriu&'n, that 
mcontinent thaireftir, to be remowit, and wtheris put in Jiair places, be the pro- 
»efl, baillies, and comfale. 

Item, &rder, for guid reull and ferwice to be kepit and done be ye offi"' in 
tymes cuming, it is ftatut and ordanit, {>at nane fill be admittit to ]>at office, except 
yu firft find caatioun for dew adminiftra'iin in yait office : And ala, hov fone Jiai 
be fund in fidt worthe of depiira^iin to be depriwit incontinent be proaeft, bail- 
lies^ and counfile, quha hes promeift be u|:^ewing of yut handis and fiitfat, in cais 
ony of )>ame be remorit for ane fufficient cans, nodit to re&we yame agaike in 
office, for na reqoeift, dire^lie or indire£ilie,- and ab ordanea the baillies to cans 
the fkellatt* pas throw the towne on ane mercatt daye, iminediatelie precedii^ ilk 
heid court, of the held courtis in the jeir, to wamc all and fyndrie, ]>at bea ony 
G^laynds agaiois ^e officiaris, to cum Jwirwitht on ]>e dayis ai ye fiid heid courtiBy 
quhiUds yoa &llbeexaininat,andgif^ai, orony of{>uaebe wordiefundof depiina- 
tioun, to be depryvit as fiid is, and yia nocht to flop cmy wthir tymes, quhen 
)>air playntis may be playntit on. 

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Item, ordanis ))e baillies be jHimefeUis, to vifie the haill tnercattia in ]>e towne, 
and yat J)e ftatates, and all Jie ftatntes abone writtin, be keipU in all poynUs. 

Item, it ia ftatut, ^t it lall nocht be lefiiU to nowther fre or ynfire, to bald by 
hb&lis,* vndir )>e pane of ancht Ichilluigis, nor jit to ]>e hirdis to gif vp ]>e keip- 
ing of ])e guddis, quhill all ]>e fiuff be junit 

Item, it is ftatut, Jiat nane pull ftibbilia furtbt of ony landis about the toon, the 
firft iait vndir ])e pane of banifbent furtbt of ]>e towne. 

Item, it is ftatut and ordanit, pat ]>air be na fwyn, nor geu haldin, nor paftnrat 
within the burroruds about the towne, bot haldin bund in houfi, vndir pe pane of 
efcheting th^rof. 

Item, it is ftatut and ordanit, for preferuatioun of ^e quheit seirlie &win, or to 
be fitwin about the towne, and ialfing of the ^ardts, ]>at {>air fat be na fcfaeip haldin 
nor pafturat within the burroradis, fymmer nor vyndr, vndir )>e pane of aucht 
fehillingis ^e firft felt, ^e fecund fiilt xziiij*, and pe thrid, efcheting thiurof; and 
ordanis pe poynder to ezerce pis ftatut, vndir pe pane of depriua'nn of hia 

Item, it is ftatut and ordanit Jiat pe mercatt fted of gers, flray, and hay, be in 
be new kirk jatde in tyme ctuning, and paX nane fall prefent pe famyo to ane 
wtbir place bot ptir, vndir pe pane of ancht fi^illingis ilk felt. 

Item, it is ordanit, )>at ]>e caill, frnit, vngeones, and ciames ]>wrf(nr, be putt be- 
tniz pe cors gutter, and pe gibbett ; and ^at ilk crame be ane ell braid, and ane 
elne lang only. 

Item, it is ftatut and ordanit, Jnt it fall nocht be lelum to na freman to halve 
flefcke floks, ma nor ane, in pe lane mercatt; and it fall nocht be leful to ony 
Tnfreman, to halve (my ftoks peii. 

Item, it is ftatut and ordanit, that thir perfonea vnderwritten, every ane within 
the gaytea quhair Jjai dnell, pais owklie throw pe ikmyn, and taift pe aill browin 
within be boundis limitat to J^ame, to ie gif Jie famyn be fuffident, acoording to pe 
price tazt thairupone, find quha brewis ]>at ar vnfre, and to report the famyn 
owklie to pe baillies. 

For J>e Rattonran and Drygate, 
William Donaldfbn, Gilbert Hall. 

Fra pe Wyndheid to J»e Blakfreirs. 
Cathbert Herbertfoun, William Rowatt. 

* Hiraril— • Aron or flock— bj hbieU, ■ prlnH iron or f i^. 

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Fra ]>e Blakfreirs to pe croce. 
Geoi^e Herberdbim, Johne Flemyng^. 

For )>e Gatlogate and troyngate. 
Robert ^oong, cordiner, Patrik Bell. 

Fra }>e cots to ])e nethir barrafsetc. 
Peter Lymbnmar, James Ricbie. 

Fra J)e barrafset to pe brig and Stokuell. 
Patrik Howie, Johne Gilmoir. 

IBob^oiM.'^ 15 Oftober. The qohilk daye, Johne FlemyBg is decerait, as 
cautionare for Jobne Schelis, to paye to Elizabe*- Robefoun, viij*- mwiey, for ane 
paitlott* and ane pair of flevis, tane be pe flud Johne Schelis in hir, incontineDt, 
w*- of expenlig. 

[XeicA«.] The quhilk daye, Margaret Leiche is fund in ^e wrang and ant- 
chiament of conrt, for tmbtans done be hir to Jonet Lyndfaye, in ftreidng of hir 
witht ane ime taogie, and byting of hb, vpon ]>e firft daye of O^ober, inflant, 
and dome gevin Jiairnpone ; and abfoluis ^e fidd Jonet &a the fidd Margarets 

lGamia—Miaar—Wat/owt.2 22 Oflober. The quhilk daye, Robert 
Gamill, Johne Millar, Matho Watlban, Johne M'-, James M'-, William M% 
Johne Browne, Robert Browne, Johne Watfonn, sonngar, and Johne Watiban 
witht pe bairde, ar fund in pe wrang and amchiament of courts for eontranening of 
J>e ftatutis of pe towne, in bowbreding of pe mards, apprebendit gifterdaye in pe 
mercatt, and pat for pe firft bit; and dwme gevin ]>eimpone. 

[7We.] 23 Ofitober. The quhilk daye, in prefens of ])e proueft, bailliesand 
confide, Richert Tod being accnfit for vAirping of f office, in paffing at 

his awin hand, but comand of proueft or baillies, in taking ane tailjo*- fiiTtht of 
Matho Vilibnes hoos, and ane wther furth of Tbomas Syares hous, and impot- 
ting pame in ftiait warde, in pe hie*- tolbnithe, and ak for poynding Ma^;aret 

* Pkitlrtt, ■ pi«M of inm for Um head or Mck. f Bluk In arifliud. 

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Woddrop in ftcAnellgait, for ane vnlaw, nocht being conviS, wes be ]>e proueft, 
bullies, and couniale votand, inftantlie deprywit of im office, and his Vatid tane 

[PofllnL] 5 Norember. The quhilk daye, Thomas Sprenll is decernit and 
ordanil^ be {>e aitht of partie tane, becaus be comperit nocht, to contentand paye 
to Alex'- Poll4^ )>e Ibwme of twa merka money, for )>e price of ane fadilt witht 
qohit leddir, ftirrepis Irnes, pair gims, and ane pair fpurris, left in keiping 
witht him ; and ficlik Beffie King, Ipous to AUane Park, is deceniit to paye to 
him xxxiy- for ilk peek, of thre pecka malt, within xv dayis nixt, w*- of 


[fio6.] 8 November. The qahilk daye, Johne Rob is abfoluit Ira pe com- 
playnt gevin in contiare him be I^trik Howie, for aliegit filling, and non doing 
his itiligftna, in walking of claitht, becaus it wes be honeft men jugit* and iene, 
he did his dewtie. 


HE qohtik daye, in pus of ]ie proueft, baillies, and coun- 
£tle, James Anderfinin is maid and creat ane of ^e officiaris 
of {>e towne, in Richert Toddis place, vndir pronifioun, 
]>at he kelp gud liiice and reule, and hes gevin his aitht 
thairto : and ala, James Flemyng is becom cautioner ^air- 
foir, and for adminiftra^n paiiinto. 

The quhilk daye, J>e proaeft, baillies, and counfale, haweand refpefi to ]>e 
dertht* of viAuales, hes mitigat ]iair a^es anentis aill and breid, di^nfand ]>air- 
witht, }>at ])e pynt of gnid uU be for aucht peneis, and ]>e four peny laif wey ten 

* Sm Hordw Utmin, ISTS, p. 6. 

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M, ]>M condeieendtt aod ordanit ]>« maifter of work to 
k )>e gramer feole wattir &ft, aod at ]ie fprin^ of {>e 
ir to mend )ie weft parte ^airof. 


The qnliilk daye, it we§ condifcendit be ye proneft, bailliei, and eoanJale, 
widit {>e dekynia of ]>e craftis, ]>at in re:^>e£l, jwir ia nockt to be gotten (rf comowne 
guddis, to big ye calTayis, and pat ))ai halwe appoyntit witht a callaye maker, fn 
twa ^eris to com : Thai pairfoir halve conientit to rail ane taxatiouD, of twa 
hnndredkt pnndis money, to be tane of ye haiU inbabitantia )>airof, worthie )Murto, 
and namit yix peribnia to be ftentatea yatta, viz., Johns Flemyng, Robert M'-, 
■ George Herbertfoon, Robert Adame, Johne Tempill, Matho Wilfoun (and Ton- 
dry othera) to be tane at twa termes, viz., ]>e firft of Januare nizt, and ye fecund 
at beltane nixt^ and to convene on fbrifdaye nixt, befotr none, at viij ho~, in J>e 


The quhilk daye, the proueft, bailUes, and counfiie, 

with dekinig, coft fra Johne M'*, ibne to umquhile Jamea 

M'-, and Andro Lat^, ye auU b^ Jiat sed throw the 

towne of auld at ye buriall of ye deid, for ye fowme of tea 

pandia money, qahilk yai ordanit Patrik Glen yut the- 

iaurare, to paye to yame, and als grantit ye Had Andro to be maid bnrgda, gratis, 

quhilk bell yax ordanit in all tymea to remane as comone bel^ to gang for ye 

buriall of be deid, and to be gevin jeirlie to lie perfoun as yai appoynt, for anys 

in be seir, takand cautioun for keping and delyuering ]>airof at ye seris end. 

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And )>e laid Andro Iaii^, as ibne to umqafaile M'- Robert Layng, is maid in- 
ftaatHe burges, as ane burges Tone, gratis, for pe faid caus of ]>e bell, and bee gevis 
his aitht of fidelitie to the towne, wid als for oblerving of ye ftatutis ]}airof. 

lAdam — PoBoH.'] 22 November. The quhilk daye, Johoe Brown, as piiaci- 
pal, and Patrik Olen, as cautiooar for him, ar decernit and ordanit eoDinufUie 
and ieuerallie, J>e allega^es of partie being hard, to paye to Dauid Adame, and 
M^iam Follol^ ^e fi>wme of thretty fchillingis money, for Ikay'-. fuftentt be ]>ame, 
tbron careyng of Jiair pottis be ])e ikid Robert, and bndiin be him, within xv 
dayis nixt, w*- of expenlis. 

iDamd/om — Bamfiiy — Gawie.'] 26 November. The quhilk daye, Archibald 
DauidTotm filler, is fund in pe wrang and amchiament of court, for ]>e &hutyng 
and cafting of Dauid Ramlaye in ane guttar ; and als })e laid Dauid is fluid in )>e 
wrang, for ))e hnrtingof fe fiid Archibald witht ane drawin quhing'', aboue ]>e left 
(eie), to Jie greit effufioun of his bluid ; and als Johne Gawie is fund in ye wrang 
tiao, for ]>e vngons taking of pe laid Danidis key at his awin hand, bat officiare, 
or command of ony mag^ftrat, contrare all oidoure ; and dwme gevin thairvpone. 

Thaireltir, the modificationn of meodb, is reCerret to DovgaU. Campbell, and 
Johne Hamiltone, fteilbooet maker, and to convene to^dder eftimone, and ^e 
laid Dauid hes fund * fbaertie for him, ]»t ]>air fiUbe naftrnbiaiu done be 

him, and for JAttilTeing of {>e menis decreil^ and William Cnwfurd is becum 
fbuertie for Jte fiud Archibald,- and Johne Gawie hes fimd J<duie Jobnftoun, als 
lUietia, fonertie for him, and ]«t ]nir lalbe na itmblas done in ]>« meyne tyme. 

iMitr—Wia/omt—BTwm.'] The qnhilk daye, Johne MS Matho Watfiwo, 
James Mnr, William M% Johne Brwm, Robert Brwtn, James Frebame, Thomas 
Kirkuod, James Bar, Johne Watfoun, eUar, Johne Watfon, younger, and James 
Watfoun, flefcho^, ar fund in y« wiang uid amchiatneat of court, for contraven- 
yng of ]>e<JtatQtes anent )>e fielche, and J>at for ]>e fecund &lt, in oowponyngj of )>e 
martis, mdir the oxtaris; and dome gevin thaimpone. 

[AnoK — Jolme/hun,'] The quhilk daye, Adame Knox, hes payit )>e haill 
fowmes of money, contenit in ]>e decreit arbitrall pronunrit, betnix him and 
Thomas Jobneftoun, als fchelis, and alkit the laid Thomas forgiffenes, giantand 
pe offence. 

* Bltnk in wl^uiL \ Fnm Fi.— Conpcr to cut 

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[^BroumJ} The qohilk daye, Jonet Cochran is deceniit and ordanitf be the aitht 
of partie lane, becans fche comperit nocht, to delyoer to Johne Browne, ane meklll 
greit iei^ tane furth be her of bis kill, within zv dayis next, w^ of expends. 

[_Barboiir.'] 3 December. The quhilk daye, Johne Barboure is fund in ^e vrang 
and amchiament of court, for ]>e ryding o'- Euphame Thomibim witht ane bora, 
and hurting of hir vpone ]>e fit, to ye greit eEFufioun of hir bluid; and dome giren 
]>airapone : And ia ordanit to gif hir zz*' in band, and find (baertie for ye reft, 
according to )>e declaraoon of {>e proueft and baillies. 

IH'iffottn — ATidei^oun,'] The quhilk daye, Johne WiUbun, Jamee Anderibun, 
Johne Anderiban, Dauid Lyle, John Miller, Ro*- Gamill, and John Watfbnn, 
with ]>e barde, ar fund in ye viang and amchiament of courts for contrarenyng of 
ye ftatutes, in flaying <^ flefche, and wirking on ^e Ibndaye, contrare J)e ftatntet ; 
and dome gewin ]>airupone, and ordanis to pas and poynd J>airfoir. 

ICampbdlis.'] 17 December. The quhilk daye, Dowgall and Coline Camp* 
bellis, tuik on hand, yat ye hors pleyabill betwix James Richie and Niniane 
Schaw, lall, witht reflbnabill horfi, teill ane aiker of lang, for trying of his gudnes, 
ane uewtrall man to be plenman, and yat betuiz and gule niztocnm, gif pe weddir 
ferwe ; and fail^eing ))atrof, to vnderly ^e jugement. 

l^temyng.'] The quhilk daye, Dauid Hall is decemit and ordanit be his eon- 
feffioun, to reliaTe fra Dauid Fleming, ten hogheids, blawin* and ticht, and to paye 
to him twa ichillingb for ^e gratbing of ilk ane purof, witht n*- riij''- for dichting 
of ane hundretht rungis, within zv dayis nixt, and to mak ye laid Dauid Ilemyng 
cummirles thairof. 

• Blawn, UMtWHEUr WMOMiL — VU. JuniflKM Voe. Tipont Staff. 

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Foutare — VniverJUie. 
HE quhilke daye John Ffoulare, meffiager, is creat and 
maid officiare to ]>e Vniueriilie of Glalgv, be ^e proueft, 
bailltes, and counlale of }>e iamyn, and hes gerin his utht 
for leill and treu admini(lra°un Jtairof, aye and quhill he 
be fpeallie dilchargit ]>airof, 

GamiU, The quhilk daye Mai^aret Grhame U de- 
c^rnit and ordanit, be {>e aitht of partie referrit ]>airto, to paye to Johne Gamill, 
Ikyoner, the swme of xxxri*' money, of male foi merdmes laft and vitfondaye to 
cnm, dedncand )>airof fum litill tbing. 

{^SnypeJ^ 31 January. The quhilk daye Johne M'Kyne is decemit and or- 
danit, be ])eaitht of partie, referrit be him J>airto, to delyuer to Johne Snyp, ane 
hsgbuto, w*- twa flalke, fyre puldir melb"-, and ane pair of calmes, ]>e laid John 
Snyp, payand to him zx*-, borrowit be him ]>'upone, within zv dayis Dixt, with 
of expends. 

[fZfnjm^.] 4 February. Anent ]>e terme alCgnet to Johne Boyde, to enter 
Johne Watt, for gevin^ his aitht about })e twa merks, in ye a£iioun perfewit be 
Dauid Flemyng and his fpous : Becaug {>e iaid Johne Watt comperit nocht to 
gif his aitht, it is referrit to }>e perfewaris futht, qnha deponit be jiair aithia, xzij^ 
promeift betwiz ane auhl pan and ane new, and twa beddis, and ane lang&dle ; 
and ]>airfore pai are decernit Jiairunto, w'- iii'- of ezpenfis. 


ROUEST, baillies, and counfale, heg ftatut ])at })e pynt 
of wyn fall be na darar fauld nor zl'^ ]>e pynt, undir ^e 
pane of Jyre pnndis money }>e firft fait : The fecund &lt, 
ten pundis money r And )>e thrid felt, efeheiting of ^ 
hogheid of wyii )>at is iauld for mair. 

[MiUare.'] 25 February. The quhilk daye Margaret 

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Millare is fuod in ye wrang and amchiament of court, for fteiking of bir durris, 
and no*- fuffering ^e proueft, bailUes, nor officiaris, enter ])airiDto, for weying of 
bir candiU, and blalpbeming of ]>e officiares, ]>u poyndand for bir vnlaw ; and 
dome gevin purupone. 


HE qubilk daye, ]>e fiiche wyfis ar decemit to abftene fia 
regrating of ]>e mercatt, vnder J^e pane of patting on ]>e 

\ UHILK daye, it is condifcendit be J>e proueft, bullies, 

f connfale, and dekynes, }>at ]>e a£t mud anent the hag- 

L buttJs be renewit, ^at euery one fubftantioiis and babill 

I man ikll have ane bagbutt, witht graitbt, pulder, and bullet, 

|f effeirittg )»urto ; and {>at euery wtberis, nocht beand babill 

^ Jiairfoir, Cill bare ane lang ipeir, by jakkis, fteillbonetis, 

^ faord, and bukler: and )>at every dekyn fidit ])air craftis 

and gif up in ticat feueralie, bow mony of ^ ane fort and how mony of ye wther ; 

and J>e baillies to fycbt and wifie tbrocht ]>e merchandis and reft inbabitantis, 

nocht haveand dekynis, and putt Jiame in ticattis lykvyfe, and p]s to he fichtit, 

and ticattis gevin up to ^e baillies betuiz and thuriiBaye nixt : And ala ]>ai have 

condifcendit Jiat ]>e auld portis of ye towne be refoimit and mendit, 

[£r// EgUntoim — Etphinjloun.'] The qubilk daye, in pns of Maifter Adam 
Wallace, baillie, comperit Matfter Archibald Crawfurd, perlbne of Egle&beme, 
procurator, for Hew, Maifter of Eglyntoun, on {>at ane part, and George Elpbin- 
ftoun, glafinwricht, bulges of Gla%w, on ^t wtbir part, parteis underwritten, 
and producit ]>t8 contract aftir meationat, defyring ]>e &myn to be infert and 
regiftrat in ]>e burrow court buiks of GlaJgw, to halve y« flmntht of ane decreit and 

d by Google 


a£t Jiairof ; ]>e proneft and baillies authoritie to be interponit ]>airto, witht execu- 
toriales to pas jturupone in forme as effein : Quhilk de^te ))e laid baillie thocht 
reffonabill, reflauit ye laid contra^ and ordanit )»e iamyn to be infert in ]>e faid 
buiks, interponit bis authoritie tbairto, ilefernand )>e &myn to balre pe ftrentbt of 
ane decreit of ]>e proneft and baillies ^airot, witht ezecutoriales to pas }>atrapone, 
in forme as effeirs; Of ]>e quhilk contra£l ye teno'- followis. 

T Polnone, pe xij daye of Julii, fe jeir of God, JOD. V"- 
tbre Icoir feventene seris, it is appoyntit contra£iit, and 
finallie endit, betwix ane nobill and potent Lorde, Hew, 
Erie of Eglyntoun, Lorde Montgury, &c., on ]>at ane 
parte, and George Elphinftoun, glalinwricht, barges of 
G)a%w, on Jtatwther parte, in maner, forme, and eEFect, as 
' eftir followis : For & mekill as it wes contra6lit of befoir, 
betwix pe iaid erle and pe fiiid George, In the ;eir of 
God, JOO. V- Z^riij jeris, J>at J>e iaid George fuld vphald and mantenew J»e 
places of Ardrofian, ^lintonn, Polnone, Ghfgw, and Curay, in glaffin work in ^e 
Iamyn, in als gude eftait as )>ai wer at ])e making of ])e £iid contrad : And quhat 
glaffin windols ^at ar iallin down, brokin, and dekayit in Jie iaid places, in defalt 
of ])« iaid George, glafflnwricht^ be reflbn p&t fen fe dait of }>e iaid contrafl, J)e 
iaid Geoi^e hes nocht iiilfillet his parte in reperralling of }>e iamyn, and in lyk- 
mafier wantb mekill of his jeirlie dewitie fenfyne, quhilk dewitie eztendis jeirlie 
to twa bollis meill and ane ftane cheis : Quhairfoir ye faid George, glaffinwrich^ 
bindisandobliishini, hb airis, exe*^, and aHignayis, inj^e ftraiteft forme of obligattoun 
]>at can be dewyfit, to pas witbt all diligence to ye foiriaidis places, mend, mak 
new, and reperrall, all pe foiriaidis places, in glaffin windois, quhilks ar Tallin and 
dekayit, in delatt of ye iaid George, He Iyk,-and in als gud eitait as y&iwax in ye 
geir of God, JOD. V"- Ijcviij jeris, and als in all tymes cuming, induryng all Jie 
dayis, jeris, and termes of ye iaid Georges lyfetyme, fall mantinew, vphald, and 
fuftene pe iamyn places, togidder witht pe place of Irvyn, in glaffin work, ye iaid 
erle fiimeiand glaibandis, foilburdb, tyme, and iaod ; and in cais ]>e iaid erle in 
ony times cutning mak dny new work, pe faid Geo^e to wirk ye iamyn guid and 
fufficient work, for ye price of thre (chillingis money for ilk fute ; And gif it 
happinis ye iaid erle to bald bous in ony of yir foiriaidb places, qnhen it (all bap- 
pin ^e laid Geoi^e to wirk, ^e iaid George iall have his meit ye tyme yet he 
wirks ; and als quhen ye iaid Geoi^e turiis* creilUs of glas and leid to Irvyn, 
ArdrofSio, Eglyntonn, and Cumray, ye iaid erle fall cans ane carrage horS to 

* TrowM, corrntlf to pick, bat owd thraaghout M mennlng to conTr^- 

d by Google 


ture.]>e iamyn out of Gla%w : And als |>e bUwin down glas and' leid ]>at is pi«- 
fentin ony of )>ir laidis places^ or fall falldowne in tymes camini^, fall be delyuerit 
and keipit to pe Cad Geoi^e, for repemding and mendyng of |>e fiudis placet, be 
reUbne be u fubiect, be J>ii pnta to vphald J)e fimyn, and all ))ir premift to be 
completit in glaffinwork betwix and Michaelmas nixtocum ; or at ])e fardeft 
betwix and Loukyfrnes : For {>e qubilks premifi, J>e laid erie bindis and obli^ him, 
to content and paye to }>e &id Geoi^ pntlie in hand, fouie bollis meill, witht twa 
ftanes cheis, and Jail cans delyuer ^e reft of the iaid Geoi^B haill peniioun, of all 
Seris bigane fen ^ dait of Jie iaid contract, quhilks ar nocht payit and allowit in 
]>e &id erles compt, ye Gad George, glaflinwricbt, do ducand and defoikand of ])e 
reft of ye laid penfioun, iamekill money aajie laid erle hea canfit to deburs, and paye, 
for making, mending, and reperralling of ye places of Ardroftan, Eglyntonn, and 
Polnone, fen the dait of tbft laid contrad, in tlie jeir of God, JCO. V"- Lxriij seris, 
be reHbun ye laid George fold halve done ye lamyn : And ye reft of ye laid 
Tictuall and cheis, to be payit to ye faid George, betwix ^nle and candilmes nixto* 
cum, with J>e reft of his cheis to be payit at aliballownies : Hie laidis foure bollis 
of meill, and twa ftanes cheis now prefentlie payit, to be allowit and delaikit in ye 
reft of )>e laid Georges penfioun, ^t Ikl bappin to be fund reftand awand him : 
For J>e quhilk vphaldlng of the laidis places, as laid is, J)e ^d George laU halve 
jeirlie, twa bollis meill and ane ftane cheis, beginnand ye firft payment of J>e laid 
meill, betwix £ule and candilmes nixtocum, and ye cheis, to midlymer ]>aireftir : 
And in caia ye laid George &ilse to fullfill yir premiUs, betwix and ye daye ap- 
poyntit, ye laid George bindis and oblifts him, to raodir ye laid vi£tuall and cheis 
agane : And atto'- oblifts him by J>at to fulfill ye lamyn, and mak ]>e £udis places 
fufficient in manor abouewritten : And baitht ye laidis parteis ar content, and 
conlentis, ya.t y\s prefent contrail be inlert and regiftrat in pe court bnke of Gla^^, 
and ye buUies to interpone Jiair decreit heirto, and executioun to pas ]Hdrpone| 
baitht poyndtDg and warding, pe ane without preindice of ye wther, and to yni 
eSefl, makis, and conftitutes, and ordanis bonorabill men, weilbelowits, Maifter 
Archibald Craufurde perfoon of Eglelcheme 

to compeir befoir ye baillies of ye citie of Gla%w, ony daye or dayts, place or 
plads, and confent to ye regiftratioun of J>is prelent contia£t in ^e coort buiks of 
ye laid citie, and ye baillies aatboride interponit Jtairto, and executoriales of 
poynding or warding to pas heirupone, in forme as efieiris, and ye ane not to 
preiuge ye wthir, (promitt. de rato) : In vitnes of ye quhilk, the laid erle bes 
fublcrywit }>is pnt contrail witht hia awin hand : And ye laid George hes canfit 
the notare underwritten to fubfcryve ye lamyn for him, beoaua he hes afiermit ^t 

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he culd nodit write himfelf : Befoir ]>ir vitnes, Maifter Archibftld Cninfurde, 
perlbua of Eglefcheme, Andro Newio of Monkredden, and M^er Patrik 
Wodrow, vicar of Eglelcbeme, witht wtheris diuerifi : Followis ])e fublcriptloneft, 

E^Iyntoiin , " Ita eft, M'- Pticuia Vidderou no'ins pub"*, ^ctam, 

Georglum, requUitos, manu propria.!' 

[_HeTt>er(fim.'} 11 Mardi. The qnhilk daye, Jonet Herberdbun, grantis ]>e 
iotromiflioim witht ]>e peice of aitelgcrie, callit ane ring dog, allegaad the Ganyn 
to be hir awin, and hir mnqnhile bufbandis, and wowia pe poiflei&oun ])aiiof. 

[_MaxtteU,'] 16 March. The quhilk daye, Jonet Finny, fewifter, is decernit 
and ordanit be probtt^un of &inoug vitnes, to detyner to Jonet MaxueU, doclitir 
to Geoi^ Mazuell, four lainpillaris, within X7 dayis ntxt, mtht of 



APINSCHAWING. The quhilk daye, the proueft, 
baillies, and counlate, wilbt dekynis pntlie convenit, hes 
appoyntit Jiair vi^infHiawing according to )>'- ftatute, to 
be on Jie daye of ]>e Symerhill nixt, )>at ])ai be as ]>ai ar 
comandit, ilk peifoun vndir ]>e pane of zx*- to be tane be 
pe difcretioim of ]>e ^ ueft, bailliee, and counJale, and to 
be beftowit on Jie caUaye making. 

iJohnJiom.'] 9 May. The quhilk daye, Archibald Johneftoun is maid and 
conftitut calf hirde, for keiping of the calfis vpone J>e greyne, for pis inftant 
^eir, and he to halve meit and drink daylie about, of pame pa.t hes )>e calfis, 
togidder witht vi'- fra ilk ane ^at hes pe lamyn, and ficlyk fra pame, pat hes 
land befid be greyne, for keiping of J^air comes, and p&t na hors be fund 
tnirupone vnlangalit ; * and entir to ferwice pe mome, witht power to J>e iaid 
Archibald to poynd for key or greit ftirkts : Souerde for his feruice and gnid 
renll, James Ridiit, cowper. 

■ UnlanceM, t. (. wittMot k lunl— Laeg*!, > (hrt IMher by which Un fon and bind foot of ottla 
mra batuMd, to pmoit thair wunUtIdi or brciktiig faux. 

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iSnodgera.^ The quhilk daye, Johne Scbelis in fchelis, ai prinripal, and - 
Johne Bar, maltman, cautioner for liim, ar decemit and ordanit to content and 
paye to Nicoll Snodgere, Jaxtene fcbiUingis for dampnage foftenit be him, in none 
fulfering him to leid his eSk : And alfua is decemit to fufier him to leid Jie lamyn, 
within sv dayis nixt, witht of expenfig. 

GST, baillies, and conn&Ie, efdr admooitioim and 
, yag diuers tymes maid to Beffie Dowglas, for vp- 

I ng of ])e kirk jarde deyk, and keiping fiirtht pairof, 

beftiall, for reuereng of )>e buriall to be had, as fcho 
j ves poflelTo'' }>airof, and efttr bir refufing ^rof, ]>e 

t palland throw the towne diuers tymes, defyrand ony 

aid cam to tak ])e keiping of ]>e laid jarde, frebeftiali, 
am deykis}iairoffor])egerlsof)>elumyn: Thaicomperit 

nane to defyr ]>e lamyn, bot Johne Pantoun, ofBdare, quha acceptit to repair and 
wphald ]>e iaid dcyk on his expeniis, and keip fur'- ]>a]rof all beftiall, fymmer and 
vynter, for ^e gerfs tliairof to his felf, for pe fpace of fyue £eris fra yla daye furtht, 
and {mirfoir, ^e proueft, baillies, and counlale, hes fett him J>e lamyn, and appoyndt 
him keipar )>'of, and grantit to him Jie gerfs of }>e liunyn, during i>e fiud Jpace, he 
repairaud and vphaldand ]>e deyks, and keiping it fra beftiall, quha acceptit to do 
ye lamyn as laid is, and Archibald Lyone hea becum cautioun for him, to ^t 
e(fe£l during J)e laid (pace, fua gif he reflawis ^e proffeit of gerls ony geir, he fill 
keip and vpfaald it for ])at h^ll jeir ]>ane following. 

IHamiltoun — CaulduelL'] 30 May. The quhilk flaye, lliomas Hamiltoun, 
is fund in }>e wrang and amchiament of court, for |>e taking furtht of Johne 
Homillis hous, wrsnguftie at his awin hand, ane lait burde, and ane welch'ell burde, 
and ordanis him to'reftoir to him ye lamyn inftantUe agane: And als Johne 
Caulduell, maltman, in ye wrang, for alliftene of ^e &id Thomas in ye premifles; 
and dome gevin thairupone. 

iRqft — Htaiyng.'] ii Junii. The quhilk daye, Johne Boyd, in conlideratioun 
of complaynt of ny'bo'heid, maid contrar him for halding of his land ley,' and eit- 
dng of yaiT ftuffgrowand, grantit him chargit be oure Ibuerane lordis letteris, to 
decift Ira certane landeg in BruIiiU* at ye inftance of John Rofi of Hanyng, and 
yat he obeyit ye lamyn letteris, and left his poUeffioun, vpone |>e quhilks, ye £ud 
Johne Rofi of Hanyng alkit aflis of court 

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lSpreuiL2 The qubilk daye, Margaret Adame is decernit to delyuer ane fait 
burde to Thomas Spreull, to ftand in hir hous fet to him for ]>is jeir to cnm, as 
infycht ^ddis,* confonne to hir' promeis, he j^fand hir ane wther, for bat fpace 

N Vitfontyifdaye laft, pair come nane, at J>e leift ane Cnall 
nwmber, of honeft men to accompany ]>e proueft and bail- 

Iliea, for vifeing of J>air merchis of Jie towne, conforme to 
pe auld vfe, quhurtliroS gtf }>fdr be na puoifment Jiairfoir 
r pfdr will (be) nain in tyme coming to do ]:n Ikmyn : 
[ Thairfoir, the proueft, baillies, and coun&le, halve de- 
cernit all honeft men of counlate, and counlell-peris, dekyn, 
and dekyn peris, abill and ftifficient to be vnlawit^ ilk peribun for viij^ , according 
to pe difcretioun of |>e proneft, baillies, and coun&U: And ficlyk ])at all fie 
honeft men, in tyme cuming, lall f to ryde })at daye, as vie wes, mder ^e 

laid pane of aucht ichillingis ilk perfone, and pis &&. to be publift at ]>e Symmer- 

The quhilk daye, it is flatut and ordanit, pat pe haill myddynis be remowit of 
pe hie gait, and ]>at nane &raip on pe bie gait. 

[XjNMie.3 6 Jane. The qubilk daye, Johne Schelie, Ikipper, is decernit be 
probationn of witnes, to paye to George Lyone, pe fowme of twa merks, ftirlyng 
money, for nlage % of vyn, within xv dayis nixt, with zl^ of ezpenlis. 

IMontffumrt/.'] 10 June. The quhilk daye, Marioun Dunllaye, is fund in pe 
wrang and amchiament of court, for tmblans done be hir to Eufeme Montgiiry, 
fpous to Johne Hamilton, in ftreking of hir on the £ace, and breking of hir buttir, 
and flulyng of fair lUner ; and dome gevin p'upone. 

* Honirbold farnittirt. 
f Bluk lo origlniL f Ul>f c of k caik, whit It wuiti of being tulh—Baiks't DicL 

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^ UHILK daye. Thomas Crawfurde of Janlanfaill, Pro- 

f ueft, Maifter Adame Wallace, and Robert Rowatt, bailliea 

of Gialgw, be ])is piit adt, oblift and a£tU ]>a, to randir 

and caus to be delyuerit, fra pame and ^r feruice of ]>e 

&id tonn, to ])e proueft, bullies, and counlall of Dundey, 

]) within ]>e burgbt })airof, Valtir Brown, cal&ye maker, 

^ qobom }>ai halve borrowit fn ]>e laid burght of DQdey, 

at Midiaelmes niit, within ])e laid burgbt of Dundey, to fenre ]>air, and to be 

frie fra )>ame as of befoir, bat frande or callo'' in oney Ibrt 

IWiybtm.'] 16 Jnly. llie quhilk daye, Marionn Wilfonn, reli£l of umqu- 
hile, William Maxuell being perlewit be Johne ArneiLl, for ane pair of hois jeirlie, 
]>ir nyn geris bigane, becaus, as he allegit, Icho promeift him ane pair jeirlte, during 
hir lyftyrae, qubillc he referrit to hir aitht, qufaa denyit )>e iamyn fimpliciter, and 
]>urfoii is abfolnit ])airfra. 

[Sorry.] The quhilk daye, Johne Hannaye, fnapmaker,* is decemit and at- 
danit be his confeffioun, to ferre Johne Barry Loremeir, in making of snappis fra 
Vitfi>ndeye laft, quhill Mertymes nixt, becaus he confeffit him feit with him, and 
to halve reflauit xxx^ of his fee befoirhand : And ]>e laid Johne Hannaye is or- 
danit to ferwe ])e laid Johne Barry, als lang eftir Jte laid term of mertymes nixt, as 
he hes nocht lerrit len Vitfondaye laft, viz., for ^ Ipace of ane month, quhilk he 
fuld ferwe Umfra GalbraithtjfenVillbndaye, confeffit awand to the laid Umfra, and 
to remane in firmance, quhill he find cantioun thairto. 

[Bcnene.3 IS July. The quhilk daye, James Witber^wne, Lorymeir, is de- 
cemit and ordanit of his confeffioun, to content and paye to Walter Bowie 
zxiij'- money reltand of Oilmont Inie : Als Jonet Hamiltoun, fpona to Thomas 
Gileftoun, is decemit and ordanit be ]>e aitht of party tane, becaus Icho comperit 
nocht to paye to Jie laid Walter Tiij*- for orchart litl, and ane pair carteaf 
within zr dayis nixt, witht twa fchillingis of expenlis equallie to be payit be 

* Fira-lodi lukktr, a- e. Sn^hana, ■ fire-lock. f Cutb, cards. 

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iBqfiui—MiUkie.^ 22 July. Tbe qahilk daye, Margaret Bofuell, and Mar- 
garet Mathie, fpoas to Jobne Netll, ar decernit of }>air awin proper confeffionea 
and conlent, ]>at gif Jni, }>air ferwaadis or bames. or ony of bame be fund amangk 
wther menis ftu^ pullaod, fteilland, or ru^and of ]>e fiunyn, bai lalt be baneift, 
burght and baronie, and gif ewir ])ai be fund Jwirinto agane, to be repatt as 
wordy of deid. 



£ N piia of Maifter Adame Walles, baillie, becaus Fergus 
Kennedy, £bne to Danid Kennedy of Kot^daT, Inlreaad 
tak maid to Urn and his affignayis and fnbtcnentis, of the 
I coilheuchia and colis within the Baronie of OlaJgw, be ane 
renerend fiitbir, James, Arcbbifchop of GIa%w, for )>e 
I fpace of thre geris nizt following Miobaelmes, in ])is in- 
' ftant Lx auchtene ^eir, for ye seirlie payment to ye faid 
renerent fittbir, of foorty pondis money, tt^dder w*- threttene feoir and ten 
hudis of oolis, as in )« laid tak is contentt, hes maid and confiatut^ as be thirpntk 
makiB and conftitutis Matho Boyd, burges of Glaigw, his fubtenent and aSagaije, 
in and to |w iaid tak during ye laid fpaee, to be vfit be him as ye ftid Feigns 
mycht himfelf : Thiurfoir ye faid Matho is decernit and wdanit, of his awin proper 
coafeffionn, for him, his airis, eze"-, and affignayis, to relief and keep Ikaithlea pe 
ftid Fe^fus, his airis, and affignayis, of ye faid fowme of fourty pandis money, and 
threttene fooir ten laidU cmUis seirlie, daring ye laid fpace of thre ^eris, at ye 
termes contenitin ye iaid tak, at ye handis of ye find renerend fethir, and wtheris 
haweand entres : And attoar pe premifls, |>e find Mathou is decernit of his con- 
feffionn, to content and paye to ye &id Fergus^ ye fbwme of tnenty pnndia money, 
and thretty laidia of coillis ^eirlte, daring ye &id thre sens, at Cendilmefl and 
Lanes, be eqnall portionea. 

[Hofi.^ 36 Auguft. Hie qnbilk daye Jt^e Bimtene is fund in ye wraag 
and amcbiament of conrt^ for trablans done be him to Ma^^aret Hall, in ffarekntg 
of hir within his awin bous, and calling of ane brag knyfe at fair, and breking of 
hir breid yia inilant daye ; and dome gevin }«inipone. 

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IForthik.} The quhilk daye James Forthik it cum in J»e bullies will, for )>e 
wrang done be him, in ye avr&y taldng of J)e eomone troyne ftane to landwart, 
and v&ng ]>e lamyn Jiur furtht of Jie toun : Soaertie for fulfilling )>ainif : Johae 
M'- flefcho' . 

HE coDipt of Robert Rowatt, thefkurare of the bu^ht and 
citie of Glaigw of the jeir of God, JCD. V*- . Lx fextene 
jeriB, Vitibndaye and Mertymes ]>airof, mud in ^ tol- 
buitbe, J>e thrid daye of September, pe ^eir of God, JCD. 
V'^. Lx auchtene jeris. 

IDi/cAarffe and ExoiieratioimJ} 

Item, vpone "pe xvi daye of Junii, 1576, to Eufiime Campbell, fpoos to Andro 

■ Baillie, lor xvi quartig wyne |»pynit to my Lord Boyd, proueft, fen Vitlbndaye 
laft, as }>e rolmont beris, iiij^ xvi^. 

Item, to })e laid Eufome, for aoe gallown wyne, prefentit to my lord proueft Jie 

. zxi of Junii, 1576, ane wthir Jje zxij Jiairo^ ane wther ]>e xzvi }>airof, and half 
ane gallown ]>e xxvij ]>airof ; togidder w*- twa quartis ^pynit to Jie perfoun of 
Glalgv, as fe rolmont be"- ilk gallown xxiiij"-: Su*, iiij"'^ xW*-. 

Item, on pe penult of Junii foirlaid, to Dauid Kaye, in Cariail, for his expenfis in 
remauyng about ^e knok, he being fend for, as ye rolmont beris, iij"^ vi*- riij'-. 

Item, gewio to William Herwy t>e xii of Julii, 1576, to ryn to Carraill, anent 
)>e knok, as pe rolmont be'*', xvi*'. 

Item, gevin to Johne Neill, rpone Jie xxiiij daye of )>e lamyn, for rynjmg agane 
to Carraill at Andro Bailie, baillies command, xvi*'. 

Item, gevin to Dauid Kaye, for }>e pryce of ye knok, and vpietting of hir in ^e 
tolbuitht, quhilk wes borrowit fra Thomas Game be )>e proueft, baillies, and 
counialis comand, i<=' ^. 

Item, gevin to ye maifter of work, and deburfit be him, vpone ye bi^^^g of ye 
foir work of ye tolbuilfae, and fetling up of ^e bell, and grathiag of ^e tolbuiihe 
in ^is tolbuithe, in {>is fymmer, as ye particular compt maid jiairupone beris, 
extends to |>e fowm oft j'- Lv""^ ij*- viij*-. 

Item, vpone {>e thrid of Auguft, to Eu&me Campbell, forauchtgallownesand twa 
quartes wjm, gevin to ye proueft, fra ye vij of Julii laft, to )>is tnftaot: And 
for twa quartis pntit to S'- James Hamilton, extending to nyn gallownes, as ye 
rolmont be"-, x*' xri*". 

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Item, vpone ]>e zxii daye of Auguft foiriaid, for certane wyne propynit and gevin 
to )>e Lordia of Argtle, LyodJaye, Rathais, Dufermlyng, Provand, qnlien ]>ai 
vet in ]>is tonn, as ]>e oompt and rolmont beris, xxr"*^ iiij^. 

Item, XX Julii, 1576, gewia to Andro Baillie, for ane twn of vyn pat wes gewin 

. to my lord Boyde, proueft, for obt«nyng and getting of ane ezemptioun of pt 
ny'bo^ of pe toun, for abyding fra all aflylis paffing on, promeitl to him ]>air- 
foir, Lxxiii"'' vi*- viij*. 

Item, xTi"*- Septembrig, 1576, to Dauid Hallia wyfe, for ane gaJlowoe of wyn, 
prelentit to my lorde Glamis, chancier, being in pa toun, as be rolmont berig, 


Item, quarto Octobris, 1576, to ane boy that come fra Dumbartane, ira the bail- 
lies ]>airof, anent ialt tane fra pe larde DrumquhaffiH,' ij^. 

Item, pe iz pa.Tof, gevin to ane boy, to gang to Dumbartane, w*- anil*'' anent 
DrumquhafBlla &\t taking, u'-. 

Item, xrij*^ Octobris, to Dauid Kaye, in Carraill, for pe reft of be anld knok 
mendyng, and for his bunteth of pe uev knok, as pe rolmont beris, 

■vt/"^ xiij*- iiij'''. 

Item, pe zviij ptitof, at pe baillies comand, to John Watiban, officisr, for fiirmes, 
coillia, and peitcis, bringing fra pe caftell, v*-. 

Item, iecnndo Novembris, 1576, gewin for ane reuerfioun making of pe iiluer, 
time ira Thomas Bayne, and walz to {eill it, witht wther inftramends, as pe 
rolmont beris, xij*-. 

Item, pe xxriij daye of Nouember foirfaid, to Marioun Schakfbfaaw, for thre 
qnartis of aquaritie, and turfyng of })ame, fend to Edinburcht, in propyne to 
Robert Scot, and M'- Alei'- Sym, iij"*^ v«.. 

Item, to Matho Miller, for bringyng doun of pe counialhous boid fiir^ of pe 
Caftell, xijd-. 

Item, for four bddom of towis to pe blakfreb bell, ij'. 

Item, gewin to Euiame Campbell, be vertu of ane rolmont, daitit pe zxri daye 
of October, for wyne, prefendt and gevin to ^e proueft, as pe particular 

. compt and rolmont beris, xii"^ xviii^. 

Item, ziz Februarii, 1S76-7, to Johne Andro, for lax futbellis, xij*. 

Item, pe ix Jiairof (Marche), to S*- Archibald Dicky, to by bed claithes, to ly 
befyd pe knok, as pe rolmont beris, xv^. 

■ John CnniogbunB, of Dmmqiiluudl, ma ddb of the CommtBdimnv (Seton of Touch the ollwr) 
■ppdnted to ncdn and keap tb* Cullc of EdtDborfh, when nnderit by a«wp DdugU*, of Paikbnd, 
till ttia Ewl of Mar's cominf — Moyaia's Memoin, p. 5, IM April, 157B. 

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Item, to Robert Lettrik, ]>e zri daye of April, for ane gallowo of wfn, propynit 
to Angiu M'CoDeU, Lord M'^Clane, w ye Tolmoat beris, rziiij'-. 

Item, in Jobae Wilibun baillies hons }>at day, }>at Archibald Oraye re&nit pe 
mylne, eftir Mertimes, for ^air diljones, zl*-. 

Item, ]>e laft of AprQ, to George Elpbinftovn, for fyftene qnards wyn, re&uit 
fra him be Jamea Aoderibun, offi'- , and propynit to my lorde Argile, and vdieria 
lordifl, bein^ heir fonr dayia bygane, as "pe rolmo*- be*^, iiij'^x*-. 

Item, ix of Maii foHaid, for ane difione in Oeoi^ Elphinftoons hom, to pe bail- 
lies, and certane wtberis )>at viJeit ye mylne, bow Icbo fuld be bigpt, at pe 
bullies comand, xviii*-. 

Item, to Marionn Scott, ^e xiiij daye of Maii, for ane gallown of vyne, ilk daye 
of pe X, zi, xii, ziii, dayis of Maii, and half ane gallowne at non, in pe xiiii 
daye, witht ane quart awand of aold, propynit to pe proreft, extendmg to nyn- 
tene quartis, as pe rolmo^ beris, t"^ niij*. 

Item, gewin to hir fenfyn, for twa quartis, as ane roimont beria, xij^. 

Item, to James Witibnn, fw thre gallovnes and ane half of wyne, prq)ynit to my 
lorde proneft, in pt forther end of Aprile, and latter end of Marche, as pe 
roimont beris, iiij"'^ iiij**. 

Item, to Ma^;aret Lyone, fpoug to Colene Campbell, for fewin gallounes and ane 

quart wyne, propynit to my Xiord Ai^e, L^rde of Ardlcyn^aa, and fie proneft, 

befoir ^is initant Maii, as ^e roimont bene, extending tc^ viij^i^ xiiij^. 

Item, decimo Maii, to Oeoige Burell, for ane tag, to pe towng of pe hie kirk 

bell, as pe lolmo'- berii^ x^. 

Item, xviii Maii, 1&77, to certane soi"V ™^° ^ V^ tonn, to p'- playing, coufimne 
to ane roimont, t*^. 

Item, to Jobne Campbell, for compofitioon promeift to him be pe proneft and 
baillies, for rennnceing and dilchargeing of his pley, contrare f>e toun, as pe roi- 
mont beriS) xx"^. 

Item, to S'- Archibald Dicky, for keiping of ]>e kn<Jc, Liij* iiij^. 

Item, to S*- Willi? Stniyis, for male of ane chalmer to be ane &ag feole, pe laid 
Seir, (1577) xl^. 

Item, to Jobne Oib, bt pe maill of }>e hons )>at J^e cononone tymir lyis in, as ane 
Tdmtmt beris, xl^. 

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The qnhilk daye, (ane) nobtll and potent Loide, Robert, 
Erie of Lennox, and lorde Daniljr ia maid barges and fre- 
man of ]>e bn^ht and citie of Gla%w, and hes gevin his 
aitht for defence and mantenanee of ^e libertie and prini- 
legea of))eiaid toun. 

ROUEST. The quhilk daye, eomperit ]>e fiiid nobUl 
lorde, Robert, erle Lennox, and producU ane letter of no- 
ainatioun and ele&ioun maid to him, beane reuerend &tbir, 
James, Archibifchop of Gla%w, being alfua put [prooeft] oipe 
proneftrie of ]>e bnrgbt and (ntie of Gla%v, lubfcry wit be }re 
faidreuerendfathir, andfeillitwitht his feill, of thedate}>e 
penult, and efUr ye publik reding Jmirof, in oppin aadiens, 
88 allueill, die iud rererend fiatheris nomina'tm of him be bis awia montbt, in 
jugement to ]w laid office of proaeftrie : llie aold proueft and baillie, vitht 
ooon&le and commnnitie <^ ]>e laid citie being prefent, acceptit, admitdt and 
reflanit }>e laid nobill lorde erle foir&id, in ]>e laid office of proneftrie, confbrme 
to ]>e laid letter of nomiDa'*un and eledionn, and ])airupone Richert Strang, pro- 
cnratour for pe laid nobill Lorde, afkit a&ea of court and inftrumentis. 

ZCnaqfitrde.'] The quhilk daye, proteftit Thomas Crawfiirde of Jurdanhill, 
aold proneft, pat Jie anld libertie and priueledge of pe town, be obferwit and 

l^CrattJurde.2 3 October. The quhilk daye, eomperit Thomas Craufurde of 
Jurdanhill, auld proueft, and all^tjiathewespntofpecouniale, bot ony blt,and 
UDcallit ]>airfore, and proteftit for remeid of lav, and |nt pe namyng and cheling of 
pe counfide, but his or pe auld baillies conient, preinge nocht his rycht^ and }>at fie 
libertie of the town be nocht hart piaihj. 

[_WaUaee,'] The qnhilk daye, proteftit Maifter Adamc WaUace, for him, and 

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he i^nld proueft and baiiliei, piit, and to cum, fnt ye natnyug and chefin^ of b« 
cooniall, by ^air awyfe and confent, be pe new proueft and baillies, furtht of the 
couo&lhous, preiuge nocltt |>e libertie of pe toan, nor induce na practUc in tymet 
p iimin g. 

ZWaHace.'] 3 OAober. Tbe quhUk daye, proteftit Malfter Adame Wallace, 
that the chefing of Richert Tode, or ony wther offi(»are, at )>e requeift of my lorde 
Arcliibllchop of Gla%w, preiuge no*- tbe libertie of the toun, nor induce na vie, 
Dor confuetudc in tymes cumiog ; and ]>airupone alkit a£tis and infttumeuds. 

[ffeiH/ir/oun.] 7 Odober. The quhilk daye, Henry Rols, glallin wricht, is 
fund in ]>e wrang and amchiament of court, be his awin confeffionn, for trublana 
done be him to Aliibun Hendirfoun, in hitting of hir with ane ftane vpone the 
face, to JjeeffuHoun of hir bluid; and dome gevin thairupone, and for amentUs and 
JatiOailtoun of party, is ordanit to inftantUe lit doun on his kneis, and afk for- 


UNDERSTAND AND J>e murmo'- maid anentis ]ie malt 
r metting, be }>e comone mettar in tymes bigane, the baillies 
I referrit to ^e counlale, quhidder }>ai will difcharge fie ane 
f mettar, or confent to )>e admiJIioua of ane for ])e ^eit to 
V cum ; The coun&ll adwyfand JiainipouD, and for ^ maift 
I parte condifcendit^ that ane honeft man fuid be depot be 
' pe baillies )>airto, and to be fworne to do vprychtlie io 
ye Jamyn office for ]>e jeir to cum, and he to reJIawe only 

hot fonre pennies for ilk maik metting, and gif he beis fund cnipabill, to be dif- 

diargit incontinent. 

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OMPT of Patrik Glen, Tbe&nrare of pe burgtit, and 
dtie of Glafgw, of fe jeir of God, JOD. V\ threfcoir 
iewentene j^eiris, &c^ maid in ]>e tolbuy'-, ^e 
dsye of O£lober« JCD, V , Lx auchtene jeris. 

IDi/charffe and Exoneratioun.'} 

Item, payit to MariouD Scott, fra fe &xt of Junii, Lxxvii to J« xv J)'of, for lax 

gallownes and ane half of wyne preientit to my Lord Boyd, w*- wtheris ftren- 

geris, at ]>e proneft and batUies comand, as ]ie robnont beris, )>e fowme 

of vii'*' xvi'. 

Item, xi* eiufdem (Jalii), to Marioun Scott, for fax quartis of wyne gevin upone 

))e xii and xxv of Junii, to my lorde proueft, xxvi*-. 

Item, xii'* Julii, to Marione Scott, for ane gallowne of wyne piiUt to my lord 

Olames, xxiiij^. 

Item, decimo Augnfti, 1577, to Andro Duncane for his fupport, to mend him of 

his hurt, xiii' iiij*. 

Item, to Robert Stewartis wyfe, vpone J>e xvii of Auguft foirftid, for ane gallowne 

ryne prefentit to my lorde Glames, and vi quartis ppnyit to my lorde Boyd, 

proueft, thre dayis ])'efdr, cooforme to ane rolmont, at ]ie baillles comand, 

iijub. yJi. viii"-. 
Item, rpoQe }>e xx daye of Auguft, to Marione Scott, for twa gallownes ryne, 
gevin to my lorde proueft in Julii lafl:, viz., }>e ferde and fift, and vpone [>e xviii 
of Auguft, witbt wtber lordb, ftrengeria, being w'- him, conforme to ane rol- 
mont, xlviij*-. 
Item, gewin and deburfit to Colene Campbell, for ane twn of wyn gevin to my 
lord proueft, quhilk wes promeift to him for hb gratitude done to ]>e toun, in 
keping of )>ame fra fyndry particular raiddis" to ^e court, Jiai being cha^t 
J>airto, and &lfing Jiame fra wther inconuenientis, as )>e rolmo*- be baillies and 
counfale beris, &c., iii"- vj'"' xiii*- iiij'-. 
Item, vpone pe xxviij daye of Auguft foirfaid, to Agnes Hegate for zxii quartis 

* Hera u«d for Joomc;* to C<nirt — •fnpnlj mniw an ihtmIoii or Inconioii— ptrhapi ■ rldiof of mj 
WTt of B large multitude. 

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wyne gevin and prelentit to my lord prouefi, and bUchop^ and wtheru bein^ in 
cumpany witht Jmim, at ye baillies comand, as )>e rolmont bei* , vij'"'' ri*- tuH-. 

Item, xzviij eiuJHem (Odobru), to Walter Brown, caUaye maker, for hit ezpenfi 
in cuming fra Dnndey, and gangand ]>airto agane, quhen he wee feit, confonne 
to rolmont, zl^. 

Item, eodem, gevic to Thomas Tempilltoun, and Petir Aildn, birdis, for poaerde 
and almous, becaus Jiai gat na fee, xK 

Item, to Johne Houftoun, for ane owlks laubo'- at ye caUay, to ane 
compt, ixK 

Item, to Robert Scott for vy- thre dofand of (land), with withir ftanei to fill 
vp )>e hoUl, J>at the &ni wea tone oat of, and filling yaixoi, confonne to ]>e 
nuulter of works tical^ xt*-. 

Item, at ye maiiler of works comand, to Robert Graye, for ane plaok of Euk to be 
ane breid to ye tolbuitht dur, iij*-. 

Item, for toa burdis to lyn the &id dur w*-, t*-. 

Item, for half ane hundre*- plenlcho'- oailUs to naill ymne witht, zzx'-. 

Item, to Hiomas Hanaye, for mending of ^e ower band of ]>e iaid dur, and mak- 
ing of ye bowll Jjurof new, and laying ane quarter of Ime yon, making of tua 
ryngifl Tpone J>e cniikis J**- wes wome, ■ y*. 

Item, for zviij new greit nalis, iiij*- vV-, 

Item, to Robert Petdgrew, for ane dayis tabo^ vpone ye fiud dnre, vi'-viij'-. 

Item, for ane leddir in ye tolbuitht to gang rp to ]>e bell, z*-. 

Item, to Robert Petdgrew for ane new brode to couer ye mone, and patting up 
f'of, xl*-. 

Item, to James Rofi for peynting of it^ ii^. 

Item, to Brewhons for twa croix to pat vp ye brode» viij'-t 

Item, to twa men for bering ei Nicoll Androis leddir fra ye freris to ye tolboy*- 
to put vp ye brod, and bering it agane, xii^. 

Item, for ane Tong to S^ Mnngowis bell, iis 

Item, to Robert Scott, for leding of thre do&nd of polder to ye callay, and four 
do&nd of find, vpone ye iewint, audit, and nynt dayis of Noaember, xiiT-. 

Item, to Robert Graye, for tymer to be ane meir,* iii*-. 

Item, to Thomas Hanaye, for making of ane band of Ime to i^ ii". 

Item, for xii threif of quheit ftraye, to theik the gramer Icole, xlvui*-. 

• A wa*4M fkuM mMI hr nuMNM — • ttvju Mitr, ■ w»o<I m > man wm ihs • mUharr iaalruMM *f 

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Jtem, zix'°' Nouembris, to Andro bullie for xxzii quartes wyne gewin to my lonle 
Boyd, be pe offici&ria, at pe baiUies comand, (en Michaelmes laft, x""' xiij*- iitj''. 

Item, to Dauid Halla wyfe for twa quartes wyne, xiij'- iiii'''. 

Item, xxi<^ Nonembris, to Jobne M'-, for litill San£l Mangowis bell, at pe bail- 
lies and couoikles comand, x'^. 

Item, zii'°- Decembris, to Dauid Hallis wyfe, for ri quartes wyn tane be Robert 
Lettrik, Johne WatToun, and Johne Stobo, on Sondaye befoir Michaelmes, and 
ppynit to my lorde Boyde and pe bifchop, xl"* 

Itom, xx*^ Decembris, to Eu&me Campbell for wyne, iii'"^ vi*- iiij'-. 

Item, xii°- eiuIHem (Febroarii), to Johne Andro, for fax futballis, xii^. 

Item, primo m^' for twa quartis wya ppynit to my lorde M'^Clane, xiij*' iiij'^ . 

Item, x*^ eiafdem, for ane quart, ane pynt wyne, w*- pre breid in )>e counfalbous, 
to pe proueft, baillies, and counfale, quhen pryce wes makand of pe wyne, xii*- ii^ . 

Item, to Geoi^ Scfaaw, for ryfling to Ed'' poft diligens, wijjt ane bill to pe 
proueft, anentis pe kingis G. writting fend out of Striueling, about pe conuen- 
tioun, xxx"-. 

Item, XTi*°- eiufdem, to M'- Adame Wallace and George Elphinft«un, for rydiog 
to Striueling, about pe conuentioun, at pe Kin^ G. defyre, x^. 

Item, for half ane barrell hering fend to Maifter Alexander Sym,. iii'">- v*-. 

Item, xx°' eiuiHem, to Johne Fleming for ane pund of powd'' fuineift in Symer 
laftt to pe soung men, as pe rolmo*- beris, xi*-. 

Item, payit to Hector Diilop, Alexander Tanochill, and Fergous Donaldfoun, for 
keiping of pe ftepill, coforme to {re Kingis G> charge, viz., to ilk ane of pe 
fJudis He£lo'' and Alexander, otdklie, daring pe ipace of ix oulks, zxv* , apd to 
be laid Fergous oulklie, xiiij*", extending in haill during pe laid Ipace, 

ixviij"*- xvi*. 

Item, to Patrik Colquhoun, for coillis left in Jie^ftepili, vi* viij* . 

Item, to Ardiibald M'', for making of ane tong to pe freir belt, viii*- iiit'*-. 

Item, for lattoun to be felis to the pwir folk, iiii*-. 

Item, iij* Mail, Lxxviii, to Daoid HalUs vyfe, for fre quartes Vyne, and twa 
quett breid in pe coun&lhous, pe &id daye, w*- ane gles q*^ wes brokin, 


Item, for pe dowcatt on pe grene, vi" viij'''. 

Item, gerin to Thomas Craufurde of JordanhiU, laft proueft, for obtenyng of {« 
exemptdoon fra aftylis, )>Bt he firft gatt to pe toun, be pe bullies and counlales 
comandiB, vi"* xiii'-' iiii*'. 

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\^PeUigrew.'] 17 O£lober. The qnhilk daye, Johne BartouD, cordiner, is 

decernit and ordanit be his confeiBone, as cautioner and fouertie for Michael 

MoHbun, to content and paye to Martene Pettigrew, ]>e Ibwme of xxxiii^ iiii^ 

money, wt]>t ane pair of fchone to hig wyfe, for moitl, wi)>in zv dayis nizt, with 

of expenliB. 

iH'il/bun—Waifoitn.'] 21 O&ober. The quhilk daye, Joboe Wilfoun is fund 
in be wrang and amchiament of court, for non per&wing of Johne Watfoun ; 
and als be Itud Johne Watfoun lykryfe in )>e vrang, in non perfewing of him for 
trublans done be Jiame, ilk ane to v]>eriB ; and dwme gevin ]>airapoDe. 

IHerbert/otm.'} The quhilk daye, Johne Dalrymple, tailjor, ia decernit and 
ordanit be be ay*- of party lane, becaus he comperit nocht, to content and paye to 
Jonet Herbertfoun, and delyuer to hir ane paitlatt of franch blak^ wi]>t weluot to 
graibt and bar })e famyn, gewin to mak price ])airof, si*- vipia zv dayis nist( 
witht of ezpenfis. 


KENT }>e complaynt gevin in be Johne M% Matho 
Watfoun, and pe remane*- flefcho^, induellaris in ]>b 
towne, E^anis Johne Wilfoon, James Anderlbun, and Da- 
uid Lyle, flefcho'*-, and outtintownes burgefi, for pe alle- 
git wrangouB vling of J^air occupatioun, wi]>in ])e Ire- 
dome of }>is towne, in flaying, hinging and felling 
flefche, in all refpefU as ]>ai io, albeit, )>ai duell not 
wi]>in )>e towne, as at mair len]>t is contenit io bill : The Judis f>re defendars 
comperand, allegit Jiat |)ai my*- vfe ]>e occupatioun, becaus }>ai ar fremen, and hes 
payit Jiair ftentiB quhen ])ai occurrit : The lomyu complaynt being teferrit to 
J>e baillies and countale, quha awy&nd pidrwitht^ for {>e maift parte decernit and 
fond, ]>at ony outtintownes burges Jmt payee ftentis, maye flaye ]>air flefi^e wi)>tin 
]>e towne, and ]>at ])ai halve na preuilege to brek in Imallis,* bot {lat ]>ai fuld pnt 
and bring ^air haill flefcbe ]>at )iai halve flane to {>e marcatt, at ten ho"- befoir 

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none all at anes, ow]>er be hinging on treiB, or lying on hors bakia, in tymes cum- 
ii^, and ^ vndir f>e pane of riij*' {>e firft bit; ^ fecund fidt zvi'-; and be brid 
fidteiclietingof]>efleicheno'- potit, and ordaois j>e bailltes to pas ])row the mercatt 
^t ))is ftatnt be obferwit. 

Proteftit ^e ikid Johne M'-, and Ma{>o Watfoun, ])at na new nouationn nor 
alteratioun be vfit againis ]>ame, be ootdntownes burge&, wpervyfe nor wes vfit 
of befoir, and defyrit )ie haill beillies and coon&le to awyfe heirwi]>b 

lBardt.2 38 Oaober. The qnhilk daye, Johne Hamiltoun, fteiUbonet 
maker, is fiind in pe wrang and amcfaiament (tf court, for tniblans done be him to 
Jonet Barde, in firft cafting anechandelar at hir, and ]>aireflir dinging and dowp- 
ing of hir, to Jie greit effiifioon of hir blade, and dwme gewin })airupone ; and for 
amendis, is ioftantlie ordaoit to paye hir viii^, by ])e bullies mlaw, and confefi 

[_Brotm.2 The quhitk daye, Jonet Barde is fund in ]>« wrang and amchiament 
of cour^ for tniblans done be hir to Maigaret Brown, in cafting of ftanes at hir, 
and rugging of hir hair, and ftreking of hir. to pe effufioun of hir blude ; and for 
amendis, is ordanit to paye hir vi*-, and afk hir foigevines, and toabftene in tyme 
cuming, vndir ]>e pane of ten pundis money. 

[^Cochrioie.'] The quhilk daye, William Cochrane is fund in ^e wrang and 
amchiament of court, for contemptiouflie difobeying of William Cwiynghame, 
baillie, and offi"-, in non retumyng to Jiame, he being chargit be |>ame for follow- 
ing of ane naikit bame ; and ]>airfoir is fund in {>e wrang pairfoir, and amendis re- 
ferrit to )>e coun&le. 

[Jfo/btm.] 14 November. The quhilk daye, Margaret Maxuell and James 
Mon^ry, ipoufi, ar deceroit and ordanit be yait confeifiones, to dclyuer to S'- 
Johne Mafonn, or Archibald E^lyntoun, his procurato'-, in his name, ]>e guddis 
'following, viz., ane compter, ane furme, ane lang-kift, ane ftokie, ane ftule, ane 
fchotill, ane Ime pott, ane litill prefi, ane fntgang,* ane Ime raik, ane cufchane, 
ane gluf, ane az, and ane Irne chynaye, pertenyng to J>e laid S'- Johne, and de- 
liuerit be him to hir in keping, wHn xv (dayis) nizt. 

* Fl4uif or Ffdfan— ■ tonf , loir cbnt, cxtendiDE aloDf > m«>dvn bed, and n*cd ■■ ■ dtp tbcnto. 

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The qubilk daye, {>e bailljes decernU and ordanis 
Altane Herbertlbun, to relere Jobne ^onng, wobftare, of 
zvi*- money, as being; ]>e half of xxxii*' money obtenit 
on ]>e laid Johne, for certane ^ame ftolne fra 

quhilk wes halflyngis ])row pe faid Allane de- 
)y£l, and als ordanis |>e laid Allane and Johne to big, mend, and repair, equallie, 
on bay** ])'' ezpenfis, pe wall quhairjiraw pe iamyn ves flolne, incontinent. 

[jSnciN.] 18 Norember. Tbe quhilk daye, Johne Brwm, fleftho'', is fund in 
]>e wrang and amchiament of court, for contrauening of pe ftatutit, in felling of 
flelche vpone )>e labo]>t daye, contntr \>e Iamyn ; and dwme gewin Jwr- 

^Blair.^ 2 December. The quhilk daye, Robert Blair is fund in pe wrong 
and amchiament of court, be bis confeffioun, for cafting donne of Johne Cochnines - 
creillis of his hors bak, being full of fulje ; and dwme gevin {Murapone. 

[_Gr(^e.'] & December. The quhilk daye, WiiUam Craufurde is fund in 
]>e wrang and amchiament of court, for troublans done be bim to James Graye, 
in ftreking of him w*- ane gau, vpone findry partis of his body : And als, KaJ>erene 
Crau&irde, his dochter, and Marioun Hauftones dochters, ar fund in the wrang, in 
ruling vp of ftibbillis, and Hopping o(pe laid Jaidtss to kubor ; and dwme gevin 

[Sellw.'} The quhilk daye, Geoi^ Sellar, Baxter, is fund in the wrang and 
amchiament of court, in vling of ane wrang ftoip in mettyng of vley w*- )>e Cunyn, 
to Dauid Donald, and is ordanit to mlQbur {>e rubo'- agane to him w*- ane juft 
mefo''; and dwtne gevin {>airupone. 

[Sfpreull.2 19 December. The quhilk daye, Allane Ma]>ie is decemit and 
ordanit be probatioun of &mous witnes, to delyuer to Thomas Spreull his kowis 
hyd futedentlie barkit, betwix and nixt, wi)>t of expenfis. 

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NDRO LECKY, merchand, is maid burges and freman 
of }>e bni^ltt and cide of Otalgw, and hes gevin his ay'- 
of fidelitie to }>e towne ; and als, for obierring of ]>& 
ftatutis )>airof, quhaia fynea wee gevin be ]>e laft proueft 
and Iwiilies, be vertu of ane rolmont, fubfcrywit w*- ]>air 
bandis, of ))e date J>e ix of Julii Uft, to ]>e ^oung men quba 
raid to Striueling to ])e pliament in Auguft laft, to mak ]>air 


HE qukillc daye, ])e bed of J>e Almoug houe, laft pofleffit 
be umq'"' Thomas Crawfurd, is gevin be \>e baillies and 
counfale, to Patrik Pettigreiv, wry*-, for his lyftyme, and 
ordanis ane letter to be maid to him }>'upone. 

[^oun^.] 27 January. Tbo quhilk daye, Alexander 
3;oung, in Kirkftyle, being accufit for difobeying of Johne 
Pantoun, offi'- ^iftir ny*- in non entering befoir }>e bullies, he being chargit ]}airto, 
grantis pe hit, and is cam in }>e baillies will ]>airfoir ; and als being accnfit for 
iniuring of )>e officiars, and }ie haiU honeft men of }>e towne, in calling of )>ame 
Lowiy Smyks, grantit [>e &lt, and become in pe baillies will lykvyle paitfoii ; ]>e 
bfulliea tuik to awyfe w*- ]>air willis to ]>« conn&ll, and to gif fur*- pe litmyn, 
affignit ]>e daye of nixt, and ordanis him to find cautioun for fulling 

))''of, quha (and John ^oung, Vobftar canttone for him, and pe larde of Balgraye is 
decemit to relef him of his conf^oun |>airof. 

iLmzies HiU.'] 17 February. The qululkdaye, Archibald Lenjeis and Johne 
Hill, and a)>er of ^em, ar fond in pe wiang, and amchiament of court, for tmb- 
lans done be pame, ilk ane to wj)erts in mane£Bng, fchuting, and Jchowing, and 
drawing qnhingaris to w]>eris ; and dome gewin ]iaimpone. 

* Bfodia. — Duidi, ribboni, or HMhe*. 

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iPacok.^ 24 February. The quhilk dajre, Gabriell Rankene is decernit of 
bU confeffioun, to delyuer to Johne Facok Jire tycht hogheiddta, Burdious bynd,* 
lent be lum to ye Md Gabriell, wij>in xv dayis oext, vith xvi'^of erpenfis. 

Ci)q{^] 24 March. The quhilt daye, Jobne HamiltOD, fmy*-, is fund in ]>e 
Viang and amchiament of court, for trublanc« done be him to Criftine Da^ in 
ftryking of hir w'-his nevis on hir &ce and mouth, in hir moders lious, half ane 
(seir) fyne ; als, Criftine Win^ett, ^ous to ^e iaid Johne, is fund in }>e rraoj^ 
for ftrykin^ of hir on ]>e brig on (Sondaye) laft; and dvnie gevin yapone : and 
for amendis, ar decemit to afk hir forgifnea on y- kneis, and to paye hir viii^, 
and to reftoir to hir hir curCiye and mnche, or ellis vi*- Tiii'- J>'foir, incontinent 

[JIfacAeflar — Allan/bne.'] The quhilk daye, Donald M'^Kellar is fund in ]>e nang, 
for trnblans done be him to William Allanfone, in cafting wp his malt in ane 
w{>eris rowme, and trubling ]>e mylne ; and als, ])e Jaidis William, and Johne 
Monky, Johne Allanlbne, Jobne Mlieid, and Jobne Los, and Sbetar, ar 

all fund in be rrang, for cruell ftryktng of J>e iaid Donald «*' ane pik on Jie bak, 
and wbTs partes of his body ; and dwme gevin [>aintpone. 


INDRO GAMILL, mchand, i» maid burges and fremanof 
' the biu^ht and cide of Glalgv, and hea gerin his ai)>t 
' of fidelitie to {>e town, and keping of f>e fiatuts of {>e 

mylne, qtihais fynes, extending to ten"^, ves gerin be 
' )>e baiUies and coun&le, to Maifter Dauid Wemj-s, minif- 

ter, to fumeis burds and furmes to ]>e communionn, to be 
; haldin wp and kepit be {re kirk in tyme cuming. 

{^Jamefom.l 10 April. The quhilk daye, Jobne Nicoll is fund in J>e wnog 
and amchiament of court, be his awin confeflioun, in holdyng of lows fuyn w'in 
pe territorie of Gla%w, contrar ])e ftatutes, and ikaytiog of S'- Marke Jameibnes 
^arde be ]>ame, and is ordanit to amend ]>e ikay*' be ficht of honeft men. 

{_W*hirfpvme — Jfi/Zore.] 17 April. The quhilk daye, Alex'- Millare is fund in 

f e wrang and amchiament of court, for trublance done be him to James Wifer- 

■ Bfnd— dimntilon^ c of tha tim uacd at Bordnnz. 

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Ipwne, in firft pvoking liim to combat, and )>'eftir in invadying liim w*- ane drawiii 
fuord, and ftryking him w*- ]>e Bcalb&rt yot on his lace, and )>e iaid Jam«8 is fund 
in }>e wrang, for ane vrangue compbynt contrar Arch'- Powaye ; and dwme gevin 

[Zotcflle.] The qnhilk daye, Johne Boill is fund in ])e wrong, for ftryking of 
Thomas Lowk, w*- ane elwand in hie mercatt jifterdaye; and dwnte gevin 

IRobe/one.'} The quhilk daye, Dauid Donald is decernit, pe allegaones of pteis 
being bard, to content and paye to Johne Robefoun xiiij*- for ane tod ftyn^ and 
yi*' reftand for vly, w^ pe barrell, als gud as it wes, or ellis fo'*' )>'foir, w*- ii*- of 
expenfie, w'in zt dayis nixtocun. 



ATHO WILSOUN is maid and conftitut Calfhird, quha 
bes fund Patrik Bell cautione for adminiftratioun in bis 
o£Gce, and is ordanit to have vi^ for ilk calf, and his meit 
daylie about, or ellis xii'' for ilk melte*-,' gif Jiai &ilse, and 
to be poyndit p'for. 

IPtaottnoL] 24 July. The quhilk daye, Johne Brok, 
is fund ID "pe wrang, for trublans done be him to Johne Pawtonn, taii^or, in ftryk- 
ing of him w*- ane Iptud, and invading him w*- ane Jeddart ftaf,f on tyfilaye laft ; 
and dwme Ji'upone, and ]>e laid Johne Brok fand Johne Nicbol, and Johne Paw- 
toun &nd Jobne Roblbn cautioneris rx*"^, ay]>er to wjieris, y- a}>er fuM keip 
v])er ikaytles of ony dampnage, in ay]ier of y- gardb at w{>ie hands Jiis seir 
to cum, 

* MdMb— (Mh mcml. f J«Mard 8«tff— « kind of ipeu-. 

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112 BUROH RECORDS OF 6LA800W. 1579 

iHog.'} 28 July. The qubilk daye, George Layn^ is decemit, be ay^ of 
pty tane, to paye to Jobae Hog xzi'- for ftokiag of gunais, and to delyuer to 
him ane fuord, and ane pair of new gayrdis, gevin to him to didit, wijtia zv 
dayis nixL 

[Mure.] The qahilk daye, He£to'- Dulop is decemit and ordanit, be ay*- of 
pty tane, Sec, to content and paye to William Mure xiii*- iiii''- for ane Ikyncoit, 
and xzx*- reftand of maill, wHn xv dayis nixt, w*- xx'- expenlis. 

[JUbrf/me.] The qubilk daye, Marione Stene, ipous to Johne Legat, is 
fund in |>e vrang, for trnblans done be hir to Jonet Morelbne, Ipous to Johne 
Brown, in calling ftanes at hir diuers tymes, and braking of hir pig ; and dwme 
gevin J>'upone. 



The qublDc daye, Robert Baillie, capitane of certane 
egiptianes, wes reddy, for himfelf and his cnmpany, to anf '' 
at ]ie inftance of Johne Pollok, greyn, for ony cryrae, 
quha comperit nocht to pfew, and ]>'for proteftit for re- 
leve yo£. 

ISlevmrde — Hu(Aefoitn.2 7 Anguft. The quhilk daye, Jonet Hucbefoun is 
fund in pe wrang, for fcalding of ane bame of Katine Stewards, w^ bait wort, 
and pe laid Katine is fund in )>e rrang, for ftryking of pe laid Jooet, ane grit 
Ipace yeMi ; and dwme gevin ]>'upone, 

\Stewarde — MUtar."] 11 Aognft. The qubilk daye, He£tor Steward and 
Robert Miller ar bay^ fund in ))e vrang for trubling of pe town, a]>er of w]>eri8 
and no*- complenyng ))'upon ; and dwme gevin. 

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2N pD8 of ye bailUes, fittand in Jugement, comperit He^r 
Sterard, and Rob*- Miller, pt«is luiderwritteii, and pro- 
i dadt tne. appoyntmeBt (for regiftration), of }>e qlk |>e 
teno^ foUowis: The qlk dajre, in pos of JwbaiUies fittand 
I in Jugement, it is appoyntit betnix He£lor Steward on 
! Jiat ane pt, and Rob*- Miller, bui^es of Aire on yat 
i wy part, foriamekill as ]>e faid Rob*- oblifi bim to delyuer 
to ]>e iald Hedxt'- ten crovnes of Jie foun,* pntlie, in Scotland, for z crownes of {« 
fbne, qlk ^e laid He£lor confignit in pe grei&r»f hands, nemit , 

of pe bat«|: of Burdeanz, for )>e rtiUtie of ye &iA Robert, and ye lud Hector 
iall lubfcryve fick writts in iavo^ of )>e laid Robert, ]>** may ierue for vpllfUng 
y'oi be him, furyt of ye iiud gret&rs' hands, as he or ony for him will dewyfs, and 
towart wy- a£tione8 betuix ]>aroe, ye fiimyn to be tryit be Juftice, as ye pteis 
plefis pfew be law; and in tyme cuming, to ftand gnde freyndis to wyaa; in vit- 
nes heirof, &c. 


NENT ye terme sffignit to pnunce vpone ye writts, 
pdudt in J>e a£Uon pfewit be Johne Colqnhonn of Kil- 
merdony, agania Johne Rofs of Hanyng, bay*- ye pteis 
pnt ; be laid Johne Rois allegit, na proces fuld be led now 
in reipeA of be feriat tyme, quhairfor ye baillies con- 
tinewit J>e effe^ of ye diet, aa it is now to ye nixt law 
dayis eftir michaelmes ptib^ (nt^. 

[CotfM.] The quhilk daye, KatiBe Richie is fund in J>e vrang be hir con- 
feffione, for ye wrangoos taking of Damd Cotts bncky, and caftyng of it in J>e 
well, and w'halding J>'of fra him, and ftreking of his ferwand; and dwme geyin 

' Crowni of tbe Son. 

f Ordbr— Fr. Grcflar, RoMtrdir. 

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OHNE ORAYE, fifcher, is maid barges of }>e bur<- of 
Giaigw, and is fuom to ]>e toun, and for keping of ye 
ftatuts of ye mylnes, and his fynea gevin gratis, at requeift 
of my lord erle LeSoz, proueft, be his mifiiTe daidt ye 
ix of Jimii qlk contenis ^vifione, yat nane Ikllbe re&uit 
agane be his letteris. 

ILLIAM CONYNGHAME, fifcher, ia maid bulges and 
freman of ye bur*- and citie of Giaigw, aod hes gevin his 
ay'- of fidelitie to ye toun, and for keping of ye ftatuts 
y'of, and concerning ye mylnes, and J^at for his Uubo~ 
done towart my lorde erle A^yle, and be his requeift 
gevin gratis. 

[Giffie*.] 2S September. The quhilk daye, in pne of ye baillies, Johoe 
Auld, and Gelis Arkilfton, Ipoufes, ar fund in ye wrang, for tniblans done be 
yame to Agnes Gilleis, in cafttng ftanes and dirt at hir, howfing hir, and putting 
fur*- hir fyre violentlie ; and dwme gevin ^nipone. 

The quhilk daye, ^e baillies, counfale, and haill dekynis, convenand in ye 
counfalhous, vnderftandand y- throw ftorme of wedder, Jnir is ane certane greil 
&lt coft to ye communitie, extending to tnelf fcoir pundis money, tynt and de- 
ftroyit, and ]>*- y- is nathing in ye comone purfi to fatiiBe ]>'fore, and ]>at ye 
communitie hes bene oppreflit be findry tazaiies and ftentis : Thairfoir ym or- 
dainis and confentis yat y- be ane annnelrent of xxiiij"^ of ye comone guddis vod- 
fett, quhill redemptioun y'o£, and ^mifes how fone occafioun of ftent or w))erifl 
cumis, to releve ye iamyn in all gndelie haift. 

IBqfiuU.'} The quhilk daye, Patk M'^Lyntok is fund in ye wrang, for tniblans 

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done to EBz*- Bofuell, ^odb to John Law, in taking of ane leg of muttoun fra 
hir, and for ftryking hir jiflerdaye ; and dwme gevin J>'on. 


IR MARK JAMESONE,take furt his Ires offiuidatiouii 
to ye lepir, in ane buift }>*- he gave in befbir, and bat he 
prometft to rander it in agane. 

IBureU—Stanfaye.'} 13 OAober. The quhilk daye, 

George Burell is fund in "pe wrang, for trublans done be 

him to Danid RamJaye, in geving him ]>e lie, aod ]>'efUr 

bitdng of him witht his neif on pe haf&t, and ficlyk f>e laid Da^ in pe wrang, for 

hurting of ]>e laid Geoige in pe hand w*- ane qnhyng'-, to pe effulion of his 

blude ; and dwme gerin )>airupone. 

OMPT of James Blahbume, Thefiiurare of }e burcht 
and dde of Gla%w, of |)e jeir of God JCD. V*^ thre 
fcoir Buchtene jeris, maid be ]>e laid James, &c., vpooe 
J)e xvi of OAober, J>e jeir of God JCD. V'>' Lx nyntene 

iTAe Dyaarffe.:\ 

Item, zzij Maii, 1678, payit to Archibald Wilfoan, for ane two of wyne 
gevin to my lord Boyd, for his help and procurement to Hit ye toun fra Har- 
law wod, and ftent fwrof, ^e, iiij"- vij"''. 

Item, rii"' Jnnii, to Alex'- Tanno'hill, Hedor Dulop, and Fergus Donaldfon, for 
xr dayis nuge, for keping of ye ftepill at ye kings comand, conforme to ane rol- 
mont of ye proaeft and bullies, vi'^ Tiij"-. 

Item, to Thomas Craufiirde, proueft, for his expenfis in pafiing to Striueling, and 
remanyng y- at ye Kingis G. defyre and charge, as J>e rolmont be™, xx'"' . 

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Item, to ]>e Meffinger at anoes y- gave pe ctiaxge Ji'to, be ane rolmont, 

vi*- Tiij*-. 

Item, xvii'^ Junii, to James Anderfinm, offi'-, to help to defend his cans befoir ^e 
lords, being pfewit be Johne Campbell, ))e tyme he wes in office, conforme to 
ane rolmont, iij^'- 

Item, eodem, to He£t.or Dulop, Alex'' Tanno'hill, and Fe^oa Donaldibn, in cmn- 
plete payment of y- waiges in all tymes bigane, for keiping of }>e ftepill. 

Item, to William Herry, 26 Jonii, 1576, to pas to Dnndey for pe cai&j maker, 


Item, eodem, to Ker, J>e Kings G. poll, p^ brocbt ane vritdng fra Stirling,* v. 

Item, pen*<^ eiu£Ieniy to Duncan Ilnlaye, for )>e mull of ane chalmer to be langif- 
fcole, zl*-. 

Item, z**- Julii, to Steill, to help to cure his leg, zl^ 

Item, to twa boyis, to gang to Kilmdony w** vrittingis 6ndry days, and to Potter- 
hill abo*- ]>e bifchop, iiij*-. 

Item, to Malcom ILunilton, for fcui^eing of thre thiels, iii*'. 

Item, to ane boy &a Dumbartane^ about ane icbip of ialt of Rob'- Houftons, and 
ane wy- for Mungo Stewards, iiii'. 

Item, to ane boy to tors ane bill to o^ ^ ueft, xii^. 

Item, to pe CommiffionerB ^t paft to Dambartaoe to by ]>e filt, at twa tymes, 


Item, xz°- Julii, to Maif;aret Spang, for zx***- pulder fend to pe proueft to Stir- 
ling, x''''XTiij^ 

Item, zxix*"- einfilem, to Willie Herrey, to ryn to Stirling to pe proueft, viiis 

Item, quinto Aug*'-, to M'- Ada Walles, and Geoi^ Elphinftoon, to ryd to Stir- 
ling, anents pe chiu^ gevin and fend to ]>e toun be Jie lords in Falkirk, vi'^. 

Item, vii^ einfiL for ane ell tafiatie, and v unce Glk, to be ane peniallf to ]>e raid 
of Stirling, iiij*'' x*- iiii*-. 

Item, vii*^ eiufd. to James Ritchie, to pas to Dumbartnne, to by ane fchip of ftl^ 


Item, viii"^ eitdH. to Johne St^erar, meffinger, for pt copie of ]>e proclamatioun of 
Stirling raid, vi*- viii*. 

* At thb tjnne, iMr mmt rt omnMiid cf tke Klngia letter, cortUM mcD, weiU bodln in ilraua, fuith 
•f th* bniTDWli of Edlnburtb, Glwfow, Dundee, and Fntb, b> kdp fiirdbosM In tba toon of Sllriingi 
daring UiB PirllamgnL— MojiiM Memoln, f. 1 1, 

i Ftnwll ■ amill itiwnuz — Fr. Poumdomhi. 

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Item, to Walter Muntguny, for ana pair breiks and flianku, g«vui to Johne 

Cathbert, at ye baillies comand, iii"**' vi*' viii'''. 

Item, to Katerine Huntare, for yeiyng of ftSzeia* to ye pen&U, v^ viijS 

Iten^ to Johne Mare, for ye difione to ye ^aaag men, yat day ]>ai rud to Stir- 
ling, iii'"' xi^j»■. 
lUm, zvii*^ Aug*'- for twa horg to Stirling, and ii boyie v^ ye prouefts pece8,t 

Item, xviii"* Aug^, to Robert Rowat, for fuftenyng of ane of ye Commiffioners 

at Stirling ^ liament, v*^. 

Item, to him as debariit at ye prouefts couiand to ye Commiffioners of Ed'-. 

xiij* iiii*-. 
Item, to him as debnriit to Johne Cathbert drumers expenfis y-, xxvi'-viij^. 

Item, zzr Aug**-, 1676, to Andro BaiUie, for wyne, propynit to my lord Boyd 

findry tymcB, relaait be ye offi**- at ye baillies comand, conforme to ane rolmo*-, 

xxiiij"^ xii» v*'. 
Item, ix'°' T**^, 1578, to Effe Campbell, for iii q"^ wyne, gevin three findry dayis 

to my lord Boyd, xxiiij'-. 

Item, zii*°- 7*'^, to Willie Herry, for tarying in Dumbertane, aboat my Lord 

A^iles oift, ziij*- iiii'-. 

Item, terdo Oetob^, 1573, to Effe Campbell, for t gaUovnes of wyne, patit to ye 

erle Lenox, and wf'-lordis, being in ye toon at yia Michaelmes, vii""^ iii*. 

Item, Z7 eiufd. to Jt^n Scfaerar, meffinger, for ye copie of ye prodamalionn to 

ye raid of Dufreis, iii* iiii^' 

Item, to ane boy J>*bro'- ane vritting fra Dudey. iii*. 

Item, xvi*°- eiuld. to Gawane Grhame, to ryd to Stirling, to my lord I.enoz, 

proneft, abeat licenfe to byde fra DnmireiB raid, iiiii^. 

Item, ix*^ Dec*^, to Geotge Elphinftone, William Conynghame, and Rob'' 

Rowatt, to ryd to Dumbartane, to by ane fchip of wyne, at ye townes comand. 

Item, xii*- eiafil. to aae boy fra Dumbartane, alraat ye fchip of Air, i^. 

Item, xv*°- eiufd. to Marione Rols, for vi g*ii q"* wyne tane be ye offi^, and pre- 

fentit to my lord erle I^nox, proneft, x^-Tiii^. 

Item, quinto Januarii, to James WilTonn, for ane. gallowne wyne, pntit to my 

lord Arbro*, xxiiii*. 

< Wmt1ii| itf Ma(M. f Fecn— tmwIi for luddlnf Uquld^ut w* before, p. 16, paoe diAenntl; lued. 

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Item, quinto Febrnarii, to George Elphinftone, deburfit be him for obtenying of 

anenevezempdouQ to \>e toun, twa crowneg of ))e fone, ftee mi'"'- iiiis v'-ii half 

mk peces drynk liluer, fa*-, iiii'^ zvij*' uii'-. 

Item, zi eiufiL to ane bo^ to pas to Irrin abof- "pe pilleit geit be Ingland 

vi* viii*-. 
Item, to Agnes Hegate, for wyne pntit to my lord Boyd ]>e laft jeir, zrnii'-. 
Item, to Marione WiUbtin, fw half ane gallowne wyne, pndt to my lord Lenoz, 

at Michaelmes, xri^. 

Item, to Willie Hervy, for bis travellis ia )>e townes sffiura, xiii*- iiij'*'. 

Item, to Dauid Hall, for aucht gallownes wyne, taae be ]>e offi'*', and gevin to my 

lords Leiioz and Boyd, at diuers tymes, xiii'"'' xih. 

Item, to Agnes Gilleis, for zzii pynts ull, gevin to )>e townea men at Cadderi 

quhen {>ai met ]}e artalzerie to Hamilton, ziiii*- viii'-. 

Item, to Agnes Hegait, for ane gallonne wyne jtpynit to my lord Angus, xxiiii^. 
Item, to Marione Scott, for ane gallowne wyne, preientit to )>e bifchop of 

Glalgw be ye baillies, zP. 

Item, to )>e menftrales, for ]>air ezpenlis to Hamilton fege, x*'. 

Item, to ane boy |>at remanit at KiUy^ about ye ordinance bringing, v*-. 

Item, to Johne Andro Cordiner, for &x fntballis, zii*'< 

Item, in Moii, 1579, for thre gallownes wyne prefendt to ]>e crowner and can- 

nonais, iii"^ zii"-. 

Item, to Daitid Hall, for half ane gallowne of wyne, gevin in Ap*^ to J)e Irilchop 

of Glaigw, xii*-. 

Item, to William Smy*-, for thre gallownes wyne, prefentit to my lord Morton, 

and half ane gallowne to ^e bilchop of Gla%w, in Ap*^ laft, iiij"'^ iiii^< 

Item, to Coiene Campbell, for v q'*^ wyne, and ane laif, gevin to my lord Leno^ 

on ye groyne, on horlbek, on Witfbndaye, 1579, zzv*- tiij^. 

[Browne— 501BIJ/.] 20 November. The quhilk daye, Beffe Brown, and Marione 
^onng, ar of y- awin pper confelliones manfnoroe, and decemit to abftraA J>ame 
furt of ye burcht and baronie of Glaigw, in tymes ciuning, and conientis, gif Jni 
happin to be fund Jiurunto, to be drownit, but dwme ; and to depart incondnent 
fiutht ytitot. 

{^Sprmil.'] 27 November. The quhilk daye, Adame Richie is decemit in ye 
vrang, for trublans done be him to Henry Sprenl), in iniuring, manafiyng, and 

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evill fpekJng of him, quha wes complenand to ]>e Magiftrate§, for vrang done in 
y- prelens; and dvme gevin ])airupone. 


HE quliilk daye, Geoi^e Herbertfoun is fund and 
decemit, be probatioun of famous witnes, in J>e wrang, for 
]>e iniuring and difperfbning of Geoige Elphinftoun, ane 
of Jie bailjeb of GtaJgw, in cuming to liim on ]>e hie 
g^t yof, and faying, how he durll be fa part* to deill 
ony vynes vtout his avyfe, and incontinent }>aireftir, for 
drawing of ane quhinger, and mytene ]>airwi])t to pe 
laid baillie, and Jiaireftir madiatlie, for iniuring of J>e iaid George, baiUie, 
v*in pe tolbuy^ of Gla^w, geveand to him mony iniurious words, fick as knaif, 
Ikaybell* matteyne, and lowne, and that he wes geotillar nor hie, haveand bis 
hand on bis quhinger, ni^;and it halflines in and out, and J>at he carit bim no*-, 
nor ]>e land yaX he bed now}>ir, w*- diuers w])l8 iniorius words : And atto'- ]>e 
ibid George Herbertfone is fund in }>e wrang, for cootemptius brelcing of ward, 
for paffing fur^t of }>e. totbuy*-, he being cbargit be Ricbert Tod, offic'-, to re- 
mane Jiairinto, for bis contemptione abouewritten, and ]>at bot ony ordo*- or 
cautioun fund and relarit, as aucbt to have l}ene: And als, pir ^miffis done 
be )>e laid George Herbertfone, vpon pe zziiii of December lafl bipait; and dwme 
gevin J>airupone. 


UHILK daye, James Craig being pJewit be Jobne 
Hauftonn, for twa ferhs, and ane garmo'- of cbiyS allegit 
promeift be bim to pe laid Jobne in bunte^t, is aldbluit 
p'fn, becaus be denyt pe fiunyn be his ait, it being re- 
ferrit paitto. 

IMemyng.^ The quhilli daye, in pns of J>e baillies 
• Rewlr— Fr. Prrt. 

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with Johne Steward of Bowlious, (and findry optn conDiellora), James Fleroynga 
compt of hu reflate tn James Blackbnrne, to ^ caliayi% be tyne he wes maifter 
of work, wes examinat, hard, aod eadit, and he fiuid foperexpendit in vi''^ xv*- tV-, 
and ordanit him to be payit }>'of. 

TEM, John SettarB, compt, as coHeAor of ]>e caUayeftenb 
hard and endit, and admittit to him for his laubo^ ZTij"*^ 
xij% and & be is difcha^t of xii**- *"■- intromillion. 

HE iaid hull coun&le haveand oonfidetation of ye bailUes 
greit travellis and laubo'*' , afeld and hame, in eSats of J>e 
town, grantit them twa perfones to be maid burgeffes at 
]>" requeifts. 

llMMdes—Steward.^ Sd April. The qnhilk daye, He6tor Steward, and Walter 
Landes, ar bay*- fiind in ]>e wrang done be a^er to wj^eris, in holkyng wp of 
sard dyks, and cutting of hegeis ; and dwme gerin y<m, and ordanis tCper to repair 
w^ers ikay**. 

iBamiUm — Btvum.'} The quhllh daye, ye baillies and conn&Ie vnderftandand be 
probadoun, ^e ininris and iclander done be Marg*- HamiltouR, and Jonet Browne, 
hir dochter, to findry ny'bo^, ordanis yame to be patt on ye croce on monondaye 
nixt, w'' papers on y- heids, y- to remane fra x ho**- q"' xii ho"- and J>'efter, to a(k 
ye fteis forgifnes, quhair ye flyting wes, and to ^ftene fia lykdoing in tyme 
cuming, vnder pane of banifment ye toun. 

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I TEM, becaiu )>ar ar greit enonnite done be Jindry 
pdcuUrs, in bying of firefche ialmont in greit to ialt, fua 
])at }>e towne can no^ get ony in fmallis, to ferue }>ame ; 
for remeid q'of, it is ftatute and ordanit^ )iat all flc fal- 
mont iklbe pntit to ]>e mcat^ togidder at anes, and gif ony 
beig ianld vnprefentit, gif Jiai can be apprehendit to be 
efchetit, wf'wyfe febyarin greit, befoir xii hors of J>e daye, 
to be in ]>e vnlaw of xP- )« firft fait, Jje fecund &lt v"*-, and J* dtrid, in crying downe 
of ptit firedvme, by the efcheting ; and ^f ony towns man meit ]>e fifche cnmand 
to {>e mercatt^ or ^et reflatts ovtintovnis men, wittandlie doand ^e famyn, to 
incor pe fad panis. 

IHaU—StnitAersri 22 May. The qnhilk daye, Danid Hall, and Covell 
Struthers, ar maid nierchands to pe fchip of iklt coft fra George Cochran, for 
xl^ pe boll. 


Falts gevin wp be ]>e outlandemeris. 

Jobne Hamilton, finy*', bes tane fur*- of pe mowthe of 

pe ftiyrd, pafland to pe vatter of Clyde, on pe eiftend of 

pe brig, certane erd to mend bis ^arde, and big his hous, 

qohilk is pe ruyne of pe litle gieyn. 

William Symfbn, pe minifters tenant, hes tane in of }>e comone befyd Skellenis 

myre, ane rude of land and mair, and ]>*■ he hei diminifit ]>e loyne pafland to 

SStellenia myre grittumlie, 

Conwell Struthers hes brokin }>e comone, and laid ane hundre*- draw^ vpon hu 

Item, we fynd in geperall pe haill comoun lonys abou*- pe town brddn and di- 
minifit, caftin and led in pticnlar lands, and diuere mche ftanes awaye. 
The paiSige befyde Colene Campbells is allnterlie deftroyit. 

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The litle greyn is lykvyfe in prell of peiyfin^. 

lS(mUi.Ji 24 June. Tlie quhilk daye, Marione Scherar is fund in [le wrang, 
for tniblans done be hir to Thomas HomiJl, fone to Johne Homill, in ftryking of 
him, and ichuting of him on ane ftane, to pe efFuliouQ of his blude, and is ordanit 
to pay )>e leche, and fff to him for amends ziij*- iiii**- . 

[ZatQ/oUB.] 1 July. The quhilk daye, James Reid, and Jonet Reid, Ipoufs, 
ar decernit be ay*- of pty tane, &c., to content and paye to Andro Lawfoun Jte 
Ibwme of zii"*^, contenit in ]>e faid James obligatioun, w*- zzz*- of borrowit money, 
and zxzii''- for tws punds plumdames,* and pe faid Jonet to paye him ri"- viii"' for 
ane eU of doable playds, and for Jaip zi*-, wijiin zt dayis nixt, w*- ii*' of ezpenJls. 

ZWrj/l.'} 5 Jaly. The quhilk daye, James Anderfone, merchand, is fund in )ie 
wrang for ftryking of IJabell Wricht, and cafting hir our ane tre, violeotlie ; and 
dwme gerin Ji'upone, and is ordanit to pay for mends and ezpenfia z*- incontinent. 

[Cibfny.] The quhilk daye, Jonet Lind&ye, and Robert Murdo*- hir fpous ar 
decernit to delyuer to Archibald Clemy ane lang caliver w^ fh&pf, price iii"*^, he 
payand J>ame zz'- w^in xv days nixt, w^ of ezpenfls. 


UHILK daye, George PoUofc, merchand, is maid burges 
and freman of |>e bur^ and cttie of Glalgw, and hes 
gevin his aitht of fidelity to J>e town, and his fynes, viz., 
z^ qpoi- for, wes deliuerit to ]>e baiilies, and deburfit be 
pame in Edin'-* and allowit to )>ame in J>e end of p^ 
expenfis mud J>'', left rtud for effars of pe tovne. 

■ Plumdaiou— PniDM. 

t A talinr gun wu a li|hl guu wllb > matck lock; farra therefore, the mtulDC ii ■ long lifbt gaa 
witb ■ «up or hrk. 

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The qohilk daye, ye court fenfit be pe baillies at 
Craij^mak, and Jt'efdr cailit Jie fute roll, aod pclamit J>e 

iTen^ilL} 22 Jaly. The qahilk daye, William 
WilibiiD, mellinger, is fund be probationa of witnefs in ])e wrang, for trublans 
done be him to Robert TempiU in poffiU, in ftryking of him w*- ane fuord and 
fcalbert on ye heid, aad yettit invading htm v*- ane drawin fwerd, ftrykand at 
him, and all wtberis befyde, upon J>e ziz daye of Julii inftant, and for mendis, is 
decCTnit to litt dooii on his kneis at ]>e croce, to afk God and him forgifnes, and to 
paye for expen08 t^ viii^ : And als )>e laid Robert maid lay'', he dred J>e &id 
William of bodelie harm, and lykryle William maid fay*-, he dred Rob*-, and ay- 
delyrit lawlbiiUe of v]>u, and ye laid William fond Mcol , Gawane Hamil- 

ton, Johne Wilfonn, mchand, and Ro*- Hucbefoun, feverallie vndir pane of iii'- 
mks, and Junes Bowe becum Ibuertie for ye &id Ro*-, mdir ye laid pane of iaw- 
foQiie, and ye priu"*' is decemit to releve y- fouerties. 

[JSpeir — Hervy.^ 29 July. The qohUk daye, Jonet £^eir is fund in ye wrang, 
for ftryking of Marg*- Herveys bame and hir mother, w^ hir feitand hands : And 
James Henry, Chriftene Riche, Marione Cuthbert, Mai^ Hervy, and mgt Wil- 
fon, ar all fund in )>e wrang, for ftryking of ye faid Jonet Speir, cafting ftanes at 
hir, and taking ane pot fia hir; and dwme gevin ^'upone. 


;OHNE GAWAYE, filcher, is maid burgesand freman of 
ye bur*- and dde of Glaigw, and lies gevin his ay*- of fidelitie 
to ye tonn, and for obfervatioun of ye ftatutes of ye mylne 
and w}>Ts, and componit w*- for x™^, be reHbn he wes 
hereit wi{>t Inglilmen yia ;eir. In ye the'*- hands. 

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The court of })e bur^ end citie of Gh(gw, haldin in pe tolbuy*- ))'of, be Ipedall 
difpenlatioan of ])e feriat tyme,* be boa''- men, George Elphinftoun, and William 
Con^bani, baillieR, ^e zii day of Auguft, J>e geir of God, &c., Lxxx jeira, ]>e 
fatris callit, pe court confennit, Dempfter, John Andro. 


UNCAN CAMPBELL, merchand, u maid hmgn aad 
fremao of )>e bur'- and citie of Olafgv, and gsrin his 
ay*- of fidelitie to pe town, and for obferving of }>e ftatnts at 
mylne and wj>u as rfe is^ quhais fynet wes gerin be {>e 
baillies and coonlale, to )>e ^onng men of pe town, for for- 
neiyng of pulder to ptane, beftowit in pe towns necefliu' 

lL!fom—Bo/».'] 19 Auguft. The quhilk daye. Marione Rofi and WiUiam 
Lyoun, fpoufes, being pfewit be Dauid Ros, as air of nmq"- William Rofii, for non 
delyuerance of ane francbe blak cloik, ane dowblett of cowgrayn, ane pair breika 
of frendie blak, ane lyneing &tk, ane belt, ane quhynger, ane pair gartanes, w*- 
wpls guddis, ar abfoluit limpl'- ])'ffB, in refpeA of pe difcbarge pdudt of ail 
|.ingB, &c. 


ITILJOHNE, in pns of ]>e baillies, William Lidljofane 
finyS fone to umqo''' Robert Litiljohne, burges of 
Glaigw, is maid burges and freman of Glaigw, and hes 
gevin Bis ay^ of fidelitie to pe town, qohais fynes wes 
remittit to him grata, be pe bullies, ptlie for pouertie, 
and ptlie at requeift of his bro]>er. 

• la oilier «atriM thla li aUbd " Cloli lyma"— bimrt holidajt. 

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lAndir/'one.2 6 September. The quhilk daye, William Andirfone cowper, 
being accuGt for iniuring of William Conynghame, baillie, io Jugement, jifter- 
daye befoir none, and contempning of bim, and vtraging of him jndiciallie, beand 
execntand of his o£Ece : The Jaid William Andirfone comperand, grantit ]>e of- 
fence in ^kiDg of rafche wordi§, and come iti ye baillieg and coun&les willis 
jr'foir, quha be declanilioD ]>BiTof^ ordanit ]>e laid William Andirfone to remayne 
in )»e tolbuy*- quhjll fi-ydaye nixt at x boi**, at q"^ tyme, ordanis him to fit on his 
kneis at ye croce, y- to tdk )>e baiUies and conlale forgivnes, and immediatlie 
yefdr ordanis his fredome to be cryit doun. 

l_fVptie.'} The quhilk daye, Johne ADderfone, cordonar, is fund in ^e wrang, 
for trublans done be faim to Jolin Wylie, in invadyng him w*- ane dntwtn 
quhinger, and bluyding him yvr^ : Ala Andro Aadirfone in ^e wrang, for cruell 
caftyng doun of ye laid Johne Wylie, and ftrekiog of bim w*- handis and feit, and 
pulling his herd : And James Graye, and Johne Andirfone dry leddir man, in ye 
wrang, for invadyng and ftreking at ye laid Johne Wylie, w'- drawin quhingers 
and halbertis, all jifterdaye ye v of Kouember, (Septembre) inftant, ye tyme of 
proclama'Hin <^ o'- foaerane Lordis Ires, dwut paking and peling. 

lOrage.'] The quhilk daye, Johne Lav is fund in ]>e wrang, for trublans done 
be him, in ftryking of Archibald Gray, wry*-, and his wyfe, cruetlie w*- hands and 
feit, and invadyng be drawin quhinger, twa findrie onfettis, efdr Jiai were red, 
^ifterdaye, and dwme gevin ]>'upone ; and for amendis, ye ftid Johne is decemit 
to de&dk to yame xviii*- det, awand be J>ame to him; and abfoluit yame fra 
payment Jiairof. 

l_Na/mt^- ] 13 September. The quhilk daye, Marg*- Nalmy'-, being accufit 
for fteling of beir and comes, confeffit ye lamyn, and wes decemil^ of *hir awin 
confeffion, to be banift and abfent hir, fur^ of ye buight and barony of GtaJgw ; 
and gif erer &ho wer fund |>'into, to be drowntt bot aflyle ; and to dept to y*- effect 
w*in zxiiii ho^ niztocum. 

IBlayre.'] 21 O&ober. The quhilk daye, Martene Pettigrew is fund in ye 
wrang> for taking awaye of ane lokit dor, w*- key of ane ftabill, occupeit be 
Ro*- Blair, and cafting doun of ye rigging and thak J>'of ; and is ordanit to repair 
ye fkay*- incontinent 

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OHNE DOWOALL metemaD, is maid burges and freman 
of ])e bur*- and cide of Gla%w, and hes gevia his utht of 
fidelitie to J>e towne, and for kepyng of ]>e ftatato; and 
his Jynes wea gevin, be ye baillies and coun&le, to Johae 
Honftoun mafon, in buntejit, for making of pe cal&ye 
upon ]>e brig, as ])e robnont beris. 

[i£icA<,] The qnfailk daye, Jonet Cliddildale is fund io pe wnmg, for iniuring 
of James Riche coonialo'-i in ikying he had ane wrang furlott ; and is ordanit to 
fit doun and a(k him foigifiies, and to ahfteoe ha ficUk in tymes cuming, mdir 
ye pane of zt^ ilk ML 

iMakHdotimj/.'] The quhilk daye, George Herbertlbun is decernit, be his 
Bwin confeflioun, to entir M'^Sparran hielandman, at ye inftance of Robert 
M'lldownie, in ye tolbuy*-, w'in viii dayis eftir mertymea nixt, or ellia to paye to 
be laid Robert ye lowme of xxviii mks money, at ye tiad daye. 


Item, it is ftatut be ye bullies and coun&le pat na copparis of fmall Jalt, 

induellars in ye toon, nor jit owtintownis men, by ony fait in greit, in tymes 

cuming, quhill ix ho^ of ye daye, y^ ye town and fifchers may be feruit^ vndir ^e 

pane of viii*' ilk folt. 


[iaiMfc«— Gfcn.] 

INENT ye terme to pronunce vpon ye impugnationes, 
I producit be Thomas Glen, cootrar Valter landes, it wea 
' judiciallie aggreit betuix ye pteis, and ye laid Valter 
' inllantlie relTauit fra ye laid Tho"- twenty"*^ money, and 
[ ytoT reoundt fiis a£tioun, w*- contra^ quhairupon it wes 
grundit, bidder w*- all title he had to ]>e laid Thomas 
; mylne daye on Kelryn. And J>e faid Tho**- wes content^ 

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1580-1 BURGH R£C0RD8 OF GLASGOW. 127 

gif he happinifl to fell )>e laid mylne daye to ony perfone, he lall di^one ^e lamyn 
to }>e £iid Valf-, asd to na wj>eri3, for fie prices as w]>eri8 ny'bors fellis ]>air 
mybte daye, 0D7 tyme cuming : and ywpon, a]>ir of pe pteis afkit aAis of 


HE heid Courte eftir jule, of ])e burglit and citie of 
Glafgw, haldin in ye tolbuitht of pe lamyn, be honoarabil 
men, Robert Steward, He£lor Steward, and Jobne 
Grbame, bailUeg yot, J>e xvii daye of Jamiar, fe jeir of 
God JOD. V<^four fcoir jdris (1581) ; pe futtis callit, }>e 
Co"- cofermit Dempftare, John Andro. 

Na fcab nor wai))t. 

Betty Auld, 


Jonet Steward, 

Fatrik Bogle, maltma, 
Jonet Spang, 
James M'-, fiefcho'-. 

Andro Lawlbn, mchand, 

Na binds, wardbrekings, nor deforcements. 


IE sabbati — in preiens of ]>« baillies and counlale, in 
Gouniklhous, James BryJs wobfter, ia mud bulges and 
&eman of be burght and citie of Glaigv, and hes gevin 
his ai*- of fidelitie to pe towne, and for kepiog of ]>e 
ftatuts of ye mill and wyen; and his fynes wes remlttit 
to him gratis, at be requeift of my lord Archbiichop of 
Qlalgw modeme. 

iGrAame.} The qnhiik daye, ye prebendaries of S. Andro, S. Martene, and 
tritm puerormh in ye new Kirk of 01a%w, laft pofleft be umquhill S'- Robert 

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Wadbn, and now vacand in ]>e baillies and counlales lumdis, be hi§ deceis, wea 
gevin to Alex'- Grhame, lone to Johne Grhame balllie, for J>e Ipace of fyve seiris 
niztocum, for his fiifteiita'>ne at ]>e Icbolea, and ]>at be ]>e baillies and coun&le ; 
And ane tak fett be him agane to pe toun, for twenty pundis jeirlie. 


^HEquBillc daye, }>e baillies, coun&le, and baill dekynis, 
/ condifcendit and a^reit, to haif and vfe )>e mefb^ of 
^ ftoipis, according to }ie jug mett, as is in w]>'- townes, and 

iordanis ])e townlchip to be wamit to bryng ]>'- ftoipis, to 
be mud and mefbrit yv'-, vodir ])e pane of xvi*-, and 
efcheting of pe ftoipis, efldr ]>e warning, and difobeying J>e 
V iamyn ; and ordanis ]>e craftifman to hare, for ilk pund 
TO*- of pewdervorking, vi''-, and for )>eon]y plovkyng* of wj>^ iiii"-; andj)etreyn 
ftoipis to be plorkit and mkit lykvyfe. 


RCHIBALD DAUIDSOME, fifcher, is maid bnrges and 
freman of pe bur*- and ntie of 01a%w, and gerin bia 
ay^ of fidelilie to J>e toun, and for keping of J»e ftatnts 
yot: quhius iynes wes gevin to Thomas Myln chirur- 
gtane, be )»e baillies and coon&le, for his caring of 
Thomas M"- hurt in ye tovnes befyoes, and pouft to 
him be ^ame ]>'for, as ]>e rolmont beris. 

IBar.'] 17 March. The quhilk daye, Marione Snodgers is iimd in pewnag, 
for byting of Robert Bars feroand on pe £e, cruellie, to ye effutioun of his blude ; 
and for ftopping him to tak ane maik &tt, becaus fcho feil^eit to ^f it hir awin ; 
and dvme gevin |>'upone. 

* nufgiDgfNdiKstni to proper dub; meu» of (ping (f wct«l run fnU h. 

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ZLoAerL'2 Aoent ye complaynt of tniblens, pfewit be John Lokett in 
Burrofeld, aganis Johne Herbertfone, and Johne Pollok, contenit in bill, bering, 
pat <f- on ])e r of Ap**- inftant, ye faid Johne Lokert wes doand bis leful belynes, 
vpon his rentalit tandis and fleding of Burrofeld, haveand na ewill in mynd, nor 
doand na ewill, to na mafier of pibnes ; no^^elefi^ ]>e fiudis Johne Herbertfoun, and 
Johne PoUok, movit be fum rickit ^rite, as apperit, vpon ye laid daye at J^re 
eftirnone, come to J>e laid lands, and craellie lett on him w*- rungis, and 
battounis, ftaifis, and dang him {t'w*- in his arme, and fitce, and handis, to ye 
effiifioim of his blade, bat ony &lt, and brak ye rungis and battounis on him, and 
wald llane him, wer no^ Goddis g. and help of ny'bo**- ; delyring yame to be 
decernit conjimAlie in ye Trang y'toi, as at mair 1enl>t is contenit in bill. All 
ye laidis pteis peHbnalte piit. The fiudis Johne Herbertfboe, and John Pollok, 
grantit ]>e offens done be ymae to ye Cud Johne Lokert, conforme to ye laid bill; 
and referrit ye amendment yfor, to ony four freyndis ye laid John Lokert plefis 
to cheis. The qnhilk offer ye laid Johne Lokert acceptit, and ves content to 
noiat freynds to pat effeft, betoix and VitTondaye nixt And, in ye meyn tyme, 
Gawane Grhame is becnm cautdoun for ye faid Johne .Lokert, and George 
Herbertfbne, for John Herbertfone, and Johne Herbertfone for ye faid Johne 
Pollok, ya.t na trublans &lbe commitdt, on ony of y- fyds to w]>eri8, vndir ye 
pane of yre bandiey mks on ilk hand ; and ye laidia pteis to releve y cau- 
tioneis yot. 

[_BabeTloitn.'} The qohilk daye, WiUiame Johnftone is fund in ye wrang and 
amerchiament of court, for trublans done be him to Stewin Robertoun, mcliand, 
in towking of him on ye hie gait; and dwme gevin J^'upon. 

iAJkmt — Ba^knm.1 The quhilk daye, Mai^aret Ralftoun is fund in ye wrang 
and amerduament of court, for trubhins done be hir to Agnes AlUne, ^us to 
Pat^ Wilfbnn, in ftryking of hir, and Ikaltng of hir leiks at ]>e croce ; and ficlik 
ye laid Agnes is fund in J>e wrang, for ichwting c£ ye faid Margaret ; and dwme 
gevin rat'™ ])'upoDe. 

{W<m,'\ The quhilk daye, Archibald Cktnynghame, dene of Donone, as 
principali and Normo*- M<=Kyny, as Ibaertie for his entre, ar decernit and ordanit 
oonjnn6tlie and feneralie, to content and paye to James Wan, ye fowme of lax 
inks zl^ money, reftand of Jie price of iax fiirlottis beir, aucht^ for twa dofand 
of quheit breid, tw&^ for ane pnnd of fe^^s, ix^ for ane pund of ptnmdames, 

db, Google 


and xiii^ iiii'- for certaae vn^eone feid, and reid, coft and re&uit be ]» iaid 
Arcliib''- fra ]>e laid Jamea, and ^at becaus ]>e lamyn being refemt to ]>e &id 
Arch'^ ai)>t fimp*'', J>e laid Normo'- feiljeit to enter him. 

[^tAt^/oun — Ander/cTte^l The quhilk daye, MartCDe Akinlbne, in KirkintiUo'-, 
is fund in J>e wrang, for trublans done be him to Johne Anderfbne tailso'-, in 
taking hia playds ira him violentlie ; and dwme gerin ])'upone. 

XStewarfl The quhilk daye, Robert Stewart, Colene Campbell, and Barbara 
Hegait, fpous to Jobne Farqnhar, ar decernit and ordanit to delyner to HeAo'- 
Stewart baillie, ])re quarteris of ]>e fchip callit ))e Salmo*- ; and to renonce all 
rycfat and title )>ai have J>'to, in fovo'a of })e iaid Hefto'- ; and to reflave fra him 
]>e fbvme of fourtene icoir pwndis money, for )>e q*** ]>ai iauld ^ laid ]>re 
quarteris, w*- Jie ptinents ; and receavit ilk ane of ^me receavit erlia, viz., ]>e laid 
Robert, half ane teftane,* and ilk ane of ]ie reft, ane half mk pece, and to delyner 
to htm all ry'*' and evidentis )>at ]>ai have of ])e Cud fchip, V- hir fnrnito'' and 
ptinents, belanging to pe £ud Jire quarteris, conform to y- ^mifes, wititin xr 
dayis ntxt 

{Johnfoim,'\ The quhilk daye, Ifobel Anderibne is fund in ye wrang and 
amerchiament of court, for trublans done be hir to Jonet Johnlbun, in ftryking of 
hir w*- ane rok; and dwme gevin {>'apone. 

\_W^foun — Lyndfaj/eJ] The quhilk daye, Marione Anderfbne, dochtir to 
umquhile Johne Anderibne, is decernit and ordanit to delyner to Jamea Willbun, 
and Jonet Lyndlaye fpoufis, ane bra%n pott, ane pan, ane mantil, pre pewdir 
plaitts, ane wefching tab, ane kill, twa trunlcho's, ane tedyn trunfcho'-, ane vylie 
coit,f ptening to )>e laid James and Jonet, and wrangulUe receavit and reJett be 
^e laid Marione, fra Eufome Wilfoon y- dochtir. 

• Totoon-^ *llT*r ooln, nrjlng in nltM, lo oallcd horn the hod m lU^Fi. Teu. 
f Ab under ve*t, or oader pettloMt. 

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HE Court and Cdaeiitioun of ye bur*- and citie of Glaigw 
faaldin in ]>e tolbuy'- ]>'of, in of {>e famyn, be 

bono*^' men ; Geoi^ Elpbinftouo and WUIa Conygha 
auld baiUies ^e auld counikle for nemyng 

of lytifl of pe bailUes fib jeir to cum ]>e ferd daye of 
Odober, fe jeir of God JOD. V*- four fcoir seirs. 

The qabilk daye, comperit Matho Steward of Mynto, and producit ane 
procuratorie, maid and fubfcryuit be ane noble and potent lorde, Efine erle 
of Lenox, Lord Demly and Obeyngje, togidder w*- ane writting of James 
Archbifbbop of Glalgwis, nominatand and prefentand ]ie laid noble and potent 
lord, ia proneft of )>e laid bur*- and dtie of Ghfgw, for }>i« jeir to cum. 
Qubilk nomiiiatioun, ])e auld baillies and haill counlale, acceptit glaidlie 
w*- reuerence, and ordanit ane comillioun of ]>e proueftrie to be maid in forme, 
and lelit w*- )>e comone fele, to }>e laid nobill I.ord, in mafler vfit and w«n^ 
during )>e laid Ipace. And als }>e laid Matho Steward, is cteat ane of )>e counftle 
of be Ifdd toun, quha hes gerin his ay*- to ^t effect. 

YTIS lytit be ]>e auld bailliea and auld counlale, to be 
pntit to my lord Archbifchop of Gla%w, for nemyng of ^re 
or twa of ^ame ia bailltes, allwayes requeiftand to name 
f re for J>b put geir. 

George Elpliinftoun, ) 
Williame Conyghatne, } 
Robert Stewarde, 
Maifter Adame Walles, 
He£lour Stewarde, 
Johne Orhame, 
Robert R«w«tt, 
Johne Wilfoun, pewderar. 

auld baitliei. 

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The quhilk daye, Gawane Grhoine tuke note, fat he wes repellit fn lyting, 
becaus he wes moiiler of work, and of ]>e office oolie. 

I UHILK daye, pteftit maifter Adame Wallace, in name of 
I ]>e baillies, conn&le, and toimfchip, )>at ye nemyng of ])e 
auld baillies to be tytis, be no'- |Kudicia]l to {>«, to induce 
I ony vfe or practik of neceHite yof, in tym cuming. 

(Quhilkb lyds bein^ pntit to James Archbilchop of 
Gla%w, and he awy&nd p'w*-, he noinat ]>ir ]>re baillies 
' for J>e jeir to cam ; 

George Elphinftoun, 
Wiliiame Conygfaame, 
Robert Rowatt. 


THE quhilk daye, ]>e pveft and bullies commiffiouns 
wes felit, and pe iaidis ]>re baillies acceptit y- comiflioun 
on ]>ame, and gaif p'- aipta for dew adminiftration io y- 
office, duryng ye tyme p'ot. 

IFle/cktf.-] The Flefcho": letUr of dekynheid wes felit w^ Jie toun fele. 

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Confiliu pro pad afio 
MaJ)o Steward of Myto, 
Maifter Adame Walles, 
James Flemyng, 
Robert Stewart, 
Malcolme Stewart, 
Ma)>o Wilibun, 
He£tor Steward, 
Robert Mare, 
Gawane Grha, maift'' work, 
Archibald WiUbon, 
James Lyoun, 
Thomas Pettigrew, 
Convell Strojiers, 
Jobne Clerk, 

nominat : per balHvos. 
David Lyndikye, elder, 
Archibald Lyoun, 
Johne Stewart of Bowhous, 
Aodro Bullie, 
Johne GrhaiUe, 
Geoi^ Herbertfun, 
Johoe Flemyng, 
Robert Ade, the' , 
Johoe Lyodlaye, 
Willis Triibill, 
Johne Wilibn, 
George Bnrell, 
James Craig. 


ay*- })to, as vie is. 


The quhilk daye, ]>e baillies and coun&le, vnderftandand 
j>t- George Herbertfones fredome wes cryed doan, and ])at 
fenfyne be had done &liiKi£lioun for ])e &!t, ^^for, )»ai 
ordaint him to be re^ait fireman agane, graf-: Qoha 
pntlie wes reSauit and maid fremi of new, and gave his 

[Coitn/oie.] The perfounes noiat i counlale, acceptit p'- office, and gave y ay**- 
for dew adminiftradoQ t>'into, as effeirs. 

[ Wattir B€tmie.2 The quhilk daye, Maifter Willia Logane is continewit in 
Vattir bailUe, for ]>is ^eir to cum, and gevin his ay*- {>'wpon. 

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( FFICIARIS for Jtupfit jeir, nemit be ]>e baillies and 
K coun&le, arc ordanit to keip pe ftatuta tnaJd ])e seirs 
\ preceding ; and to find cautioim for dew adminiftnitioim 
I yiato, and repondyng for })e gudds to be poyndit be 
/ ]iame. And gif ony of ]>ame eomitta ftit wordy of 
U depriuatioun, {)ai to be deprint incotbet, be ]>e baillies 
' and coan&le. 

Jobne Pawtoun, hes fund sonertie, Gilbert Hall. 

Robert Lettrik, IbiiUe for him, Robert Erfkyn. 

Ricbart Tod, {oQtie for hitn, Johne Hamilton, Smyh 

Andro Anderiban, fb&tie for him, Jt^ne Anderibn, dryledd'-. 

Comone procarator for )>is jeir, 
Maifter Adame Wallace, 

YNARIS for pis piit j^eir, 

Gawane Grhame, James Flemyn^, 

Ma^ow Wilfonn, Robert Mure, 

Johne Flemyng, Johne WUfbun. 

Valter JohnAun, 

KeipariB of )>e keyis, 
Gawane Grhame, ke^iar of {le vter dur key, 
Ma{io WiUbun, ane of ))e keyis of pe mekle fchryn, 
George Herbertlbun, ]>e w^r yof, 
Archibald Lyoun, aae of ]>e keyia of pe title kift, 
Andro BulUe, )>e w]>er ]>'o4 
James Flemyng, keipar of J»e key of fe litle box, 
Dauid Hall, pe hyngand lok key of fe fchryn. 

And immediatlie yettir, fe baillieB and coun&le condifcendit and confentit t 
]>e making of J>ir ftatutie following, for yia pat ^eir. 

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i ^ 

DigitizDd by VjOOQlC 


William Coiijghi 

JO). V<^ LXXX*^ 

The quhilk daye, comperit I»Is]]o Stewart of Mynto, 
' and producit ane a6t, of lecreit couofitle, fubfcryuit be 
' Johne Andro clerk yof, beryngj ]>at George ElpLinftouii, 
, and Robert Howatt, had dimittit peir office of baillierie 
for ])is jeir, at ]>e Kin^ g. requeift, but preiudice of eleflioa of {>e inagiftratis in 
tymes cuming, of )}e date )>e xv daye of October inftant ; and ficlik producit ane 
lettir, nominatand Robert Stevard, Heflor Steward, and Johne Qrliame, to be 
placit in y- rowmes, as baillies for J>b ^^ii^ to cum, quhill Michaelmes next, 
fubfcryuit be James, Archbiichop of G\a£gw, dalit at Edi'-, J)e xvi daye of OAober 
inftant, in pns of ^e auM counfale of ye jeir preceding. Quhilk twa writtings, 
J>e laid auld coun&le acceptit, and ordanit commilDoun to be ntaid and gfvin to 
pe (aidis ]>re perfones new prefendt, and ])e faidis twa writUngs, to be inputt in 
pe comone kift. Quhilk coliiliioun wes inftantlie maid and felit, and pe laidis 
writtings inputt in pe kill. And ]>e laidis Hefto*- and Johne inftantlie reflauit and 
acceptit on ^ame, and gaif ]>air ai)}is for tele and trew adminiftratioun, conformc 
])'to, quhill Michaelmes next. 

Baillies newlie elefUt, 
Robert Stewarde, 
He£t.or Stewarde, 
Johne Grbame. 


OHNE GRHAME, eldeft fon and aire to vmq" James 
Grha, burges of Glalgw, in pns of He£lor Steward, and 
Johne Grhante bullies, wes ihaid bulg;es and frema of pe 
bur*- and citie of Glalgw, as bulges air; and gave his 
ay*- of fideliUe to pe toun, and for obluataouu of pe ftatuts 
yof. SoiittG for his fynes, Gawin Gfha- 

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The NamyB of )>e Counlale for yi» jeir to cum, chofin and ele£lit be HeAor 
Steward and Johne Grhame, baillies. 

Dauid Lyndfaye, eldare, 
Johne Stewarde of Bowhous, 
Johne Grhame, eldare, 
Malcolme Steward, 
Gavane Grhame, 
Johne Wyfe, 
Robert Mure, 
Dauid Witibun, 
Colene Campbell, 
Williame Trumble, 
Convell Stni]>eris, 
Johne iSchelis, Ikippar, 
Johne Ferqnhare, 
Geoi^ Herbertlbun, 
Johne Stewarde, soungare, 

Maifter Adame Walles, 
Archibald Lioun, 
Ani^ro Baillie, 
David Hall, 
Robert Flemyng, 
James Blakburne, 
James Lyoun, 
James Riche, 
Nichol Andro, 
Thomas Pettigiew, 
Patrik Graye, 
f^iane Darrocht, 
Robert Adame, The' , 
James Braidwod, 
Johne Af-, flefcbo'-. 


The bullies and counlale continewit J>e fonre off"-, for 
J>e jeir to cum, w*- fick conditiones as <^ befoir, and or- 
dains ])a to ^d new cautionars. 

Ridiart Tod, fbiitie for him, Dauid Donald, 
Robert Lettrik, IbQtie for him, John Clerk, tailjor, 
Andio Anderlbne, fotitie for him, James Bowe, 

Johne Pawtoon, fbQtie for him. 

Lynaris new maid for l^is ^eir to cum. 

Gawane Grhame, 

Dauid Hall, 
Robert Mure, 

James Wilibune, mafone, 
James Riche, 
^niane Darrocht 

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t ^j^-e^ 


The quhilk daye, comperit Geoi^ ElphinftouD, and 
proteftit, ]>at quhatfumeuer ])ing bets done in chefiDg of 
counfiile or officiaria, or ony wj>eris, by pame, ellia chofin, 
! and maid of befoir, preiage nocht ]>e libertie of ])e toun ; 
and als, ]>e laid George for himfelf, and in name of ]>e reft 
of ]>e auld baillies. pteftit alfua ]>'- y- new cbefing preiuge no*- ])ame, becaus })Bi 
wer no*' reqoirit nor fntit ])airto, conforme to ])e vie and libertie of J^e toun, in all 
tymes bypaft, and ^airvpone afkit inftromentis, in piis of J>e nev baillies and 

Keiparis of ]>e keyis new maid. 

Gawane Grbame, fceipar of Jte rter dnr key, 

Archibald Lyone, ane of |>e keyis of ]>e liUe kift, 

Andro Baillie, keipar of ]>e -vy- ])'of, 

Niniane D&rro^, ane of }>e keyb of Jie mekle ichryne, 

George Herbertfbne, keipar of J>e vty ])'o^ 

Daoid Hall, keipar of ]>e key of }ie hyngand lok of ]>e fi^ryne, 

Robert More, keipar oSfte key of }ie litle box. 

Comone Procurato'', 
Sfaifter Adame Wallace, 

Wattir baillie, newHe eleAit, and continewit, 
Maifter William Logane. 

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^ NIVERSIS et Bingnlis in Chriato tfdelibiu ad qnonuu notitiom 
praaentes Utene pervenerint, et quoe infrascriptmn tangit 
f n^otiimi, Ben qnorum impOBtenim qaoriniiodo interatM po- 
' tflrit ; Joannea Stetntrd de Mynto inilea pra^Mwkiu borgi et 
dvitatia GlMgDensiB, magiater Adamm WaUace, Ardiibaldna 
Lyonne et Georgins EIpkiiiBtoiuifl balUvi, eeteriqae a consiliia 
' ciritatiB, totaqne nrbia nostra et bnrgi Olaagaenau commnnitaa, 
'' SalatCTi ID eo qni eet omnium rem atdna : Quum noe inter alia 
oiritatia aostne detrimenta atqne incomnioda scolaa nostras atque Oymnasia onmioo 
perire animadrertjiniu adoleaoentiamqiK nostram qns prius vitn ac moram pTobitat« 
informabatar <rtio ignavia laaoiviaque torpMcere huic rei pro mnnera nobis credito 
reiBedinni adfene ex Indmia animi penetraiibiis atodente* psdagoginm noetnun Glaa- 
gnenae quod pne amnptnnni inopia pene connent et in qoo diaciplinamm atadia pra 
nimla paapertate extincta jaoebant renovare restanrare dotare in noramqoe fandationem 
erigere Tolnmna ; Indeeomm quippe imo indigaam rati in tanta evangelii Inoe qua 
jam paasim ciroDmfblget acolaa eccleain tottnaque reipnblicn seminaria coitemni ao 
n^igi openou dedimna quanta a nobia diligentia fieri putuit ut in hac aaltem academia 
boDamm artium atndia reTiriacerent priitinomqae decna ao gloriam tuerentnr : lode 
enim breri fntorom aperamits at mater fateo noatra nnivenitas inTiotiasimoa atMetaa et 
Chriatiaiue fidei pngiles fortiiaimes prodncat ex eaque tanquam ex equo Trojano ad 
omnia reipoblicra mnnia nibenndo peritiaaimi exenatatisaimique adoleacentea proailiant. 
Noreritia igitnr no* (qnod felix uobia fanstnmqae ao toti reipublica ait) pnsmiaaa 
tmqaam opiu memorato dignnm diligenU meditatione praponderaatea et aaaidua 
ft^aentiqne adhortatione anaan conailio et aiurilio Tiri maltam colendi magiatri 
Andren Hay Rectoris eocleaiae de Renfrew vice auperintCndentia Rectoriaqne pro 
tempore Unireraitatia noatne Olaagnenaia hujosmodi Colleginm dotare fundare et 
erigere modo forma et conditionibna aabaeqamtibua eaque occaainne dediaae conceesiaae 
annexaaae incorporaaae et oniviaie, ac pro nobis et sacceaaoribns noatria diapoanisae et 

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confimuuse pront per pnesentet duniu aniiectiiiias iDcoiponmui «t pro perpetoo 
animui u; pro nobU et BiicceHoribiu nottrU duponimiu et canfirmamaa <Hnnes et 
■ingnlas terrae teaemenU domos ttdificia ecdesiu c^tellai hort4M pomeria croftu 
aonuM reditu fructiu divoria proficna et emolnments finnaa lie obite-iilrer et aiuii- 
Terutu qutecunque qiue qaoTii modo pertiQaemnt aut pertinere dignoacuntor ad 
qiuwcanque cspellai alteragia pitebendariaa in qvacanqne Ecdeaia Mtt Coll^o intra 
noitnun ciritatem Glaagnensem fundata sen fiindatas aat loca fratrum omnium nostrB 
dritatis una cum omniboa et singulis terrii domibui et tenementis ac annnig reditibiu 
de qaiboiGiinqae tenia domibaa ac tenementia intra dictam nostram cWitatem aen extra 
eandem nobia pertinentibus aut spectantibus aut leTaii sen percipi atAitia et conaaelis 
juxta et Mcnndam tenorem et fonnam infeofamenti nobia deaaper facti et conceau per 
Hariam R«ginam matrem anpremi domini noatri R^a aab ^ns magno s^fillo de data 
i^ud ELdinbuigh diei decimi aexti menaia Martii anniqne Domini milleaaimi quingen- 
teaimi aexageaimi aexti et r^ni eni Mtni vigeaimi quinti pnedlcto noatro CoUegio ac 
lU^entibns ac atudentibua infra nominatia in eodem reaidentibua ad illonnn hoaestam 
et commodam anatentatianein temporibni fntoria ad nnmenun qnindectm penosanun 
Quanun primns Professor erit Tbeologin in eaqne facultate graviler et strenoe 
exercitatos vocabitorque Coll^i pnefectna aeu pnepositaa dno inanper alii erunt 
Regentea Dialecticie Physices Etbices Politices alque adeo totius Pbilosophis 
Didascali et Prteceploree duodecim pneterea erint stndentes panperes sfiti ad literas et 
philosopbiam capeasendam quibns neque parentes pra inopia neque ipaipro angustia 
patrimonii snbvenire ac aumptam auppedilare poaaint Pro anatentatione rero et rictn 
qnotidiano dictanim qnindecim peraonarum et aerritomm conununinm ad communes 
Collegit nans inaerrientinm omnea et siognli annul redditns proventna emolnmenta 
finne et proficua capellaniamm prtebendarum altarium pneMuiptarum nobis virtute 
dicti infeofamenti sereniasimB dominw noatm Reginn pertinoitea noa cum froctibua 
redditibua proventibus cnstomia et aliis emolumentia quiboscimque dicto noatro CoUegio 
ac Pedagogio prioa aolvi solitis et conauetia levabautnr et perdpientoc Una cum 
poteatate dictia Prtepoaito et dnobns Rcf^tittua et ipsonim aacceeaoribos per aeipsos 
ant ipaomm proviaorem aut coUectorem aen officiarioa quoa ano nwnine constituent 
prafatos annuoa redditns fructna firmas devoria proficua et emoluments quaeounqae 
perpetnis fiituris temporibns levandi et percipiendi ubicunque prina levari et percipi 
aolebant aut in futurum percipi aut levari poterint virtnte dooadonis pnedictw Monus 
autem ipaiug Pnepositi, una cum iie qon ad enm ex CoUegio pertinebuit commoda pro 
toto Tits ejus tempore dorare volumus nisi ejusmodi flagitiis so contaminaverit ant 
alias ineptnm ae reddiderit ut deponi et abdicari officio mereatnr Quo caan iia jna 
deponendi concedimus qui et ^cnltatem babent eligendi, Cancellario nimif imi Redori 
Universitatia Facultatia Decano et Decano Rectori de Hamilton Rectoriqne eocUaiffi 
de Glaaguenais ai verb! ministerio hi duo nltimi tuncti fiierint R^entes rero aexto 

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qnoqne anno hoc Mt cum dnu in cnixioalo dusei abtolrerint Prepociti Rectoris 
Academin at Decani FKoltatia arbitrio remoTer« poterint Prsiertun li eoi Uedere 
Uborii ccep«rit neqne ntU diligenter mo mnneri incniubant Qnod si quid intra hsc 
annonun Bpatia admiaerint officio indigrnnm penes eoadem jadicinm eato vel corrigendi 
▼«1 ri ita &Gto est opns abdicandi officio AIi» rero dnodecim paupenim penonn in 
escolentii potnlentis CoIl^;ii cameris ac cnbicnlii reliqaisqae (at TOcant) oaiamentis 
dolute prorideantnr et anstententnr pro spatio trinm annonim cum dimidio duntaxat 
qnod tonpna ad lanream magiatralem acqnirendun in Artium Pacoltate secnnduni 
Facahatis ipaios statnta idonenm esse jndicamus, neqne nlli panpemm Btudentium 
permittiniua ejus temporis pron^ationem Sed eo exacto remoTeri a bursis auis 
debebnnt nt alii idonei ac babiles eonim loco anbatitnantur Inanper rolomns quod 
ipse Praporitoa CoUegii per singulos hebdomadn dies sacris libria publico l^endin et 
interpntandis in Collegii Cathedra exerceator Regentes autem Dialecticn, Logicte, 
PhyuetB, Horalis Philosophia, Metaphysicaqno pneoeptii edocendis sednlo incnmbant, 
atqne^in faoras pane openun narent pro dassium rarietate CoUegil statutis et Pmpositi 
volnntate Ut antem pnefati Prapositna e( R^entes majori alacritate et cnra 
indteotur ad officia sua peragenda animentnr atque inflammentur pneler ea victus 
commoda de quibns snpra aallarii loco vel honorarii Pneposito Collegii vicarialum de 
Colmonel attribnimua ac assignamus cnjos reditns ipse percipiet vocabiturque- ejus loci 
vicarins pneter ejus qnoque decimag et frni:tas anouatim ad quadra^ta marcas exten- 
dmlea percipiet ex primis Colle^i reditibas marcas viginti qnas illi Domus Procurator 
ant CoQector qnotannis appendet ac annomerabit Qailibet etiam duorum R^^entinm 
ad restitnm extraordinariasque impenaas percipiet in annos lin^os Bbras viginti probe 
pecnnin ad dnoa anni terminos Pentecostes videlicet et Divi Martini in hyeme per 
Bqnales portiones ex Coll^ii ipsius prorentu ac roditibus per domos Provisorem sen 
CoUectmem pertolvendaa VetauHis antem et seTorissime iuhibemus ne ullatenus 
PrapoHto dicti Collegii lioeat alibi qnam intrs Collegii mtenia residere Qnod si 
minus id proatiterit atqne alibi qnam in dicto CoUegio romanere ac residere c<eperit 
ipso facto mnnns atqne offidnm ejus racare Tolnmus ac declanunus aliumque itioneum 
ejus loco ab its constitoi qnibns jna et facultas at sequitur eUgeuiU tributa est Regentes 
qnoque in labors assidnoa esse Totnmus nl si ad beneficium aliqnod extra Gymnasium 
promoti fiierint mnnusqae docendn plebis alindve nuceperint n^ottisqne so aliis 
inTolvant qnibns a docendce jurentntis cura distrahnntur minime licest Collegii 
emolnmentia et oommodis gandere sed exauctorari et deponi Tolnmns Rectoris Decani 
Facnitatia et Prspositi andLoritate Ita tamen nt pradictoa Regentes astrictos relimna 
altemada vidboa ad precum lectionem in ea qua nnnc est proxima Collegio E^lesia 
olimqne fratrnm prwdicalorum vocabatur pro eorum arbitrio qui in senatu ecclesiastico 
momm censuram gernnt senioresque vocari solent qnomm etiam arbitratu curabunt ex 
panperibns studentiboa singulos vice ina campans signum ex campanili daro ut atudiosi 

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adoleioaitM siui cam popnlo ad praoes utdiendM convMentur et horologu cmm genut 
■i quod illie a ciritate coUocattnn toant IpniH Mitem Prvfecti pnesaitatigBeai 
adnuMionem et proTiBionem ad Academin canceUarinm Miperiiiteiidentom ut ejiu 
Tio^erentem Univenitatia Roctorem Decannm Facmluti* Decannm Rectoreai eooleaue 
de Hamilton Rectorem eccleaue GlaagoeiuiB modo verbi D«i hi dao ultimi UDt pcwoonea 
Tolnmna pertinere iu qaod si contigerit Pnefectone lootun *acare ant per depriratkuem 
mortem ant dimiMioaem Pnefeoti duo RegentM edicto dienun quindedm Ripradictat 
qninqne penonas pnblioe admoDebnnt nt eIig«ndo Pneponto adaint Qbi tactis aaero 
aanctia evangeliia et ucrameoto ia mano Caaoellarii Univonitatii SiiperiDt«ndeaitia ant 
Vioegerentia pneatito jniaboiit ejannodi ae vinun riectnros cui pietaa et ChrialiaBS 
religio cnne ait qniqae feliciHime ac dextenime GynnaaiardtB t^cio lit fimctnini 
Qnicnnqne antem eomm aufiragiii pnepositua deolarattu Aterit it prsfeetnTa potiatnr 
Vemm ta aopiadictn peracHin edicto accenitat non compameriat renireqne tteglexerint 
■It da pi^HMito intra menaem non providerint £o caaa jus elig;endi oion9 Pnapoaiti 
ad Reetorem ejiuqae asaeaaorea qno« depntat^a rocant [Xnireraitatia in aolidnm ea tic* 
pertinebit Regentiiim vera electionem pma«ntationan admiaaionem et proviaiaBan 
penea Academin Rectorem Prafeotnm Collect et Facnhatia Deoannm coutitnimiu 
Cvteromm rero dnodedm Scolariiun panpentm prasentationem et nominationem nobti 
balliria et lenatni sive consniibu dictm noatne ciritatia et mcceaaoribua noatria pro 
tempore exiaten. retervamna Admiaaionem rero et reeeptionem eonmdem soolariam 
Pnepoaito ipaius Collegii et Regentibns concedimna Proriao tamen ai poat menaem 
quo bnraa TBcaverit a nobia ballivi* et aenatn Glasgnenai pro tempore enatenti nemo 
idonena acolaiia Pmfiecto Coll^i et Regentibna oblatna fnerit eo dnntaxat caan jna 
patronatna bnran illina ad Rectorem Academin Decannm FacaltaUs et Collegii Pmpo- 
utnm pro eo tantnm tempore et vice deTolTatnr, eandemqnehabeant poteatat«m qoam noa 
haboiaaemna ai in tempore pneaentaaaemiu pro ilia dnntaxat vice Panperea antem boa 
doodecim acolares ex filiia bargenginm bni^ de Glaagir aaanmi eligi ac nominari roln- 
moa, aic inatitntoa in Re GnuunuUica nt Philoaopbin idcmei audJtorea esse poaaint, recte- 
que loqnendi et acribendi peritiam tmeant Qnod ai ex hia filiia bni^nnainm de Qlaagw 
idonei inveniri non potsnnt nominandi erant nostro arbitratn alii prodictia &GnltatibnB in- 
atitnti idqne tntea menaon poatqnam vacare contigerit nt pnediotnm ei t Ordinamna iiMu> 
neqne vagentnrnoctn neqne offendicnio aintdvitatiqnod ai praeeptommrita cnatitatiB non 
ait capax, neqne oonUnere ae poaiint, dncant in Domino nxores quaa tamen intra Collegii 
aepta retinere non liceat Adluec qmndecim aupradietaa etfnndataa peraonaa coU^fialiter 
vivere volmnna aimni reaci, dormire intra aepta Gymnaaii nnnmqne dictonun dno- 
decim aoolarinm per hebdomadaa mntnaa janitMia vice fungi eaqne teptimana bibUonim 
ait in anla pid>lica lecttMr faabeatqne brerem die aabbatino et pnblioam a com orationem 
clarea antem deferat aero «d Collagii Pnepoalam ant pritm Regeatinm bramali tempai- 

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titi Colleg'ii fores non ante qninUm nattitiiiBm reaerendu ocUtk rero Teapertina daa- 
dfndu contbit .^ktiro sutMD tempore jaana patebit non ante qnartam mane neqae 
retperi post decimam Pmter«a diotnm CoUc^om ac qnindecim perwmafl eisqne serri- 
entes aliosqne omnea qui illic atadiorum canaa degere dignoMentnr ab omni jariadictione 
ordinaria necntm abomnibiu custumis ao aetionibna peda^ia intra ciritatem noatram 
GUagneutem uupoaitU ant imponendia pro nobia et aaoceaBoribna noatria liberoa et ex- 
emptot ease none et in perpetnam Tolnmui et deciaramna Stalnentea inanper et ordi- 
nantes qnod pmfatum Colt^om in omnibna et abgnlii anifl ndifidia et domibns de 
oommimibna somptibaa ejnadem aoatentetar et reparetnr ac omnia et aingnla ad ipritu 
Collegii naas spectantia ex ipaina Collegii reditlbua et impensa aarciantnr et emenden- 
tar Item rolomna et ordinamna Rectorem UniTergitatia Decanom Facultatia una cum 
Ballivia dioUs no>b« civitatia GlaagoensiB pre tempore existentibiu bii in sii^loa 
asDoa calendia ndelivet Martii et oalmdia Septembris dietnm ooatrom Golleginm riai- 
tare tarn in capite qnara in membria at ai qna in re (qnod absit) ab officio deflexerint 
viritatormn opera et antboritate corrigi ut in viam redire qneant ant ai rebellea fd«iiit 
fanc^ne priTari poaaonl Ibiqne rero Tiaitatores provideant ne bona Coll^i in pioa 
nana a noUa oonoeaaa eonun luxn abnga atqne inertia dilapidentnr altenentnr oppigno- 
rentur Ad hwc pneftti viaitatorea ratJonibua Collegii aodiendia prte&tu binia tempo- 
ribua operam dent nt omnia bona fide ac secnndnm noatram dispositionem collacata esse 
Tideant nihilqufl fraude a praceptoribos et domus procnratore administrari Sabdncto- 
qne calcolo ri qnid ex reditibna Gymnasii reaidui fiierit id omne in maximos neceeaarioa 
Gymnaaii nsos CoD^ique reparationem Tisitatomm arbitrio et Coll^i PropoMti con- 
Bilio impendatnr Et quia (Deo bene jarante) at speramus frnctaa proventua et emcdn- 
ineata nostri CoU^ii aoerescent et ai^bnntnr volumns qaod persmiiB qnindecim pr»- 
diotia anfficienter, nutentatia si qaid prtsterea virtnte donadmiia nostra Co]l^;ii reditibna 
accesserit id atodentibns et accJaribna panperibna doodectm pnedictia a nobia adjongendis 
ad eorom rictnm et neceasarios uanatribnatnr antplnribaa regentibna et pneceptoribna 
fdndandia ai ita rea Coll^i postnlaverit Rectorque Aceademls Decaniu Facnltatia et 
Collegii Prnpositns cam Balliroram conailio neceaaariiun ease provideant qnoram pra- 
aentatio et admissio ejnadem jnria aunto cnin m qoi prwcewerint Fnsnper dictaa 
qnatoordeeiin penooas videlicet duodedm panperes acolarea dnoaqne Regentes stnden- 
tesqne omnea qni in CoUegio Uteris operam naraot prmlicto eomm Piapoaito in omni- 
bns et ungalis qnn ad mores et disdplinam apectant sabjeotos esse volnmns, eiqae in 
eosdem esse jnriadietionem ooramittimus ordinariam Statnimus preterea ut nemo in 
stndentinm album in praadicto noatro Collegio recipiator qui poram et sinceram fidei et 
religionis confessionem prins coram Piaeposito et Regentibos non ediderit earn nimimm 
qon a serenissimo domtno noatro r^e Jacobo sexto modemo in actis Parliamenti pra- 
scripta et confirmataeat Adhne jurejnrando affirmabnnt ae omnia Gymnasii atatuta 
inTiolabili(«r BerTatnroa et Ctrileg^ oonmodiun ac ntilitatem ad qnamcmque vita con- 

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didoaem sea stUam perrenerint pro ririli procontarot Proviao Uinen quod pitMMU 
nostra donationis et fiindalioiua litera nnllatMiiia pneJDdicabit nobii aut anooeHoribni 
noetris qnin pot«rinatu in fiituram libera disponera et coolSan illaa capellaniM at pra- 
bendariu intra dictam rayitatfim fimdatas nobis ex antiqno ant« prsdictam donationem 
■nprenue domine noetne Regiofe radone noetri juriipatronattu lucalu Bpectaatea 
Molaribos fiUis nmtrornm combnrgenBitun pro eomm rapportatione et inat«ntatione in 
Mxdifl infra dictam dvitatem ac non aliu tribnen. ■ecnndnm tcnorem act! Parliamend Et 
qnod ipse prsbends et capellania ao donationei eamndem per no* ipsia Bcolariboa oon- 
ferendce cnm ipaamm fractibns «iat libera et immonea a solntione cnjnacnnqne tertin 
partis frnctnum earundem qiue ab eis quorismodo exigi poterant Ad hwc Tolmniu et 
ordiaamDS capellaniam (dictam Omnium Saoctonim) per noi Magistro SooUe Orwnmati- 
calis dictffi nostre ciritatiB alias concessam com frnctibos ejnadon onm eodem 
ma(^>tro Scobe Grammaticalis et enis anccessoribns, pneceptoribns pro tempore pro 
perpetDO liberum esse a tolatione alicnjos tertin partis fiructnnm gasdem remanere et 
ipais reserrari in futnram. In cnjui rei teetimoninm prasentibna manibos noetris atqne 
nottri communis scribn nt infra subscriptis, sigiUnm nostnun commane pneeentibns est 
appensnm apnd noBtram civilatem Olasgnensem die octavo mensis Jannarii anno Domini 
millesimo qningenteaimo septnagesimo secundo. 

Sie Stdncribitur, 

John Grahame; Jolin Stewart of M7nto,Knycht,Prorest; 

Johne Boj'd ; Maiater Adam Wallace, Baillie ; 

Darid Lyonne; Geor^ Elphinston, BuUie; 

Michell Baird, Comoun pror. Archibald Lyonne, BuUie ; 

Wm. Maxwell ; Jamea Fleming ; 

John Woddrop; Johne WUsoo ; 

Matthow Wilson; William Donaldson; 

William Hi^ait, with my handi Thomas Normount. 

Ila eat Henricna Gibson, Notarins ac Scriba Cnrin bnrgalis civitatis Glasgnen. de 
mandatis Consulnm et Decanomm artinm mecbanicamm ejnsdem ciritatis commnnita- 
tem ipsioB repreientantinm, et scribere nescientinm, mann propria. 

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HE S«»la vhicli bfOanged to the See and the CUy of Oliagow, 
refeireil to ht pagv 15, of the Prdatory Notice, of wluoli 
eaata have been procored, are as folio vti 

lab The 8«alof JooelbM, Bidup of COMgow, eleoted 1174, 
died at Melrose 1199. "ThisBiahop iawd toh&ve enlai^ed 
the Cathedral of Glasgow, and to have rebuilt it in the state 
it continoes to be at this day, and dedicated it pridie Nomu 
Jtifit, asmo 1197, in the 24th year of his Episcopate. [Chron. Melr.]" Keith's Ca- 
talogue. He gare the Churches of Rntherglen, Cathcart, and Meams, to the Mo- 
nastery of Paisley. The inscription on the Seal is, " SigUlnn Jocelini GhugrenBia 

2d. The Counter Seal of the same prelate, with the I^end : 

' Or* pro nobis beate 

3d. The Seal of FloientiuB, Elect of Glasgow, 1202, SwA 1207, the iaseription on 
which is, " SigilL Florentii Glasgrensis Blecti." 

4th. Seal of Walter, Bishop of CHasgow, consecrated 2d Not., 1206, died in 1SS9. 
Inscription, " SigilL Waheri Dei Gra. Glasgrenais Ept." 

5th. Of the Seal of William, Bishop of CHasgow, no cast has been prsMrred; but 
in die Cartnlary of Glasgow, Vd. i p. 218, there is, attadied to s charter granted by 
Wni to t^e Chapter mA Chnrt^ of CHasgow, dated 5th April, 12S8, the following de- 
aer^tion of it : " Hnic oartB i^ipensmn est sig^llmn ex cora alba integmia exhibess, 
«i *■• parts, gpiaeopam reteri malbA at caaoli indutnm ad leran sonrennm, sinistra 
■Waealnni pastorale tenentou, rieratft dextrft bsaedtcenlcBi, inscrip^ in etre." " Sigillnm 
WilMmi Dei Gratia Glasg. fipiscopl" Ex alters vera item Epnm. eodem habitn 
Benedierateni E^tlsei^ Pontificalibna vet. more iadnto coram eo manibns jnnotis gs- 
nnflexo. Inscriptnm in circ " Ora pro nobis Beats Kentegeme." And the copyist 
subjoins the following remarlc : " Nee Tiqnsm hoc in sigiUo (qnomm onmium qua rid! 
int^is retsntiiainiun est) vestigiian piseis snBoli, mt aria." 

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6th. li the Seal of John, BUhop of Glasgow, consecrated 1260, died 28th M«]r, 
1268. The iiucription, " S. Johia Dei Gra. EpL Ghu^Muu." 

7th. To a Charter, <■ Robert! de Lanark qua dat annnatim Deacono et Subdeaconi 
Ticariis Ecclesin Ghugrensie dommn com crofto. 1270." There is subjoined the 
following description of the Seal appended to it: " Huic cartse appensom eat si^Inm 
mnltom attritam exhibens EpAm. Pontificalibus indatnm cnidam celeris, Tt Tidetnr, 
coram se genoflexo benedicentem, et in circnmferentia " Ore pro nobis Kent^eme."— 
Cart, Giaiff^ p. 243. 

8th. The next Seal is that of Robert Wischaid, Buhop of Glaag^ow, elected 1272, 
died 1316, the inacription, "S"- Roberti Wiachard, Dei. Gra. Episcopl Glasgrensis." 

9th. The Counter Seal of the same prdate. On it, for the first time we are presented 
with the fish and the ring alluded to in the le§;«ndary story of the miracle of St. Ken- 
t^em, which is thus detailed by Spottiswood : " They report of him, tlud a Lady of 
good place in the countrey baring lost a ring, which her husband gare her, as she 
crossed the river of Cbtj/d, and her husband waxing jealous, as if she had bestowed the 
same upon one of her lorers, she did mean herself unto him, intreatiog his help for the 
safety of her honour; and that he going to the river, after he had osed his devotion, 
willed one who was making to fish, to bring him die first that he caught; which was 
done ; in the mouth of that fish he found the ring, and sending it to the Lady, she was 
thereby freed of her husband's suspicion. The credit of this I believe upon the repor- 
ters ; but howsoever it he, the See and City do both of them wear in their Armes a fish 
with a ring in the mouth even to this day." Appended to the copy of a Charter in the 
Cartulary of Glasgow, Vol. I. p. 273, occurs the following description of the above Seal : 
" Huic cartn appensom e. sigillnm ex cera alba int^mro ex nna parte Epiacopnm 
veteri oaanU indutnm cum bacolo et mitra, tunc inde, piscem, et avem, et in circmnfe- 
renda insmptHm, 8**- Roberti Dei Gratia Episcopi GLASflVENsia. Ex altera vero 
parte, triplici dlstincU aegmine, in supwiore EpOm, sedentem et coram eo qnemdam 
genuflexum piscicnlom cum annnlo in ore mann t^ientem, medio s^miae, B^wn 
stantem gladinm strictnm dextra tenentem, a siniatris, Reginam emvoatam dextii an- 
nulam tenentem. In inferiore s^mine Ep&m. genuflexum supplicantem et babitu 
pontifical! indutnm, inscriptnm in circumferentia : Rsx FDrit, use pu>ilat, patbt 
AURCH, DUH SACSR ORAT. Altenun sigillum qnod erat huic cartn appensnm amis- 
sum est." 

How the tree found its way into the Arms of the Chapter or of the City, uuless in 

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reference to aome I^end connected with St. Kentc^em, I haTe been unable to diaDOver. 
At an early period there loema, from the following entry at p. 13 of thU volume, to 
hare been a tree nuned after the Saint, the predae locality of which ia not aacer- 
tsioed. The alluaion to it is aa follom : " Item ane uder march staue tane away at 
the nnik of Cayttia dyik betwix and Sanct Mungoia tre." 

lOth. Seal of John, Biahop of Glaagow, elected 1325, died 1335. The inscription : 
" Sigillnm Johannia Dei Gra. GlaB^enua." This Biahop lost hii Seal, and in an 
iMtnunent made therenpon, A. D. 23d April, 1325, which ia inserted in the Cartulary 
of <^aagow, a description is giren of it. It had the fish, ring, and bird, with a figure 
of St Kentcfcem. 

11th. Seal of Andraw Mnirfcead, Bishop of Glasgow, elected 1455, died U74, is 
girat from a Chartw, dated 14S5. The inscription: " Sigillvm Andres Epl. Glas- 

ISth. Seal of Gavin Dunbar, Archbishop of Glasgow, elected 1522, died 1547. 
The inicription : " SigiUmn Garini Archiepi Glasgvensia." 

13th. In the Glaagow Cartulary there is a Charter, " Olineri et Rieardi Pneposi- 
tmmi Bnr^ de Glasg. de fundatione iacta per Eduardmn in Lnminare Sanctn Maria 
Ecclesi». Glasg. 129.S." The copyist obserres, " Sigillom officialitatis Glasg. «dem est 
^pensum. Exhibet snperius caput E^iscop) et infering tintiunabulnm." p. 28. 

14th. A Charter " Roborti de Mythyngby de Venditione terra sun Magiatro Re- 
ginaldo do TVewyn archideacono Glasg." has appended to it the Common Seal of 
Glaagow, of white wax, <■ exhibena caput Epl. cum mitra." Cart. Glatg.p. 244. 

15A. In the Cartulary of Ghwgow, Vol. I. p. 496, in a Decreet of the Chapter of 
the Chnrdi of Glasgow, " de Jure patronatns Eoclesie ricar de Stobou," 27th May, 
1435, the following description ia given of the Seal of the Chapter, a cast of which is 
among the preaent collection : ■■ Huic carbe appensum est sigillum commvne Capituli 
Glaag^ exhibens ex vna parte superioris stantem Kentegemnm pectore tenns pontificali 
habitn elevata dextra benedicentem, medium inter doas cmoes pyramydales, inferins, 
vero trea (forte canonicos) genuflexos manibog jnnctb snpp]icantes, in circumferentin 
antem in&s limbnm inscript. " Sanctns Kent«^«muB." Extra limbum vero inscripC 
" Kentegeme, tuoa, Benedie, Pater alme, ministroa." Ex altera vero parte, exhibit an- 

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periu typnm tmnpli earn campanlli pymudi in msdio ; Ubg inAef n^eroeU^ tcBi{riiiBi 
«x ntroqiM latere cunpanilea Inaain crMcentan M Mdlnhin. bferiu wttem «xUbet 
menHun (forte altare) roper qoK pMitnm eat Tttcolum qooddmt (fbrte eilix ex qoo 
sminet, Imago Chritti rdnti ramrgcntu) hinc iwlo nc ntntqne parte meaan, doo* (^rte 
canonicoa) itantes, monibiu jnnctu ad moiaain coBTsraoa, et ib d 


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DigitizDd by VjOOQIC 

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Absentb of the Council, 5S. 
AbttiDence, time oS{Jait-dayt — bImZoK,) 

Amerchiament of Court. See Wrang. 
Acts. See Statutes. 
Acconnti. S«e TraaguFer'i. 
Aire) Parwn of, 33 ; — town prewuta wine 

to tlte Regent, at Lord Angua'B mjtr- 

riage, 49. 
Ale, alatntef anent, 24, 26, 60, 68, 65 j— 

taaten appoiated, S6, 89. 
AlmoBS-bed, diaponed, SI, 109; — anmual 

of, 35. 
" Altdjrerie," (irtillery,) piece of, "callit 

Ring-dog," 93. 
Angu, Lord, wine sent to Regent, on bia 

marriage, 49. 
Annoalrent on common gndee, to pay for 

" ralttynt throu Rtonn of wedder," 114. 
Appendix, p. 1S9. 
Aqna vitn, at a banquet, 48, 50. 
Arbroath, Lord, wine propyned to, 117. 

Ardkynglas, Laird of, wine \ 

to, 100. 
Ardroasan, contract for glaaing pla< 
Argyle, Lord, wine propyned to, 

99, 100 ; — Lady, wine propync 
Anna, itatnte anoit booth-holde 

ing, 18. 
Aaaiaea, payment to Crawford of 

liill, for obtaining exemption fr< 

Baillibs' leeta, for presenting t 
bishop, 32, 131; — a man'a rig 
stmck off, for invading and woi 
Bailie, 21, — fees allowed to, < 
mission of office by, and new nam 
Bur — Insolrent ddbtor, " swearii 
self bair," (bare, or pennileaa,) 
to stand in the Tolbnith, 37. 
Baking of Bread, 3, 24, 80, 65. 
Banishment from tbe Town, 21, & 
Banquets, 48, 62. See also disjoi 
Bache-penny, poinding for, 64. 

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153 IND 

Baptyain^ of b&rnes, buotyng ftt, S6. 
Bawn, ToyBge to ; — fee for MrriM, 4. 
Beggttrii, common, to depart during the 

peat, 29. 
Beir, itatatei uient, S5, 81. 
BeU, St. Mango's, coft, 8 1— " tag to tlie 

tong" of, 100 ; — " tong" for, 104, 
" Bendi," bnrgeti fines given to make, 109. 
" Bioking," of tnbi, 8. 
BlactcAier Kirk, Btatnte aaent, 8. 
Blaspheming, 5, 6, 20, — statntea anent, 

Binds, Wardbroaking, &c 187. 
Blndwyte, Inquest anent, 7 ; — decree o^ 

Booths, statnte anent entry-ulTsr o^ 6. 
Booth-holders to keep amis, 18. 
■< Bonking tnn," (washing orbaoking-tnb,) 

Bonikis, carcases of sheep, &c'25. 
Bowbreding of marts, what, 81; — fine 

for, 84; 
Boyd, Robert, Lord Prorost, 1, 12, 83, 

Sd, 87,42; — ^wineto,47; — twohogsheada 

of do. 49, 51, 53, 55, 78, 80 ;— wine pro- 

pyoed, 98, 103, 105, 115, 118;— Ja. 

chamberlain, 1 1 ;— of Kii^MS, Ja. 79. 
Bianldt, put in the ''braiikts"or "joogis," 

Bread-baking insnfficden^ 
anent, 34, 80. 85. 

Brig,gifkoftbe,14; — small customs of, sus- 
pended, 21. 

Brydals and banqneting, statata anent, 26, 

" Bnckas]r,"(Fr.fiooam) lining of, 30 and 

<< Bnge," (0. Ft. 601^) lamb's for, 34. 

" Bordiona wyne" (^Bowrdeaax) 60 ;— <' 3 
tyoht hogbeiddii Bordiona-bynd," decroe 
for delivery of, 1 10, and note. 

Bnrgets and freeman made, 3, 10, 22, 37, 

65,66. 67. 101, 109, 110, 114, 138, 123. 
124, 136, 187, 128, 135;— act anent 
strangers coming to be, 17. 73 f— eons, 
act anent, 41, 73; — Baillies tomaktwa, 
in retnm for their " hlon^ afield and 
hame," 130; — fines ^ren for emumon 
dmm and minstrela, 9; — to penona 
whose horses were stolen, 37; — for 
colouring the knock, 65;— to fumUh 
pnlder to young meo. 124 ;— for coring 
a man hurt in the Town's bnnness, 
128;— for forms and bnirdi for Commu- 
nion. 1 10 ; — to young men who raid to 
Stirling to the Parliament, 109 ;— com- 
pounded, owing to party being " herreit 
be Inglisbmen," 123. 

ByUe, payment for, giren to a Mpasenger 
" as the cnntray dcHs," 59. 

Bynd, dimension, siie, 34. 

Cabir, (a beam or rafter,) striking with a, 

Cuthnea, Lord, wine to, 46. 
Calf-herd, statutes anent, 57. 
Callender of Ballinoo, Ro. y^' 8. 
Calirer with sniq>, de<a:ee for. 122. 
Calsayia — statute anent, 86 i — expenaas of 

repain on, 104, — Mastn- of Works, 

accounts aaent audited, 1 19. 
Calsay-maker, act and obligation for, 96 ; 

— expense of message to Dundee for, 

Calsay-stent, Collector'sacco*- audited, 120. 
Candle and tallow, statutes anent, 25, 61. 
" O^tadoay," (a stufied hood,) 36 and note. 
. Casaillis, Lord, wine to, 48. 
Casting stenes, chaung, &&, penalty for, 6, 

112, 114, 123. 
Caution of " Coleruth," 46. 
Cautionery agunat trnblance, SO. 
Chaplaneries of St. Christi^her and St. 

d by Google 

Mango, decree uen^ 30, — St-Rok's, 
dntiei of, 46 ,■— Sir Robert WaUon's, 

ChattellerBnlt, Dnke of, " scrotdierti and 
confete" preaented to, 50. 

Chinu^ane, pennon granted to, 71. 

Cloclui pablic. See Knoclc 

Cloth, linen and woollen, Aet aiiettt Cnmei 

• for, 82. 

Citj and other Seale, deaeription of, 145. 

Coal-ben^u and coals, tack of, 97. 

Ceala and peata for CoBiMal-honie, paymmt 
filff, 51. 

Cderutb, caution of o£fered, 46. 

CoU<^ copy of grant by tbe Town to, 139. 

Colqnhoon of Kibnerdony, Jo. 113, 116. 

CmiuDoa work of Town, atatnte anent, 73. 

Common-mnira, acts anent, 8, 16, 55, 56. ' 

ComuMMi-land*, 73. 

CcHnmiwioiis to provosts and bulUei, seal- 
ed, 132. 

Commnnion, "finna and bnirds" for, 110. 

Compbunt of neighbonrbeid for " balding 
of lands ley," 94. 

ConfectB, paymenta for, SO. 

Contract for glaung the places of Ardros- 
san, Eglbtonn, Polnmie, Glasgow, Ir- 
rine, and Cnmray, 90. 

Corns, act to evade destmction of, 16. 

Cotmcil-honse door, pay*^ for r^airing, 6 1 . 

Conncil chosen, and list of, 133, 136; — 
accept office; — Btatate anent revealing 
things spoken in, 43, 82 ; — absentia 
from, 52. 

■< Conrtschaw," 32 and note, 35, 76, 110. 

Courts, Head, aft«r Ynle, I, 52, 127,^ 
after Pasdw, 7 ; — PoinU of the, 1 , — 
Wbitsnnday, 12, 72, 121 ;— Symmerbill, 
16, 57 ;--Craign]aGk, 16, 75, 123}— 
Michaelmas, 22; — in the T<^bnitb, anent 
the Pest. 27 ; — by special dispwastion 

iBX. 158 

in Feriat-time, 124;— Aw dectioa of 

Magistrates, 131. 
Cowmyng with smiddy-oowme, 22. 
Cowpontng of marts under the oxtan, fine 

for, 87. See Bowbreding. 
Cnfts, Deacons (Selected, 23. 
Craigmack^ CoorU held at, 18, 75, 123. 
Crames, statutes aoent, 75, 83, 83. 
" Cnunosy," (Fr. cnimoui,} for town'a 

arms, on minstrels ooats, 50. 
Crawford of Jnrdanhill, Tbo. 11, 79;— 

Provost, 96 ;— anld Provost, 101 ; — 

exempted from assyses, 105. 
" Cropnestok," 7. 
Cross, great, in Ratton-raw*, taldng down, 

Crowns of the sone, (son) decree for de- 
livery of, 113. 
Cnninghame of DrumqukassiD, Jo. 62, 99. 
Cnmmirles, what, 55. 
Cnmray, contract for glaung place of, 90. 
Coitoms, stattite anent, 26. 
Cnstomer, payment to, for weighing Iron, 

CnUar wheel, decree anent, 63. 

Dakbr of hides. See Hydes. 
Deaaside-well, sttypit, 13; — paymeot to 

" ane lawde," (lad) for keeping, 59. 
Dearth, statnt«s mitignted, beoanse o^ 85. 
" Denaar*" (see also banquets), 49, 59. 
Disjonee, paymenta for, 47, 48, 49, 59, 100. 
Disobeying officers, deacons, &c 76. 
" Domeverk," 34 and note. 
Douking a woman, payment to officers 
, for, 50. 

DongUs of Parkhead, Geo. 99. 
Dowoatt in the Green, payment anent, 105. 
Dowping, or Dumping, fine for, 33, 39, 

DrumqnhaBsil, Laird of, (Jo. Cnning- 

d by Google 

154 INI 

haote} wine propyned toi 62 ;— s>lt 

from, 99. 
Damfries, Raid of, 117. 
Dumping on the breast, 18; ib. See 

Dnnfennling, Lord, wine propyned to, 99. 
Donj^illa. See ftCddinga. 

EAitNSBT>PBNNT. See Eriea. 

Edinburgh, peat in Bell'a wynd, 27. 

%leecbeme, Panon of, 19, 90, 9S ;— Vi- 
car of, 93. 

E^Untoon, Hew, Itfaster of, 90 ;— Earl of, 
flew, 91 jr— contract for glaiing pUcfl 
of, 90. 

EgyptMaet, Proteat by Captain of, US. 

Elphinstonn of BIythiiwod, Geo. i5. 

Englialunen, bntgeM, " herreit" by, 183, 

Entry-silver of Booths, statute aoent, 6. 

" Erding (interring) a boy that deit in 
llie Loning," payment for, 50. 

Erles (arrha), giren nnder a decree for 
making orer iharet in a ship, 130. 

Evil-speaUng and raiting forbidden, 31. 

Exemptions to the Town, payments for oV 
taining, 118. 

Fair, wnng done within cry of, 76;^ 
daye, act anent, 75. 

Fairsy, a diseaae of horses (O. Fr. fardn,') 
the fercy. See Scab. 

Falts given up by ontlandimers, 12> 73, 131. 

Fasting. See Abstinence. 

Faosteenis-ewin, Faatems-e*eD, the even- 
ing before Lent, Si. 

Fee, aOowanca of serrants, fee for certain 
doth stolen, 39. 

Fees to Biulies, and other public officers, 62. 

Feet, posting with tlie, 74. 

Feriat-time, (Lat. firiati'dita,') holidays, 
proclamation of, 2 \ — plea that no pro- 

cess should be led during, 1 13 ; — Cktnrt 

held in, 124. 
Fery'Stowp (post where ferry-boala were 

Asteued,) 67. 
fiddlers, pipers, &&, not to remain in 

Town, during peat, 2B. 
Firlots and Measures, statotei anent, 5. 
Fishing. See Salmon, 
f^sh-wyfes, statute anent, 90. 
Flacats, (Fi.JUuquet,) 10. 
Flaik, a hnrdle, 69. 
" lilais the muir," what, 13. 
Flesh, act anent dead, 16 ; — slaying on 

Sunday, he, SS, 
Flesh-stocks, act anent, SS , — Market, act 

forviieing, 21. 
Fleahert, decree on complaint by, 106. 
Flyters to be branldt, (put in the bmdit, 

or jottgt,) 7 , — decree ordaining two to 

be put on the Cross " with pi^>ers on 

their heads," &&, 120. 
Foot-balls forthe Town, at Fastemi-Eren, 

Forestalling. See Mercat. 
Forestalling, butter and fowls, 52. 
Fostering of a bairn, decree anent, 2. 
fVeedom ordered to be cried down, 16, 

21, 22, 125 ,H— restored, 133. 
Freemen. See Bnigess. 
Freir-bell, a " tong" to, 105. 
liVinges for the Pensall (pennoniul or 

banner), to Stirling Rud, weaving of 

the, 117. 
Fruit, Kul, Onions,&c., Act anent Ciames 

for, 83. 
" Fnle with treyn swerd," (fool with 

wooden or lath sword,) pay*- to, 41, 
" Fn^fang," 107 and note. 

Gait, towking on the hie, 129. 
Gallows, statute anent, 5. 

d by Google 

GaUowB, fine for traniportiiig, 6. 

Oluifil, plkitt, 92. 

QlamniiB, Lord, Cliaiicellor, wine pro- 

pyned to, 99, 103. 
Olaigow, Archbkbop of, pauim — Panon 

of; wine to, 47, — S«aLi of deicribed, 

145 1 — coDtract for glaaing place o^ 90. 
Glaatin-wriglit, (gU«er) 91, 
Gluing, ooBtract for gUnng tke placet of 

ArdroMan, && 90. 
Glencura, Lord, wine propyued to, 63. 
Gold, iDgalt of, and quarter Crown of 

Unicom gold, decree anen^ 54. 
Grammar school to be made Water feat, 

66 , — price of " wheat Rtraye to theik," 

Grant, copy o^ by Town to College, IS9. 
" Grei&r (Fr. Gr^ffier), of the Bnn (FV. 

bonne), ctf Bordeaux," decree for money 

oonsigned in bis handa, IIS. 
Greit, in the, (in wholende,) 5. 
Gadea, decree for delivery of nmdry, 107, 

134, 139 ; — decree for price of inndry, 

129 ^-Heirship, decree* anent, and list 

of 9, 83, 54. 
Gmu, Btocldng of sundry, decree of pay- 
ment for, 112. 

HArFAT(halffett),Btrildiignponthe, 33,48. 

Hagbnta, ttatnte anent, 90. 

Hair, nigging, 6, 21. 

Hala, rugging be the, 35. 

Hamilton.ieigeof, payments for menstralei 
expenses to, 118; — Alegirento Towns- 
men who met the Altalyerie, 1 18. 

Hamilton of Torrens, Ja. provost of Glas- 
gow, S3 ;— ESii. Lady Trehome, 51 i-~ 
Sir Ja. wine propyned to, 98. 

Hand, rigbt, stmck off for inrading one of 
the Bailies, 21. 

Hardbuds, payment for message anent, 50 j 

— payment for copy act anent, 51; 

tinsel and inluk allowed on, 51. 
" Harlaw Wod," wine given Lord Bo; 

for help to save the Town &om, Hi 
Hariyng a woman by the feet, && 22. 
Hay and Straw, statntes anent, 25, 81, 1 
Heirship gndes, decrees anrat, and list 

9, 33, 54. 
Herring, statutes anent, 41. 
Hie Kirk. See Kirk. 
Herd, Fme for « halding by the bird 

Herds appointed, 14 : — Overtown ■ 

Netbertoim, 54; — almons to, 101; 

calf, 57, 93, 111. 
" Hirsallis," statutes ag** bye, 83. 
Holidays. See Feriat-time. 
Hogheids, blawn and tight, price ) 
, gnuthing, 88 ; — " of Burdtons byni 

1 10 and note. 
Horse to till an acre of land " for tryi 

of bis gndenew," 8S. 
Horses, " nnlangalit," 93 and note. 
Howking and holing sand, in other me) 

lands, penalty for, 48. 
Hayrding of fowlea, in grit qnaotide, I 
Hyngand-lok, a padlock, 37. 
Hydes, forestalling market in buying, 5 

—decree for prices of rabnck and t 

and brock, (roebnck, fox and ba^gei 

76, 111; — decree to deliver a con 

byde sufficiently barkit, 108. 

Ikjurioub words, decree for giving-^vi 
lo\ny smyks, 109 ;— knaif, slcaybi 
mateyne and lonn, 119, 

Inlaikit, be deceiss, i. 

Inquest, 7. 

Insight gndes, decree anent, 35. 

Irland-Knife,a skein, or dirk, 36, and not 

Iron, Oismont, price o^ 99. 

d by Google 

Irrine, oontnct Ita ^mId^ ^im of, 90, 

JrooABT-STAW, fiiM for inndiag; with, 

KiLTiN, Myine-da; ob, 126. 

Keanedy of Snokdair, Ds. 97. 

Key-Keepen cboMD, lUt al, 134, 137. 

*' Killing." See Sftlmon. 

Killyng:, Ba]mon, 4, 66. 

Kiric Hie, Act to prevwit ruin >nd decay 
of, 20 ; — bell, expense of " tag to tlie 
tong" o^ 100 ^— Idrii-yard djia, to be 
kept in repair for the "gent" of the 
yard, 94. 

Kirfc-yard, to be kept free of beatial, 94. 

Knaveship and multona, abitiaoting, S7. 

Knock, public paymenta, for tree to, 60 ;— 
three faddoma of tow for, 60 ,— ^e to 
Sir Arch''- Dicky for keeping, 62^— bed- 
ohutha to him to lye bMyd, 96 ; — obli' 
gadon to set np and repair, 6S p— ex- 
penaea of repair on, 98, 90, 100. 

Kynbtite, (reparation in money or onttle 
to nearest of kin for alanghter,) payment 
in name of, 45. 

Ladill-ddu aett, 14.' 

I^adie-man, cnttyng bii polka, 16. 

« Lang-aadill," (a aeat or lettle,) 34. 

" Latono," (a tort of tin or base metal,) 
aa " meika" to the poor daring the peat, 
50, 59, 106. 

Law-aonertie, (lawborrowi,) 2, 15, 123. 

Leeta for Bailiea. See Bailies and Lytis. 

Lennox, Karl of, Ro. made Borgesa and 
FroTDSt, 101 ; — wine propyned to, 117, 
118;— Esrae, oreated Prorost, 131. 

" Lepir," {Ltproui pertont,) to be ■ veseit,' 
1, 52, 127; — Memorandnm anent Let- 
ters €4 fonndation to, 1 15, 

" Lerand trocht," 34, and note. 

Li^t, St. John's, discharge of, 40. 

Lindsay, of Dmrod, Bo. 46 ^—Lol^ wine 
propyned to, 99. 

Lining of " bnckaay," 20, and note. 

Lones, statute anent, 6. 

" Lorymeir," (bridle-bit maker,) 77, and 

" Loway amjia," penalty for callii^ Offi- 
cers, 109, 

Lolddsmea (Lnkea-nuus, Oct. 16.) 

Lynan, 9; — chosen, list at, 134, 136. 

Lyning and noghbonrimd, qoestioa e^ 1 1. 

Lytis (leela), fw Bailies, 42, 131. 

Lyting, note tal^ of being ropdled from, 

HAiiT,aommon mettar (m 
chosen, 102 ;— 

Manrent, bond of, 44. 

Maaswom, decree ag^ parties found, 118. 

Marches, peramholation of, 16; — statnte 
for Tiseing, 95. 

Mar, Earl of, 99. 

Marts, bowbrediog of, 84 ;— cowponing of, 
onder oxtars, fine for, 87. 

<■ Maaer," (maar,) 34. and note. 

Masking-£m, 34. 

Master at Work, 119. 

Meal, statutes anent, 82. 

Meaanres, itatntes anent, 5, 128, 

" Meir," exprase of timber and iron to 
be ane, 104. 

" Melteth" to Calf-httd, price fixed for, 

Menstralles oontinewed, 14; — admitted, 
17 ; — blue doth for ooats to, 50;— pay- 
ments to, at Hamilton Sic^, 118. 

" Memnono theif," calling one, 78 ; — to 
persons banished under ftia of drown- 
ing " bnt dwme." 

d by Google 

Mweit, forMUlUngr, $, 53, 54, 67 :— rt>- 

tntM uwnt, 25, 88 ^— on Sonday, ttft- 

tnte forbidding, 81. 
WddingB, statntM raent, 3i, 80, 95. 
BfUler of Mj^nebencht, Jo, 67. 
HiDs, Btatntes raent, 70. 
Hflne-day on Kelvin, ■greement anent, 

" Hojne," (moon or dial of dock,) ool- 

ooring, 65 ;.— expensM of ane nev 

*■ brode" to oorer the " Hone," 104. 
Mnira Town, biD and nipplication and Act 

anent dividing, 65 ; — itatnte anent, 78. 
Mnltare*, abatraeting, 37. 
MntbMi, itatntea anent, 24, 25, 80. 
Hynto, Lurd of, Prorott, 49 ;— cooneil- 

lor, 131. 
H'Clane, Lord, wine propynedto, 100. 
M'Coaell, Angna, (Lord M'CIan^} wine 

propjned to, 100. 

Newin, of Monkredden, And., 98. 
Noae, fine for " thrawing," 5. 
Norationa, &c^ statnte agunat, 63. 

OmcxBS q)pointed, 85, 134, 136 ; — act 
anent, 82 ;— of nnirenity appointed, 89. 

Oinnont iron, decree A>r price of, 99. 

Oniuu and frnit, " cramea" for, 83. 

Orchard litt, decree for price of, 96. 

Ordnance. See Altelyerie. 

Oriage^ (Fr. horologe) coloniing, 65. 

Ontlandimen, appointment of, 12;— wbat* 
A.,— £dt8 given np by, 72, 121. 

Paokt, with the fiuildit nuf, 64. 
PMtlott, decree for price o^ 84, and note, 

I^dUwm, hanging in Comidl-honae, 51. 
Pan, decree for 22 ahiDt^ between ane 

aold pan and ane new, Itc, 89. 

EX. 157 

Pasturing in Borrow mdei, act ag*-, 83. 
Pasaing bell, at the bnrial of the dead, 86. 
" Peniall," (pennontnl,) to Stirling Baid, 

expeoce of, 116. 
Perambnlation of Marchea, 13, 16. 
Peat, Btatotea framed anent, 27 ;— aearoh- 

ers and viaitora, during, 29, 30. 
Piper, called Ryall, dayia pay*- to, 51. 
Pipen and Fiddler*, Arc, not to remain in 

Town, during Peat, 28. 
Plaitt-glnifii, decree concerning, 32. 
Pledge*, ronp of, 9, 26. See Wod. 
Plovkjrng of itoipii, regnlating stonpa or 

meamrea of pewter and wood, by inaert- 

phtik$ or plugs, 128. 
Ploiridng meaaarei, atatnte anent, 12S. 
Plomdamaa, decree for price of, 122. 
Peildary, decree for price of, 66, and note, 
PoUok of that Ilk, Jo. 14, 15. 
Polnone, contract for glaaing the place 

of, 90. 
Foaeing with the foet, fine for, 74. 
Porta to be " keepit and lookit" daring 

peat, SO. 
Poynder created, 14, 54. 
Prebendaries vacant, given, 55, 127. 
Proclamation, wrangi done in time 'of, 

Procorator, common, 4, 15, 184, 137 ; — 

action by, 19, 30. 
Pnq>ynes of wine, &c, to aundriea, 47, 48, 

49, 50, 59, 60, 62, 98, 99, 100, 103, 105, 

ProteaU ^i;atnat dividing common Mnin, 

8; — by Provoet Crawford and othttf, 

for auld lil>erty and privilege of dm 

Town, and agunit b^ng pnt off the 

Cooncil, 101, 137 i— by fleahera, 107;— 

by Captun of Egyptianea, 112, — aa to 

Leeta for BailUes, 132. 
Provaud, Lord, wine propyned to, 99. 

d by Google 

1S8 INS 

Prorort, deotioo o^ 28, 48, 79, 101. 181 1 

■ — protMt by, 101, 137. 
ProvtMtry, agreement anent, 78. 
QuHiNaER, menacbg with, 8. 

Raid of HarlaW'Wod, 115^— Stirliiig,I16; 

— Hamiltoii, 118 ;— Dnndrieej^ll?. 
tUids, paymenta relative to, 116, 117. 
Railing and eril-ipeaking forbidden, 31. 
" Raxis," ironi tot qtiti, 34. 
Renfrew, parson of, 23. 
Regent of Scotland, wine sent by town of 

Ayr to, at Lord Angni'i marriage, 49. 
Regrating market!, 90. See Hydea, 

Huyrding, &c 
Replepati<m, decree of, 46. 
Robour of wine, wbat, 48. 
Rom of Hanyng, Jo., 94, 113. 
Rothet, Lord, wine propyned to, 99, 
Ronp of pledge^ 9, 26. See Wod. 

Saddle, Ac, decree for prioe o( 40, 65. 
Salmon, centraTening alatnlea anent, 4, 5, 

66 ; — taking on Sonday forbiddoi, S3 ; 

— freih, statute anent, 121. 
Salt tane {raDramqubasailjexpenM anent, 

99; — expenses anent thipa of, 60,61, 

116, 117;^ — merchant! ^pointed for, 

121 ;— Statatei anent, 41, 114^ 126 
" Sampillars," decree agninit " Sewistei'' 

for, 98. 
Sunt Jobn'a Light, 46 ;— discharge of, 4'9. 
Saint Hongo't Bell ooft, 8 ; — expmse of 

" tong" for, 104 ;— tree, IS ;— Chapel- 

anrie, 31. 
Sand, howldng and sholing, in other men's 

lands, 48. 
Sang-scbnle, (singing lohool) mwll of 

chalmar for, 100, 1 16. 
8ek (aack) propyned, 59, && See Pro- 


Setonn ct Toadi, 99. 

Scab, 1, 52, 127 }— and ttinj, decree 
anent, 32, 69. 

Scalding a bairn, fine for, 112. 

Scarting, (scratching,) fine* for, 6, 88. 

Schntyng, poshing, 19, he. 

Sclander, fine for, 6, 34. 

Sohosche, (sweidte,) payment for maul- 
ing, 50 and note f— parchmeot ildn to 

Sconiging of tluerea and others, pkymanta 
for, 48, 49, 59, 61, 116, 

Sorotcherts and confecU, paymcMt for, 50. 

Seals of the City and See of Gla^w de- 
scribed, 145, 

Searchers appointed dnring peat, 20. 

Secret-donhlat, what, 77. 

Seige of Hamilton, 118. 

Serrietts of domek, &o., decree anent, 58. 

Ship, share of, called the Salmim^ ISO. 

Skellat, town-crier's hand bell, 8, B2. 

Skins, twi brock, iabnck,&c. See Hydea. 

" Skyn'coitt," decree for price of % 112. 

Skyris-Fnrisdaye, what, 7, and note. 

Slaochter, contract of reparation for, 44. 

Slayanea (slain s) letter of, 45, 

Slaying fleah, and woiUng on Sunday, 
fine tor, 88, 

Slaynei^ obligation to give letter at, 45. 

Smallii, in, (retailing,) 106. 

Smiddy-cowme, cowmyng vith, 32. 

Snap, decree for caliver with sn^r, 122. 

Snap-maker, decree against, 96. 

Spear, decree for price of, 40. 

Spitting in the fiso^ 43, &o, 

SUik, to latisfy, Ac 70. 

Statntea enacted, visv anmt ale, 94, M, 
80, 63, 85 ^ Arms, 1 8 i— Bread, 26, 80, 
85 ^— Borgesaes, 17, 4 1 , 73^-BIa9heB- 
ing, 25, 81 ;— Booths, entry-silTer, 6i— 
Boothktridera, 18;— KaokfrierKiik, 8; 

d by Google 

C<Rninoniroi1c, 73;— Calf-herd, 57, 03 i 

^CnMamB, 26; — Commtm Main, S, 16, 
£5,56, 73;— Conu, 16,^— Cnmea, 75, 
63, SS^—Calsayu, 86;— Csluy-nukor, 
96 ; — Canndl, 43, 82 ;— Cudle ud Tal- 
low, 25, 61; — Dearth, 85;— Entry-iil- 
Ter, 6;— Firlota, 5, 1S8;— Fledb, 16, 21, 
83 »— Pair day, 75^-Fniit and onion 
eramei,83;— f1ah-wy&, 90;— Gallowi, 
5;— Hydei, 54,^Herrin9, 41;— Hay 
and Straw, 25, 81, 83;— Hiraalii, 83 — 
Ha^batU, 90;— Kirl^ 20;— Lonei, 5; 
— Heroatta, 25, 81, 83;— Malt, 25, 81; 
— MeaBores, 5, 128;— Middinga,24, 60, 
95;— Mntton, 24, 25, 80;— Mills, 70;— 
Meal, 82;^&farchea, 95 ;— Norationi, 
&a., 63;— Officen, 82;— Paitnring:, 63; 
—Peat, 27, 29, 30,-— Plowhisg, 128;— 
Salmon, 53, 121;— Swine, 83,-— Salt, 
41, 114, 126;— Sunday, 21, 53;— Sdb- 
billii, &c, 83;— Torft, 16;— Taremi, 
SI. Tuters of Al^ 26, 83;— Tallow, 

. 25. 81;— Tnilsiea, 77;— Weill, 41;— 
Wine, 89;— Wappinwhawing, 93,— 
Znle^rth, 2. 

Statntet, fine for contravening, 4, 5, 89, 

Stealing bwr, Ac, bauiahment for, 126, 

Steeple, payments to ■ondries tar keeping 
the, 105, 115, 116. 

Stenewis-well, St. Ebmdi's-well, 5. 

Stent, calsay, ISO. 

Stewart of Bowhonaa, Jo., 9, 68, 120 ;— 
oonnciUor, 138, 136;— of BiiltrieB,(Bel- 
trees,) Wm, 49 ;— of Mynto, MUhaw 
PrOToat, 49;- conucillar, 131, 135 1— 
Jo., 139. 

« Sdbbillis powing," actaaeiit, 83. 

Sting, striking with, 58. 

Stirling, Raid of, 116;— Hamilton, 118. 

BX. U9 

Stiriing of Letter, Ja^ 55. 

Stones, casting, 6, 112, 114. 123. 

Streets. See Cabayes. 

St, Christopheris Chapelanrie, 30, 

SL John, Lord, 46; — his bailie of the ' 

Temple-lands, ib. 
Snddert, soldier, 18. 
Sonday, statntes anrait, 21, 53, 88. 
Swyne, report Boent,52j^ — act aoent, 83. 
Symerhill Courts, 16,57. 

Tabroiter, fee to, 47. Vide I 

TaffiU-bnrde, among heirship gudes, 54. 

Tallow and candle, statntes anent, 25, 81. 

Tapestry. See Werdoor. 

Tasters of ale appointed, 26, 83. 

TaTerna, order to riait, 21. 

Tax and imposition, for repair of High 

Chnrch, 20. 
Temple-lands, Lord St. John's, bailie of, 46. 
Testimonials reqnired daring pest, 28. 
Thieves scoorged, 49, 59, 116, &o. See 

" Thrawing the neis," fine for, 5. 
" Throppil and weiand," taking by, fine 

for, 39. 
Trehome, Lady, (Elia. Hamilton.) 51. 
Tolhnith, expenses in bigging, 96h-ox- 

pense of mending door, 104. 
Tows, decree anent and price of 75, 
Towking and sehating. 67 ; — on the hie 

gut. fine for, 129. 
Tramping of sheets in gntter, fine for, 7, 
Treasorer's AcoonnU, 47, 59, 98, 103, 115. 
Trone weights and measnres, clum anent, 

Trone-stane, decree anent carrying 

Tmblanoe. See Wrang. 
Tobs, bicbering of, 8. 
Tdlyies, statutes anent, 77. 

, Google 

Tmi, " bonldng," 34. 

Toift, >t«tata anent, 16. 

" Tyde coir," with calf, 10, and note. 

Ui^QB ("^"ff*) of Wyne, decree anent, 95. 
Uley, (oil) nnlaw for a§ing wrong measure, 

108 ; — decree for price of, and barrell, 

UuTersity, officer of, choaen, 89 ;— f^rant 

by Town to, 139. 
Unioom, a gold coin, 54. 
" Unlangalit" horaea, order anent, 93, and 

Upaet, agreement anoit tbe firat, that fidli 

to Cowper-caraft, 1 1. 
Upaitting, wahea, 26. 
Uiorping office, fine for, 84. 

. VAOABONDtobeiG0Ti^edaitdbaniihed,55. 
Vlaitora, during peat, 29, 30. 

Waitbt, a reproachfnl term. See Scab 

WaIker^heria,(foIIer'Baheera) daim for, 9. 

Walking of daith, decree anent, B5. 

W^tpinahawing, fine for abaence from, 48 i 
— payment for copy act anent, 50; — 
ttatntfl anent, 93. 

Water-Baillie, fine for diaobeying, 4, 66 ; 
—chosen, 133, 137. 

Weill, act anent, 41 ; — payment for await- 
ing on, 69 ;— repuring of, 61. 

Weyia-ballui with brodda,beam aodaealea, 
for weighing, 54. 

Werdonr, Verdonr tiqteatry, 34. 

Weaand, taking by the, 39. 

Weache, (urine,) caating of, 7, II. 

Wheat-mybi, wrangooa aetting of, 3. 

Wine giren in propynea. See Propyoe* ; 
— atatntea anent, 89. 

Wod, (toad, or pledge,) iundriea given in, 
10 ;— order to roup, 9, 26 ; — order to 
redeliver, 37, 39. 

" Wod hnwy," payment for aoonrging, 5B. 

" Wodder-Kheip," 38. 

Woman aoourged, 48 ;— mad ^1, 69, 

Wort-trocht itane, decree for hyre itf, 

Worin, Maater o^ hia aocoimU audited, 

■ 119. 

Wrang and amerchiament of Cotirt, S, 8, 
4,5,6,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 17, 18. 19, 
2 1 , 22, 26, 31, 33, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 
41, 43, 44, 52, 58, 57, 58, 63, 64, 65, 66, 
67, 68, 69, 71, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 84,87, 
88, 89, 94, 95, 97,98, 102, 106, 107, 108, 
109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 118, 
119, ISO, 122, 123, 125, 126, 128, 129, 

Wylieooat, decree for delirery of, ISO. 

Yark atolen, decree for price of, 108. 
Yule, Court after, 1 ; — girtht, prodamatioii 
of, decree anent, 111. 

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Ton, " bonldng," 34. 

Turft, itatate anent, 16. 

" Tyde cov," vith calf, 10, and note. 

Ui^ax (}i^°g*) of Wj^e, decree anent, 95< 
Uley, (oil) snlaw for luiiig wrong meaiore, 

108 ;— decree for price of, and barrellt 

Univerutyi officer of, chosen, 89 ;— gnat 

by Town to, 139. 
Unicom, a gold coin, 54. 
" Unlangalit" honei, order anent^ 93, and 

ITpMt, agreement anent tbe fint, that &lli 

to Cowper-craft, II. 
Upeitting, wakea, 26. 
Uinrping office, fine for, 84. 

Vlaiton, during pert, 29, 30. 

Waitbt, a reproachful term. See Scab 

Walker^lieiia,(fol]er'iaheen) clum for,9. 
Walking of chutb, decree anent, 85. 
W^tpinahawiDg, fine for abaenoe from, 43 ; 

— payment for copy Md anent, 50, — 

■tatnte anent, 93. 
Water-BaiUie, fine fior diaobeying, 4, 68 ; 

— chosen, 133, 137. 
Weill, act anent, 41 ; — payment for awiut- 

ing on, 59 ;--repuring of, 61. 

Weyii-balkii with broddi,b«am aadMalot, 
for weighing, 54. 

Werdoor, Verdour tapettry, 34. 

Wound, taking by the, 39. 

Wesche, (urine,) casting of, 7, 11. 

Wbeat-myln, wrangona setting of, 3. 

Wine giren in propynet. See Propynet ; 
— statutes anent, 89. 

Wod, (toad, or pledge,) sundries giren in, 
10 ;— order to roup, 9, 26 ; — order to 
redeliver, 37, 39. 

" Wod busy," payment for icoorging, 59. 

" Wodder-icbeip," 38. 

Woman scourged, 48 ^—mad giri, 59. 

Wort-trocht stane, decree for byre «{, 

Works, Master of, his aocoimla aadited, 

■ 119. 

Wraag and amercbiamoit of Cotirt, S, 8, 
4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,14,15,17,18, 19, 
S 1 , 22, 26, SI, 33, 35, 36, 37, 38, SO, 40, 
41, 43, 44, 52, 53, 57, 58, 63, 64, 65, 66, 
67, 68, 69, 71, 74, 76, 76, 77, 78, 84,87, 
88, 89, 94, 96, 97,96, 102, 106, 107, lOS, 
109, 110, 111, Hi, 113, 114, 116, 118, 
119, ISO, 122, 123, 125, 1S6, 128, 129, 

Wylieooat, decree for ddirery <^, ISO. 

Tarh stolen, decree for price of, 108. 
Ynle, Court after, 1 ;-^[irtht, proclamation 
of, decree aaent, 111. 

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154 INI 

luune) wine propyned to, 62 ; — salt 

from, 99. 
DamfriM, Raid of, 117. 
Damping on the breast, 18; ib. See 

Dnnfennling, Lord, wins propyned to, 99. 
DnngliilU, See Middings. 

Earnsst-fenmt. See Erles. 
Edinbui^, pert in Bell's vynd, 27. 
Egleacheme, Ponon of, 19, 90, 93 ;— Vi- 

oar of, 93. 
Eglintonn, Hew, Maater of, 90 ; — Earl of. 

Hew, 91 ; — contract for glaaiag place 

of, 90. 
Bgyptianes, Protaet by Captain of, 112. 
Elphitutonn of Blythiawod, Geo. 45. 
Englialimen, bargesi, "berreit" by, IS3. 
Eatry-Bilrer of Bootha, statute anent, 6. 
" Erdtng (interring) a boy that deit in 

the Loning," payment for, 50. 
Erlea (arrAa), given nnder a decree for 

making orer jbarea in a ship, 130. 
Evil-speaking and ruling forbiddon, 31. 
Exempdona to the Town, payments for ob- 

tainiog, IIB. 

Fair, wrang done within cry of, 76^— 
daye, act snent^ 75. 

Fairvy, a diieaae of horses (O. Fr. ^tnin,') 
the &rcy. See Scab. 

Falts given np by oatlandfaners, 13, 72, 121. 

Fasting. See Abstinence. 

Faosteenis-ewin, Fastems-e'en, the even- 
ing before Lent, 24. 

Fee, allowance of servants, fee for certun 
cloth stolen, 39. 

Fees to Bailies, and other pnblic officers, 62. 

Feet, possing with the, 74 . 

Feriat-time, (Lot. ferioH'diei,') holidays, 
proclamatiofi of, 2 ; — plea that no pro- 

cess should be led during, 113 ;— Conrt 

held in, 124. 
Fery-Btowp (pott where ferry-boats were 

faatened,) 67. 
Fiddlers, pipers, Ac, not to romun in 

Town, during pest, 28. 
Hrlots and Measures, statutes anent, 6, 
Fishing. See Salmon, 
fish-wyfea, statute anent, 90. 
Flacats, (Fr.fatguet,) 10. 
Fluk, a hurdle, 69. 
<< Flais the mnir," what, 13. 
Flesh, act anent dead, 16 ; — slayiog on 

Sunday, he, 88. 
Flesh-stocks, act anent, 63 i — Market, act 

forviaeing, 21. 
Fleshers, decree on complaint by, 106. 
Flyters to be brankit, (put in the branki, 

oi jougi,) 7 ; — decree ordaining two to 

be put on the Cross " with p^wrs on 

their beads," &&, 120. 
Foot-balls forthe Town, at Fastems-Sven, 

Forestalling. See Mercat. 
Forestalling, butter and fowls, 52. 
Fostering of a bairn, decree anent, 2. 
Freedom ordered to be cried down, 16, 

21, 22, 125 ;— restored, 133. 
Freemen. See Burgess. 
Freir-bell, a " tong" to, 105. 
Fringes for the Pensall (pennondl or 

banner), to Stirimg Rwd, weaving of 

the, 117. 
Fruit, Kail, Onioni,&a, Act anent Crame* 

for, 83. 
" Fule with treyn swerd," (fool with 

wooden or lath sword,) pay^ to, 41. 
" Futgang," 107 and note. 

GArr, towking on the hie, 139. 
Gallows, statute anent, 5. 

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Gallowi, fine for tmuportm^, S. 

Glaifi, plain, 32. 

GUnuniB, Lord, Chancellor, wine pro- 

pyned to, 99, 103. 
Olai^w, Archbisliop of, pauim—Vanva 

of, wine to, 47, — Seals of deecribed, 

145 ; — contract for gUiing place o( 90, 
Gluein- Wright, (glaaier) 91. 
Glaibg, contract for glaaing the placea of 

Ardrocun, &c 90. 
Gteocaim, Lord, wine propyned to, 6S, 
Gold, Ingalt of, and quarter Crown of 

Unicom gold, decree anent, 54. 
Grammar ichool to be made Water fut, 

86 ; — price of " wheat atraye to theik," 

Grant, copy of, by Town to College, 139. 
" Greifiar (Fr. Gr^itr), of the Bnn (Fr. 

bottTK), aS Bordeaux," decree for money 

consigned in hii hands, IIS. 
Greit, in the, (in wholesale,) 5. 
Gndes, decree for delivery of inndry, 107, 

124, 1S9 ; — decree for price of sundry, 

129 ; — .Heirship, decrees anent, and list 

of 9, 33, 54. 
Guns, stocking of sundry, decree of pay- 
ment for, 112. 

HAFFAT(halffett), strikingop<»tbe,33, 43. 

Hagbnts, statute anent, 90. 

Hur, rug^fing, 6, 21. 

Hals, mg^Dgbe the, 35. 

Hamilton, seige of, paymeata for menstrales 
eiqteiues to, 118; — Ale ^toi to Towns- 
men who met the Altalyerie, 1 18. 

Hamilton of Torrens, Ja. proroat of Glas- 
gow, S3 ; — E3iz. Lady Trehome, 51 ; — 
Sir Ja. wine propyned to, 98. 

Hand, right, stmck off for inrading mm of 
the Buliea, 21. 

Hardheids, payment for message anent, 50 ; 

— payment for copy act anent, 51 \ 

tinsel and inlaik allowed on, 51. 
" Harlaw Wod," wine giren Lord Bo] 

for help to save the Town from, 115 
Harlyng a woman by the foet, &c. 22. 
Hay and Straw, sUtntee -anent, 25, 81, ( 
Heirship gndes, decrees anent, and list 

9, 33, 54. 
Herring, statutes anent, 41. 
Hie KirL See Kiric 
Herd, Fine for ■< balding by the hirdi 

Herds appcnnted, 14: — Overtown a 

Netbertomi, 54 ^ — almous to, 101 ; 

calf, 57,93, 111. 
« Hiraallis," statutes ag*" bye, 83. 
Holidays. See Feriat-timo. 
Hogheids, blawn and tight, price i 
, graitbing, 88 ; — « of Burdions byn) 

1 10 and note. 
Horse to till an acre of land " for tryii 

of his gudeness," 88. 
Horses, " nnlangalit," 93 and note. 
Howking and hoUng sand, in other mei 

lands, penalty for, 48. 
Hnyrding of fowles, in grit qnantitie, t 
Hyngand-lok, a padlock, 37. 
Hydes, forestalling market in baying, 5' 

—decree for prices of rabuck and t< 

and brock, (roebuck, fox and bat^i 

76, 111, — decree to delirer a co« 

hyde suffidenUy barkit, 108. 

Injurious words, decree for giring — rii 
loway smyks, 109;— knalf, skaybl 
mateyne and loon, 1 19. 

Inlukit, be deceiss, 1. 

Inquest, 7. 

Insight gudes, decree anent, 35. 

Irlaiid-Knife,a skeb, or dirk, 36, and not 

Iron, Oismont, price of, 99. 

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Irrine, ooatnct for glaaiag [^Me of, 90. 

Jeddaat-btafF) fine for iDTsding withi 

Kblvin, MjrlDe-day on, 1S6. 

Kennfldy of Knokdaw, Da. 97. 

Key- Keeper* chosen, list of, 134, 137. 

" Killing." See Salmon. 

Killyng, ulmon, 4, 66. 

Kirk Hie, Act to prevent min and decay 
of, 20 ; — bell, expense of " tag to die 
toDg" of, 100 ;— Idrk-yard dyke, to be 
kept in repwr for the " gerss" of tke 

Kirk-yard, to be kept &ee of bestial, 94. 

Knareship and mnltnrw, abstracting, 37. 

Knock, pablic payments, for tree to, 50 ; — 
three foddoms of tow for, 50 ; — foe to 
Sir Arch<^ Dicky for keepiog, 62; — bed- 
daiths to him to lye besyd, 96 , — obli- 
gatioa to set np and repair, 63;— ex- 
penses of repur on, 98, 99, 100. 

Kynbnte, (reparadon m money or cattle 
to nearest <^ kin for sUi^ter,) payment 
in name of, 45. 

Ladill-dcxs sett, 14. 

liadle-maD, cnttyng his polks, 15. . 

" LaDg-sadill," (a seat or settie,) S4. 

" Latonn," (a sort of tin or base metal,) 
aa " merks" to the poor during the pest, 
50, 59, 105. 

Jjav-sonertie, (lawbnrrom,) 2, 15, 123. 

Leeta for Bailies. See Bailies and Lyti*. 

Lennox, Eu-l of, Ro. made Bnrgesi and 
ProTOSt, 101 >— vine propyned to, 117, 
118>— Ekme, created Provost, 131. 

" Lepir," (^Lqmnu pertom,^ to be ' veseit,' 
1, 53, 127; — Memorandum anent Let- 
ters o( foundation to, 1 15. 

" Lerand trocht," 34, and note. 

Light, St. John's, dtMharge o^ 40. 

Lindsay, of Danrod, Ro. 46 ; — Lord, wine 
propyned to, 99. 

Lining of " bnckasy," 20, aad note. 

Lone*, statute anent, 5. 

" Lorymeir," (bridld-bit maker,) 77, and 

" Lowsy smyks," penalty fcv calling Offi- 
cers, 109. 

Lnlddsmes (Lokee-mass, Oct. 18.) 

Lynars, 9; — chosen, list of, 184, 136. 

Lyning and neigkbonriteid, qneition <^ II. 

Lytia (leete), for Bailiee, 42, 131. 

Lyting, note talfen of being r^^ed from. 

Mai.t, oommMi mettar (meanuer) <^,to be 
chosen, 1 02 ;— ^tatntes aowt, 25, 81. 

Manrent, bond of, 44. 

Manswom, decree ag*- parties found, 118. 

Harches, perambnlation of, 16; — statute 
for viseing, 95. 

Mar, EhI o^ 99. 

Marts, bowbreding of, 84 ; — oowponing of, 
under oxtan, fine for, 67. 

" Maser," (mazer,') 34, and note.^t, 34. 

Master of Work, 119. 

Meal, statntes anent, 62. 

Measures, statutes anent, 5, 126. 

" Meir," expense of timber and iron to 
be aae, 104. 

" Meltfldi" to Calf-herd, price fixed for, 

Menstralles continewed, 14; — admitted, 
17 i — ^blne doth for ooats to, 50 ; — pay- 
meats to, at Hamilton Siege, 118. 

"Mensuome theif," calling one, 78;— to 
persona banished under pain of drown- 
ing " but dwme." 

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Meratt, forertaDhig, 5, 53, 54, 67 ,— ita- 
tntM anent, 25, 83 ; — on Snndiy, it*- 
tntfl An-bidding:, 81. 

Middingt, itatntea aaent, 24, 80, 95. 

Miller of Mj-lnehencbt, Jo., 67. 

Milli, atatatefl aneDt, 70. 

Myliuvdfty on Kelvin, agreement anent, 

" Mojme," (moon or dial of dock,) col- 
owing, 65 ; — ezpensee of ane new 
" brode" to cover the " Mono," 104. 

Mdn Town, biU and gnpplication and Act 
uent dividinj^, 55 ; — atatnte anent, 73, 

Hnltorea, abstracting, 37. 

Hntton, rtatates anent, 24, 25, 80. 

Hynto, Laird of, Proroat, 49 ; — councQ- 
lor, 131. 

H'Clane, Lord, wine propynedto, 100. 

M'Conell, Angus, (Lord M'Clane,) wine 
propyned to, 100. 

Nkwin, of Honkredden, And., 93. 
Noae, fine for " thrawing," 5. 
Norationi, &c^ statute agunst, 63. 

OmcBBS appointed, 85, 184, 136 ;— act 
anent, 82 ; — of nniveruty appointed, 89. 

Oiamont iron, decree for price of, 99, 

Onions and frnit, " cnuses" for, 83. 

Orchard litt, decree for price of, 96. 

Ordnance. See Altelyerie. 

Orlage, (Fr. horologe) colouring, 65. 

Ontlandimers, appointment of, 12;— what, 
i&.,— &lts given np by, 72, ISl. 

Paokt, with the fiwldit neif, 64. 
Pfeitlott, decree for price of, 84, ud note, 

Pallioan, hanging in Comunl-honn, 51. 
Pan, decree for S2 shiUi^ between ane 

anid pan and ane new, fcc, 89, 

EX. 167 

Pasturing in Borrow mdes, act ag^, 83. 
Passing beO, at the burial of the dead, 8S. 
" Fensall," (pMuonciJ,) to Stirling Bud, 

expense of, 1 16. 
Penunbnlation of Marches, 12, 16. 
Pest, statutes framed anent, 2? ; — searek- 

ers and visitors, daring, 29, 30, 
Piper, called Ryall, dayis pay*- to, 51. 
Pipers and Fiddlers, Ac, not to remain in 

Town, during Pest, 28. 
Plaitt-glnifis, decree concerning, 33, 
Pledges, roup of, 9, 26. See Wod. 
Flovkyng of stoipis, regulating stonpt or 

measures of pewter and wood, by insert- 

ptoait or plugs, 128. 
Plowking measures, statute anent, 128. 
Flumdamas, decree for price of, 122, 
Poildavy, decree for price of, 66, and note. 
Pollok of that Ilk, Jo. 14, 15. 
Polnone, contract for glasing the place 

of, 90. 
Posaing with tiie feet, fine for, 74. 
Forts to be " keepit and loi^t" daring 

pest, 30. 
Poynder created, 14, 54, 
Prebendaries vacant, given, 55, 127, 
Proclamation, wrangs done in time 'of, 

Procnrator, common, 4, 15, 134, 137;— 

action by, 19, 30. 
Propynes of wine, Ac, to sundries, 47, 46, 

49, 50, 59, 60, 62, 98, 99, 100, 103, 105, 

Protests agunst diriding common Mulrs, 

Si—by Provost Crawford and others, 

for auld liberty and privilege of the 

Town, and agninst being pnt off the 

Conndl, 101, 137;— by fieshers, 107,-— 

by Cspbun of Egyptianes, 112 ; — as to 

Leeta for Bailliea, 132. 
Provind, Lord, wine propyned to, 99, 

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158 INE 

ProToat, eleotioB (^ 38, 42, 70, 101. 131 ; 
' — protert by, 101, 137. 

ProTOstry, ■jpreement inent, 78. 
QvBXSQBR, menadn^ with, S. 

Raid of HarUw-vod, lI5;_StirliD^,U6{ 
— Hunilton, 116;— DnmfriM,)!!?. 

Roidsi payments relatire to, 116, 117. 

Railing and evil-apeaking farbidden, 31. 

" RaxiB," irona for ipiti, 31. 

B«nirew, pamn of, 23. 

Regent of Scotland, wine sent by town of 
Ayr to, at Lord Angni'i ntarriage, 49. 

RcffTatiDg marlKta, 00. See Hydea, 
Hnyrding, &c 

Replegiation, decree of) 40. 

Robour of wine, wbat, 46. 

Rom of Hanyng, Jo., 94, 113. 

Rothea, Lord, wine propyned to, 09. 

Reap of pledges, 9, SO. See Wod. 

Saddle, &c, decree for price of, 40, 85. 
Salmon, contntTenbg statates anent, 4, S, 

66 ; — taloDg on Sunday forbidden, S3 ; 

— fiesh, Btatnt« anent, 121. 
Salt lane tn Dnunqnbassil, expense anent, 

99; — expensee anent ships of, 60,61, 

116, 117; — meroluHits ^pointed for, 

121 ;— Statutes anent, 41, 114, 126 
" SampiUan," decree i^ainat " Sewieter'' 

Sunt John's Light, 46 ; — discharge of, 49. 
Saint Mnngo's Bell cof^ 6 ; — expense of 

" tODg" for, 104 ^-tree, 13 i— Chapel- 

anrie, 31. 
Sand, bowking and Bfaolin|^ in other men's 

lands, 48. 
Sang'Scbnle, (singing school) maill of 

chalmer for, 100, 116. 
8ek (sach) propyned, 59, in. See Pro- 


Setonn of Tondb. 99. 

Scab, 1, 62, 127;— and fMny, detne 
anent, 32, 69. 

Scalding a bum, fine for, 1 12. 

Soarting, (icralching,) fines for, 6, 88. 

Schntyng, pushing, 10, 8m3. 

Sclandw, fine for, 6, 34. 

Schoscbe, (swesche,) payment for mend- 
ing, 50 and note ; — parchment sldn to 
corer, 50. 

Scouring of tbieres and others, payments 
for, 48, 49, 59, 61, 116. 

Scrotcherts and confeoU, paymeat for, 50. 

Seals of the City and See of Glasgow de- 
scribed, 145. 

Searchers (^pointed daring pest, 29. 

Secret-donblat, what, 77. 

Seige of Hamilton, 1 16. 

Swvietts of domek, &e., decree anent, 58. 

Ship, share of, called the Salmcmt, 130. 

Skellat, town-crier'B hand beQ, 8, 82. 

Skins, to^ brock, rabnck,&c. See Hyde*. 

" Skyn-coitt," decree for price of a, 112. 

Skyris-Forisdaye, what, 7, and note. 

Slaachter, contract of reparation for, 44. 

Slayanes (sluns) Utter of, 45. 

Slaying flesh, and working on Sunday, 
fine for, 88. 

Slaynes, obligation to gire letter of, 45. 

Smallia, in, (retailing,) 106. 

Smiddy-cowme, cowmyng with, 22. 

Snap, decree for caliver with sniqt, 1 28. 

Snap-maker, decree against, 96. 

Spear, decree for price of, 40. 

Spitting in the iace, 43, &«. 

Suik, to satidy, fto. 70. 

Statutes enacted, visq anent ale, 24, 24^ 
80, 83, 85;— Amu, 18;— Bread, 26, 80, 
85 ;-— Bq^esses, 1 7, 4 1 , 7 3 1— Blas^iero- 
ing, 25, 81;— BoodiB, entry-silrer, 6^— 
Bootbhohkrs, 16{— BlackfrierKiik,e; 

d by Google 

—BrjiaUMfln^ 26}— Bur, 25, 81;— 
C<8nininiirork, 73;— Calf-herd, 57, S3; 
— CtutconB, 26; — Common Main, 8, 16, 
55,56, 73,-— Conu, 16:— Cramei, 75, 
82, 83;— Caliayu, 86;— Calur-nukar. 
96;— Coondl, 48, 82^-Candle and Tal- 
loT, 25, 81;— Dearth, 85;— Entry-iil- 
Ter, 6 ;— Firiota. 5, 128}— FlMh,16,2I, 
83; — Fair day, 75, — Frnit and onion 
enune«,83;— Flsh-wyfis, 90;— Oallowa, 
5;— Hydea, 54; — Herring, 41; — Hay 
and Straw, S5> 81,83;— Hinalii, 83 — 
Haerbatta, 90;— Kirl^ 20;— Lonea, 5; 
—Menmtta, 25, 81, 83,-— Malt, 25, 81; 
— Meantrea, 5, 128,— Midding<,24, 80, 
95;— MnttoD. 24, 25, SO;— Milli, 70;— 
Heal, 82; — Marchea, 95;— Norationa, 
&&, 63;— Officers, 82;— Paatnring, 83; 
—Peat, 37, 29, 30,— Plovking, 128^> 
Salnum, 53, 121^-Swine, 63;— Salt, 
41, 114, 126 ;— Snnday, 21, 53;— Stib- 
biUiB, &c, 83;- Tnria, 16^-TaTenia, 
21. Taaters of Ale, 26, 88}— Tallow, 

. 25, 81;— Toilaiea, 77,-— Wella, 41;— 
Wine, 89;— IVappinBchawing, 93;— 
Znle-girth, 2. 

Statntea, fine for Gontrarening, 4, 5, 39, 

Stealing bwr, Ac, banishment for, 125. 

Steele, payments to amidriea for keeping 
the, 105,115, 116. 

Stenewia-well, St. Enoeh'a-well, 5. 

Stent, calsay, ISO. 

Stewart of Bowhooaa, Jo., 9, 68, 120 ;— 
councillor, 138, 136; — of Baltrie«,(Bel- 
treea,) Wm. 49 ,^— of Mynto, Mathew 
ProTMt, 49 ;— comicUlor, 131, XS5 
Jo., 139. 

" Stihbillis powing," actanent, 83. 

Sting, itriking with, 58. 

Stirling, Raid of, 116;- HamHton, Ua 

BX. U9 

Stirling of Letter, Ja., 55. 

Stonea, caating, 6, 112, 114, 123. 

Streeta. See CalBsyet, 

St. ChriBtopheria Chapelanrie, 30. 

Sb John, Lord, 46 ;~~h\B bailie of the ■ 

Temple-tanda, ib. 
Snddert, aoldier, 18. 
Sunday, statntea anent, 21, 53, 68. 
Swyne, report anent, 52j— «ct anent, 83. 
Symerbill Courts, 16, 57. 

Tabroner, iee to, 47, Vide Schoscke. 

TaffiU-bnrde, among heinhip gndea, 54. 

Tallow and candle, atatates anent, 25, fi 1. 

Tapestry. See Werdoor. 

Tasters of ale ^>pointed, 26, 83. 

Tarema, order to visit, 21. 

Tax and impoution, for repur of High 

Chnrch, 20. 
Temple-landa, Lord St John's, btulie of, 46. 
Testimonials required dniing pest, 28. 
Thlerea sconrged, 49, 59, 116, &c. See 

" Thrawing the neis" fine for, 5. 

" Thrgppil and weaand," taking by, fine 

for, 39. 
Trehome, Lady, (EUx. Hamilton,) 51. 
Tolbnith, expenses in big^ng, 98; — «• 

pense of mending door, 104. 
Tows, decree anent and price of 75. 
TowUng and schnting, 67 ; — on the hie 

gut, fine for, 129. 
IVamping of aheeta in gatttof, fine for, 7. 
Treasnrer'sAccoan(a,47,59,98, 103, 115. 
Tione weights and measures, clium anent, 

t— Trone-st«ne, decree anent carrying away, 

Tmblance. See Wrang. 
Tabs, bickering of, 8. 
Tuilyies, statntea anent, 77. 

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Tun, " bonldng," 34. 

Turft, (tatnte anent, 16. 

" Tyde cow," widi oalf, 10, and note. 

UiuifiB (M^agt) of Wyne, decree anent, 95. 
Uley, (oil) nnlaw tot nabg vrong measure, 

106 ;— decree for price of, and barrell, 

Unirenitf , officer of, clioaen, 89 ; — grant 

by Town to, 139. 
Unicom, a gold coin, 54. 
<■ Unlangalit" hones, order anent, 93, and 

Upiet, agreement anent the fiivt, that &llt 

to Coirper-cTaft, II. 
Upaitting, wakes, 26. 
Usurping office, fine for, 84, 

. VAaABONDtobesGonrgedandbamBhed,55. 
Viaitora, during pest, 29, 30. 

TVaitht, a reproadiful term. See Scab 


WBll[er-iheri8,(fiiUer'ssheen) claim for,9. 
Walking of dutli, decree anent, 65. 
Wappinshawing, fine for absence from, 43 ; 

— payment for copy act anent, 50 , — 

Btatntfl anent, 99. 
Wtter-Baillie, fine for disobeying, 4, 58 ; 

^HshoMn, 133, 137. 
fVells, act anent, 41 ; — ^payment for await* 

ing oa, 59;— repuring of, 61. 

Weyis-bslkis with brodds, beam andtcales, 
for weighing, 54. 

Werdonr, Verdour t^>estry, 34. 

Wesand, taking by the, 39. 

Wesche, (urine,) casting of, 7, 11. 

Wbeat-myln, wrangons setting of, 3. 

Wine giYcn in propynes. See Propynes ; 
— statutes anent, 89. 

Wod, (wad, or pledge,) sundries giren in, 
10 ;— .«rder to ronp, 9, 26 ; — order to 
redeliver, 37, 39. 

" Wod hussy," payment for scourging, 59, 

« Wodder-scheip," 38. 

Woman scourged, 48 ; — mad girl, 59. 

Wort-trocht slane, decree for hyre oft 

Works, Master of, his accounts audited, 

■ 119. 

Wrang and amercbiament of Court, 2, S, 
4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,14,15,17,18, 19, 
21, 22, 26, 81, 33, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 
41, 43, 44, 52, S3, 57, 58, 63, 64, 65, 66, 
67, 68, 69, 71, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 84, 87, 
88, 89, 94, 95, 97,98, 102. 106, 107, 108, 
109, 110, 111, 112, lis, 114, 115, 118, 
119, 120, I2S, 123, 125, 126, 138, 129, 

Wyliecoat, decree for delivery of, ISO. 

Yarh stolen, decree for price of, 108. 
Yule, Court after, 1 ;—girdit, p 
of, decree anent, 111. 

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